Durian Farming Resort Project

Current StatusGrowth
Amount InvestedRM200,000.00
Funding RequiredRM 8 million
DescriptionCurrently we have a piece of land measuring 6.36 acres located near Karak town, State of Pahang, Malaysia. The land has been planted with 200 durian trees whereby 170 trees are musang king species and 30 trees are black thorn species. The trees currently 2 1/2 years old and 10 to 12 feets tall. We plan to have a durian farming resort style on the land because of the strategic location. The land is just beside main road equipped with direct water and electricity.
Business OpportunityWe started with durian cultivation on the land. We have successfully planted 200 durian trees with the experience from our cultivation consultant. Currently the durian trees are at stage 2 after 2 1/2 years. The trees are all very healthy. The market for durian fruit especially musang king and black thorn is big for local and export market. China market is going to be huge . Singapore and Hong Kong market are stable. China already approved that Malaysia can export durian in whole fruit form. But there are still a lot of China tourist coming to Malaysia every durian season to taste the freshness. Locally, we can see increasing local tourist venturing into durian orchard to try the fresh from farm durians and experience farm living.
Revenue / Business ModelOur priority revenue will be from durian fruits which only have 2 seasons annually. Initially between 1st year to 3rd year period of trees producing, fruits are not many. Average about 50 to 70 fruits per tree. After the 4th year of producing, average will be 100 fruits per tree and keep on increasing. Maximum about 250 fruits per tree. The price of musang king durian in Malaysia average about RM40 per kg and each durian can weigh from 2 to 3 kg. In Singapore, at least SGD20 per kg and China is at least USD30 per kg. We can sell the durians to the exporters or local distributors in bulk. Second, we can get local tourist and also China tourist to visit and stay at our farm to try the fresh durians and experience farm living. For those months without durian season, tourist can come for homestay, fishing and try our local home cook cuisine. For info, durian tree life span at least 50 years. So the revenue from durian sales can go up to millions each year because price keep on increasing over the years. Experienced durian farmer or grower getting less and lesser.
Management TeamMy management team consist of 3 main person. The cultivation consultant in charge of durian trees. The manager in charge of the farm management and finance. The marketing person in charge of planning and sales. In future, we plan to get a cook in charge of Food and beverage.
Company BackgroundWe started this farming project since middle of 2016. With land clearing, cultivation and planting. We also did water piping to each durian tree. The water source from internal pond. Fencing the whole land. Invested in about RM 200k. Up to date, no sales and no profit yet. What we have achieved now is the trees are growing healthily and estimate another 2 years will start to produce fruits. We can see the trees successful rate now at 90%.
Funding MilestoneWe need funding of RM 8 mil. Firstly to purchase the land cost about RM 5 mil because the land is not belong to us. We have verbal agreement with the land owner on certain percentage of profit sharing from sales of durians. Another RM 3 mil is to built few storeys of hotel/home stay building for tourist accommodation. Furthermore, to build a rest area or eating place on top of a pond. And also for the farm maintenance cost for 2 years. All this will be completed when the durian trees start to produce fruits.
% Equity Allocation50%
Expected ROI50% of sales or revenue will be distributed to shareholders annually.
Risks and MitigationThe most risk is if the durian trees failed initially. But we have already passed the first stage. The successful rate now is very high.
Exit StrategiesIn future, the shareholders who want to exit can sell their shares back to the company based on the company current and future revenue estimation and also the land value. Or we can sell the whole company together with the orchard to potential investors. The most suitable time is after 10 years onwards.
Company NameAscension Roofscape
Business AddressKarak, Pahang, Malaysia
Contact PersonJacky Chan

