BAM National Badminton League 2013

BAM National Badminton League 2013


First ever National Badminton League

Sanctioning bodies
– Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM)
– Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM)
– Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN)
– Ministry of Youth & Sports (MYS)
– Sports Commissioner (SC)

The key elements of what the event stands for includes the following:
– The first BAM National Badminton League in Malaysia-
– A full promotional programme leading up to the Event.
– An “up close” Event where spectators feel very much of being part of the sport.
– Development opportunities of the sporting element around the Event.

Longevity through a minimum 3 year agreement
Inaugural Event held in August 2013 at Stadium Bukit Juara and Stadium Titiwangsa
Television coverage/ Full marketing campaign
The Event has developed a resort feel for players and spectators alike in central Kuala Lumpur.
Attracting the best players in the country

About the Organizers:-

Badminton League Malaysia Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2011 by two partners Lee Kok Choong and Yap Zhi Chau.

Lee and Chau both shared a common passion for promoting Badminton as our true national sport. Our vision is to bring back the glory of world-class badminton to Malaysia. This became the driving force behind our mission and objectives.

With 11 years of event experience in Lee’s family badminton business (Michael’s Badminton Academy & Sports Sdn Bhd) which among several renown accolades earned them a spot in the Malaysian Book of Records for largest badminton tournament and hall, 6 years of Chau’s badminton online presence ( and global networking which brought sports tourism a refreshing dimension, this was indeed a promising partnership formula for success.

Event Overview

Dates : Round 1- Round 7 – August 15th to August 18th Semi Final & Final – August 24th & August 25th
Venue : Stadium Juara & Stadium Titiwangsa
Sanctioning : BAM, OCM, NSC, SC,
Format of Play : 8 local clubs to be pre-selected 3 singles, 2 doubles (Thomas Cup format – Men’s Event) Round Robin format for Preliminary Rounds; Top 4 teams in the league will play in the knockout stages.(Semis Finals & Finals)
Prize Purse : RM 1,000,000
Spectators : Targeted over 5,000 spectators to visit during the event.
Media Broadcast : The Event will televise to an audience of over 300,000 households.
Website & Social Media: Targeted over 100,000 unique users.
PR Value : Targeted to exceed RM 5,000,000 in local media value.

Badminton has a long and glorious history in Malaysia. Although it’s not born here, Malaysians have already adopted this sport as their own. It’s without doubt badminton is our national sport. We as a Badminton nation have won many international tournaments from the day we started competing on the international scene. In fact we won the first 3 Thomas Cup in a row when this tournament was first started in year 1949. The Thomas Cup event is equivalent to World Cup in Football.

Over the years, Malaysia has produced many great players who ruled the badminton scene. Players like Chan Peng Soon, Eddy Choong, Punch Gunalan, the Sidek brothers, Foo Kok Keong, Cheah Soon Kit, Ong Ewe Hock and of course the current World No. 1 Datuk Lee Chong Wei.

All these players and many more of them that weren’t mentioned, were top players in the international scene. This is also the reason why Badminton is so much followed in Malaysia. There is a huge talent pool to choose from.

But until now, even though Badminton is so popular here, there aren’t any Professional Badminton leagues being organized in Malaysia. Countries like Denmark, China and Indonesia all powerhouses of Badminton have Professional Leagues of their own.

Hence, we are organizing the Badminton League in Malaysia that will be participated by Professional Badminton Clubs, It is our vision to make this league the most popular Badminton League in the World and make Malaysia ‘the’ place for Badminton. Just like England is famous for the English Premier Leauge (Football), USA is famous for the NBA (Basketball) and India is famous for the IPL (Cricket).

There are many more examples of successful professional sports league but for our research purpose, we have used the above 3 sports leagues to present the potential for a sports event to becoming a viable and thriving business.

The main sources of income of Professional sports league are broadcasting money, title sponsorship money, radio contract money and commercial contract money. For instance, the EPL is currently generating about £3.5bn a year from broadcasting rights alone and another £40mil to £50mil a year from Title sponsorship. As for the NBA, it is currently generating about $ 1bn a year from broadcasting right alone and millions more from sponsorships.

The above 2 leagues have been established for many years and has come a long way to achieve the popularity and fan base that it posses now. But with the IPL example, it was only established for 6 years and the current brand value is already at $ 2.9bil. It earns around $100mil in broadcasting rights and around $15mil annually from sponsorships.

We know for a fact that a successful sports league can generate substantial revenue and we believe that our Badminton League will be successful too because we have put in many hours of research, studies and also garnered the official sanction from BAM and support from all sports bodies.

We both have been in the badminton industry for some years and we understand the industry. We have a good relationship with the Professional players and clubs and we also have great ideas to make the content interesting. We are currently seeking the initial funding to kick start and guarantee the launching of this league and also a seasoned investor to help us on striking broadcasting rights deals and sponsorship deals.

Contact Information

For further information, kindly contact us at Badminton League Malaysia Sdn Bhd:-

1) Mr KC Lee 012-2330508
2) Mr. Yap Zhi Chau 012-2235045