What is the price of their business and how much is it worth?

How do you value a business? In short, there’s no right answer. Value can differ depending on a company’s circumstances and there are numerous valuation methods and formular that can be used when buying and selling a company.

This session provides everything you need to start valuing businesses confidently. It introduces you to valuation processes and provides an overview of the main valuation methods. This includes exploring the use of multiples, cash flow discounting, target returns, balance sheet methods and value creation.

This session will enable you to:

• Have an overview of valuation and its processes
• Understand what a valuation multiple is, various multiples available and their processes
• Understand Cash Flow Discounting valuations and build a cash flow model

Learning outcomes

An overview of valuation

• What is valuation?
• What is price?
• What circumstances call for a valuation?
• What is the valuation process?
• What is being valued?
• What are the main valuation methods?


• What is a valuation multiple?
• How do you calculate a multiple?
• What periods are used to calculate multiples?
• How should you choose comparable companies?
• How should transactions be used?
• What are the Enterprise Value multiples?
• What are the Equity Value multiples?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of using multiple-based valuation?

Cash Flow Discounting

• What is Cash Flow Discounting valuation?
• How do you build a discounted cash flow model?
• What are the stages of building a cash flow model?
• How do you get the right numbers for a discounted cash flow model?
• How do you project sales and gross margin?
• What intangibles should be considered in the discounted cash flow model?
• How do you do the maths?
• What is Terminal Value?
• What are Real Options?
• What is the Dividend Discount model?

If you are a Business Owner you need to spend 3-hours of your time to attend this important session. Especially if you are looking into:

A starting point of discussion with investors

Raise capital

Make your company worth more before talking to investors

Sell your company for millions of dollars

Use it for the purpose of joint venture, so that you can talk to a potential business partner.

Fees: RM600 per person – we will contact you to fix an appointment at a mutually agreed venue upon receiving the payment confirmation. Payment details: OCBC Bank a/c #: 786-103-6139 “Global Bridge Management Sdn Bhd”. Email payment slip to admin@capital.com.my

William Tan
CEO & Founder of CAPITAL