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Azione Capital

Azione Capital Pte Ltd is an early stage venture capital investment company and startup business incubator headquartered in Singapore. Since our inception in 2006, our firm has approached mentoring, incubating and investing in digital communications (inclusive of the full spectrum of wireless technologies), energy and maritime industry startups that operate primarily within Asia.

We are one of three initially approved (ten as at March 2009) business incubators under the microfunding scheme of the Media Development Authority of Singapore, Interactive Digital Media Programme Office.


Many great ideas go unexecuted, and many great executioners are great executioners without ideas. One without the other is worthless.

At Azione Capital, we firmly believe in the importance of investing in the right people – people who share the same values as us. Our investment philosophy defines how we strategically support our startups


Azione Capital looks for startups that are trying to break into unproven .markets with solutions based on sound observations and honed by lessons of experience and a keen knowledge in market fundamentals.

CMIA Capital Partners

CMIA Capital Partners (“CMIA”) is a private equity firm focused on investment opportunities in China and Southeast Asia. Established in 2003, CMIA operates out of offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

CMIA’s investment team comprises of experienced investment professionals with complementary skill sets from diverse backgrounds.

CMIA has led over US$600 million in private equity investments. We are primarily focused on Growth Capital opportunities, and have also financed Greenfields, Buyouts and Privatizations selectively. These investments span across various industries in China, including agriculture, consumer, environmental engineering, medical/healthcare, industrial materials, manufacturing and real estate.

CMIA is a pioneer in the China private equity space and has built a strong investment track record and network of both government and business contacts throughout China.

CMIA won the Best Private Equity Firm in China award (second place) at the Private Equity International (PEI) Asia Awards in 2008. In China, CMIA today has an investment preference in the agriculture, consumer and medical/healthcare sectors. We consider investments in other industries and sectors opportunistically.

Since 2009, CMIA has also begun actively evaluating investment opportunities in well-managed growth companies in Southeast Asia, with a primary focus in Singapore. We believe in business partnership with good and trustworthy management teams and desire to work actively with portfolio companies to grow the business, both organically and through M&A initiatives.

Our Investment Philosophy

CMIA is particularly keen on providing growth capital to mid-sized companies in China and Southeast Asia with the potential to become industry or market leaders. Through our investment and value-add, CMIA seeks to bring these companies to their next level of profitability, growth and potential, domestically or even internationally.

Our investment philosophy rests on three pillars:


We have a successful track record of appreciating how socio-political changes and changes in the economic environment can bring about new market or industry trends. With further thought, analysis and diligence, we are focused on translating our knowledge and perceptions into business opportunities, which we then effectively capitalize on. We are committed to ensuring that our portfolio companies are able to be nimble and sustain their development in the long run. We understand the challenges and opportunities facing growing businesses and tailor our involvement and contributions to meet the unique needs of each portfolio company.


We hold the view that a business will only experience success if it operates in a favorable environment and is led by a strong team. We seek to invest in companies with able leadership and competent management teams. We aim to be actively involved and be in close partnership with these teams to help build businesses that are successful and sustainable in the long run. This often includes our participation in the formulation of strategic business plans and initiatives, balance sheet optimization, strengthening of the management team, corporate finance, as well as in improving corporate governance and internal controls in our portfolio companies.


We are selective and disciplined in making investments. We are committed and actively involved with each portfolio company. CMIA is able to value-add to and increase the value of the businesses that we back through our own business acumen as well as our network of government and business contacts globally. Previous portfolio companies have provided favorable testimonies on the benefits of having CMIA as a shareholder and business partner. CMIA believes that we are able to secure attractive investments at favorable terms primarily because of our commitment and the value that we can bring to businesses that we back.

BioVeda Capital

BioVeda is a Singapore based firm. We invest in companies in the healthcare sector with leading market positions, proprietary technologies, and outstanding scientific and management talent. We are a crucial business and scientific bridge between companies in the East and West, linking business and technology between two very diverse markets.

