Alternative Funding Sources for Businesses

List of Financial Institutions Providing SME Financing in Malaysia

SMEs are a critical component of the Malaysian economy, contributing more than a third of gross domestic product (GDP) and providing job opportunities to more than four million workers in Malaysia. Banking institutions is the main source of financing for SMEs, providing more than 90% of total financing. Provision of SME financing is also complemented by the Development Financial Institutions, Bank Negara Malaysia’s Funds for SMEs.

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善用政府補助金, 小企業做成大企業




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SME Loan & Grants by Malaysia Government

To support the development of SMEs, the Government of Malaysia provides a comprehensive set of programmes through various Government Ministries and Agencies, which are broadly categorized into “Financial Assistance” and “Business Support Services”

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List of Government Grant and Loan Scheme for SME and individuals

The Malaysian government has come out with many financing schemes to help SMEs start or grow their businesses. The efforts of the government to encourage SMEs can be seen from improved and more beneficial financing schemes that have come out year after year. There are many types of government financing scheme offered by various government agencies open for application.

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Government Funds / Financing Schemes

According to BNM Annual Report 2006, there were 94 Government funds/financing schemes for SMEs with a total allocation of RM25 billion, as at end-2006. Five of these special funds were established by Bank Negara Malaysia with a total allocation of RM11.4 billion.

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