Bangladesh Integrated Poultry Farming, Feed Mills, Processing & Further Processing Units

Bangladesh Integrated Poultry Farming, Feed Mills, Processing & Further Processing Units

The proposed Enterprise is an Agro-based industry comprising of Broiler & Layer Breeder Operations along with Hatchery, Poultry Feed Manufacturing, Fish & Shrimp Feeds Manufacturing, Commercial Broiler & Layer Farming, Poultry Processing & Further Processing, Egg Grading & Processing complex with the aim & object to produce Poultry Meat i.e. Dressed & Cut-up Broilers, Further Processed Poultry Meats (Ready-to-Cook & Ready-to-eat items), Live Broilers, Table Eggs, Broiler & Layer Day-Old-Chicks, Poultry Feed, Feed Concentrates, Fish & Shrimp Feeds and related products. The management of the company has taken a plan to establish its production units in both south & north parts of the country.

SWOT analysis

• Long experience of the sponsors
• Industry growth and trends are satisfactory
• Integration plan by up to 25 -30% by own commercial farming.
• Contract farmers are conversant with broiler production
• Skilled and versatile management team available with the company
• Large number of stakeholders are with very wide profile
• The project will act as nucleus enterprise (nucleus enterprise model) integrating vertically with both backward and forward linkage industries
• Well known markets & its mandatory networking those are done by the entrepreneur previously through effective marketing systems.
• Planned R & D division set up and well connected with other R & D facilities, Sponsors have acquired knowledge to source local unconventional raw materials to reduce the production cost.

• The total concept needs integration by own farming in some extent.
• Scarcity of the skilled labor/worker
• Presence of middleman in the different stages of marketing & sales channels.
• Needs crop diversification in the country to produce more agro by- products

• Own commercial farming & scopes of contract farming for vertical integration.
• Marketing potentiality is high.
• There is a scope for exporting the value added poultry products if ensured HACCP program to be implemented in the production process.
• Huge supply gap in the market.
• Different subsidy program may enjoy by the project like electricity bill rebate & other time to time Government subsidy program.
• Possibility to reduce the unemployment and poverty alleviation.
• Growth of urbanization, changes in food habit & culture lead processed meat & egg markets.
• Tax exempted income of the company as an agro based industry. Tax holidays facilities can be enjoyed.

• Political Chaos between political parties, strike and other financial instability in some times, but not significant.
• Road communication system is not up to the mark in the country.
• Poultry diseases and uncertainty in weather.
• Price volatility.
• Raw material price fluctuation in the world market.
• Natural calamity like cyclone, storm, earth quark, flood & etc.