Alternative Funding Sources for Businesses



Target Sector

  • Infrastructure
  • Maritime
  • Technology
  • Oil & Gas

Mode of Financing

Project Finance

Project finance is a mode of financing designed for long-term capital-intensive projects whereby the source of financing repayment is solely based on the cash flow generated from the project. The financing is normally extended to a Special Purpose Vehicle and has no or very limited recourse on the promoter.

Contract Finance

Contract finance is a short to medium term financing offered to contractors, who have been awarded contracts to construct and complete infrastructure projects under progress payment arrangement.

Deferred Payment Loan

Deferred payment loan is a medium-term financing offered to contractors, who have been awarded contracts to construct and complete infrastructure projects under deferred payment concept. The financing is designed to bridge the gap between the period of completion and the actual payment made by the government to the contractor.

Private Finance Initiative

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) is a scheme designed to support the government’s efforts to improve the quality of services of public facilities. The scheme provides financing for private sector investors in completing the PFI projects awarded by the government.

Structured Finance

Structured Finance is a medium to long-term financing offered to eligible customers in which the consideration would be based on the combination of the viability of the project to be undertaken as well as the financial strength of the promoter. The financing is to assist the customers in the construction of building and acquisition of assets.

In meeting the specific financing requirement of our customers, the above financing can be packaged in various Financing Facilities , either in conventional or based on Islamic principles. Attractive financing packages are also made available in concessionary terms through our various Special Funds & Schemes.

Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF)

TIF is a scheme that supports the Government’s mission in developing and boosting Malaysia tourism industry. TIF is meant to finance the incremental cost of new/existing projects excluding working capital. The Islamic Financing Product provided are supervised and approved by the Shariah Committee of BPMB .

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Dato’ See Posted on 6:23 pm - 18/07/2017

Questions regarding tourism fund for hotel purchase terns loan
1). Can New set up special purpose vehicle without audited account applying such loan?
2). Can Paid up below $5m legitimate to apply such loan?