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Netrove Partners Sdn. Bhd.

Netrove was founded in 1999 as a regional venture capital and corporate finance advisory firm that provides critical capital and venture advisory services. It focuses mainly on risk capital investment and fund raising, corporate finance advisory, IPO, M&A advisory and investment opportunities in the region. Today Netrove has offices in Hong Kong, Hanoi , Beijing, Guangzhou and Malaysia and associated offices in Seoul and Singapore.

Venture Capital

Netrove manages venture capital and private equity funds that invests in start-up, angel stages, mezzanine or pre-IPO stages companies. Netrove seeks to actively participate and work closely with entrepreneurs and adding business, management and technology entrepreneurial values where needed to accelerate the business development and growth of its clients and portfolio companies.

Netrove typically uses the following benchmark criteria used to appraise a project:-

Good and experienced management with a strong passion and commitment to the business vision/mission, credible track record and good integrity
Products/Services in demand or that are innovative and/or inventive – a distinct market opportunity
Market scale & business scalability that is regional
Sound go-to-market strategy and execution plan
Good business model and value proposition
High growth companies in fast growing markets
Clear exit options and avenues
Synergy with portfolio companies or clients will be an advantage

The uniqueness of Netrove lies in its “hands-on” investment partnership approach and that it is able to provide a straight through financing and funding and corporate advisory services whether through its own capital or deal syndication.

Nuetree Capital

Nuetree Capital is a KL-based boutique venture capital management company that’s focused on high growth, high-tech companies across a variety of industries, including bio-sciences, renewable resources, manufacturing and information technology.

Through our extensive networks in both the public and private sectors, and backed by our technical partner Infobusiness Research Group, Nuetree Capital will take companies to a higher level and unlock their potential through vertical and horizontal business expansion, new market entry and access to both local and international floatations.

OPUS Asset Management

CMS Opus Private Equity – 3 funds with AUM of about RM300m. Welcome potential investment opportunities with a minimum investment size of RM10m
Investment Structure


OpusAM uses a top-down investment methodology that begins with an appraisal of the Malaysian economy and its financial markets in the context of global & regional economic trends and capital flows. This sets the basis for the overall asset allocation and maturity structure decision. Credit selection for fixed income portfolios is then carried out after an analysis on the outlook of the broad domestic economy, the individual sectors within the economy, and the companies within each sector. This is usually combined with bottom-up analysis that directly identifies undervalued or potential upgrade credits.


Our investment philosophy is based on correlation of asset prices in different economies as well as between asset classes. Our major shift in investment strategy is based on long term view or secular trend, rather than short-term factors.

OpusAM believes that superior investment returns are obtained by early identification of undiscounted changes in the companies or in environment in which they operate at both macro and micro levels. OpusAM does not view asset classes in isolation but seeks a ‘top-down’ macro view of different asset classes and their inter-relationships before devising an appropriate investment strategy. Investments in fixed income instruments are, therefore, undertaken after an assessment of global and domestic economic trends, and their impact on the fixed income asset class in Malaysia.

Our investment objective is to consistently outperform the benchmark through disciplined investment process within the investment mandate and risk tolerance levels given by our clients.

OpusAM’s focus within the fixed income asset class is to derive consistent, above-average returns from fundamental research rather than from frequent trading. Emphasis is placed on credit-worthy of issuers of debt. A disciplined application of the “top-down” investment process is, therefore, applied with due consideration given to the credit standing of individual issuers. OpusAM also understands the importance of diversification and practises appropriate level of diversification across sectors as well as individual securities to minimise the risk profile of our clients’ portfolio, if necessary. Credit specifics are viewed in conjunction with economic and industry trends. Credit quality, value and yield-spread are considered collectively.

OSK Ventures International Berhad

OSKVI was established in year 2000 and is the venture capital and private equity affiliate of OSK Holdings Berhad. OSKVI was listed on the then Malaysia Exchange of Securities Dealing and Automated Quotation Market (“MESDAQ Market”) (now known as the ACE Market) of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”) on
8 September 2004.

The OSKVI Group has an established presence in the private equity and venture capital industry in the region. Since inception, we have successfully invested, nurtured and divested several companies from various industries.

OSKVI provides equity capital to mid-late stage high growth companies with operating profit track records seeking expansion capital for restructuring purposes or to grow the company to the next level. The current investments held are focused mainly in the internet and network solutions, application software and systems, telecommunication services, consumer products as well as oil and gas industries.

