Tired of local Investors? Go International!

The ease of capital movement in today’s global capital markets has made fundraising significantly more accessible than the past.

The industry is becoming increasingly international as more businesses are seeking funding to corporate ventures and venture capital investors, or IPO in country such as USA, which has a more developed investment infrastructure and more capital available than in other countries.

“Opening up the doors to investment from abroad does more than getting funds for expansion – it also create business opportunities that aren’t available in your home market.”

How CAPITAL can help

  • Lead Advisor in capital raising (growth, expansion and IPO/RTO/STO);
  • Assess your company’s current capital structure and future capital needs;
  • Identify and evaluate capital options available including private equity placements, bank debt, hybrid/structured finance products and pre IPO funding;
  • Identify the appropriate financiers / investors to address specific corporate objectives (growth, new market entry, regional expansion) and/or shareholder requirements (dividends, foreign investment, and strategic partnerships);
  • Advise on negotiations with financiers/investors;
  • Project manage the overall transaction process.


Strong finances are critical to business growth. We develop a comprehensive financial roadmap for your company by tapping difference sources of fund – Family Offices, Angel Groups, High Net Worth Investors, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Investment Banks and Funds which form part of our Investor Network (primarily in Asia-Pacific, increasingly also in USA, Europe and the Middle East).

CAPITAL boasts an extensive local and regional business network comprising potential business partners, investors, clients and other connections vital to projecting your business in a competitive market. At the same time, we support your fundraising efforts by placing you on various avenues such as networking events, platforms and capital raising road shows around the world.
At CAPITAL, we focus on enabling prospective investors and other providers of capital to appreciate and understand the “value” in your business as the amount of capital raised and the terms offered depend substantially on what capital providers believe a company worth and how they perceive the “value” in the business.Our ultimate goal for each company is to be awarded public listed status (IPO) or exit through leveraged buyout or trade sale.
Leveraging our collective experiences, we collaborate with you in preparing the due diligence, term sheets and other processes, thus helping your company navigate the road towards achieving your objective.


Raised capital for several companies across Southeast Asia for different purposes: growth, expansion into new markets, strategic investors, and acquisition of new businesses


The Companies that CAPITAL typically works with are ‘Growth Stage’, revenue-generating businesses with all or some of the following characteristic:

  • Proven Business Model
  • Already Generating Revenues
  • Existing Customer/Client base
  • Competent Management Team
  • Growh stage, Series A, pre-IPO, IPO or STO

How We Add Value

As investor ourselves, we take an active approach in working with the management of our clients / investee companies to “grow the pie” by expanding its business, increasing market share and profits by introducing new capital, entering new markets and improving operational efficiency. We seek to add value to a company in the following ways:

  • Gain access to credit and capital
  • Recruit key personnel
  • Build business relationships
  • Market access and global reach

Our Fees Structure

Combination of Retainer + Success

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