Boston Food and Beverage

Boston Food and Beverage

Boston Food and Beverage restaurant is specialized in fusion food and offer variety of Chinese fusion food to Malay market. Boston is now looking to expand multiple distribution outlets in Malaysia. The License fee just as low as RM50k.

Hong Kie Kopitiam

Inspired by the 70s lifestyle, mahjong elements and bird cages reflect the hobbies of that era. A simple and cosy concept for diners incorporating western and chinese fusion foods. But still focused on the staple diet of rice, noodles and soups that locals just can’t go without. Starting in 2005, Hong Kie Kopitiam now has 5 outlets nationwide in a short span of 3 years.

Boston Famous Hot Pots and Grill

A colorful and contemporary ambience for modern diners. Featuring only the freshest internationally imported seafood, Boston Lobster and Steamboat sets the benchmark in Malaysia. Using a blend of herbs and spices and grounded anchovies for our soup base, this fiercely guarded recipe is the soul of the restaurants success. Just a year into business Boston Famous Hot Pots and Grill is still at peak capacity.


1. What is the initial step to request of boston license?

The minimum financial requirement consideration as a per unit license are a net worth of at least RM 600,000.00 and liquidity ( cash or cash equivalents ) of at least RM 700.000.00
2. How much is the License Fee?

The licence fee is RM50,000 upon confirmation
3. What are the monthly maintenance Fees?

The company will collect a management fee of 5% and an Advertising & Promotions Fee of 3 % – based on the total gross monthly sales turnover plus 5% government tax if applied
4. How much is the upfront security deposit cost?

The security deposit is RM10,000 upon the successful approval of the application submitted.
5. What are the other deposit and cost involved?

License Security Deposit Fee of RM 50,000 which is refundable upon termination of the Licensing Agreement. Training Fee of RM 15,000.00 which is for the training of 2 Management Staff and 5 General Workers for a duration of 5 weeks includes accommodation & meal.
6. What is the investment for Boston License?

The estimated set up cost is in between RM 550,000.00 to RM 750,000.00. The total cost will include : all equipment, the entire store fit out , the initial license fee, the license security deposit as well as the training fee.
7. Do I need to choose a location before submitting my application?

Yes, you will need to propose the location enclosed with your application form of where you intend to operate the Boston concept restaurant outlet.
8. What considerations and size specifications are required for Boston restaurant?

For shop lots, the considerations will be “Corner Lots”with a minimum built up of 2,500 square feet. For commercial buildings the minimum built up will be 1,500 square feet .
9. What kind of training does Boston provide?

Licensees team must complete the Boston Operation & Management Analysis program.
10. What kind of operations support will the Licensee receive?

These are includes the continues update of the operation Manual and other A&P materials as well as the on going training. In addition, the Boston Management & Trainging Executive will visit each licensed outlet regularly to ensure that every standard operation procedure is followed.
11. Do I need to be involved in day-to-day outlet operations?

One of the partners/shareholders has to be appointed as the Managing Principal of the licensed business. The Managing Principal is required to undergo the full course of Boston Operation & Management analysis program and also to spend a reasonable amount of time to oversee the overall aspects of the Boston licensed business. However, competent outlet managers and staff can be hired to manage the daily operations of the licensed business.

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