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Financing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Malaysia

SMEs are a critical component of the Malaysian economy, contributing more than a third of gross domestic product (GDP) and providing job opportunities to more than four million workers in Malaysia. Banking institutions is the main source of financing for SMEs, providing more than 90% of total financing. Provision of SME financing is also complemented by the Development Financial Institutions, Bank Negara Malaysia’s Funds for SMEs and Government Funds.  List of Financial Institutions Providing SME Financing in Malaysia Development Financial Institutions ...

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AmBank to disburse RM 20B in SME Financing by 2021

AmBank (M) Berhad aims to disburse RM20 billion in loans in the next three years to spur SME development in Malaysia. In line with its Top 4 Strategy, AmBank has undertaken several initiatives aimed at igniting SME growth. The bank’s AmBank BizCLUB, a platform to help SMEs scale to the next level through financing and beyond financing initiatives, offers training, networking and publicity opportunities to SMEs. The second season of the AmBank BizRACE, the cornerstone initiative under the AmBank BizCLUB ...

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An alternative finance source for Malaysia Investors and SMEs

If you got some properties, we might be able to help secure some funding for you to meet your short term financial needs that could not be satisfied by Banks due to: Time Constrain, such as: SPA left 1 month to process before expires Could not obtain approval from bank after 2 months applied or still no news from banks. Need fast and short term working capital when bank procedure will take long time to approve. Has purchased property in ...

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Agrobank is a continuity of the former Bank Pertanian Malaysia which has 40 years of experience in agricultural banking and an excellent track record in shaping and developing successful entrepreneurs. With a wide network of branches throughout Malaysia, we are confident of providing the best services to all. Agrobank is a Government-owned Bank under the Minister of Finance Incorporated (MFI). The bank’s financing of the agricultural sector is driven by a policy set forth by the Ministry of Agriculture and ...

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Bank Rakyat was established on 28 September 1954 under the Cooperative Ordinance 1948 (known as the Cooperative Societies Act 1993). Today, Bank Rakyat is the biggest Islamic cooperative bank in Malaysia with assets totaling RM89.18 billion as at end of December 2014. The transformation in 2002 of the Bank from a conventional banking system to a banking system based on Syariah has enabled the Bank to record encouraging profits year after year. For the financial year ending 31 December 2014, ...

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Our target sectors include commercial and residential property development, industrial, agricultural, manufacturing, infrastructure etc. Financing scheme available: PROJECT FINANCE Medium to long-term finance for commercial, industrial, agricultural and manufacturing projects. BRIDGING FINANCE Bridging loan for commercial and residential property development.FIXED ASSETS FINANCE Loan for the acquisition of machinery, equipment and plant modernisation.WORKING CAPITAL FINANCE Working capital finance for established and on-going enterprises.LOAN SYNDICATION Arranging, participating, managing and co-managing loan syndications for major projects.CORPORATE ADVISORY Provision of advisory services for project ...

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Target Sector Infrastructure Maritime Technology Oil & Gas Mode of Financing Project Finance Project finance is a mode of financing designed for long-term capital-intensive projects whereby the source of financing repayment is solely based on the cash flow generated from the project. The financing is normally extended to a Special Purpose Vehicle and has no or very limited recourse on the promoter. Contract Finance Contract finance is a short to medium term financing offered to contractors, who have been awarded ...

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Soft Loan Scheme for Automation & Modernisation (SLSAM) The SLSAM was launched in February 2007 and, in August 2013, this Scheme was amalgamated with the Soft Loan Scheme for Automotive Development (SLSAD) and retained its name. The fund for this Scheme is channelled by the Government of Malaysia via the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to MIDF for the implementation of the Scheme. The SLSAM assists manufacturing companies to: modernise and automate manufacturing processes; upgrade production capability and capacity; minimise ...

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SME BANK (Bank Perusahaan Kecil dan Sederhana Malaysia Berhad)

Programmes Online Business Financing Program (OBF) Financing Program For Women Entrepreneur (WEP-LEAP) Financing Program For SME (SME-LEAP) Business Accelerator Program (BAP) Bumiputera Equity (EquiBumi) Financing Facility Bumiputera Financing Fund (BFF) Malay Reserve Development Financing Programme TERAS Financing Scheme Bumiputera Halal Development Fund Halal Development Fund Young Entrepreneur Fund (YEF) SME Development Scheme (SDS) Business Premises Financing Scheme Tabung Usahawan Siswazah 2 (TUS 2) Public Transport Development Fund (TPPA) Rural Economic Development Scheme (SPED) Products i-Biz Cash i-Enterprise Premise Financing Rolling ...

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