Exporting palm oil downstream products

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM10,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Im looking for fund for my export biz. My primary is palm oil related downstream products. We had already received initial export order and LC has been established. Now Im looking for funder to proceed with the biz. We had supplier and customers, we looking for funder to proceed. Totally risk less biz.
Our initial export would be crude glycerin (a by product of palm oil ). It has s niche market where the demand is higher and less supply.
Business Opportunity The supply is very limited and the demand very high. The crude glycerin is derived from palm oil, where the refined glycerin is being used in various industries ie: cosmetic, pharmaceutical and many more. The refined glycerin uses crude glycerin as feed stock and demand for refined glycerin is keep growing. Our current supplier has the capacity to supply 1000-3000 metric tons per month which is very huge quantity for this product. We had already secured an initial order for 1000 metric tons and Letter of Credit has been established. Upon execution of this initial order we will sign MOU with supplier and buyer for long term sales and purchase, both had agreed .
Revenue / Business Model Initial export has been secured with LC in hand
Total LC value for 1000 MT – USD470000
Required fund – 50% of the above value (partial shipments accepted , 2-3 shipments to complete the 1000MT)
Margin – USD60-70 per MT
Profit sharing – can be discussed
Duration – can be discussed
Management Team At the moment : 2 ( me and a part timer)
Upon initial order execution : 3-4 staff
Company Background This company was started December 2017 however Im experienced more than 15 years in this trade. Export is my major trade and particularly downstream palm oil products for industries.
Funding Milestone Amount required – USD230,000
The fund solely to be used for purchase the crude glycerin and develop the sales qty to reach the maximum qty of the supply
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI USD72,000 (six months) negotiate for longer term
Risks and Mitigation The payment for every order is secured by Letter of Credit and payment to supplier with 3rd party test report. Therefore no payment for the purchase if the 13d party inspection report does not tally with specification. The risk factor is highly reduced to negligible level.
Exit Strategies The investor can exit after 6 months if he/she is prefer.
Company Name Green Energy Products
Business Address d-5-2, greentown square, Ipoh
Contact Person Thiagu

Swiftlet Farming House

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM1,000,000.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Swiftlet Farming House is an industry in which it focusing in farming the swiftlet bird for it to produce edible bird nest in certain quantity depends on the size of the farming house, in which this bird nest also can be consume or extract into various product such as cosmetic , health product and etc .
Business Opportunity As the edible bird nest are limited and only been produce 10% for every outpout world wide in which the demand are 80% which are from the factory and individual consumer it self . We also solving the problem to cure the health of a person as the edible bird nest are rich with nutrients and many more benefit for health.
Revenue / Business Model We’ll make money once the Swiftlet Farming House are completed and has been operation for 36 month in which each house can produce 5-7 kg per month . And the market price for raw edible bird nest in the range from RM3,800.00-RM4,500.00 per kg .
Management Team Our management team are consist of
-Director,CEO&Share Holder (Datu Mohd Faisal experience in this industry more than 15 years also the founder)
-COO &Share Holder(Datu Mohammad Nurilham experience in handling the construction and mangement of project )
-Account &HR (Parida Palibu experience in account department )
-Project Manager (Datu Mohammad Nurilham)
Company Background Start the business in enterprise company on 10/10/2006 and upgrade to SDN.BHD company on 12/2017 which now known as Borneo Movement Wealth Sdn.Bhd . The company has receive an investment from 2006-2017 in an amount of RM4,000,000.00 .
Funding Milestone Now we are required RM10mil of fund in which this fund will be use for the Swiftlet Farming house material for 100 unit ,Land Cost operation , Management Operation & maintainance operation for 36 month . Once we get the fund estimation of the project of building 100 unit of Swiftlet Farming house to be completed is 15 month .
% Equity Allocation 45%
Expected ROI RM15 mil per year after 36 months farming process .
Risks and Mitigation The risk for this investment is if the house are not functional which it did not produce our target after 36 month farming process which the house has to produce produce 5kg per month .
Exit Strategies The exit oppurtunity for investor is when the investment period is end which is 30 years from the date investment made .
Company Name Borneo Movement Wealth Sdn.Bhd (Gerak Borneo)
Website/Facebook https://m.facebook.com/gerakborneo/
Business Address Wisma Khoo Siak Chiew ,Lebuh 4 ,9th Floor ,Room 906,90000 Sandakan ,Sabah ,Malaysia.
Contact Person Datu Mohammad Nurilham

