Cat Café in high-income pet-friendly neighbourhood

Cat Café in high-income pet-friendly neighbourhood

Project Cost: RM350,000

Amount Invested : RM30,000

Amount Required : RM320,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: other (Strong Interest in F&B and Cafe Business)

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor; as consultant

Industry: restaurants / f&b; consumer goods

Project Stage: start-up


Company History:

This café idea was born from the passion of Isabelle’s love of cats and Agnes’s desire to bring up the level of coffee appreciation in the café scene.

Product / Service Description:

This café is not your typical cafe as the typical coffee menu is removed in favour of a simpler and layman-friendly ordering format. This will allow people to taste and experience many different coffee methods without knowing much about coffee. Aside from the unique coffee experience, the cats in the cafe not only serves as an interactive environment but its also to support a social cause. Most of the cats will be taken from shelters/rescued and be up for adoption.

Business Opportunity:

Western coffee culture has boomed in recent years due to growing number of cafes in Malaysia. This has increased the overall quality and appreciation of coffee. However most café patrons still do not know much about coffee; and its wide range of variants and flavors. The learning curve to appreciate coffee is rather steep. We aim to solve this problem by creating a layman-friendly method to introduce and expose the average café patron to the different tastes and styles of coffee. The other problem is many of these cafés lack differentiation among themselves besides a “theme” or “ambience”. As more cafes pop up, there needs to be a greater differentiation to stand out of the crowd, not only to survive but to thrive.

“Cat-therapy” would be the attraction pull to entice customers, serving as our unique proposition and differentiation among existing cafés. Malaysians have always loved cats. Whether as pets they own at home, or stray cats along the streets, Malaysians are generally very receptive towards cats. Most people experience an uplift in their moods whenever they feel the warmth of a cat companion. Furthermore, cats have become an internet phenomenon, spurning off jokes and ‘memes’ which Malaysian internet users can appreciate. The café will also have pet sheltering and fostering community support built into the business model. This will not only give it staying power from the community support, it also gives the business a higher cause to strive for.

Revenue Model:

As we’re located within a pet-friendly community of high-income earners, the higher spending power and cat attraction enable items to be priced at premium. Revenue stream will flow from drinks and dessert during tea time, as well as meals from lunch and dinner crowd.

Management Team:

Our team members are deeply passionate about what’s at the core of a Cat Café – Cats and Coffee! The team comprised of 3 key members, each member’s role will be defined as below:-

Passionate about cats, the Cat Lover will handle all operations pertaining to cat management. Will also handle marketing and public relations with the community.

Highly skilled and passionate in the art of coffee making, the Coffee Lover will manage all aspects of food and coffee operations within the café.

Creative and strategic thinker, the Business Strategist sees the big picture, creating synergy in business direction and market opportunities. Will also handle public relations with the community.

Current Status:

We have done extensive research and groundwork, allowing us to set things in motion immediately once the funds are available. The following factors have been confirmed and identified:

– Identified outlet location – tight-knitted community of high purchasing power with strong support for our cause.
– Working on café flow and menu.
– Confirmed sources for coffee beans.
– Confirmed cat area layout to ensure overall positive wellbeing of cats and patrons.
– Understanding cat behaviour to ensure harmonious and peaceful interactions among cats, and between cats and patrons.
– Worked out operational work flow on cat maintenance such as cat dietary needs, space and territorial needs, litter box maintenance, cat engagement and mental stimulation.

Funding Milestone: Funds will be allocated into CAPEX and OPEX for first 6 months. We propose to break even by end of 2nd Year.

Business Valuation: To be discussed upon meeting.

Expected Return On Investment: Yearly ROI of about 45%, Return on capital by end of year 2.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: Risks and mitigation to be revealed and discussed upon meeting.

Exit Strategies: Shares to be sold back to owners within 3 or 5 years.


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Mobile: 012 – 333 5326