Our experienced Investment Team and Advisory Board together provide a strong combination of broad scientific, industry and medical expertise, and financial and investment experience to assist partner companies.

BioVeda is focused exclusively on healthcare. We look for outstanding companies in leading market positions with products and services which target large markets, unmet needs and the evolving lifestyles of modern societies.

We invest in companies in the developmental or expansion stage. We invest in public companies, as well as private companies at mezzanine stage financings.

Companies we like will have the following characteristics:-

· Strong management team
· Proprietary technologies
· Significant competitive advantages
· Strong market position or clear market opportunity

Enspire Capital

At Enspire, we enable aspirations. Enspire Capital is an investment and business development group that seeks to work with start-ups and growing companies to achieve their vision and dreams of becoming market leaders.

Besides making financial investment, we also value-add to our portfolio companies through our extensive network, experience and expertise.

With coverage in US West Coast, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, Enspire focuses on companies that can thrive in the fast growing fields of TMT, New Energy and Medical technology.

OWW Capital Partners

OWW Capital Partners (“OWW”) formerly known as OCBC, Wearnes & Walden Management was established by OCBC Bank, WBL Corporation and Walden International in 1991. In October 2006, the management team of OWW acquired WBL Corporation’s interests and the company assumed its current name.

OWW invests in service providers in infocomm technology, logistics, education/training, healthcare, financial services and consumer services sectors. Currently, OWW has over US$140 million under management.


OWW seeks to participate in companies that will capitalise on the growth of service industry in East Asia and in particular, in the sectors of infocomm technology, logistics, education/training, healthcare, financial services and consumer services. OWW also invests in established companies in these sectors that seek to enhance their value proposition by providing outsourcing services.

Region: Greater China and South-East Asia

Stage: All stages with a preference for expansion stage

Instrument: Equity or Equity-related instruments

Investment Size: US$0.5 to US$10 million

Shareholding: Minority Stake

Board Representation: Will normally seek board representation

Investment Criteria

OWW’s objective is to help create companies of enduring value while providing high returns to our investors. Elements common to OWW’s investments include:

Strong Management Team

The skills, experience and entrepreneurial qualities of management teams are the most important determinants of companies’ success. OWW believes in spending time with the management teams to understand their motivations, management philosophies and personalities. As a minority investor, OWW believes that the management teams are largely responsible for driving the businesses and allows these teams to retain large equity stakes.

Attractive Target Market

Companies should leverage on the long term growth trend of services sector in Asia and adopt innovative business models to address dynamic markets with high growth rates and substantial size. Companies must perform a thorough assessment of the risks and rewards in the target market and devise a plan to gain large market shares and establish dominant positions in defensible niches.


Companies must demonstrate a clear understanding of the importance of path to profitability and cashflow management.

Clear Exit Strategy

OWW works closely with management teams to determine the appropriate time for an IPO or sale to strategic partners – milestones that will elevate their profiles and build the foundations for the next stage of growth.

SEAVI Advent Holdings Ltd

SEAVI (“South East Asia Venture Investment”) Advent is one of the first private equity and venture capital firms to operate in the Asia Pacific region. Since 1984, we have invested over US$500 million into more than 100 Asian companies, from early to late stage, as well as buyout and control transactions.

In Southeast Asia, we have successfully helped several of our portfolio companies strengthen their business positions through initial public offerings on the stock exchanges of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

SEAVI Advent is the Asian affiliate of Advent International Corporation – one of the world’s largest and most experienced global private equity firms, based in Boston, USA, with US$10 billion under management and 15 offices and 10 affiliates in 22 countries.

Since its founding in 1984 by industry pioneer Peter A. Brooke, Advent International has invested in over 500 private companies in selected growth industries across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. These include 140 major Initial Public Offerings (IPO) on the major stock exchanges worldwide.

Our extensive local and regional experience, strong industry knowledge, deep local resources and international reach provide significant competitive advantages in the investment process, enabling us to help our portfolio companies grow aggressively and achieve high levels of success.

