CANTIKA.COM: Premier Health & Cosmetic Hub

CANTIKA.COM: Premier Health & Cosmetic Hub


E-Commerce is one of the fastest growing fields of business in the world. The usage of Internet around the world has grown over 400% from year 2000 to the year 2015 and keep on increasing year on year with healthy growth. Revenue in the Malaysian “e-Commerce” market amounts to USD 1,199.8 Billion in 2016 and revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (2016-2020) of 24.30% resulting in a market volume of USD 2,864.0 Billion in 2020. User penetration is at 58.35% in 2016 and is expected to hit 77.31% in 2020. The average revenue per user currently amounts to USD 87.93.

In Malaysia, 80% of the people aged between 18-45 are Internet users. These numbers encourage companies to build websites and to come up with new ways of serving their customers online. In many cases in B2C businesses this means creating an online store or a “web store”. In addition the number of companies that operate almost fully through the Internet
is growing all the time. One of the most hype and most trade item on social media platform is local health & cosmetics  products. Although our local brands and product still not up to international standard but trust me the demand is huge in Malaysia and local Malaysian support local brands and no wonder this industry gave birth to many Millionaires. Although the demand is huge, the amount of web stores selling LOCAL health & cosmetic product is minimal. We have been looking up these stores and have found out that these local stores are almost unknown and the execution of these online stores is quite poor.

We have great knowledge in wide aspects of business and provide an excellent platform for entrepreneurship career in cosmetic & beauty industry. We believe in what we do and by having E-Commerce platform, it will increase the quality of our local brands to be at par with international brand standard and at the same time tapped a market demand that is huge and are able execute with minimal investment. This business plan is for an online health & cosmetic store called CANTIKA.COM


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Capital Team Posted on11:37 pm - 02/09/2016

Full business plan available upon request. Contact us