Bio Compressed Technology

Bio Compressed Technology

Project Title Bio Compressed Technology the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested More than RM1 mil.
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description Bio Compressed Technology is believed to be the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology especially in Oil Palm industry right now comparatively over the conventional method which is no longer relevant due to the up to 70% losses of nutrient without our realization during the natural environmental process takes place which gives a big losses to the country and does not give any benefit to the small holders and farmers in the rural areas.

With Bio Compressed Technology it will help the owner of the estates to save up to 50% of their production cost per annum, to increase miminum of 30% of yield after 6 months application, optimum up take of a complete nutrients (macro & micro) with zero losses over the natural environmental process (details explaination in due course).

Business Opportunity Very big business opportunity is widely open zero market has been tapped and would cater all the small holders via our National Subsidy Programme and Cooperatives market which are not known to this method yet.
Revenue / Business Model Based on my simple arithmetic calculation over the ready made market by the government and 1,320 cooperatives involved in the oil palm plantation in the country would easily gives a RM20 million revolving turn over per month.
(Details to be explained in due course)
Management Team Will be tabled out during the meeting or presentation talk.
Company Background Personally I am the founder for this method which has involved more than 10 years in the R&D and in the trade..To
Funding Milestone Long term basis as this is a never sunset business..
% Equity Allocation To be discussed during the meeting or presentation.
Expected ROI To be presented during the meeting..
Risks and Mitigation Minimum risk with high return.. Details to be explained in due course.
Exit Strategies To be discussed.

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Capital Team Posted on10:41 am - 29/03/2016

Latest technology in precision farming methodology with huge upside potential – contact us for further details.