We have a Gold Mine Project in Brazil that has 5 Billion Dollars of In Ground Assets ( Gold )
We are offering a JV with the BG provider :
The provider issue the BG for 3years and as soon as we get the financing from the Bank using the BG we will pay for all the expenses and leasing fees
At the end of 3years we will pay back the Bank and Release the BG
The Provider will have the In Ground Assets as Collateral for 3years plus 30% equity on the Gold Mining Project

Executive Summary

xxx Mining Resources, Inc (The Company) is seeking an investment of US$300m to fully develop the Cavala Greek Gold Mine project site. The site comprises 8,800 acres (3,562.5 ha) which is located in the right edge of the Iririacu River, in the municipal of Luis Domingues, northwest Maranhao State, Brazil. Its geographic coordinates are 01 30.00’ S, 46 00.00’ W. The city of Sao Luis Domingues is 20 km away, while the nearest international airport and shipping port is 350 km by sealed road, from the mine site.

Brazil is an industrialized country of ~180 million people. A top 10 economy with exceptional infrastructure. The transport economy in the major centers such as Sao Paulo (or other major center) is not dissimilar to North America – paved two-lane, four-lane, and six-lane roadways with overpasses. It has a diversified economy / industry with abundant cheap power; 95% of it hydroelectric. It has an established mining culture. The Brazilian economy largely tailors itself to mining which accounts for about 5% of GDP. The value added (mining related) collateral businesses pushed the figure to ~18% of GDP.

The cost basis for much of the equipment (locally manufactured), power and labour is inexpensive relative to other mining economies like Australia. Brazil is an exceptional platform from a mining industry and business viewpoint. Their mining industry / culture has been active for hundreds of years. There are a number of American Gold Mining companies operating in Brazil including Amex listed minnow Yamana; the worlds’ largest producers are Barrack (South Africa) and Newmont Mining (Australia).

Mine Potential: Cavala Creek mine was searched by our Team in the period of July/2006 through December/2006, the drill was the principal method of investigation, and was used the Banka Drill
The studies of corrections of the Banka Drill nominal values, in the 81 executed holes had disclosed maximum values of up to 8.18g/m3 of gold; on the other hand, the maximum content inside the gravel was 14.21g/m3. Although the average depth of the 81 holes is 2.82 meter and the average of the 6 holes, random in 8,800 acres, done manually has reached value of 2.62 meter of depth; we will use only one value below of these, for consideration of the reserve.

The gold met in the alluvium, elluvium and colluvium is secondary, that with the continuation studies and the gold extract act, there is a big opportunity of finding the primary gold location that will increase the gold reserve hundred times. We know that the particles of elluvium and colluvium are in the same place or nearness of the rock source. The feasibility operating plan assumes a large alluvial gold mine containing proven and probable reserves of approximately 3.5 million ounces of gold. Complying with the rules of the Brazil’s Code of Mining, the Company, intends to continue its research to fully determine the extent of known reserves and to properly allow the Company to choose the correct methodology for the extraction of the auriferous deposits in the area. The company has obtained the necessary permits to undertake this project ..see Final Research Report.

Management: The site General manager will be xxx. The company plans to hire an experienced Mining Engineer with at least ten years experience plus Geologists (3) and Lab Technicians (4). Employment will peak at more than 600 operating personnel. On-Site accommodation is planned for staff and employees.

Use of Funds: The initial cost is estimated to be US$ 300 million; the estimated time to start up the project is 6 Months. The Funds will be used for the following:
1. Projects: Environmental Project, and Mine Site Project
2. Equipment: Excavator, Loader, Truck, Pumps, Generator, Tolls, Drill
3. Installations: Warehouses, Lab, Trailers, Office
4. Management: Geologists, Lab Technicians, General Manager, Accountant
5. Employees: Drivers, Machine Operators, Mechanics, Labor, Security

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Revenues $251,250,000 $282,500,000 $303,750,000 $425,000,000 $ 446,250,000
Costs $93,750,000 $120,500,000 $134,000,000 $187,500,000 $202,000,000
Gross Profit $121,500,000 $162,000,000 $169,750,000 $237,500,000 $244,250,000

Investment: The company is seeking a $300MM loan with the collateral backed by the mineral value of the mine. Term is one year with rollover option

Exit Strategy: The company expects to seek a US public listing of the mine within three years

Humanitarian Aspects Of The Project: The Gold Mine site is located 20miles from the City of Sao Dominges, It is a small city with 8,000 residentes, and the city Mayor will donate an area for us to build 200 house for the employes, and also a school (first and second grade) and a small hospital with 70 beds,and We are going to employe 600 people direct, and more 400 indirect ,totaling 1,000 people, All this will bring a lot prosperity to the city, and also for all small Districts around the mine site

Company Expansion: We have more mines to be explored ,like a 4,000 acres Diamond Mine ,and 3,500 acres Copper Mine , ans 2,000acres Emerald Mine, The Research Work on thoses mines will start as soon as we start the Gold Mine Project.


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