Limited Edition Fish Storage Freezer

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Executive Summary
Limited Edition (LE) Fish Storage Freezer is to stabilize the amount of fish in the community and provide a storage option for fisherman when supply exceeds demand. A series of freezers will be available for fisherman to store fish for future sale or transport out of Sungai Udang. In addition, block ice machines will create ice blocks for preserving fish while out from the sea and also create ice blocks for the use of coffee shop.
Upon deposit of the fish into LE Fish Storage Freezer, the fisherman will make a down payment on the storage fee. Upon withdrawal of the fish, the remainder of the fee will be tendered. The fee is based on both the amount of fish in storage and the length of time spent in the freezer. All ice will be paid in full at the point of sale
Business Opportunity Definition of the Market
• Critical Needs of the Market
Today, block ice is only organized by 2-3 supplier for the population of more than 1000 residents in Sungai Udang. There are currently only have few options for the purchase of block ice.
In the area of the Storage Freezer, there is no direct competition in or near Sungai Udang. There is only one cold store available in Sungai Udang to purchase the fish from fisherman and keep for freezing for outside sales.Profile of Targeted Clients
There are two services provided by the LE Fish Storage Freezer and therefore two client types – users of Block Ice and users of Frozen Storage.
A typical client for Block Ice is a fisherman with a need to preserve fish for short periods while out from thesea and the owner of coffee shop in Sungai Udang area who need the block ice for business purpose. A fishing excursion can last from one to four days, and during that time block ice is used to preserve fish until they return to land. Block Ice sold by the LE Fish Storage Freezer will mimic options available in Sungai Udang without the transport complexity.
A typical client for Frozen Storage is a fisherman with a need to preserve fish for long periods. With no long term preservation methods currently available, much is wasted or sold at a loss during the height of a season when large surpluses of fish are available. This fisherman will pay for the ability to store fish during the height of the season, so that it can be sold later in the year after the fresh stock has been exhausted. This client may also pay for his fish to be frozen so that it can be transported out of Sungai Udang for sale in Penang or another large city.
Note that the term “fisherman” as used in this section may also refer to the owner of the fishing boat. In some cases, the fisherman is an independent operator of their fishing boat. In many cases however, a collection of fishing boats are owned by a local businessperson and the “fishermen” are employees of that owner. Under this arrangement, fishermen are often paid for their time in both cash and a percentage of the catch. Therefore, both the owner and the fisherman may be clients when the yield is high.

Mission Statement
The mission of the LE Fish Storage Freezer is to provide economic stability and increased opportunity for the residents of Sungai Udang.

