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Interested in Sport, leisure, health & wellness

Investment Interest : Sport, leisure, health and wellness.
Business Size : Small to Medium
Prefer Location : Any
Investment Amount : RM 100,000 to RM 500,000

Seeking to become part of an existing profitable SME business that has potential through a unique product or services feature to grow to higher levels but is just unable to do it by itself. I am looking for a hands on strategic management role to utilize my 25 years of successful business experience (plus financing) to guide the future growth of the business. I am very interested in sport, leisure, health and wellness.


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Seeking Communications/ISP/BSP Biz

Investment Interest : Communications/ISP/BSP Businesses
Business Size : Small to Medium
Prefer Location : Any
Investment Amount : RM 50,000 to RM 10,000,000

We are seeking to identify and work with communications/ISP/BSP businesses providing broadband, voice or converged services. We wish to work with companies in early growth stages who are seeking access to capital and/or business management expertise. Alternatively, we can assist in organic growth opportunities through wholesale/retail services partnerships.


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Seeking any Biz with good product /service

Investment Interest : Good existing product /service
Business Size : Small to Medium
Prefer Location : Any
Investment Amount : RM 50,000 to RM 500,000

I am looking to invest in a business with a good existing product or service, backed by enthusiastic people and supported by sound market research. I will seek to add value to this business and help it grow by utilizing the extensive business experience that I have gained over the last 15 years and by using the entrepreneurial spirit that has helped me successfully establish several profitable businesses.


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Seeking Growing Biz with Global Potential

Investment Interest : Any

Business Size : Small to Medium
Prefer Location : Any
Investment Amount: RM 0 to RM 3,000,000

KL based private equity fund seeking to invest RM1-2m in growing businesses for expansion capital. Prefer cash flow positive or close to, credible management, scalable model, ideally with global potential.


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Industrial Engineer by training seeking investment opportunity in KL

Industry Preference : all industry
Investment Stage : all stage
Prefer Location : Kuala Lumpur
Investment Amount : n.a.

Involvement : full time
as mentor
as consultant
Knowledge &

Experience : general management
sale & marketing

Industrial Engineer by training. 53 years old. had experience in production, factory management, export marketing,trading, corporate planning, general management, consulting. Had worked in England, Germany, Japan and Malaysia. Exposure in Toys industry, Airconditioning,Property Development,International trading, Furniture Industry.


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Interested in Health, Wellness & Technology sector

Investment Interest : Health, Wellness or Technology Sectors
Business Size : Any
Prefer Location : Kuala Lumpur
Investment Amount : RM 100,000 to RM 2,000,000

I have previously co-founded, developed and listed several companies. I have an investment interest in health, wellness or technology sectors. Will assist the CEO in market penetration and expansion, business strategy and development, finance and fund raising.


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