To date, we have successfully nurtured more than seventeen investee companies to initial public offering on Bursa Securities and the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange since our inception and/or trade sales.


We seek to invest in established companies with regional presence and companies that are in their mid-late stage with attractive growth prospects as well as high growth potentials. We focus on companies with operating profit track records seeking expansion capital for restructuring purposes or to grow the company to the next level.

Our services include, inter-alia, the following:

Growth capital
Private investments in public equity
Corporate strategy
Mezzanine financing
Management buyout

We work closely with the management team of our portfolio companies and provide them with the relevant financial and operational resources over a period of short to mid-term investment horizon with an objective to generate superior returns to enhance our stakeholders’ value.

OSKVI investment culture emphasises on dynamic growth and value creation, in both private and public entities, with high growth and long term potential within the region. We employ both industry and geography focused approach when sourcing for investments and as well as to establish divestment structures with investment returns that commensurate with the investment risk exposures.

To date, we have successfully nurtured more than seventeen investee companies to a trade sale position and to an initial public offering on Bursa Securities and the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange since our inception.

Currently, we retain our focus on investments in the following core sectors:

Consumer and retail

Photonics Venture Capital Sdn Bhd


Photonics Venture Capital Sdn Bhd (“Photonics VC”) is a venture capital management company appointed by the Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd (“MAVCAP”) in December 2001 to manage a venture capital fund on behalf of MAVCAP.

Under the 2001 Budget, the Malaysian Government allocated RM 500 million to establish a venture capital fund with the objective of developing the venture capital and information & communications technology (“ICT”) based industries in Malaysia. MAVCAP, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance is entrusted with the venture fund of which RM 100 million has been allocated to four independent venture management companies one of which is Photonics VC to manage via an outsourcing programme.

Photonics VC, a Penang based company is leveraging on the well established electronics industry in the northern region, the management expertise and network as well as the concerted effort from the Federal and Penang State Governments to develop high value added technology based industries.

Investment Focus

Photonics, automation and advance manufacturing were chosen as the domain sectors for the fund managed by Photonics VC.

A minimum of 50% of the investment fund will be invested in the domain sectors while the balance can be invested in any non-domain sectors. Investment emphasis includes components, automation and high value added contract manufacturing with preference for those which are photonics related.

Geography Focus

Up to 70% of the fund will be Invested in Malaysia with emphasis in the northern region where MNCs and supporting industries are well established. The balance of the fund will be invested overseas.

Seed and Early Stage Investment

A minimum of 30% of the fund will be for seed or early stage investment opportunities. Seed and early stage investments involve R & D, product development and commercialization.

What is Photonics

Photonics is an area of technology associated with the generation and harnessing of light and other forms of radiant energy whose quantum unit is the photon. The photonics industry involves all light based products and services comprising display equipment (LCD), telecommunication infrastructure (fiber optics, laser pump), consumer electronics (digital camera, remote control), laser processing, storage etc.

The Team

The management team, headed by its CEO, Jerry Chin, comprises highly qualified and dedicated hands-on managers with international business experience in all facets of business from finance to operations. The management team has previously closed venture capital financing worth in excess of RM 200 million.

The management team works closely with the Investment Committee which consists of members with vast experience in the capital markets, factory operation, business development and company management.

To complement the management team and the Investment Committee, an advisory panel has been carefully selected whose members are very competent and experienced in areas of expertise including photonics, venture capital investments, electronics manufacturing, etc. The members of advisory panel include Professor Harith of University of Malaya, which has very comprehensive and advance photonics research facilities in Malaysia. Professor Harith is widely recognised as a leading authority in the photonics field.

Value Proposition

Photonics VC creates synergies among its investee companies so that they can leverage on and complement each other’s expertise and market place to grow the businesses together.

Photonics VC provides not only capital but also a range of valuable support services:

Access to government grants, subsidies and incentives including pioneer status and investment tax allowance;

Financing including access to Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd on debt financing;

Experience in managing fund raising exercises including IPO, private placement, private debt securities;

Assistance in identifying opportunities for alliance with major corporations and in structuring these alliances;

Support in structuring joint ventures, licensing arrangement, merger and acquisition of businesses;

Strategic alliance with portfolio companies for market expansion, risk management; and

Technical support from Advisory Panels and alliances of Photonics VC.

Photonics VC is very active in working together with government agencies and associations in developing technology based industries in Malaysia including representation in MIG Photonics Group (one of the interest groups of Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (“MIGHT”) emphasising on the Photonics industry) and Collaborative Research & Resource Centre (“CRRC”), a body established in Penang to facilitate collaboration between industries and centres of excellence.

