Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM5,000
Funding RequiredRM300,000 or less
DescriptionBarbarity Entertainment – We’re a social media advertising company who providing comprehensive services to solve or satisfy clients’ marketing purposes, objectives or targets by producing creative short film and contents. In addition, we’re building a team of actors, dancers, singers, emcees and models to help our clients brands, products or services gain more awareness and traffics through our social media platforms. In this big data era, we believe that digital and online marketing will lead Malaysia’s market in future and the offline advertisement will be replaced or even eliminated.
Business OpportunityLet’s take Manner Production in Macau for example, they started up their business platform from nothing, but now they have over 3.8 million fans on their social medias. Similarly, they are providing comprehensive services such as customized advertising production and promotion according to clients’ needs and characteristics of their brands, each creative short films are charging around HKD 80,000 to HKD 200,000. In Malaysia, we could see there’s a huge business opportunity as haven’t exist any entertainment and digital marketing company which can compete with Manner yet. “Do the thing that others haven’t did”, we believe in this concept, thus we dare to do, and would like to do something that could bring Malaysian’s culture to global.
Revenue / Business ModelIn starting, we will produce a series of short films with attractive gimmick to get viral and gain more followers and audiences in shortest time yet in the same time build our portfolio to prove the quality of our films. Once our brand famous in social media, we could start to provide our comprehensive advertising and branding services to clients. We target to reach 500,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram within 6 months. With this, each film we can charge around RM 15,000 to RM 30,000. The higher volume of followers we have, the higher price we can quote. In addition, we will provide our popular artists for clients’ events such as brand or outlet soft launch. With the advantage of high popularity, we will start to develop our business to more diversification which we will launch our clothing brand, restaurant, bar and so on.
Management TeamOur core management team consisted by three young members who dare to think and do:

Carlson Wong – Chief Executive Officer, company management; conception of direction of development; sales & marketing; client servicing.
James Lam – Chief Production Officer, overall film production; production team management; films director.
Edison Chak – Chief Creative Officer, creative ideas for brands/products/services; screenwriter; in the same time he is also our main actor.
Company BackgroundWe started our business concept by August 2018, researched and conclude the ideas as well as business plans and form the team by September 2018. Be ashamed to tell, we have not generating any sales profit yet. This is because we’re still building our profile and followers of social media now. But as we mentioned above, we target to reach 500,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram within 6 months, and start to generate surprising profits.
Funding MilestoneWe require a funding of RM 200,000. 15% from fund will be used for production equipment, 35% will be used for marketing and advertising budgets, 10% for office and studio rental and other fees such as electrical and WiFi, the rest will be kept as back up fund. We hoped to get the fund by one shot.
% Equity Allocation15%
Expected ROI14.88% per month
Risks and MitigationThere are few factors that might cause risks of collapse or mitigate.
Firstly, the quality of short films including contents, stories or ideas.
Second, the behaviors of our artists, such as drugs addiction or pornography.
Third, the direction of company’s development.
Exit StrategiesInvestor is required to hold our allocated equity at least 3 years for company stabilization and break even of investment. In term of exit, company will return the amount by the percentages of allocated equity, according to value evaluation of company, including company’s fund, property, average profit generating, development potential and so on.
Company NameBarbarity Entertainment (setting up)
Business AddressAwaiting for fund confirmation
Contact PersonCarlson Wong
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