Are you a growing SME? We provide growth capital and talent to unlock your company’s full potential!

Are you a growing SME? We provide growth capital and talent to unlock your company’s full potential!

business plan strategy marketing vision finance growth

business strategy marketing vision finance growth

How We Invest

We back committed and experienced management teams – CAPITAL will only invest in businesses run by management teams with proven record of achieving business goals. We strongly believe in investing with committed and experienced managers and/or owners with significant stake in the success of the business.

Invest in established companies with a history of profitable operations (not startup / projects) – We invest in established businesses that have demonstrated or can demonstrate what it takes to be profitable over a medium to long term horizon.

Take significant minority stakes (20-50%) in the companies we invest in – Our preference is for substantial while not necessarily controlling interests in our investment companies where the established shareholders and management team retain a significant equity interest in the business, maintaining the focus on collective shareholder value.

How We Add Value

As private equity investors, we take an active approach in working with the management of our investee companies to “grow the pie” by expanding its business, increasing market share and profits by introducing new capital, entering new markets and improving operational efficiency. We seek to add value to a company in the following ways:

Assist with market access – Work with management to open new markets first in its domestic market and subsequently across the region. Our presence in Southeast Asia affords us insights into opportunities across the region that we seek to exploit for the benefit of our investee companies.

Helping develop key business relationships – that may include assisting our investee companies to obtain better terms from their key suppliers or helping source new suppliers that may provide better terms by leveraging synergies between the companies in our investment portfolio.

Attracting and developing management talent – we recognize that one of the biggest challenges that growing mid sized companies face is attracting key talent necessary to sustain their growth. Our presence as investors in a company significantly enhances a company’s profile and makes it a more attractive place for talent to come to work.

Helping to gain access to credit and capital – capital is the engine of a growing business and we leverage our experience and network in the debt and equity markets (local and international) to enable our investee companies access additional capital for their growth.

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Capital Team Posted on7:23 pm - 04/07/2016

We are owned by our team, we are fully self-funded and we are not seeking any outside investment.

Edward Líng Posted on6:44 am - 31/08/2017

Hi can Malaysian businessman operate in the Phillippines qualify for the This loan?
Thank you!

li lie Posted on5:00 pm - 09/10/2017

Hi if i am foreiger , but i am doing businss in Malaysia, can i get this loan?

Capital Team Posted on3:49 pm - 10/10/2017

Hi, please email more info about your company to for assessment. All information submitted is private and confidential.

Lim Ting Yuan Posted on1:35 pm - 20/10/2017

How can I get the loan from SME to build up my business.?

Jimmy Onn Posted on7:25 pm - 25/11/2017

We are first time property development in Malaysia. We owned a land. We need a fund.
We need your assistance.