Revenue / Business Model Description of the Products and Services
• Block Ice
Block Ice will be produced at the LE Fish Storage Freezer using potable water. It will weigh approximately 5KG per pack. The ice will be sold at market rates, or between RM4-RM7 per pack and to be paid in full at the time of purchase.
• Fish Freezing and Storage
Fish Freezing and Storage is altogether a new concept for the fishermen of Sungai Udang, and as such requires close observation during initial operation. All parties, including employees, customers, the management of LE Fish Storage Freezer must be prepared to make changes to the business plan if conditions warrant. However, all parties must agree not to make changes to the concept of operations during the first six months to ensure that accurate trend data is available.
Fees will be charged for both flash freezing fish and for storage of frozen fish. Fishermen who pay for only flash freezing will likely transport the fish to market outside of SungaI Udang. Those that pay for freezing and storage will likely sell the fish in Sungai Udang once fresh supplies dwindle. Any customer that wants to deposit fish in frozen storage must pay for flash freezing as well.
Fifty percent (50%) of fees will be paid in advance of services being rendered. The remainder will be paid when the fish is retrieved. Fees for fish storage will be assumed at 1 month, unless more time is paid for in advance. Any fish left in storage for over three (3) months without receiving a supplemental payment will be forfeited to LE Fish Storage Freezer ownership. The fisherman who made the deposit and failed to pay for additional time in the freezer will be penalized by requiring all payments for the next six (6) months to be paid in full prior to flash freezing or storage. A table of rates follows (all rates subject to change):
A table of rates follows (all rates subject to change):
Service Rate Notes
Flash Freezing – Frozen RM2 per KG Takes 24 hours
Weekly Storage – Frozen RM1 per KG Also Requires Flash Freezing
Monthly Storage – Frozen RM0.50 per KG Also Requires Flash Freezing
** Normally the fisherman will come back with tons volume of fish.
Management Team Business Goals and Objectives
The objective of the LE Fish Storage Freezer is to stabilize the fishing market in Sungai Udang, provide future opportunities for sale outside of Sungai Udang, and create economic opportunities for the residents.
Initially, LE Fish Storage Freezer will managed locally by my own family and we will also employ the following people to handle the different responsibilities from its various tasks;
• Chief Executive Officer
• Human Resource and Admin Manager
• Store manager
• Ice block machine repair and maintenance manager
• Distribution and Delivery Driver
• CleanerRoles and Responsibilities
Chief Executive Officer
• In charge of creating the organization’s vision, policies and directions and ensuring its effective implementation
• Responsible for creating the organizational budget
• Meets and negotiates with high level clients in order to secure deals on behalf of the company
• Provides counsel, coaching and also disciplining of key staffs all in a bid to achieve organizational goals

Human Resource and Admin Manager
• In charge of recruiting, selecting and carrying out orientation of new employees in order to get them attuned to the organization
• Conducts staff induction or new members
• In charge of employee welfare and other incentives
• Ensures the smooth running of the company administration-wise

Store manager
• In charge of interacting with customers and ensuring that they make a purchase
• Ensures that ice blocks in supply is in conjunction with the requirements of the management
• Ensures that the store is always kept clean at all times and carries out light repairs on defects when necessary on behalf of the organization

Ice block machine repair and maintenance manager
• Carries out repairs and maintenance services on company’s ice block making machines
• Repairs ice block machines for clients on behalf of the organization
• Handles any other duty as assigned by the human resources manager

Distribution and Delivery Driver
• Drives and maintains the company’s delivery and distribution vans
• Ensures that ice blocks are delivered at the right destination
• Drives safely at all times and obeys all traffic regulations

• Cleans the premises and ensures that it is kept clean at all times
• Ensures that the cleaning supplies are always in stock
• Carries out other duties as might be determined by the Human Resources Manager

Company Background xxxx
Funding Milestone xxxx
Company Name xxxx
Business Address xxxxx Nibong Tebal Penang
Contact Person Esther Tan

Agrotech Product For Palm Oil Tree Pollination

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We are currently in the process of marketing a new product for pollination of palm oil trees which is proven to increase the fruit yield by 29 to 147%.

Please contact me for the product research article.
Dr Faisal

Business Opportunity In 2012, the annual revenue received by Indonesia and Malaysia together, the top two producers of palm oil, was $40 billion.

Between 1962 and 1982 global exports of palm oil increased from around half a million to 2.4 million tonnes annually and in 2008 world production of palm oil and palm kernel oil amounted to 48 million tonnes. According to FAO forecasts by 2020 the global demand for palm oil will double, and triple by 2050.

One of the problem for palm oil plantations are low yield resulting from reduced number of weevil for pollination of palm oil trees. With less weevil, Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) from palm oil trees are reduced to 10 to 20 tonnes per hectares per year. Dr Zulkeflee Mohammad recently discovered a product that can help solve this problem. With reduced weevil number, Dr Zulkeflee thought that we could no longer depend on the weevil alone. So he created a product to help with the pollination of palm oil trees. His product was tested in a Felda plantation and the result showed an increase in FFB by 29%. The plantation already produce around 25 tonne FFB per hectare per year, but with his product, the plantation managed to produce more than 30 tonne FFB per hectare per year.

