What is Equity Financing?

Equity capital generally is composed of funds that are raised by a business in exchange for an ownership interest in your company. This interest can be in the form of ownership of common or preferred stock or instruments that convert into stock. In addition to taking an ownership interest in your company, equity investors may also participate as a member of the company’s board of directors and take an active role in managing your company. However, in comparison to debt financing, which must be repaid over time, equity financing does not have to be repaid.

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The Initial Public Offering (IPO) Introduction

Going public is a monumental decision for any company. It forever changes how a company goes about doing business. A public company has access to more, and often deeper, sources of capital than a private company. The actual process of going public can be time-consuming and presents certain unique challenges that a company should be prepared to undertake.

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OTC市场(over the counter)既场外市场。以权益类证券为例,OTC市场有两个主要的报价媒介,OTCBB(OTC Bulletin Board) 和 OTC Link(也是我们比较熟悉的 OTC Market)。

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OTC市场、NASDAQ 和转板上市的误区

美国有 16 家获得 SEC 批准的全国性证券交易所,但知名度,认可度较高的只有纽约股票交易所(简称 NYSE),美国股票交易所(2008 年被纽约证交所集团收购,但保持独立牌照,沿袭习惯简称为 NYSE AMEX),纳斯达克股票交易所(简称NASDAQ)。这三家交易所包揽了美国绝大多数的上市公司和市值(也是国内所说的主板市场)。本文将以 NASDAQ 为例重点分析OTC 公司转板上市的情况。

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NASDAQ 对非美国公司提供可选择的上市标准

选择权一:财务状况方面要求有形净资产不少于400万美元;最近一年(或最近三年中的两年)税前盈利不少于70万美元,税后利润不少于40万美元, Read More