Golden Gate Ventures

Golden Gate Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm investing across Southeast Asia. Since 2011, the firm has invested in over 25 companies across more than 7 countries in Asia. The firm invests in internet & mobile startups across many sectors, including e-commerce, payments, marketplaces, mobile applications, and SaaS platforms.

Where do we invest?

We focus on Southeast Asia. To date we’ve invested in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, but we’re always looking for companies interested in expanding regionally and globally. We also invest in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and the U.S.

What do we invest in?

Startups in Southeast Asia that leverage technology and the internet to scale rapidly and disrupt existing industries – from e-commerce to payments, marketplaces to content portals, mobile apps to B2B, IoT to SaaS platforms.

How much do we invest?

We invest at the Seed, Series A, and Bridge rounds. For Southeast Asia, this is generally companies raising USD$250k to USD$5M. We like working with co-investors that add value and are open to both leading and following other investors.

How do I pitch?

Preferably through an introduction – from a founder in our portfolio, to a mentor at our firm, to a startup in our network. Or find us at event and give us your best 60-second pitch. We’ve been pitched in elevators, escalators, taxi queues, and even bathrooms! As a last resort, you can use our contact page.


True Global Ventures

True world-class fintech serial entrepreneurs

Globally-focused angel investors confirmed entrepreneurs individually done +1000 Angel Investments during more than a decade of which 100 have been exited.

Super angel capital for B to B Fintech and Media with Financial Services as a vertical or where payments play a central role.

We consist of serial entrepreneurs and invest only in serial entrepreneurs.

True Global Ventures

True Global Ventures is a unique, international, early-stage vehicle formed by the world’s leading technology entrepreneurs-turned-angel-investors. True Global Ventures leverages the personal networks and expertise of its founders to support its portfolio companies in 9 cities and three continents.

Founded by Dušan Stojanović, awarded Business Angel of the Year in Europe in 2013 after having three successful exits within a week and nominated as one of the top four angels in 2009 by the European Business Angel Network.
The True Global Ventures team includes entrepreneur-angels from mainly Silicon Valley, New York, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London, Beijing, Singapore and Hong Kong. With every partner having deep startup operating experience and successful exits as entrepreneurs, as well as the investment expertise that comes from having completed prior to True Global Ventures a combined total of over 1000 angel investments, True Global Ventures gives new meaning to the term ‘smart money’.

We do invest money but on top of the money we are specialised in 6 areas: 1. Bringing in Customers and Partners 2. Internationalise the company 3. Recruiting in general and especially of sales and engineers. 4. Promote the investments 5. Help refinance the company with introductions of traditional VC, Loans and Private Equity Firms 6. Help acquiring companies as well as exiting the company.

We exclusively invest in serial entrepreneurs who reinvest their exited money into their new venture at the same time as ourselves.

True Global Ventures typically invests from USD 200 000 to USD 700 000 into very early stage companies lead exclusively by serial entrepreneurs, and then provides them with hands-on assistance and access to the extensive personal networks of the True Global Ventures partners. The investment vehicle is focused on highly scalable Internet, software and mobile applications, with companies that are headquartered in Silicon Valley, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, London, Beijing, Singapore and Hong Kong, and who can make optimal use of the international perspective that True Global Ventures brings to the table. The main industry we invest into is Fintech (including payments and Big Data) but also Media (including gaming and content curation) if we can see a Fintech angle:

We invite you to learn about our current investment our team, and reach out to us if you think that we can add value to your venture.

Bioland Environmental Protection Technology Group LTD

Max Investment Amount : $20,000,000

Preferred location: doesn’t matter

Knowledge and Experience: general management, production

Proposed Involvement: full time

Industry Preference: energy / natural resources, trade

Investor Profile:

Bioland Environmental Protection Technology Group LTD. (known as Bioland) was founded in December 2004, with a registered capital of 118 million RMB, is a high-tech enterprise specialized in waste comprehensive treatment and equipment manufacturing. After a decade of development, Bioland has become the leading enterprise in waste comprehensive treatment, leachate treatment and waste treatment equipment manufacturer field. Subsidiaries of Bioland include Bioland Water&Gas Beijing , Bioland Beijig Branch, Bioland South China Branch, Bioland Water&Gas Tianjin, Bioland Kunshan, Beijjing Xingye Bioland, Guangxi Bioland, Guiyang Bei’er Bioland, Beijing Jing Shan Jie Shen, Bioland Water & Gas Langfang, Bioland Taicang, Bioland Dezhou, Kunshan Bei’er Bioland, and though private placement, private equity funds like :Boxin Capital has became Bioland’s shareholder.

