QMA Capital Sdn Bhd

QMA Capital Sdn Bhd (QMA Capital) was set up in 2009 and received RM30 million from MAVCAP and the founders under MAVCAP’s OSP2. QuestMark Capital Management Sdn Bhd, as the appointed fund manager, will be managing QMA Capital’s fund.

QMA Capital Sdn Bhd will focus on investing in companies that have high-growth potential including but not limited to areas of Healthcare & Bio-medical, education, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and ICT.

The fund manager comprises investment professionals who have vast experience in the venture capital and private-equity industry and possess 68 years of accumulated investment experience. Apart from the experience of managing funds, the fund will also leverage on the strengths of the principals who have extensive networks in China and the Asian region.

The fund manager is based in Malaysia and has an office in Hong Kong. The strategic presence in both Malaysia and Hong Kong will allow QMA Capital to access deal flows across Asia and provide value-added services such as market access and business network that would greatly help entrepreneurs to expand their market overseas.

SCS Capital Sdn Bhd

We address the increased demand by institutional and high net worth investors for investments in the Alternative Investments asset class by providing our clients with access to strategic investment vehicles within this class. Our goal is to help our clients diversify their portfolios in a way that maximizes return and minimizes risk.

Just at a time when our country’s existence is beset with a natural, cyclical downturn, we are faced with political and social problems that affect our economic lives even further. In this time of increasing pressure on portfolio performance, we see the need for a focused, professional, and experienced institutional effort. The demand for creative investment ideas exists now more than ever. Our experienced research staff is devoted to idea generation that makes our clients money.

We focus our research and attention on small to middle market companies that have escaped the radar of our larger competitors.

Nurturing ideas and growth

At SCS Capital, we exist to help innovative entrepreneurs with ideas to enhance the quality of life.

From incubating to proven technologies, we recruit only the best and brightest, with focus on nanotechnology, consumer products, industrial equipment, food and beverages, healthcare services, education, IT services, logistics and industrial support services.

How We Can Help

As a leader in the private investor equity growth sector, SCS Capital’s primary area of investment is in the emerging markets such as Malaysia, China, as well as established markets such as United States, here we focus our attention on three sectors of expertise; information technology, biotechnology and service outsourcing.

Our investment strategy looks to expand small and mid-sized companies with established business models, showing high growth rates and with the potential for a large market share.

It is our strategy to help companies achieve their potential attaining highly profitable positions with a large market share. Typically SCS Capital will be the main investor with up to $10 million shareholding in the company, allowing us to work in close partnership with our portfolio of companies.


At SCS Capital our objective is to maintain a competitive market position. With exclusive focus on finding talented entrepreneurs developing new technologies and services. SCS Capital has invested in key early stage technologies building successful companies in the sector.

We understand the unique nature of technology start-up companies, providing guidance nurturing the company throughout their growth. As a result such companies refer to SCS Capital as a trusted partner in their investment and growth strategies with a shared vision for success. This has resulted in a significant number of returning entrepreneurs working with SCS Capital.

SCS Capitals investment commitments is demonstrated in many ways. we provide strategic guidance in critical areas of growth with our portfolio Companies. Helping to build dynamic management teams, navigation of markets to secure follow-on financing.


Here at SCS Capital we prefer investing in a company in it’s early stages of development. This occurs usually in the first round of institutional financing. However there are occasions should our criteria be met that we will consider funding from a companies inception through to latter stages of funding. SCS Capital prefers early stage funding as it allows long-term relationships to be created with successful entrepreneurs. SCS Capital will always welcome an opportunity to be associated with new ventures even in companies where funding is not required for several months.

SCS Capital’s job is to help support companies with the potential, helping to raise capital through financing for growth and development. Additionally SCS Capital believes that through dedicated focus a network of relationships can be built with institutional and individual investors. The ability of SCS Capital to access relevant investors leads to a significant advantage over the competition; this of course is advantageous for both our clients and the companies being invested in. SCS Capital guides our clients throughout the entire capital raising procedure.

Financing and Fundraising

Any transaction needs to be marketed correctly in a competitive environment as to appear as a suitable investment for investors. SCS Capital assists the arrangement of presentation as part of our due diligence procedure. Clients and their attorneys are assisted by SCS Capital in attaining the most favorable terms and conditions. Our success can be attributed to the close relationships forged in the business and financial communities. Our excellent relationships with investment bankers and other financial institutions gives us a significant and flexible advantage in arranging financing. Typical financing comes from combinations of debt and high yield securities provided by the banking sector and other financial institutions, along with equity provided through private equity investors.

