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Australia Golf, Sports Technology

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit Amount Invested 1.3 million USD Funding Required 1,000,000 usd Description Established 1982 (Greencare)CoreMaster 12 released 1984 to many accoladesSeveral machines developed through to 1990Sold into many famous sites including:Pebble Beach Golf ClubThe White HouseSt Andrews Golf ClubWimbledon Lawn Tennis ClubRoyal Sydney Golf ClubSydney Olympics10,000 models sold from 1984 to 2011 Business Opportunity Of 32,000 golf courses globally;Core target market9,000 A & B (comp level) US Golf and country clubsCompete for members on the basis of:Facilities ...

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Hydron carbon emission elimination in fossil fuel engines

Current Status Pre-Revenue Amount Invested RM 1.5 M Funding Required RM 2.5M Description The Hydron is a patented technology by xxxx Sdn Bhd a R&D company.The development took more then 4 years to create the only viable solution to eliminate carbon emission in all vehicles using diesel or petrol engines.In addition it saves the users up to 30 to 40% on fuel consumption. Business Opportunity This device brings about a cleaner non toxic environment while keeping operating costs lower for ...

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Air Cargo East Malaysia Funding

Current Status Loss-making, Turnaround Amount Invested RM2mil Funding Required RM1mil Description We are doing logistics/forwarding services by air to Sabah & Sarawak since 1994 Business Opportunity Directly, we are linked with airlines however have to go through airlines sales agents as we do not have enough to sustain the strict payment terms as required by airlines. Due to that, we have turned away all our regular clients until the day we could provide our clients with 30 days term, and ...

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One-stop travel solutions, fulfill the dream of travel the entire world

Current Status Growth Amount Invested RM2500 Funding Required RM1000000 Description We build a one-stop solution for travel industry, where you can book accommodation, transport and day trip. Imagine when you go backpack you can plan and book everything that you need in a place. We will have a digital map for traveller to plan, it will be a map for their dream travel, they can start budgeting and save for their trip in advance. We are currently in phase one, ...

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Mat Laundromat Self Service Laundry

Current Status Pre-Revenue Amount Invested 400000 Funding Required 150000 Description SPIN CITY ENTERPRISE is an existed self-laundry business that has two outlets which are located at Bukit Subang and Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Seksyen U5. These two outlets are operated by own brand not by any franchising program. SPIN CITY ENTERPRISE plan to expand another outlet that will target a customer of Perumahan Penjawat Awam 1Malaysia (PPA1M) Bukit Jalil and Parkhill Residence, by own laundromat name, which is MAT LAUNDROMAT. Based ...

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Hotpot chain with karaoke, delivery and catering

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit Amount Invested RM500,000 Funding Required RM2.5million Description The Hotpot is now a 1.5 years old steamboat restaurant at Publika (KL) that is well-known for its signature soup base, homemade ingredients, Japanese sake pairing and dine-in karaoke rooms. The idea is to transform the hotpot culture in Asia to one that combines entertainment with good food and convenience. We plan to expand The Hotpot’s current capacity to meet the demand from customers – more hotpot karaoke ...

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Maldives Hotel Investment

Current Status Growth Amount Invested RM32,000,000.00 Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more Description We are an establish hotel owners in Maldives and are looking to expand our hotels and be a hotel chain company. Being awarded for best city hotel from Trip advisor, Agoda and Maldives ministry of travel, we are looking for build and expand our hotels. Business Opportunity We are looking for investors who wants to own their own hotel in Maldives. Maldives has a shortage of hotels. With a ...

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