Our Organization

SEAVI Advent is present in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. We have six partners and seven other investment professionals, possessing relevant operating experience and in-depth industry knowledge. Our team in Asia has experience investing across all stages and structuring a wide range of transactions, including significant minority equity investments, minority or majority recapitalizations, mezzanine financing, leveraged transaction and management buyouts.

Relevant deal teams with professionals possessing the necessary geographic and industry knowledge are formed to pursue compelling investment opportunities. Our professionals often work together with their respective affiliated colleagues, sharing information on industry developments around the globe, drawing assistance and insights from industry-sector specialists on specific opportunities.

In this way, SEAVI Advent combines the advantages of specialization (tighter focus and deeper knowledge) with the benefits of scale (broader perspective and intellectual resources).

As a result, our deal teams, in collaboration with our corporate investors, are well qualified to assist portfolio companies with a range of technical, operational and financial matters.

Investment Focus

SEAVI Advent is committed to nurturing successful businesses in Asia particularly in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. The awakening of China heralds a new dawn in Asia Pacific. With its recent entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) and successful bid to host the 2008 Olympics, China is poise to enjoy tremendous economic growth and improvements in social living standards within the near and medium term.

By end 2001, China has surpassed the United States as the world’s largest mobile market with more than 135 million users, and is still enjoying double-digit annual growth. Its huge base of quality yet low-cost technical human resources has attracted many large foreign manufacturers, creating a multiplier effect in the economic growth of numerous supporting industries and neighboring Hong Kong.

The corporate survivors of the 1997 Asian Crisis and the recent global downturn in Singapore and Malaysia are emerging stronger and better managed. These companies have weathered the storms by improving their corporate governance, expanding beyond their traditional markets and moving their businesses up the economic value chain. Stronger economic growth is anticipated in the near and medium term with the implementation of Free Trade agreements between South East Asia and China, and that of Singapore with Japan, United States and other countries.

Industry sectors within these markets are expected to offer exciting growth opportunities. Our investment focus will be on key industries that capitalize on our expertise and successes:

Business Services
Specialty Retailing
Telecom / Information Technology
Environmental Engineering
Clean Energy

Sirius Venture Consulting Pte Ltd


We are a boutique venture capital and entrepreneurial finance firm, focused on small and medium‐sized companies in Singapore and overseas. Since September 2002, we have led, grown and invested successfully in numerous businesses.

Our vision is to partner entrepreneurs to grow their business beyond dreams – in the right direction, with the right strategy, competence and capital.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges entrepreneurs face in building and sustaining a business. With our extensive experience, valuable network and capital, Sirius is your strategic partner to help you reach and achieve your goals – beyond your dreams.


1. Invest

Sirius is always on the lookout for investment opportunities amongst small and medium-sized companies. Unlike the larger venture capitalists, we are able to tailor our investment amount to the needs and size of the company.

Beyond just providing capital, our goal is to assist you to build your company’s competence, and create value that can bring your business to the next level of growth.

2. Consult

What sets Sirius apart from many other venture capitalists is our ability to act as your strategic partner – to help you develop and enhance your business strategy to achieve your company’s maximum potential.

Sirius assists entrepreneurs at every stage of your growth and development. To this end, we provide a wide range of consultancy including:

• Business planning and evaluation
• IPO consulting
• Financial evaluation and forecasting
• Corporate development

3. Train

Apart from offering expert advice, resources and a wide range of corporate consultancy services, Sirius also specialises in training on Entrepreneurial Finance, Corporate Venturing, Venture Capital and Start Up, and SME Financing.

Tigris Capital

Tigris Capital was established in 2003 as a Singapore private limited company by William Klippgen, one of the co-founders of, to do early-stage technology investments with a focus on South Asia.
It’s time for new ideas

Our “It’s time for new ideas” has a double meaning. We think innovation never stops.Which meansthe next big thing online is about to happen. And Asia is still a fertile ground for new services to the high number of new fixed and mobile internet users joining each month. So, it’s time for new ideas.