QMA Capital Sdn Bhd

QMA Capital Sdn Bhd (QMA Capital) was set up in 2009 and received RM30 million from MAVCAP and the founders under MAVCAP’s OSP2. QuestMark Capital Management Sdn Bhd, as the appointed fund manager, will be managing QMA Capital’s fund.

QMA Capital Sdn Bhd will focus on investing in companies that have high-growth potential including but not limited to areas of Healthcare & Bio-medical, education, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and ICT.

The fund manager comprises investment professionals who have vast experience in the venture capital and private-equity industry and possess 68 years of accumulated investment experience. Apart from the experience of managing funds, the fund will also leverage on the strengths of the principals who have extensive networks in China and the Asian region.

The fund manager is based in Malaysia and has an office in Hong Kong. The strategic presence in both Malaysia and Hong Kong will allow QMA Capital to access deal flows across Asia and provide value-added services such as market access and business network that would greatly help entrepreneurs to expand their market overseas.

SCS Capital Sdn Bhd

We address the increased demand by institutional and high net worth investors for investments in the Alternative Investments asset class by providing our clients with access to strategic investment vehicles within this class. Our goal is to help our clients diversify their portfolios in a way that maximizes return and minimizes risk.

Just at a time when our country’s existence is beset with a natural, cyclical downturn, we are faced with political and social problems that affect our economic lives even further. In this time of increasing pressure on portfolio performance, we see the need for a focused, professional, and experienced institutional effort. The demand for creative investment ideas exists now more than ever. Our experienced research staff is devoted to idea generation that makes our clients money.

We focus our research and attention on small to middle market companies that have escaped the radar of our larger competitors.

Nurturing ideas and growth

At SCS Capital, we exist to help innovative entrepreneurs with ideas to enhance the quality of life.

From incubating to proven technologies, we recruit only the best and brightest, with focus on nanotechnology, consumer products, industrial equipment, food and beverages, healthcare services, education, IT services, logistics and industrial support services.

How We Can Help

As a leader in the private investor equity growth sector, SCS Capital’s primary area of investment is in the emerging markets such as Malaysia, China, as well as established markets such as United States, here we focus our attention on three sectors of expertise; information technology, biotechnology and service outsourcing.

Our investment strategy looks to expand small and mid-sized companies with established business models, showing high growth rates and with the potential for a large market share.

It is our strategy to help companies achieve their potential attaining highly profitable positions with a large market share. Typically SCS Capital will be the main investor with up to $10 million shareholding in the company, allowing us to work in close partnership with our portfolio of companies.


At SCS Capital our objective is to maintain a competitive market position. With exclusive focus on finding talented entrepreneurs developing new technologies and services. SCS Capital has invested in key early stage technologies building successful companies in the sector.

We understand the unique nature of technology start-up companies, providing guidance nurturing the company throughout their growth. As a result such companies refer to SCS Capital as a trusted partner in their investment and growth strategies with a shared vision for success. This has resulted in a significant number of returning entrepreneurs working with SCS Capital.

SCS Capitals investment commitments is demonstrated in many ways. we provide strategic guidance in critical areas of growth with our portfolio Companies. Helping to build dynamic management teams, navigation of markets to secure follow-on financing.


Here at SCS Capital we prefer investing in a company in it’s early stages of development. This occurs usually in the first round of institutional financing. However there are occasions should our criteria be met that we will consider funding from a companies inception through to latter stages of funding. SCS Capital prefers early stage funding as it allows long-term relationships to be created with successful entrepreneurs. SCS Capital will always welcome an opportunity to be associated with new ventures even in companies where funding is not required for several months.

SCS Capital’s job is to help support companies with the potential, helping to raise capital through financing for growth and development. Additionally SCS Capital believes that through dedicated focus a network of relationships can be built with institutional and individual investors. The ability of SCS Capital to access relevant investors leads to a significant advantage over the competition; this of course is advantageous for both our clients and the companies being invested in. SCS Capital guides our clients throughout the entire capital raising procedure.

Financing and Fundraising

Any transaction needs to be marketed correctly in a competitive environment as to appear as a suitable investment for investors. SCS Capital assists the arrangement of presentation as part of our due diligence procedure. Clients and their attorneys are assisted by SCS Capital in attaining the most favorable terms and conditions. Our success can be attributed to the close relationships forged in the business and financial communities. Our excellent relationships with investment bankers and other financial institutions gives us a significant and flexible advantage in arranging financing. Typical financing comes from combinations of debt and high yield securities provided by the banking sector and other financial institutions, along with equity provided through private equity investors.