Due to the difficult nature of fund raising initial financing can be the hardest aspect of a new company launch. Start-up companies are continuously on the search for new capital which is rarely gained with great ease. Successful entrepreneurs understand this as a fact of life in promoting any start-up venture.

Teak Capital Sdn Bhd

TEAK was initially established in 2007 as an investment fund to manage a managed account of a fund of Goldman Sachs.

TEAK has evolved from its birth as a financial investor into a strategic investor in selected industries and has developed 4 core businesses through its subsidiaries and affiliates:


TEAK’s multi-disciplinary approach preserves and unlocks value in enterprises through corporate, financial, organizational, legal and operational restructuring by applying a number of basic principles including the following:

Balance sheet restructuring alone is often inadequate.

Corporate structures are key to efficient capital structures.

Operational restructuring typically offers the key to unlocking and realising value.

A pragmatic approach is often required to achieve effective operational restructuring with management and employee buy-in.

A staged strategic approach is generally adopted to facilitate embracement of proposals from all stakeholders including shareholders, management, employees, unions, creditors and other counterparties.

TEAK manages expectations to ensure efficient and effective implementation.

TEAK’s approach focuses on creating participant alignment.

TEAK cleans assets from complex restructurings, extracts value others miss and strategically targets assets from the opportunity created by distress.

In contested or difficult scenarios TEAK’s legal and strategic experience together with its relationships in the private and public sector permit it to navigate the most difficult of situations.

TH Group Berhad

Our venture capital arm was initiated in January 2000 with the establishment of a US$26 million fund. We invest in companies in the ICT, biotechnology and life sciences sectors, focusing on those with high growth market potential, competitive advantage, innovative niche technologies and proven management. Our investments include those in various stages of development and commercialisation, and are spread in various countries including the UK, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.

We believe in bringing value to our investments, by expanding our role beyond fund provides, to include active management of our portfolio, providing strategic level input, financial advisory and introductions to our wide network.

Our stable of companies has grown to include THG Capital Sdn Bhd (“THG Capital”), a venture capital company, and Amazon Plus Sdn Bhd to undertake asset management and financial advisory services. We also believe in exploiting marketing opportunities in introducing proven technologies and business models from our venture capital network, to this part of the world and have established Strategic Starview Sdn Bhd to spearhead this area.

Other than our own fund, we have launched two partnership funds with other prominent investors. The first partnership fund, Ginosko Technology Investments, is in collaboration with the Singapore Economic Development Board, TIF Ventures Pte Ltd, focusing in investments in the ICT sector. Spring Hill Bioventures, the second fund, is with Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Great Eastern Life Assurance (Malaysia Berhad) and PacificMas Fidelity Sdn Bhd, a US$30 million biotechnology fund, managed by prominent biotech entrepreneur, Dr Kim Tan. The Spring Hill fund has since made numerous investments, including several biotech related projects to be based in Penang.


TH Group Berhad has been listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange) since 1 March 1999 under the Plantation Sector. TH Group is a well diversified group of companies, with four principal divisions namely Plantation, Contracting, Biohealthcare and Information Technology.

Under the Plantation division, the Group has cultivated approximately 11,469 hectares of palm oil plantations in the state of Sabah, Malaysia, and operates a 90 metric tonne palm oil mill that produces crude palm oil and palm kernel.

As for Contracting division, the Group is involved in coal mining contracting services, as well as design and build, civil and infrastructure construction projects.

In the Biohealthcare division, the Group operates the NCI Cancer Hospital in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, a pharmaceutical distribution unit under Asiaprise Pharma Sdn Bhd, in addition to the investment in biotechnology ventures.

The Information Technology division is mainly involved in sales, implementation as well as research and development of oil palm plantation and milling softwares.

The Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund

The Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund (MLSCF) is a life sciences venture fund specializing in early stage investments in agriculture, industrial and healthcare biotechnology. Co-managed by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (MTDC) and Burrill & Co., the fund was founded in late 2006 and currently has USD150 million in committed capital.

About Us

The Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund (MLSCF) specializes in early stage investments in the areas of agriculture, industrial and healthcare biotechnology. Co-managed by Malaysian Technology Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (MTDC) and Burrill & Company, the fund was founded in late 2006 and currently has USD150 million in committed capital. MLSCF is organized to invest in Leading, Privately Held Life Science companies with Malaysia centricity and deliver on the twin objectives of superior financial results and advancing the life science eco system in and for the country of Malaysia.

