The 4 Key Stages in Capital Raising Processes

You’ve developed a product and won a handful of customers. But now you face the biggest challenge of your venture’s short life – you don’t have enough cash to pay your employees and suppliers. Should you shut down or can you convince investors to keep your venture afloat? Typically only less than 10% of entrepreneurs that seeking money from investors will make it through the entire 4 stage process.

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How to Raise Venture Capital

Venture Capital

The World of Venture Capital

Before you go out and start raising money, there are a few things you need to know:

Venture capitalists don’t want to hear about ideas; they want to see your company launched before you ask them for money. If you weren’t willing to put the time and money into launching a beta version of your company, why would they want to give you money?

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VC Screening Process

As a venture capital investment manager, opportunities land on my desk all the time, time is precious, I cannot be “All to Everyone”, and more importantly, if I choose to invest my time and resources into an opportunity with mediocre returns, I will forego other, more lucrative opportunities, something we term as “opportunity cost”.

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