Whether you’re a startup or a scaleup, we can match you with angel investors, venture capitals, corporate ventures, government funds, banks and other funding sources.

Your Challenges

  • Cold-messaging hundreds of investors but no response.
  • Investors do not give you any explanation why you get rejected.
  • Difficulties in closing deals with investors.
  • Getting negative feedback on the pitching.

Our Solutions

  • Warm introductions and matching with angel investors and VCs.
  • Get specific feedback from our internal network of angels and experts.
  • Our financial advisors can guide you through the entire capital raising process.
  • We help you improve your pitching materials, make a good first impression, capture interest and imagination.

How it works?

CAPITAL.MY, we manage the entire capital raising process. We determine your fundability and how much capital you need, then work with your team to clarify how you plan to use those funds and the milestones to achieve.

We develop a roadmap to guide our work together, then help you identify and remedy any issues with your business that potential investors would question.

Once we feel you’re well-positioned to pursue funding, we’ll pull together the appropriate materials and practice your pitch until you’re ready.

Then, we will connect you with a developed, targeted list of potential, qualified investors.

We help you solve capital raising challenges!

Strategic Planning

Together, we clarify your goals and build a roadmap for how your company will prepare for, pursue, and obtain the funds it needs to grow.

Financial and Team

We build a complete picture of your company’s financial performance and projections, then guide your efforts to get the right team and create a winning growth story.

Due Diligence

We help to de-risk your business, improve valuation, and prepare documents that investors will like to review in the due diligence stage.

Deal Structuring

We help you evaluate potential capital and deal structures that is right for you, and build an offer that will appealing to potential investors.

Marketing Materials

We’ll build a complete set of materials funders will expect such as business plans, pitch decks, promo videos, financial models and term sheets.

Pitch Delivery Coaching

Together, we’ll prepare and practice for your pitch so you can share your passion, avoid mistakes, and get ready for investors presentation +Q&A.

Frequently Asked Questions

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