A Malaysia-based bio-herbal medicinal plants producer seeking private investors or equity fund to expand its business locally and internationally.

With its plantation of 200 acres in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia, the company continue to focus on bio-herbal has grown multiple crops for this purpose such as the high value Agarwood plant (gaharu), lemongrass (serai) and other side crops since 2006. The plan is to establish a manufacturing plant for cosmetic and nutraceutical products.

The company was incorporated in 2001 focusing on the development of biotechnology market. In 2005, the company has venture out into bio-Medicinal Herbal industry. The authorized share capital is RM 600,000.00 divided into 600,000 ordinary shares of RM 1/each with RM 600,000 paid up capital.

Principal Activities:
Seedling productiondiaagroherbs1
(Using Tissue Culture Technology)

Tissue Culture Laboratory set-up
Licensing Karas propagation protocol (FRIM)
Seedling production planning
Nursery Planning
(Preparation of seedling for field plantation)

Hardening of tissue cultured plantlets
Growing to plantable size
Distribution for field planting
Plantation Planningdiaagroherbs2
(Commercial plantation establishment)

Establish commercial plantation of Karas trees
Plantation maintenance
Inoculation treatment for Gaharu formation
Sustainable supply of raw Gaharu wood
R&D Planning
Selection of elite trees for future plantation
Development of new/improved inoculation methods
Development of new/improved extraction methods
Development of new usage / products
With the huge potential in bio-herbal medicinal industry, the company is keen to have a further discussion/meeting with the potential investor to elaborate on our growth plan.

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