Binary Options Trading

Binary Options Trading

Project Cost: RM 1.6 MM

Amount Invested : RM 1.2 MM

Amount Required : RM 500K

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (No any requirements)

Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time

informatics / multimedia
financial services

Project Stage: early expansion


Company History: Mr Harry Dave
12 years Foreign Currency exchange broker
5 years Standard chartered banker
3 years Citibank banker
Holds a degree in Software Engineering

Product / Service Description:

This is a binary option currency trading business incorporated with Network marketing

Business Opportunity:

This is a binary option business which has 30% growth every month worldwide. Currently incorporating with Network marketing to move expansion up to 65%. The market volume is forecast to be worldwide audience.

Revenue Model:

the current revenue for binary option businesses is USD 2.3 Billion per month. Our business is expected to generate a revenue of min USD 1.5 Billion per month.

Management Team:

We currently consist of 3 SMG’s and with a full force of 30-40 marketing and customer service team. This is not inclusive of Independent outdoor Marketing team which consist min of 150 people.

Current Status:

Investements currently is up to RM 1.2 MM, which consist of creating the platform, MLM software as well as branch setup.

Funding Milestone:

As a funder, we request that you become our entity to provide the back up funds for our company, as we will be dealing with currency as our product. Milestone: a fixed return to the investor on each funding stage.

Business Valuation:

we need to meet up to discuss on this.

Expected Return On Investment:

As mentioned, we just require RM 500K for investment. As our dealings are in USD, therefore the rate you invest is at 3.2 per USD 1 Dollar. the ROI is given back at 3.7 per USD 1 Dollar.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

currently the risk is just time over currency, ROI maybe provided back in less than 6 months.

Exit Strategies:

a contract will be signed, whereby the ROI will be returned in 6 months, if not the whole sum will be refunded. Any early termination of contract will result in the refunding of the remaining ROI.


Postal Address : NO 1 JALAN KIARA 4 NUSA DAMAI
State : JOHOR
Post Code : 81700
Country : MALAYSIA
Telephone : 0164213605
Website : n/a
Mobile: 0164213605