Trupartners Sdn Bhd

Trupartners Sdn Bhd (trupartners) started its operation on September 1st 2007. The company is involved in the business of providing advisory services to private limited companies who is in the process of fund raising either in the form of equity or loan. Trupartners is also a venture capital management company licensed by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to provide venture capital fund management services in Malaysia.

Advisory services – the services provided by trupartners are mainly those as funds arranger which includes:

To seek and identify potential investors either a body corporate or individuals in raising necessary funding;

To liase and undertake all necessary arrangements including, providing avenue of communication between the Client and potential investor and or lender;

To advise the client on the conduct of negotiations with potential Funder on the most favorable terms and conditions;

To coordinate meetings and participating in discussions that relate to matters directly related to the Fund Raising Exercise;

To provide access to Client with the various parties to be involved in the Fund Raising Exercise such as accountants, lawyers, merchant bankers, venture capitalists and if necessary relevant authorities.

Fund Management – trupartners is also involved in the business of venture capital fund management.

Currently the company is a sub-manager of CAV Private Equity Management Sdn Bhd (CAVPE) to provide venture capital and private equity management services to Commerce Agro Ventures Sdn Bhd (CAV).


VF Capital Sdn Bhd


VF Capital Sdn Bhd (VF Capital) was incorporated on 26th October 2004. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Priharta Development Sdn Bhd (PHT).

PHT, the holding company of VF Capital, is a private equity company with diversified investment in transportation, properties development and holds a substantial interest in the Rimbunan Hijau Group.

PHT sets up VF Capital to provide venture capital to those fast growing high technology companies for expansion and development.

Principal Activities

The principal activity of VF Capital is venture capital investment in high growth and high technology companies primarily focusing on information and communication technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

VF Capital is allocated an investment fund of RM50 million for the venture investment. This RM50 million fund is internally generated within the PHT Group and it is expected to be invested over the next few years.

VF Capital also strongly believes that the venture capital industry is closely linked with the capital market and it is VF Capital’s objective to support the Malaysian capital market.

Portfolio Allocation

It is also envisaged that the investment portfolio will be allocated in the following weightage:-

Information and communication technology 30%
Biotechnology 40%
Nanotechnology 30%
However, VF Capital will be actively monitoring and reviewing its portfolio allocation to meet the needs of the market. This is to ensure that VF Capital is able to channel fund into the appropriate sectors and help the companies to grow. VF Capital is a dynamic and responsive venture capitalist who believes in funding the future growth of the technology companies.

Investment Policies & Process

VF Capital primarily invests in companies at their Expansion Stage.

VF Capital may invest in Start-up Stage or Early Stage company only if it believes it has vast growth potential.

VF capital invests in companies that offer prospect for high growth and return in shareholder value over 3 – 5 years period.

VF Capital normally invests in company that it can maintain effective board representation.

VF Capital will not invest in new business opportunities that compete directly with its existing portfolio companies.

VF Capital invests in business with the key success factors and risks that can be clearly identified and understood.

Each investment that VF Capital undertakes must be consistent with its corporate values.
Investment Process

10 Stage Approach

Process Timeline

The investment process from Origination to Investment stage normally takes about 13 weeks (or 3 months) to complete. From there onwards, the Nurturing stage sets in. This nurturing process will take about 1 to 5 years depending on the exit strategy.

VF Capital believes that through the nurturing process, it helps the investee company to identify problems and issues early and deal with them. VF Capital sees this pro-active approach to investing as the best way to preserve capital invested and optimize the performance of the investee company.

Fund Seekers

Your first step onto a steady growth path and winning relationship with VF Capital begins here.

Please send us your business plan now to proposal@vfcapital.com.my and our investment team will review it with great anticipation.

1. Business Plan
To download Business Plan, right click on the link above and save target as.

2. Company Profile

Form 9 (Borang 9)
Form 24 (Borang 24)
Form 49 (Borang 49)
Memorandum and Articles of Association (please submit those if applicable)

3. Financial Statement and Latest Management Account

3 years audited financial statement
3 years financial projections

4. List of Assets and Valuation Report (if applicable)

Vida Partners Sdn Bhd

Founded in 2007, Vida Partners is an independent private equity management firm. While the company is newly set up, Vida’s founding partners have 38 years of combined experience in private equity management.

Presently, Vida manages private equity funds from institutions, corporations and high net worth individuals.

Vida’s founding partners were the pioneering team and senior management of Commerce-Ventures Group, formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bumiputra Commerce Holdings Bhd and now part of the CIMB Group, the second largest financial institution in Malaysia.