But, innovation takes patience and often time to develop into commercially viable products and services. Tigris Capital is not a traditional fund with limited partners eager to see a return after a certain number of years. Instead, we are patient. We provide “time for new ideas” to blossom.

We are best at what we know

We excel in software and services for consumers and our founder has worked with internet services since 1995. But our network of advisers span across industries and we sometimes venture into other investments that touch upon our core experience. See our portfolio.

We don’t adhere to a predetermined investment cycle

While most venture firms have to exit their investments after a given number of years, we are free to adjust our expectations to each of our portfolio companies. We sometimes co-invest with other investors and even prefer doing so in many cases.

Our investment focus

Our investment targets tend to:

  • Have a core online component directed towards consumers
  • Be scalable
  • Be in the seed or early stage of the company life-cycle
  • Be run by people who want to be global leaders in their field
  • Be based in Asia but with global ambitions
  • Own intellectual property in their core technology area

Upstream Ventures

Asian Early-Stage

Established in 2003 in Singapore, Upstream Ventures focuses on early-stage venture creation by providing funding, expertise and networks to emerging companies across Singapore, India and China.

Focus on Innovation

We back outstanding teams that have the vision and discipline to build high-growth enterprises targeting Asian and global markets in sectors such as security & biometrics, Internet, IT software & solutions, IDM (interactive digital media) and semiconductors.

Hands-on Approach

Our operationally-experienced team engages early in the life of a company where we can most effectively accelerate growth. We build strong and reliable management teams, work closely with our companies to develop and execute strategies, and provide access to key players, markets and capital through our strong industrial and financial networks.


Upstream Ventures typically targets Sinagpore-based early stage companies with significant regional market opportunities. Singapore is the ideal test-bed for innovation, offering startups many advantages over neighbouring countries, including:

  • Advanced research facilities, universities & incubators
  • Strong IP protection
  • Sector-specific funding schemes & investment tax incentives
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Efficient legal system
  • High standards of corporate governance & transparency

In order to evolve into great growth companies, startups must develop sustainable recurring revenue streams and demonstrate scalability quickly. Upstream accelerates access to new markets and capital by leveraging our network in the region’s larger markets such as India and China.


Upstream Ventures assumes the role of lead investor in early stage companies, typically investing up to a maximum of $3M per company as part of a Startup or Series A round of funding. We are also keen to co-invest with other investors to ensure the company raises adequate funding to meet its growth needs. We continuously work with portfolio companies to optimize their financial strategy and strive to maintain our role as lead investor as the company moves toward subsequent rounds of funding.


Upstream invests in knowledge-intensive companies with scalable solutions and services built on underlying proprietary core technologies. We look for teams with a proven track record that have the potential to create global leaders in high-growth sectors such as: Internet (enterprise, consumer, retail), IDM (interactive digital media), mobile & wireless (applications & services), security & biometrics, and semiconductors (fabless design).

Vertex Venture Holdings

Vertex Venture Holdings Ltd (Vertex Group) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, investing in emerging companies and leading venture capital funds throughout Greater Asia and the US. Under Vertex Venture Holdings Ltd, there is also a management company known as Vertex Venture Management Pte Ltd, which provides fund management services and investment opportunities to the Vertex Group.

Here at Vertex Group, we Invest in Enterprising Ventures that have the potential to be industry leaders. We seek out and invest in potential emerging companies, and provide the necessary support to help these companies fulfill their true potential.

Since our inception in 1988, we have achieved substantial returns for our investors, while helping over 150 entrepreneurial companies realise their intrinsic value, through strategic listings on key capital markets in the US, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and through key acquisitions by industry leaders.

Our results are demostrated in our achievements: invested in more than 350 start-up companies in the Pan Pacific and other regions, managed 14 funds and deployed over US$1 billion in capital. Part of our portfolio comprises of investing in third party venture capital and private equity funds in the US, Europe and Asia.

With our base in Singapore and presence in Beijing (China), Taipei (Taiwan), Chennai (India) and the Silicon Valley (USA), we have established a far-reaching network presence to leverage our combined experience for value creation – towards both our investors and our portfolio companies.

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