Executive Summary

Our company objective is clear that we would like to become the leader in mobile-commerce application at least in Malaysia or Asia. We intend to come up with a unique application that has a function of buying and selling products through application with a unique experience of buy and sell, and that is auctioning. We intent to start this project on upcoming March 2016, and we will breakdown into 4 part of execution.

To overcome the obstacles such as our competition, we will spend most of our time, for the first part, to do more research and development on our interface, market, and system. More importantly, this unique application has not been seen in Malaysia, yet. The reason why I said that is because our direction is and objective is different from our existing competitors. With our complete research and careful management team who will lead us to achieve our objective, we believe that within the next 2 years, our company will gain at least 40% or more market shares from our competitors.

Also, our motto is always simple and clear. That is, “We think, analyze, provide workable solution, and we do it uniquely – We don’t rush, we don’t bang wall”.

Build a strong momentum in mobile markets for everyone to buy and sell an item at a very reasonable price with a unique method.

Mission Statement
Deliver value to our customers by providing the most reliable and efficient application through mobile platform

Keys to Success
Extensive R&D, Innovative activities, and capable workforce.
“We think, analyze, provide workable solution, and we do it uniquely – We don’t rush, we don’t bang wall” will be the key to success.

Description of Business
This business is considered as a Mobile/I.T. business. We will be focusing on developing an application that serves as a platform for people to hang around to buy or sell item with their own preferred price tag. On top of that, we will eventually become a data company that will provide expert’s analysis to our end users. More importantly, this business will involve and evolve to developing soft and hardware on technology.

Company Ownership/Legal Entity
This company will most likely started off as a private limited company with multiple investors. Also, it could be a joint venture as well.

Products and Services
• An auction application that serves as a platform for people to buy and sell freely with an added services such as bidding system and buyout system.
• Data center for multiple company to determine the right price for the right product.
• Soft and hardware development on technology
• The whole process will come with 4 parts.

A platform for people to buy and sell item with a unique method, which is bidding. An extensive R&D to improve and act as a guideline for later seller and buyer to determine the price and value on items.

Start-Up/Acquisition Summary
To start up this business, we have concluded that we will need a startup capital of at least RM400,000.00. Also, the first three month will be mainly on R&D; hence, income will not be generated until our official launch, which is on the fourth month where we launch our first part and as an official launch.


What you’ll get?
Our company are willing to give up 40% of our shares in exchange for startup capital.

Measurement per shares
We are currently looking at the price of RM10, 000.00 per share. Thus, a 5% shares will be RM50, 000.00. However, this price will only applied to those investor who willing to contribute after investment such as providing consultation or taking a full time/part time position in our company. Nonetheless, this price will only applied to those investor who are an expert in certain field that match our current business. However, for those who only want to invest as a sleeping partner, we are looking at the price of RM20, 000.00 per share. For now, we do not have any minimum investment, but we do have a capped for maximum investment.

Exit plan for investor
High risk high returns!
We are expecting the ROI return for our investor at the rate of 15 – 45% within 2 years (Along with the initial investment). We will offer different exit route for our investor to liquidize their investmet:

1. After 2 years, our company will propose an offer to our investor for buying back the shares according to the market price.
2. Investor can continue to invest in our business with their total ROI, but the shares remain the same.
3. Investor can transfer the shares, but investor must first offer it back to us before the public.
4. Transferring the shares from our current business to another business, which is under the same company by PreSence.


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