Revenue / Business Model We are in the process of marketing this product to Indonesia, and after our first talk with plantation owners, 250,000 hectares of plantation signed up to use the product. In Indonesia there are around 10,000,000 hectares of palm oil plantation all over the country. The first phase of application will cover around 15,000 hectares in July/August 2017.

The first marketing talk only covers plantations near Medan.
We believe after the first phase, the product will gain popularity quickly as the evidence for the product are available locally.
By the end of 2017, it is estimated around 100,000 hectares will use the product, and by end of 2018, the number will grow to around 1,000,000 hectares.

There are no known competitor as the product is a new category product.
We hold the patent to the product.

Management Team We are focusing on the manufacturing of the product for Indonesian market.
We currently have marketing team in Indonesia to introduce the product.
Company Background This company is newly formed.
We already have orders from customer in Indonesia, around RM 1Million+

Please contact me for the product research article.

Funding Milestone We are looking for RM 250,000.

With this investment, the investor will get a profit of RM 0.50 per bottle sold in Indonesia.
We now have 15,780 bottles ordered, and 250,000 more waiting.
If we cover 5% of total palm oil plantation in Indonesia, we are looking at 2 million bottles per year.
That would result in RM 1 Million per year in income for the investor.

% Equity Allocation 0
Expected ROI 100% in a year
Company Name xxxx Sdn Bhd
Business Address Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact Person Dr M Faisal

Planting 1090 acres Teak Wood for Timber Purpose

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM10 millions
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Description To PlantingTeak wood inside the 1000acres of land in Kedah Malaysia.
We are leasing the government land for 30 years for the planting.
We required to pay the Premium of Rm 4,500.00/ acres.
The potential of this problem ideas:
1. One acres can be plant of about 440 numbers of and its took 5 years to be harvest and logging. The income for an acres is RM 440,000.00
The total income for 1000acres is RM 440,000,000.00
Business Opportunity As the above details is a timber unit price of RM 1,000.00/number.
But when we commercial it to sawn timber the price is more higher and can be products to many thing such as table, chair, flooring used and etc.
Revenue / Business Model It’s a green world products as replacement to the lost forest.
As we know market is searching for timber, especially teak wood, hardwood.
Management Team Planting in 5 years its harvest and we selling as timber.
As above mentions.
Company Background We are a new private limited company just started doing marketing and trading harvested, coordinating project , introducing project, Manpower support project.
Funding Milestone We required Rm 4,500,000.00 to Start work and payback time in between 6 years.
% Equity Allocation 5%
Expected ROI 25%
Risks and Mitigation No risks as no world war or earth disaster
Exit Strategies As soon they receiving their parts and shares.
Contact Person Mr. ROSLEE BIN TAMAM

Seafood import business from Kalimantan,Indonesia to Johore,Malaysia

Funding required: RM1mil to RM2mil

We have our group of clients and consumers ready to purchase. Our monthly revenue from profit is estimated to be at RM 1.8 million.

Cold storage facilities, food processing plant, import/export of fisheries and seafood from indonesia project proposal

xxx Sdn Bhd, a company incorporated in Malaysia in 1992 have proposed to implement a project which involves the import of fisheries and seafood from Indonesia to Malaysia as well as the construction of a Cold Storage Facility and a Food Processing Plant in Endau Fishery Port , Johor Bahru.

To materialise this project, this proposal will summarise the total financial expenses involved in the construction, installation and acquisition of machineries and equipments for the Cold Storage Facility and the cost of overheading the export and import of Fisheries and Seafood from Indonesia at Endau Fishery Port, Johor Bahru.

The said Project will be constructed by a local multinational company, xxx SDN BHD who specialises in manufacturing complete range of products for commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. On the operational aspects of the projects as well as the import and export of Fisheries and Seafood from Indonesia will be solely handles by xxx who has an established team manpower and management to oversee the business processes.