Vida Partners brings a wealth of in-depth private equity experience through its partners and investment professionals. The partners pride themselves with a strong track record and team cohesion. Previously, in Commerce-Ventures, the partnershad a successful 10 year track record in investing, realization and fund raising activities. Over the last decade, Commerce-Ventures grew its funds under management from RM15.0 million to RM900 million.

Vida Partners through its experienced continuing team is familiar with the challenges of identifying, nurturing and taking a pro active role in value adding to portfolio companies. The team’s track record is a reflection of their investment discipline, philosophy, passion and motivation for the business.

VIDA’s Experience

Vida Partners brings to you a union of individuals who have a solid track record in the private equity management arena. Over the last 10 years together, the individuals have proven that they have the track record, investment discipline, passion, team stability and cohesion that are mandatory criteria of any investors in the private equity arena.

Vida’s partners, both individually and as a team have acquired and built invaluable experience and knowledge in their previous careers together. This partnership can be viewed as an extension of their careers from Commerce-Ventures.

Between themselves, they managed RM900 million of funds (as of June 2007) in diverse industries i.e. Information Communication Technology, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Consumer and Industrial Services, Education, Healthcare and Agriculture.

Besides their broad industry coverage, they also have the understanding and know-how to manage the challenges of various stages of investments. Stages of investments they made were wide ranging from start-ups to buy-outs. These investments required an amalgamation of approaches and skill sets to manage. They practise a disciplined hands-on investment management approach i.e. functioning together with the entrepreneurs and management of the investee companies in achieving the end and yet not stifling the growth of the relationship, always a delicate balance. They strongly believe that value can only be created or added if comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the business is observed.

Essentially, over the last 10 years together, they have made 87 investments, exited in 34 investments via IPOs, Trade Sales, M&A exercises and Buy Backs. More importantly, they have consistently managed to return a minimum average Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 20% per annum to their investors.

Walden International

Founded in 1987, Walden International is an established global venture capital firm.

With committed capital of over US$1.6 billion, we strive to invest in entrepreneurs and companies that demonstrate an ability to gain a competitive advantage in the markets they serve. Our investments are focused on four key industry sectors: communications, electronics/digital consumer , software & IT services, and semiconductors.

Headquartered in San Francisco, and with offices around the globe, our team of multicultural investment professionals provide the capital, technical expertise, industry knowledge, operating experience, and global resources to launch early stage companies into successful businesses. We value honesty and integrity and foster a work environment of diversity, teamwork, creativity, and opportunity.

We pride ourselves on having the courage to back first-mover companies and attribute much of our continued success to a passion for detailed assessment of market viability and team credentials. Our global team brings the business expertise and resilience needed to support investments through the challenges of taking products from concept to market, and fueling growth.

We are committed to providing superior returns to our investors. We forge long-term partnerships, sharing our expertise in business growth and global markets, and seek to develop the next generation of business leaders.

What We Look For

We rarely entertain a business proposition unless it comes via a referral. This process gives both parties a sense of pre-qualification – you will be clear on what we fund and why, and we will know you have at least attempted to find and match the right VC with your business sector.

First Movers
Our success, over almost two decades, is the direct result of backing qualified first movers with clear-cut solutions to current needs, identifiable and quantitative customer bases, and great management teams with a frugal approach to financial management.

We invest in companies in the seed and early stages of development, or in expansion rounds where we can add value through our global network and industry relationships. Our team is aggressively selective, while remaining open the vast range of opportunities within our specialist sectors. We have been the lead investor in over half of our portfolio companies and are represented on the board of over 70% of these companies.

Business Clarity
We want companies that can easily explain why their product or service is compelling – if this can’t be achieved quickly and concisely it is a warning sign for the WI team.

Business clarity is integral to our need for a crisp and clear problem/solution model. It has future ramifications not only for communicating with customers, but funding, team building, marketing and positioning. If the business model is overly complex and dependent on too many variables, the chance of success is compromised.

Proven Team
Not all our investments are made in companies with a proven team, but it certainly helps having people who are tried and tested, who have managed a start-up, worked with VCs and know what it takes to drive a business to success.

Problem Solving
What is the problem your product is designed to solve? What is the expected market share? What is the potential for growth and global expansion? Is this market ready for your offering now? Are the products unique and differentiated? Is there a competitive advantage in time-to-market, cost, performance, and quality? These are some of the questions we will be asking – and we need to hear that you either have customers already or they have indicated they will be buying in the near future. The customer base, and its needs, must be clearly identified and pre-qualified.