Bioland mainly provide customers professional services, they include: comprehensive waste treatment and leachate treatment project; equipment research and development,production and supply; installation, commissioning and operation management., etc. These provide integrated solution for the urban and rural solid waste pollution control to provide the overall solution for urban and rural solid waste contamination control.

Bioland has more than 500 outstanding technical professionals and management team, persist in performing an importation, analyzing and re-innovation development pattern. Bioland has established a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with DODA and OWS, and combining practice, Bioland has developed a series of core technologies and equipment of solid waste contamination control that adapt China’s actual situations. Further, Bioland has more than 80 patents it has world’s leading technology such as leachate treatment, auto selection of restaurant and kitchen waste, anaerobic fermentation and sludge treatment.

Beijing, China

Abacus Capital

Abacus pursues a targeted investment approach that caters to specific investor requirements, while ensuring that risks are well diversified and that the best investment opportunities available are provided to its portfolios.

Abacus pursues a targeted investment approach for its portfolios. The approach is divided in two categories: Income-Oriented Portfolios and Capital Gain-Oriented Portfolios. For income-oriented portfolios, Abacus selects publicly traded equity and debt securities and liquid funds that offer income visibility and some degree of capital protection. For portfolios oriented towards capital gains, Abacus invests in (i) the securities of growth and event driven companies that have healthy business franchises and/or growth opportunities that financial and industry players will value; and (ii) non-traditional assets where supply is severely limited and demand is or is very likely to be very high.

Investment Criteria

Abacus Capital will tailor the investment criteria of a portfolio to the requirements of each investor. These criteria generally include industry focus, company financial structure and potential, securities characteristics, and valuation benchmarks. Where appropriate, Abacus Capital applies investment limitations on the percentage of a portfolio that can be invested in any one company, industry or country.


Abacus performs regular valuations on its portfolios using a mark-to-market methodology, enabling investors to determine investment performance accurately. Prices of securities and assets are updated based on the most recent trade price or, where none may be available, bids from brokers and valuers.

Risk Management

Abacus actively monitors the market, liquidity, correlation, credit and counterparty exposure of its portfolios by reviewing these risk categories on a dynamic basis, ensuring that investors have to access superior risk-adjusted investment opportunities. When hedging is required, Abacus makes use of a variety of capital markets instruments available in the local and offshore financial markets.

Actis Capital

Actis is a leading private equity investor in emerging markets

We are a pioneer in our field with a 60-year history of investing exclusively in emerging markets. We believe that by capturing and sharing knowledge across the firm and by building a diversified portfolio of investments, we are well positioned to achieve superior returns.

We have US$4.6 billion funds under management and have over 100 investment professionals located across the emerging markets working together to deliver what we call the positive power of capital.

Investment approach

Actis invests in growing companies with a proven track record in industries that are benefiting from the key drivers of economic change.

Much of the economic growth in emerging markets can be linked to the rise in personal wealth and consumption and increased investment in domestic infrastructure. Sectors that are typically stimulated by these drivers are naturally the sectors in which Actis invests.

We focus on transactions where we can proactively work with other shareholders to create value for the benefit of all parties. Whether the transaction is an acquisition of a non-core subsidiary, the provision of growth capital for a family business or an acquisition-led sector consolidation, Actis seeks an active role in assisting and empowering management to build world class businesses.

Actis invests in three assets classes:

Private equity

Actis provides a variety of funding solutions for companies. We provide equity capital for buyout and growth transactions, typically with a minimum investment size of US$50m. We may take a controlling or a minority stake depending on the particular needs of the business shareholders and managers.


Actis invests in infrastructure businesses in Africa, Latin America and South and South East Asia. We have a particular focus on power and transport. We will invest at all stages of the project life, from providing development or expansion capital to acquiring mature operational assets.

Real Estate

Nowhere is there a stronger demand for quality estate developments than in Africa. Our team of experienced real estate professionals is based in Johannesburg, Lagos and London. We typically invest equity capital in office, residential, retail and mixed use.

Azione Capital

Azione Capital Pte Ltd is an early stage venture capital investment company and startup business incubator headquartered in Singapore. Since our inception in 2006, our firm has approached mentoring, incubating and investing in digital communications (inclusive of the full spectrum of wireless technologies), energy and maritime industry startups that operate primarily within Asia.

We are one of three initially approved (ten as at March 2009) business incubators under the microfunding scheme of the Media Development Authority of Singapore, Interactive Digital Media Programme Office.


