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International Pepper Trading

Current Status Concept / Business Plan Amount Invested RM2,000 Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000 Description Pepper has been known as black gold in Sarawak and it fetched high price from international market. However,there are handful of exporter currently trading pepper from Sarawak. This idea is to harness the current opening in international pepper trading. Most of the current exporter are traditional exporter which has not fully utilising technology in their marketing, this create opportunity for newcomer to obtain customer. Pepper ...

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Lemon Myrtle plantation

Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000 Description Lemon myrtle is known for its highest citrus content. The leaves can be used in food and beverages industry. Whereas the essential oil extracted from the leaves can be used in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The plant can be harvested as early as 9 months after planting and matured at year 4 with an average of 4.5 kg of fresh leaves per tree per year. Lemon myrtle has a long life span which is ...

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Golden Tree Plantation

Current Status Growth Amount Invested RM2,000,000 Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more Description For years,the world’s annual output of timber production significantly out performing for globally market demand. In order to meet the sustainable human need in the production of timber, therefore transform and develop in to the modern forestry plantation is a “good forestry practice”. The Company’s implement the“12/5” Forestry Plantation Plan with a new development and innovation species planting technology from USA which accelerate the growth with amazing fast ...

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Bio Compressed Technology

Project Title Bio Compressed Technology the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology. Current Status Concept / Business Plan Amount Invested More than RM1 mil. Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000 Description Bio Compressed Technology is believed to be the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology especially in Oil Palm industry right now comparatively over the conventional method which is no longer relevant due to the up to ...

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Imports, exports & trading of agriculture products

Current Status Pre-Revenue Amount Invested MYR 30,000 Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000 Description A trading business specialises in the importing and exporting of raw agriculture goods. Eg: Spices, Beans , Pulses, Nuts and others. To be supplied to manufactures,wholesalers,air line catering companies and many others. Also in to re-packing of raw materials to be supplied to smaller markets but with high volume, such as retail stores , convience outlets and others. Business Opportunity With over 13 years of experience in ...

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Asia Plantation Capital (APC) – developing commercial plantations around the world.

Project Title Asia Plantation Capital (APC) is in the business of developing commercial plantations around the world. APC offers clients unparalleled opportunities to benefit from sustainable projects, through ownership of agro-forestry products while at the same time contributing to the well-being of the environment. APC won the “Best Forestry Asset Management Team’ global award for 2014 given by Capital Finance International, a leading journalist recognising global companies with solid credibility for all markets and investors to leverage from. