We help investors and entrepreneurs build lasting and profitable relationships.

Group of Investors with experienced management background

Investor Type Private Investor
Preferred Investment Amount RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Preferred Investment Opportunity Biomass , Manufacturing, Growth Co, Animation, Advertisement, etc
Will NOT Invest In Financial Services, F n B
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile Group of Investors with experienced management background can assist to grow the company, turnaround, restructure and nurture into dynamic organization. We offer our experiences in Management, Finance, Ideas, Marketing, Controls and Networking. We dislike “sleeping” partners/investors and love to hands on full time.
NAME Nelson Yeo
Organization Private
Address Kuala Lumpur

A group of financial planners with various backgrounds of expertise.

Investor Type Private Investor
Preferred Investment Amount RM4,000,0001 or more
Preferred Investment Opportunity Energy, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Industrial, Telecommunication, Health Care & Automotive.
Will NOT Invest In internet app .
Preferred Location Doesn’t Matter
Public Profile We’re a group of financial planners with various backgrounds of expertise.
We’re here to help all of our clients and their unique needs related to their financial help.
No future is too big or too small for us, our goal is to simply help create a positive future for our clients businesses.
NAME Aroon Singh Kapoor

Are you a growing SME? We provide growth capital and talent to unlock your company’s full potential!

business plan strategy marketing vision finance growth

business strategy marketing vision finance growth

How We Invest

We back committed and experienced management teams – CAPITAL will only invest in businesses run by management teams with proven record of achieving business goals. We strongly believe in investing with committed and experienced managers and/or owners with significant stake in the success of the business.

Invest in established companies with a history of profitable operations (not startup / projects) – We invest in established businesses that have demonstrated or can demonstrate what it takes to be profitable over a medium to long term horizon.

Take significant minority stakes (20-50%) in the companies we invest in – Our preference is for substantial while not necessarily controlling interests in our investment companies where the established shareholders and management team retain a significant equity interest in the business, maintaining the focus on collective shareholder value.

How We Add Value

As private equity investors, we take an active approach in working with the management of our investee companies to “grow the pie” by expanding its business, increasing market share and profits by introducing new capital, entering new markets and improving operational efficiency. We seek to add value to a company in the following ways:

Assist with market access – Work with management to open new markets first in its domestic market and subsequently across the region. Our presence in Southeast Asia affords us insights into opportunities across the region that we seek to exploit for the benefit of our investee companies.

Helping develop key business relationships – that may include assisting our investee companies to obtain better terms from their key suppliers or helping source new suppliers that may provide better terms by leveraging synergies between the companies in our investment portfolio.

Attracting and developing management talent – we recognize that one of the biggest challenges that growing mid sized companies face is attracting key talent necessary to sustain their growth. Our presence as investors in a company significantly enhances a company’s profile and makes it a more attractive place for talent to come to work.

Helping to gain access to credit and capital – capital is the engine of a growing business and we leverage our experience and network in the debt and equity markets (local and international) to enable our investee companies access additional capital for their growth.


Private investor from Subang Jaya find investment to diversify his family business ventures.

Min Investment Amount : RM300,000

Max Investment Amount : RM4,000,000

Preferred location : Klang Valley

Knowledge and Experience:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Involvement:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry Preference: no

Investment Stage Preference: Break-Even / Profitable

Investor Profile:

I am an executive director with an engineering company based in Malaysia with offices in Indonesia, India and China. 25 years of experience of running and growing businesses. Looking to acquire or invest in profitable businesses to diversify.

Subang Jaya

Investor Code: VSTSJ

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Second generating of a well-established Malaysian-owned wholesale and retail chains seeking his private investment opportunities

Investment Amount: RM300K – RM1mil

Preferred location : Malaysia

Knowledge and Experience:
general management
sale & marketing

Proposed Involvement:
as mentor
as consultant

Industry Preference:
informatics / multimedia
energy / natural resources
others (Retail)

Investment Stage Preference:
Concept / Business Plan

Investor Profile

We are the largest and a well-established Malaysian-owned company involved in wholesaling and retailing. We currently operating 9 business models namely hypermarket, emporium, 24 hours convenience store, mini market, bazaar, mall complex, no-frills mini market, premium supermarket and premium restaurant. With more than 200 outlets across Malaysia.

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Metal recycling company looking for related and unrelated investment to diversify its business

Min Investment Amount : RM100k

Max Investment Amount : RM 1mil

Preferred location : Nationwide

Knowledge and Experience:
general management

Proposed Involvement: Fulltime

Industry Preference:
Energy / Natural Resources, Engineering, Metal

Investment Stage Preference:
early expansion

Investor Profile:

Our company, GMS Holding (M) Sdn Bhd is involving in the recycling business. We are looking for related and unrelated investment to diversify our income. Downstream activities e.g melting would be excellent. However, to spread the risk we are also looking into energy, particularly the RE companies like solar PV and mini hydro. And RE contractors.

Company / business will never consider putting money in – Commodity trading I.e sugar, flour. Restaurants, simple manufacturing

Other specific criteria for investing in business/company – Must not have too many shareholders, key personnel must be willing to stay and transfer the knowledge. Company value should be in line with tangible assets, and not too exorbitant.


GMS Holding (M) Sdn Bhd (
Postal Address : lot 3, Taman Perindustrian Masalam,Rawang
State : Selangor
Post Code : 48000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0360926020
Fax : 60360926002

Investor Code: 10099

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Australia Private Investor seeking tourism / hospitality biz

Min Investment Amount : 50,000

Max Investment Amount : 1,000,000

Knowledge and Experience: general management, strategy, finance, sale & marketing, internationalisation

Proposed Involvement: as mentor, as consultant

Industry Preference: tourism / hospitality

Investment Stage Preference: all stage

Investor Profile:

Sole Director and Founder of the most successful medical tourism company in Asia Pacific. Recently sold the business to invest in new projects.

Investor Code: 10029

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Private Investor from UAE

Min Investment Amount : US$10,000

Max Investment Amount : US$60,000

Prefered location : Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines

Existing Directorship : na

Knowledge and Experience: general management, strategy, finance, internationalisation

Proposed Involvement: part-time, as mentor, as consultant

Industry Preference: energy / natural resources, real estate, internet, tourism / hospitality, trade, biotechnology / healthcare, Education

Investment Stage Preference: early expansion, seed, start-up, turnaround

Investor Profile

With over 15 years of management and strategy consulting experience with top strategy consulting firms in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, I am helping entrepreneurs in the early stages of their projects. Key criteria in my involvement include (1) good personal match with the entrepreneur(s), (2) meaningful project in my eyes, (3) of course strong commercial potential, and (4) my ability to contribute to the project through experience, ideas and my own network without interfering with the company management (advisory role, with availability for short-term hands-on support if requested)

My personal investment will be in the range of US$10k to US$60K, and I bring with me a range of additional investors for co-investment, many of whom also used to work as strategy consultants globally. I graduated as an aeronautical engineer in 1993 and hold an MBA. I currently reside in Dubai and previously also lived and worked in Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur.


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Singapore Investor looking for projects in Johor & Kedah

Min Investment Amount : S$1,000

Max Investment Amount : S$25,000

Prefered location : Johor, Kedah.

Existing Directorship : n/a

Knowledge and Experience: strategy, finance, production, sale & marketing

Proposed Involvement: part-time, as consultant

Industry Preference: agriculture
tourism / hospitality
consumer goods
biotechnology / healthcare

Investment Stage Preference: all stage

Contact Information

Hakimi (

Post Code : 389756
Country : Singapore

Investor Code: 10034

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