The potential clients xxx hopes to capture once the Project is fully implemented are the local companies, importers exporters as well as the international market. xxx has also worked out an understanding with various Government agencies as well as multinational companies ( in the form of memorandum of understanding) that these agencies and companies will be utilising the Cold Storage Facilities once they are implemented.

The total project cost, inclusive of pre-operating expenses and working capital requirements is USD$10 million which includes the cost of installation, land acquisition, machineries and equipment.

** Full project paper ready. Contact us for details

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS) processing factory for export quality

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Palm kernel shell (PKS) is a by-product of palm oil mill. It can be use as solid fuel for industrial boiler (Biomass boiler) to reduce carbon content and it is renewable. Malaysia is recognize as the second largest palm oil producer in the world after Indonesia so there a huge potential for the long term supply here.
Business Opportunity The reason why it is widely use and in high demand nowadays is because it is cheaper than fossil fuel like coal and recognize as green energy resource. The main problem is, fresh PKS from palm oil mill consist fiber and in high moisture that can damage the boiler. So PKS need to be clean from its fiber and maintain low moisture. As for today, I recognize there are 5 companies that process the PKS. The importer of PKS is mainly from Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.

There are possibility that the buyer will buy the fresh PKS without processing it due to acquiring cost. But often, they are lack of time to clean and dry this PKS because they are already busy managing their own production factory. Hence they need the solid fuel to be ready for use.

Revenue / Business Model We will buy the fresh PKS direct from palm oil mill as our raw material. We process it and deliver to the buyer. I already have a buyer that ready to commit long term contract for PKS supply. The source of raw material has been identified.
Management Team Executive Director
Admin Executive
General worker
Company Background The company will enter to the contract once getting the investors/ funders.
Funding Milestone We need a fund of RM700,000.00 minimum to start off the business. RM400,000.00 will be spend to purchase raw materials and the balance of RM300,000.00 will be use for the factory setup.
% Equity Allocation 70%
Expected ROI 60%
Risks and Mitigation The business will need less than 12 months to breakeven hence it is consider as medium risk investment
Exit Strategies The investor can pull out their investment after one year by selling their share.
Company Name PKS Resources Sdn Bhd
Website/Facebook http://pks-resources.blogspot.my
Business Address 33 Jalan Timah 5 Taman Sri Putri Skudai Johor
Contact Person Muhamad Izat

Stevia Plantation on 300 Acres of Land Located at Lojing, Gua Musang, Kelantan

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested None
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description The company (Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd) is planning to set up a stevia plantation on 300 acres of land located at Lojing, Gua Musang, Kelantan under a new SPV called Agrostevia Plantation Sdn Bhd. The company had done it before 5 years back in Sepang and the project was a success. Since the project was planted under the commercial land, it was taken back by the developer and now the company has identified a 300 acres of land at the said location (owned by Yayasan Anak Yatim which is leased from Kelantan Government). The off takers have been secured and the cost of the project on 100 acres of land is RM13 million (300 acres is RM39 million but the investor can choose the number of acres they wish for) and the owner is currently looking for a partner(s)/investor(s) to fund the project. Should the investor(s)/partner(s) be interested to invest, the procedures are as per below:-