Many great ideas go unexecuted, and many great executioners are great executioners without ideas. One without the other is worthless.

At Azione Capital, we firmly believe in the importance of investing in the right people – people who share the same values as us. Our investment philosophy defines how we strategically support our startups


Azione Capital looks for startups that are trying to break into unproven .markets with solutions based on sound observations and honed by lessons of experience and a keen knowledge in market fundamentals.

CMIA Capital Partners

CMIA Capital Partners (“CMIA”) is a private equity firm focused on investment opportunities in China and Southeast Asia. Established in 2003, CMIA operates out of offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

CMIA’s investment team comprises of experienced investment professionals with complementary skill sets from diverse backgrounds.

CMIA has led over US$600 million in private equity investments. We are primarily focused on Growth Capital opportunities, and have also financed Greenfields, Buyouts and Privatizations selectively. These investments span across various industries in China, including agriculture, consumer, environmental engineering, medical/healthcare, industrial materials, manufacturing and real estate.

CMIA is a pioneer in the China private equity space and has built a strong investment track record and network of both government and business contacts throughout China.

CMIA won the Best Private Equity Firm in China award (second place) at the Private Equity International (PEI) Asia Awards in 2008. In China, CMIA today has an investment preference in the agriculture, consumer and medical/healthcare sectors. We consider investments in other industries and sectors opportunistically.

Since 2009, CMIA has also begun actively evaluating investment opportunities in well-managed growth companies in Southeast Asia, with a primary focus in Singapore. We believe in business partnership with good and trustworthy management teams and desire to work actively with portfolio companies to grow the business, both organically and through M&A initiatives.

Our Investment Philosophy

CMIA is particularly keen on providing growth capital to mid-sized companies in China and Southeast Asia with the potential to become industry or market leaders. Through our investment and value-add, CMIA seeks to bring these companies to their next level of profitability, growth and potential, domestically or even internationally.

Our investment philosophy rests on three pillars:


We have a successful track record of appreciating how socio-political changes and changes in the economic environment can bring about new market or industry trends. With further thought, analysis and diligence, we are focused on translating our knowledge and perceptions into business opportunities, which we then effectively capitalize on. We are committed to ensuring that our portfolio companies are able to be nimble and sustain their development in the long run. We understand the challenges and opportunities facing growing businesses and tailor our involvement and contributions to meet the unique needs of each portfolio company.


We hold the view that a business will only experience success if it operates in a favorable environment and is led by a strong team. We seek to invest in companies with able leadership and competent management teams. We aim to be actively involved and be in close partnership with these teams to help build businesses that are successful and sustainable in the long run. This often includes our participation in the formulation of strategic business plans and initiatives, balance sheet optimization, strengthening of the management team, corporate finance, as well as in improving corporate governance and internal controls in our portfolio companies.


We are selective and disciplined in making investments. We are committed and actively involved with each portfolio company. CMIA is able to value-add to and increase the value of the businesses that we back through our own business acumen as well as our network of government and business contacts globally. Previous portfolio companies have provided favorable testimonies on the benefits of having CMIA as a shareholder and business partner. CMIA believes that we are able to secure attractive investments at favorable terms primarily because of our commitment and the value that we can bring to businesses that we back.

BioVeda Capital

BioVeda is a Singapore based firm. We invest in companies in the healthcare sector with leading market positions, proprietary technologies, and outstanding scientific and management talent. We are a crucial business and scientific bridge between companies in the East and West, linking business and technology between two very diverse markets.

Our experienced Investment Team and Advisory Board together provide a strong combination of broad scientific, industry and medical expertise, and financial and investment experience to assist partner companies.

BioVeda is focused exclusively on healthcare. We look for outstanding companies in leading market positions with products and services which target large markets, unmet needs and the evolving lifestyles of modern societies.

We invest in companies in the developmental or expansion stage. We invest in public companies, as well as private companies at mezzanine stage financings.

Companies we like will have the following characteristics:-

· Strong management team
· Proprietary technologies
· Significant competitive advantages
· Strong market position or clear market opportunity

Enspire Capital

At Enspire, we enable aspirations. Enspire Capital is an investment and business development group that seeks to work with start-ups and growing companies to achieve their vision and dreams of becoming market leaders.

Besides making financial investment, we also value-add to our portfolio companies through our extensive network, experience and expertise.

With coverage in US West Coast, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, Enspire focuses on companies that can thrive in the fast growing fields of TMT, New Energy and Medical technology.