Tijarah Ummah Sdn Bhd, we are a young and modern Social Enterprise (ISE), a community interest company (cic) focusing on its core business as a content provider.

We collaborating with reputable local university, The National University of Malaysia (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)) to develop the first and the only educational and social program in Malaysia targeting teens aged 10 -17 years for all races and background with certification issued by university.

We offer a holistic program with All Century Education Skills Modules developed by 19 experts from UKM (Professors & Senior Lecturers). The objective of the program is to nurture young generation to be quality individuals to excel in every aspect of life.

The program inspires to unleash the potential of youths in today’s challenging environments by guiding them in the aspects of writing, critical thinking, self-initiatives, group collaboration, and technological literacy which are essential for today’s generation.

The program consists of a range of activities and is speciality designed for three age groups:

  • Primary 10 – 12 years,
  • Lower Secondary: 13 – 15 years, and
  • Upper Secondary: 16 – 17 years.

This program based on the Collaborative Academic, Social and Emotional Learning Approach (CASEL) in a supervised setting. The Uniqueness of E21 Program:

1. Continuous, guided, evaluated and follow through process of academic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social development based on global content design.

2. Problem-based, inquiry and contextual teaching and learning approaches are applied

3. Value added contents, which cover all areas of life and soft skills such as English Speaking practices, patriotism, social interactions, entrepreneurship, thinking skills, etc .

4. Conducted in a conducive teaching and learning environment, which allows natural interaction with nature and humans

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