How To Make Money FAST!

Need a little extra cash in a hurry? Follow these steps and you’re bound to have a fuller pocket by the end of the week. It may not be much, and it may not be reliable, but your options are limited if you’re short on time. Later, you can read up on long-term ways to […]

How To Make Money in the long run

Sally Struthers once posed the timeless question in a TV commercial, “Do you want to make more money?” Without hesitation, she answered, “Of course, we all do.” How did she know? Actually, this remarkable revelation isn’t so startling when you consider that money not only makes the world go ’round, but also, apparently, talks. If […]

The Most Important Money Tip

Personal finance is easy. It’s simple. There is one fundamental law that governs your money. If you master this, you have mastered the entire game: To gain wealth, you must spend less than you earn. In David Copperfield — one of my favorite books — Charles Dickens wrote: Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen […]

Supplement Your Income as a Freelance Language Translator

It was another boring evening in November 1999. After a few weeks of being unemployed, I started looking for ways on the Internet to earn some cash. I was frustrated. All I encountered was get-rich-quick scam after another. I soon realized that I had to look within myself – my skills, knowledge and interests – […]

Freelance Writing: A Career From Anywhere

An island in the Mediterranean. A beach in Africa. The east coast of New Zealand. What do these locations have in common? A recent call for assistance from freelance writers elicited replies from every one of these locations. In each of these and in many other remote places, I know of writers who are freelancing […]

7 Places to Keep and Grow Your Money

Many of my friends work (or blog) strive hard to make more money but do not have a plan for their money. They leave all their money in the bank savings account. It is not a good way to keep your money. Your money is losing its value due to the inflation. Here I share […]

How to make money less important to you

Top 4 tips on how to make money less important to you. Do you find yourself constantly obsessing over money? Do you end up being really stressed by constant thoughts of debt and budgeting? Do you worry about whether or not you have enough money? Do you worry about whether or not you have enough […]

Developing a business idea

Having a great business idea is the easy part. Turning that into a successful business takes a whole lot of planning, research and commitment. Why start your own business? Despite the hard work involved, starting your own business can be a very rewarding experience. Consider these reasons and come up a list of your own: […]

Why Money is Important

This weekend, I started re-reading Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think & Grow Rich. I read the book for the first time several months ago at a time when I was interested more in consciousness-building and less in financial matters. Many of the essential concepts resonated within me – especially the connections between thoughts and “self-creation.” In […]

How To Make Money With TRAVEL Business Opportunities

There are many people that get online every day to start their own home business with travel business opportunities. If you want to have your own travel business then you need to know how to make money with travel business opportunities. Anyone can have their own travel business from home with the travel business opportunities. […]