Startups to IPO: Funding Roadmap

Capital raising has always been a challenging task for entrepreneurs, more so when it comes from venture and angel funds, who unlike banks do not judge your business funding on the physical and liquid asset one owns. As the start-up ecosystem fosters and more ventures emerge, the mortality rate of companies that could not sustain […]

10 Things you should know about the Singapore startup landscape

With Singapore Week of Innovation and TeCHnology (SWITCH) just around the corner, there is a significant interest directed at Singapore these days. Of course, there has always been interest in Singapore’s tech and startup scene, especially when the city-state became the only Southeast Asian country to rank in Startup Genome’s Top 20 Startup Ecosystems in […]

Key differences between a strategic plan and a business plan.

You’ll want to create a Business Plan when you are looking to: Start a new company Organize their thoughts Judge the viability of your business idea Identify your general business strategy Understand potential financial results Present to bank or investor for financing And you’ll want to create a Strategic Plan in order to: Grow an […]

Equity Financing Stages for Startups

It is rarely possible for startups to raise sufficient capital to kick-start their operations, launch products and break even. Although a ‘one-time investment’ strategy is theoretically possible, it is hard to cite examples of any successful startup that has gone this route. Moreover, most angel investors and venture capitalists prefer to fund startups in steps. […]

The 6 Biggest Mistakes in Raising Startup Capital

Avoid these traps to increase your chances of securing funding and keeping investors happy.

Start-ups and deals, Malaysian style

A LOT has been written about getting investors interested in start-ups. However, very little has been written about how start-ups can and should negotiate with potential investors in Malaysia. A few people recently asked me for tips on how they could save themselves from common issues or complications, and I thought maybe I should just […]

It’s hard to raise money in Malaysia

‘We couldn’t raise even a single dollar in Malaysia or Singapore,’ says Catcha’s Patrick Grove Can’t depend on govt-backed VCs, private sector needs to step up, says Mavcap chief THE start-up space is recognized as amongst the most vibrant sectors in the country’s technology ecosystem, with even the Government launching initiatives to boost and support […]

Funding Your Start-Up Business

There are numerous costs involved in starting a business and one of the entrepreneur’s early challenges is in raising capital. If you plan on becoming a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to be smart in raising the money and investing it wisely in your business. We highlight several sources of capital for start-ups. For the aspiring […]

10 Ways To Generate Your Own Startup Capital

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs of all ages is getting ahold of startup capital. But for young and first-time entrepreneurs in particular that task can be even more formidable. Banks and investors typically like to see that you’ve started successful businesses in the past or that you’ve worked in your chosen industry. Fortunately […]

Main Source of Start-up Financing

The question that we keep hearing from potential entrepreneurs is: where do I get start-up cash? Well, there are two types of start-up financing: debt and equity. Consider what type is right for you. Debt Financing is the use of borrowed money to finance a business. Any money you borrow is considered debt financing. Sources […]