Capital raising to fund your growth

Our objective is to place investment opportunities with selected investors that are the most likely to be receptive, based on their investment preferences.

We pride ourselves in being a source of quality Investment Deal Flow and Investment Opportunities for the Family Offices, Angel Groups, High Net Worth Investors, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Investment Banks and Funds which form part of our Investor Network (primarily in Asia-Pacific, increasingly also in USA, Europe and the Middle East).

This places us in a unique position to evaluate and shortlist only the best quality opportunities for our selected network of investment partners, and to match each funding requirement with the appropriate investor, according to the investor preference of industry, investment quantum and geographic focus.

Our Focus

The Companies that CAPITAL typically works with are ‘Growth Stage’, revenue-generating businesses with all or some of the following characteristic:

  • Proven Business Model
  • Already Generating Revenues
  • Existing Customer/Client base
  • Competent Management Team
  • Growh stage, Series A, pre-IPO, IPO
  • Private Placement and STO (Security Token Offering).

How We Add Value

As investor ourselves, we take an active approach in working with the management of our clients / investee companies to “grow the pie” by expanding its business, increasing market share and profits by introducing new capital, entering new markets and improving operational efficiency. We seek to add value to a company in the following ways:

  • Gain access to credit and capital
  • Recruit key personnel
  • Build business relationships
  • Market access and global reach

Our fees structure: Combination of Retainer + Success

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