Project Title: Automated water PH and Salinity level monitoring, logging and alert system for aquaculture and environment protection using personal computer

Project Cost: RM99,000

Amount Invested : RM2,000

Amount Required : RM97,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

informatics / multimedia
industry products

Project Stage:

Information Memorandum:

1.Project proposal

To build a PH and Salinity Level monitoring system that could be linked to computer via (USB port/WIFI/Ethernet cable). The system must be able to record data (PH and Salinity reading) into database at pre-programmed intervals. Other features listed below. a. View and print recorded reading; b. Backup recorded reading; c. Export recorded readings to Microsoft excel for chart plotting and data analysis; d. Send alert if the data is out of predefined value range(Example if ph is below 5 or ph is beyond 9). Alert could be send to user via email and SMS or shown in the computer’s screen directly.

2. Advantages of the proposed system

a.More frequent water quality reading as compared to Manual reading. Most manual reading could only be done once every hour since it involved a person to get the work done. The proposed system could be configured to read every minutes or even more frequently depends on fields of application.

b.More accurate and punctual reading since reading time is control by computer and data is recorded automatically without human intervention.

c.Lower operation cost (a system could easily replace 10 person’s work in terms of taking water sample, reading, data entry, print report)

3. Project Duration (Total 6 months)

a. Parts sourcing and Installation(1 month)
b. Programming (2 months)
c. Testing and debugging (2 months)
d. Packaging and marketing preparation (1 month)

4. Funding requirements

a. Prototyping (RM 99000 Est)
b. Patent/certificate for utility Innovation in Malaysia
Including Agent Fee (RM 5000 Est)
c. Patent/certificate for utility Innovation worldwide
Including Agent Fee (RM 50000 wild Est)
d. 6 months salary (RM 24000)
e. Product marketing (RM 10000)

Contact Information

Ang Siaw Tiong (

Company Name: n/a
Postal Address : lot 4675, sublot 25 Taman Park View
State : Sarawak
Post Code : 93250
Country : Malaysia

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