1.       If you agree to invest, then, the representatives of the three parties (investor(s), Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd, Yayasan Anak Yatim) will meet and discuss on the company’s formations and conditions.
2.       All parties involved in the Stevia Plantation project would then visit the land intended for the plantation.
3.       The company secretary/lawyers would later prepare the following documents/agreements:-
a.       Share holding/equity of each party in the new company.
b.      Registration of Agrostevia Plantation Sdn Bhd with the ROC.
c.       The Lien documentation/agreement on the portion of land on which the plantation will be located (which the Yayasan Anak Yatim leased from Kelantan Government).
d.      Open a bank account for the company.
e.      Your party shall deposit the agreed investment into the bank account.
4.       Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd shall prepare a new projection Cash Flow and Profit & Loss in accordance to the investment amount your party will make. Thus, we would like to know the amount your party intends to invest in Agrostevia Plantation Sdn. Bhd. (which shall be formed when all parties have agreed on the terms of the Joint Venture Company).
5.       Then the stevia project would commence operation as soon as possible.
6.       Plantation Management and technological aspects would be provided by the Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd, capital investment would be the investors’ responsibility, and Yayasan Anak Yatim would provide the land required to locate the plantation.
7.       The new plantation company would purchase the stevia plantlets from Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd to ensure quality stevia leaves are produced.
8.       Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd would sign a guaranteed purchase agreement with the new company to purchase all the dried harvested stevia leaves.

Business Opportunity The barriers are:
1. Tropical Climatic and Sunlight (photoperiod)
2. Fertilizer
3. Watering requirements
4. Early flowering due to stress
5. Propagation
6. Weeds

We have overcome all the above barriers.
1. We introduce the misting watering system to lower the temperature, provide gradual watering, induce temperate climate, reduce stress and prevent early flowering.
2. Built Sheds for our nursery to reduce direct sunlight and maintain moist temperature to encourage plantlet propagation with 100% success.
3. Produced Organic fertilizer with lesser Nitrogen and introduce zeolite.
4. Provide artificial lighting to ensure plants are exposed to the required photoperiod.
5. Dig a water retention pond and pump up water to retention tanks for the misting system.
6. The beds are covered with “silver shine” a plastic cover to prevent weeds from growing.

• Assist Governments and WHO to combat growing NCD (non communicable diseases) population from rapidly increasing and help control escalating global medical costs. The regional medical cost for diabetes is estimated to be RM382 million in 2013. The Ministry of Health had recently accepted stevia as an alternative to sugar.
• Provide an alternative to sugar and produce healthy food and drinks sweetened with MySweet stevia.
• Overcome manufactures’ problems by reducing product ingredient cost by up to 58% especially those products that uses high sugar content.
• Lower inflation problem by reducing retail price of products and result in a win-win-win situation for the consumers/manufacturers/governments.
• Revive abandoned agricultural land by introducing stevia contract farming projects to boost production and rural farmers’ income.

• “Global Stevia Market Analysis & Opportunity Assessment, 2014 – 2020” (BUSINESS WIRE) LONDON, Mar 10, 2015 — Future Market Insights (FMI) announced its latest report, the global stevia sweetener market is projected to account for US$565.2 Million of the overall sweetener market by 2020, registering a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period where Demand exceeds Supply.
• Global NCD population is 30% of World population (2.2 billion), 45% of Malaysian population (13.5 mil) and 50% Malaysians are obese /overweight (15 mil).
• Potential to be the next new export commodity for Malaysia (432,000 tons@RM120 billion). (Our Palm Oil export 18.1 million tons in 2014@ RM43.2 billion) by 2020 (stevia =RM280,000/ton > Palm Oil =RM2,386 /ton ).
• The huge market of the Global food and beverage industry (US$150 million)
• The huge Global market for organic and HALAL industry (US$85 million)
• The market for dental/Global Toothpaste to reach US$12.6 Billion, cosmetic and herbal medicinal products industries (RM10 bil/year).

Revenue / Business Model Revenue for the investor(s)/partner(s)
1. The stevia crop once planted could be harvested every 45 days beginning from the 7th month for 6 years.
2. Every harvest would yield about one ton per acre which would be sold to Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn. Bhd. for RM10,000.00 on a ‘buyback’ contract.
3. The approximate gross income would be RM1,000,000.00 per harvest and we could harvest the stevia crop 8 times per year, which will bring a gross revenue of RM8,000,000.00 per year. ( 4 HARVESTS only i.e. RM4 million for the first year revenue )

Revenue for Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd

1. The stevia purchased from the Agrostevia Plantation Sdn Bhd will then be sold to the off takers (already secured).

Management Team The current management team consists of a Managing Director, a Technical Manager and a Plantation Manager with more than 5 years of management experience in the stevia industry.
Company Background Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd is a modern commercial stevia plantation and the production of stevia based products, with more than 5 years of management experience in the stevia industry. Established in 2010, with a paid-up capital of RM250,000.00, the company constantly develops innovative stevia planting techniques, mechanized plantation management powered by solar energy that is globally recognized.

