Building a global concierge Marketplace

Building a global concierge Marketplace

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM4,500,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Dei is an on-demand grocery delivery platform facilitating doorstep deliveries of groceries and other home essentials in Singapore. Customers can shop from over 50 vendors and get all their products consolidated and delivered together. The technology-driven business model of Dei enables the delivery of groceries to customers on the same day.
Business Opportunity Currently only 2% of grocery shopping is done online in Singapore. With the expected growth, there is more than enough market cap for other players to enter this market.

-At present only 2% buy groceries online. This is worth almost $206M
-IGD is further forecasting online to take a 4 percent share of Singapore’s grocery market by 2020
-With a compound annual growth rate of 39 percent, by 2020 this will be worth almost $500M

Revenue / Business Model We work with over 100 vendors, i.e supermarkets, wet markets etc. We are paid a commission of 25% for every product sold on our site. We charge customers a fixed consolidation fee as well as delivery fees for orders below $50.
Management Team Our management team comprises of a mix of experience and vibrancy. Being a lean start-up everyone has to help out in every department. Jay is our Founder, a graduate from National University of Singapore (Bachelor in Science).Highly motivated marketer offering 7 years of experience in Marketing. Successful cultivator of new businesses with proven capabilities in securing multi-million dollar projects. He worked with clients such as P&G, Unilever, and many Fortune 100 companies.
PPraj- Co-founder- Pride and Professionalism are two key qualities entrenched in the initials fore fronting his name – PP Raj. Having spent 28 years of his life in the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), Singapore, he takes great pride in all his endeavors. He heads operations. He has built the processes required for us to stay lean and cut cost. He works on ensuring the quality of service is not compromised.
Company Background was incorporated under DEI Holdings Pte Ltd in January, 2016 and operates as a partnership between the founders and Mdm Dilly( Pre-seed investor). All company shares are held by the founding trio and our seed investor (Dilly). The company as over 100 stores it collects goods from, it has over 18 000 products online and at present it has 2 vehicles that assist in deliveries.
Funding Milestone We are looking to raise 3million Ringgit. The funds will be used for customer acquisition and tech developments.
% Equity Allocation 30
Expected ROI We expect to break even, in early 2020. Based on our sales projections we should return x2 within 5 years
Risks and Mitigation Product Range: Dei offers a huge range of products which stretches to about 18000 products.
Exotic Range: It also offers exotic fruits, vegetables and imported groceries which are not easily available in nearby retail outlets. This gives them an edge in catering to customers who like buying such stuff.
Discounts: Dei offers huge discounts on various products. They also have the product bundling technique to maximise sales and offering maximum discounts to the customers. This makes them a lucrative option for customers to buy.
Convenience: Dei offers an escape from the hassle of standing in the queues of malls or going all the way to the retail stores. They give the products right at the door step and offer multiple payment options. The on-time delivery guarantee makes them a lucrative option, Customers, especially in cities like Singapore where life is very fast, and it is difficult to reach.
Low Fixed Cost business model: Most of the items that Dei offers are perishable hence they depend on the retail stores they are coordinating with for the products. This means they have no inventory cost and makes their business model more profitable.

Weakness in the SWOT Analysis of Dei:
Delivery Time: Dei delivers the groceries same day at 2 fixed time slots. day. Many retailers have started the facility of home delivery to nearby societies and customers in just few minutes to hours. So, customers prefer this instead of waiting for 6 Hours.
High Variable Cost: Cost of running many delivery guys, delivery trucks, storage for perishable items, wastage during transportation makes the business run at a high variable cost. They must bleed more money and will take longer to break even.
Minimum order for free delivery: Dei does not offer free delivery below a certain set order price limit. This means that customers would be forced to add a product or two just to avail the service. This makes them lose some customers.
Be at home: Customers must be at home when Dei is about to deliver. This means the customers must plan according to the delivery time. If by some means the order gets delayed customer gets angry and unhappy by the service. On top of this they must pay a little add on price for the home delivery.
Order Cancellations: They depend on stores that they have tied-up with to provide them the items. If they do not have the items available, they won’t be able to deliver them. This sometimes tend in cancellation of orders. Out of stock issues tend to make the customers unhappy and repetitive of such issues makes the customers reluctant to reuse the service.

Exit Strategies We want to be bought up by year 5. At a post valuation of 50million USD
Company Name Dei holdings Pte Ltd
Business Address 120 Lower Delta Road
Contact Person Jay Varman