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Michael Tan

What Best Describes You?Private Investor
Where Do You Invest?Malaysia, Singapore, Asia
What Do You Invest In?F&B, SAAS, FMCG
What is Your Investment Criteria?Quality management team desiring an strategic investment partner
Currently achieving at least $1 million in revenue per year
Attained or are approaching profitability
Strong organic growth potential
Definable exit
How Much Do You Invest?USD 250k to USD 500k
Will NOT Invest Ingambling, illegal
NameMichael Tan
Organization NameSecond Beauty Secret Sdn Bhd
AddressKuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Investor TypePrivate Investor
Preferred Investment AmountRM50k to RM200k
Preferred Investment OpportunityTechnology / Manufacturing
Will NOT Invest InF&B
Preferred LocationDoesn’t matter
Public ProfileEntrepreneur, running a telecommunications company and several portfolio.
AddressUSJ Heights

Doreen Khoo

What Best Describes You?Corporate Investor
Where Do You Invest?Malaysia and Singapore
What Do You Invest In?Retails, Manufacturing and IT industries
What is Your Investment Criteria?Company currently achieving at least USD$1 million in revenue per year
Strong organic growth potential
Have founders and team who have high integrity and passionate with their work.
How Much Do You Invest?Up to $25 million
Will NOT Invest InNew startup
NameDoreen Khoo
Organization NameSolCredence Business Mgmt Solutions Sdn Bhd

Stanley Siva

What Best Describes You?VC / Private Equity
Where Do You Invest?Southeast Asia
What Do You Invest In?SMEs
What is Your Investment Criteria?Attained or are approaching profitability and Strong organic growth potential and Definable exit
How Much Do You Invest?Series A, and Bridge rounds raising from USD$1M to USD$5M
Will NOT Invest InGambling, alcohol, arms, tobacco business, seed and pre-Seed etc.
NameStanley Siva
Organization NameImpacq Capital Partners (M) Sdn Bhd

Louis Lee

What Best Describes You?Private Investor
Where Do You Invest?Singapore, Malaysia, Southeast Asia
What Do You Invest In?mobile applications, SaaS platforms, SMEs, Fintech
What is Your Investment Criteria?Quality management team desiring an active investment partner
Attained or are approaching profitability
Strong organic growth potential
Definable exit
Already have strategic investor
How Much Do You Invest?Seed, Series A
Will NOT Invest InGambling business, service line, retail

Private Investor : Andrew Ho

Preferred Investment AmountRM50k
Preferred Investment OpportunityTraditional brick-and-mortar, with or without tech angle
Will NOT Invest InStart ups with proven revenue
Preferred LocationKuala Lumpur
Public ProfileMy experiences involve banking and risk management in the trade & project finance, credit risk mitigation, working capital funding in various industries from construction/infrastructure, electronics, shipping, retail, commodities trading (import/export).
AddressTanjong Katong Road, Singapore

Corporate Investor : Fiona Li

Preferred Investment Amountup to 2 million USD
Preferred Investment OpportunityLogistic, e-commerce, Mobility, Fintech, Smart City, SaaS
Will NOT Invest InBlockchain, Real estate
Preferred LocationSouth East Asia
Public ProfileChailease Holding is a finance and leasing group operating in Taiwan, China, and SEA countries. Chailease provide financial services, such as leasing, working capital financing, auto financing, and installment, to SMEs and consumers.
Organization NameChailease Holding Company Limited
AddressNo.362, Ruiguang Rd., Neihu District

Private Investor : Fahad Ramzan

Preferred Investment AmountRM100K to RM400K
Preferred Investment OpportunityIT, FOOD, Hospitality, Homestay
Will NOT Invest InStocks
Preferred LocationDoesn’t matter
Public ProfileMy DNA is that of an entrepreneur. But as someone who has spent his career in as a director in a family-owned business corporate, I define that term more broadly than most. My brand of entrepreneurship means that I see opportunity where others see a void, I see solutions rather than problems, and no matter how hard it gets I persevere, learning and adapting quickly from mistakes along the way. I am excited by and passionate about opportunities to lead businesses to the next level of success, infusing the teams I lead with energy and focus, and helping them to navigate strategic challenges and to chart new paths to growth.

Private Investor : Jasvinder Singh

Preferred Investment AmountRM100k to RM 300k
Preferred Investment Opportunityanalytics and tech
Will NOT Invest Infood and beverage
Preferred LocationDoesn’t matter
Public ProfileBusiness owner, currently involved in energy efficiency products and healthcare.
AddressBangsar South, Kuala Lumpur