Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM40,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We will be an Autism Center providing effective and efficient therapy to children with Autism. We will provide a holistic approach encompassing Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy, Social Living Skills, fine and gross motor skills training as well as parents and community empowerment.

More details will be explained to potential investors.

Business Opportunity There are an estimated 30 million people in Malaysia and according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 children have autism. This means there are estimated 441,000 people with Autism in Malaysia. There is also an ever increasing prevalence with the rate of people having autism doubling every 10 years. Given the estimated number of autistic children we have in Malaysia, and the lack of proper facilities to aid these children to cope/face with the challenges in life in Malaysia, we look forward to start up a center with a holistic approach to meet the demand.

Furthermore, current market demand is exceeding available services leaving many parents on the waiting lists. With a good business model available to attract clients over, we are confident to be operationally break even in the first 2 months. Seeing as this is a mix of educational and healthcare, it is the perfect combination of recession proof businesses and we are confident to thrive no matter the economic condition.

Revenue / Business Model Our business model is a recurring revenue model based on an hourly rate charges. With the therapy frequency of 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, there is a healthy profit margin being made. Furthermore, there needs to be a minimum of 6 months before any significant improvement is seen and therapy generally lasts for a minimum of two years, usually longer. This means that a single client would be a recurring revenue source for at least 2 years. With a vision for great expansion, the positive cash flow for this business is a great sustainable income source as there are minimal operational costs as well as relatively low capital expenditure. Additional income streams would come from giving parents extra options such as tuition, nutrition, transportation, as well as home visits.

Basing purely on just the therapy revenue, with 2 new clients every month, our first year revenue would reach just above RM1 million.

Management Team The management team has engaged a board of advisors to draw upon their expertise in the area. The first is Dr. Alvin Ng, a Clinical Psychologist who is sought after by the media for his expertise, giving talks on Lite FM and BFM as well as interviews on The Star among many others. He was also a consultant to the Ministry of Health regarding Family Health and Ministry of Education regarding Child Mental Health. Besides that, he is also a mentor for the government initiative Cradle Fund. Currently, he is an Associate Professor in Sunway University teaching Learning Disabilities and Abnormal Psychology.

Our second advisor is Ms. Woo Pei Jun, a Developmental Psychologist who is specializes in dealing with children as it is also her passion. She has experiences Supervising Child Assessment and Psychological Testing of children in the United States. She had also conducted child therapy programs to manage children’s behavior. Besides that, she is also the go to person for many parents with special needs children as she helps them connect with people or organizations involved to that are able to help them, thus giving us a direct link to our potential clients.

There are 3 Co-founders on the management team each with different strengths that compliment each other. The management team has known each other since university and has proven to be able to work together to get things done. The first is Jason Yim, who will be the CEO of this company. Having graduated from Lancaster University fully self-funded from scholarships and government study loan in the field of Psychology, he went on to work at an investment firm dealing with crowd funding and commodities. Through his experience there as a relationship manager, he managed his client’s investment portfolio and actively sought new clients through sales and marketing channels such as cold calls, roadshows and events. He also has experience managing events and workshops that educated the public on financial literacy. Furthermore, he assisted in the business development of a new project to ensure a successful launch. By working in a small company which still very much acted like a startup, he gained immense exposure on how a healthy company culture is like and was able to work closely with the company’s founder who achieved a Rm100 million annual turnover by the third year in business.

The second is Terence Lok, who will be the Director of the company. He was a very active member of the Leo movement and became the chartered club president and a regional coordinator for his region and district. He had to oversee the club activity and act as a team leader to resolve any issues to ensure the projects were able to be done successfully. He has organized many projects as a chairperson and one of the most impactful projects was having an event that promotes awareness for baby hatch. Under his leadership and the help of his director and club members, he was also awarded as an Outstanding President and Outstanding Club in Malaysia by the Lions Club International. Since then, he has worked in Human Resources for Tropicana Corporation Berhad and has learnt the ropes of employee compensation and benefits, employee’s monthly claims, as well as managed staff attendance reports.

The third is Darryl Ng, who will be the COO of the company. With experiences working in a special needs center, he exceled at teaching the children academic syllabus that advanced their proficiency in English. Having a trait for good analytical and problem skills, he has since moved on to becoming a management trainee for Lonpac Insurance Bhd, learning the ropes of the different departments in the corporate structure. He was promoted to Branch Strategic Performance Executive, handling branch operations and coming up with new strategies to improve effectiveness and efficiencies of the branch operations. Having a competitive nature, he was also extremely active in sports, winning multiple competitions in track running and table tennis.

Company Background Although currently in the conception phase, we have clearly identified everything we need to start the business. This also includes interviewing for therapist positions, a venue to rent, and license being processed. We just need the initial funds to start.
Funding Milestone We would require a startup capital of RM250,000 used for rental, renovation and working capital for the first 4 months. Operational cost would be break even at 5 clients, pure profit after that.
% Equity Allocation 25%
Expected ROI 3-5 years
Risks and Mitigation As current market demand itself is more than available services, the main risk would be not being able to hire fast enough to cope with the demand. With that said, we have an attractive compensation and career package to offer to our employees and we have already started the hiring process to ensure once funding is received, we are able to start almost immediately.
Exit Strategies We will distribute 25% of the yearly profits to the investor and with a time frame of 3-5 years, we will offer a management buyout within that period at fair market valuation.

More information can be further discussed.

Company Name Autism Central
Business Address
Contact Person Jason Yim
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