The business i am going to involve is building few bird’s houses depend on how much money i raised, to produce natural bird’s nest, and sell it to the middle men.

Overview of the market and opportunity;

The major consuming market is in China. With the rising income of households, the market is tremendous and beyond what we can imagined. so far, the major exporting country is Indonesia with the blessing of plenty of swiftlets. with the forest fire that happened yearly in indonesia, some of the swiftlets migrate to malaysia, and created plenty of opportunities to malaysian communities.

Why my business model can generate superior, sustainable returns;

his is the critical one how i can comply with the expected return. With the professionals i know, who have 20 years of experience, who help my mother and other relatives built successful bird’s house. with land that my father has and has been tested to have good amount of birds, this is the attributes for successful business. swiftlets count on insects as food to survive, with our land surrounded by rivers and palm estate, this will guarantee the natural source of food for swiftlets for the next few decades.

Background of key managers/founders and shareholding;

William Wong: Business owner cum Manager. Grew up in Jerantut, Pahang , went to Kuala Lumpur for high school education, a dropout of Help Institutes, has worked as a server, salesperson and bar tender.

Johnny Yap : Developer, business owner, over 20 years. recently has a shoplots development project in Jerantut, Pahang.

Current status

Business is in the seeding period, but our bird’s house has generated two KG of bird’s nest after 1st year of operation, which generate RM 9000.

Funding required, purpose and milestone/goals expected to achieve.

i am going to raise 2 millions Ringgit Malaysia, to acquire land, and buildings, as well building bird’s house and facilities, (water and electricity).
As labeled .

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget

Completion of land acquisition Oct 1 2011 Oct 31 2011 300,000
Apply for permits Nov 1 2011 Nov 31 2011 500
Build bird’s house Jan 2011 Jun 2011 1,600,000
Start Harvesting bird’s nest Jan 2013 –
Equity to allocate for that funding amount.

If investor fund me with that money, i am going to give 15 percent of the asset value of the business to the investor.

How did I arrive at that figure?

This is a asset based business, majority of the money will be spend on land and buildings, overtime, land and buildings will gain in value, especially in developing country , growth in property value is always faster than developed nations.

as well when the production comes into play ( second and third year), with proceeds of sales, it will strengthen the assets as well the market value.

Expected rate of return to the investor.

This is a long term business plan,and will go on for decades. as in my conservative estimation, it will take the sixth year to break even. And after break even, i am going to reward the investors 20% of their initial principal or money invested.

Investment Risk and mitigating factors

International investment involves plenty of different risks, ranging from foreign exchange risk, political risks, and failure of business.

As explained earlier, This is an asset based business, and require little payroll, ie labor. currently bird’s nest production has become one of the major income for malaysia, and the government is supporting it.

And bird’s nest export is expected to grow from 1.5 billion to 5 billion in 10 years. bird’s nest business has been prevailing in asian market for many decades,especially in China. it is going to prevail, as chinese has higher income these days.

Another concern is the failure to attract swiftlets. with the professionals as my friends and business consultants, the risk can be diminished to a very low level.

Exit opportunity

80 percent of the money i raised is to acquire properties, with the increased demand in land for lucrative return, it is very easy to liquidate the business, ie put the property for sales. i had seen the land in Jerantut went up like crazy in recent years, as there are plenty success stories for bird’s house investment.

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3 years ago

Hi, my partner and I wish to invest in bird nesting business. Can you please send me your business proposal? My email is