Our vision is, “The production of stevia extract/sweetener, a future Global food commodity on a Mechanized/Robotic plantation”. Given the demand growth of clean-label food sweetener ingredients, we believe we have created a natural, organic and GMO-free whole food-commodity platform that will disrupt the traditional food production landscape. The company is recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), and the National Agricultural Training Council (NATC).

What are we trying to do and why?
1. The production of stevia, a future Global food commodity, on a Mechanized/Robotic solar powered plantation. We create innovative planting and management with GPS technology in a fully mechanized plantation.
2. Our Stevia Rebaudiana Extract comes with the following qualities:
• ‘0’ calorie sweetener extract good for diabetic, high blood pressure and obese patients.
• Stevia extract (green) can be used to make dental, cosmetic and herbal medical products.
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Funding Milestone The total project cost for 100 acres is RM13 million. The fund will be use for land preparation, ploughing, making bunds and covering it, preparing plantlets and organic fertilizers, management costs, farm equipment, water pump, generator, water tanks and piping, agricultural machinery and maintenance equipment. From the 4th to the 6th year, the average net income per year would be estimated >RM5 million.
% Equity Allocation Since the project will be under new SPV (Agrostevia Plantation Sdn Bhd), it will be more than 50% stake
Expected ROI Estimated to be roughly 200% to 300% within 30 months
Company Name Agrostevia Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd
Business Address Suite 8-1-1, Block B, Jalan Semarak Api 2, Diamond Square, 53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact Person Khairul Ikhwan Bin Jamaludin

Swiftlet Bird Nest House Farming

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested Rm1,000,000.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Swiftlet Bird Nest House Farming is a good business plan for the investor to invest as this business is a growth business and profitable in just 3 years and the profit will increase as the year increase.Plus, this business has a big market especially in China.Furthermore, what my company mission is to become the world no.1 bird nest supplier.What we need is just an investor that could help us to build 100 houses of Swiftlet Bird Nest House Farming in which 1 house cost 65,000.00(Ringgit Malaysia).
Business Opportunity By doing this project we could solve the demand of the China country on Swiftlet Bird Nest by become their number 1 supplier.
Revenue / Business Model This project will give profit after 3 year of operation in which the production of each houses has reach 10kg per month ,and 1kg of production can be sold in RM3000.
.So let’s say :
100houses×10kg=1000kg(per mth)
1000kg×Rm3000.00=Rm3,000,000.00(per mth)
In which in a year the profit we could generate will be Rm36,000,000.00.
Management Team Our company management team consist of three . First the Management team ,this team will handle the all the documentation.Second, is the maintenance team ,this team will do the maintenance of the houses such as harvesting the production and checking the houses.Third,is our Sales and marketing team in which this team will look for a sale of our product.
Company Background Our company has been in this industry for 10 years since 2006 and we have seen the opportunity of this industry and it is profitable.Plus our company has been dealing with 3 international company and we act as a consultant and a construction company.Our company has make a profit of Rm5,000,000.00 for act as a consultant and construction company in this Bird Nest Swiftlet Farming industry.
Funding Milestone Our company seeking an investment of Rm6.5mil-Rm7mil .This investment we will use to build the 100 houses as the cost of 1 house is Rm65,000.00 .And we only need 3 years to get the investment money back and a big profit.
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 15℅
Company Name Gerak Borneo
Business Address Wisma Khoo ,Floor 9, Room906 ,Sandakan,Sabah,Malaysia.
Contact Person Datu Mohd Nurilham