Due to the difficult nature of fund raising initial financing can be the hardest aspect of a new company launch. Start-up companies are continuously on the search for new capital which is rarely gained with great ease. Successful entrepreneurs understand this as a fact of life in promoting any start-up venture.

Teak Capital Sdn Bhd

TEAK was initially established in 2007 as an investment fund to manage a managed account of a fund of Goldman Sachs.

TEAK has evolved from its birth as a financial investor into a strategic investor in selected industries and has developed 4 core businesses through its subsidiaries and affiliates:


TEAK’s multi-disciplinary approach preserves and unlocks value in enterprises through corporate, financial, organizational, legal and operational restructuring by applying a number of basic principles including the following:

Balance sheet restructuring alone is often inadequate.

Corporate structures are key to efficient capital structures.

Operational restructuring typically offers the key to unlocking and realising value.

A pragmatic approach is often required to achieve effective operational restructuring with management and employee buy-in.

A staged strategic approach is generally adopted to facilitate embracement of proposals from all stakeholders including shareholders, management, employees, unions, creditors and other counterparties.

TEAK manages expectations to ensure efficient and effective implementation.

TEAK’s approach focuses on creating participant alignment.

TEAK cleans assets from complex restructurings, extracts value others miss and strategically targets assets from the opportunity created by distress.

In contested or difficult scenarios TEAK’s legal and strategic experience together with its relationships in the private and public sector permit it to navigate the most difficult of situations.

TH Group Berhad

Our venture capital arm was initiated in January 2000 with the establishment of a US$26 million fund. We invest in companies in the ICT, biotechnology and life sciences sectors, focusing on those with high growth market potential, competitive advantage, innovative niche technologies and proven management. Our investments include those in various stages of development and commercialisation, and are spread in various countries including the UK, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

We believe in bringing value to our investments, by expanding our role beyond fund provides, to include active management of our portfolio, providing strategic level input, financial advisory and introductions to our wide network.

Our stable of companies has grown to include THG Capital Sdn Bhd (“THG Capital”), a venture capital company, and Amazon Plus Sdn Bhd to undertake asset management and financial advisory services. We also believe in exploiting marketing opportunities in introducing proven technologies and business models from our venture capital network, to this part of the world and have established Strategic Starview Sdn Bhd to spearhead this area.

Other than our own fund, we have launched two partnership funds with other prominent investors. The first partnership fund, Ginosko Technology Investments, is in collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board, TIF Ventures Pte Ltd, focusing in investments in the ICT sector. Spring Hill Bioventures, the second fund, is with Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia Berhad) and PacificMas Fidelity Sdn Bhd, a US$30 million biotechnology fund, managed by prominent biotech entrepreneur, Dr Kim Tan. The Spring Hill fund has since made numerous investments, including several biotech related projects to be based in Penang.


TH Group Berhad has been listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) since 1 March 1999 under the Plantation Sector. TH Group is a well diversified group of companies, with four principal divisions namely Plantation, Contracting, Biohealthcare and Information Technology.

Under the Plantation division, the Group has cultivated approximately 11,469 hectares of palm oil plantations in the state of Sabah, Malaysia, and operates a 90 metric tonne palm oil mill that produces crude palm oil and palm kernel.

As for Contracting division, the Group is involved in coal mining contracting services, as well as design and build, civil and infrastructure construction projects.

In the Biohealthcare division, the Group operates the NCI Cancer Hospital in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, a pharmaceutical distribution unit under Asiaprise Pharma Sdn Bhd, in addition to the investment in biotechnology ventures.

The Information Technology division is mainly involved in sales, implementation as well as research and development of oil palm plantation and milling softwares.

The Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund

The Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund (MLSCF) is a life sciences venture fund specializing in early stage investments in agriculture, industrial and healthcare biotechnology. Co-managed by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (MTDC) and Burrill & Co., the fund was founded in late 2006 and currently has USD150 million in committed capital.

About Us

The Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund (MLSCF) specializes in early stage investments in the areas of agriculture, industrial and healthcare biotechnology. Co-managed by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (MTDC) and Burrill & Company, the fund was founded in late 2006 and currently has USD150 million in committed capital. MLSCF is organized to invest in Leading, Privately Held Life Science companies with Malaysia centricity and deliver on the twin objectives of superior financial results and advancing the life science eco system in and for the country of Malaysia.

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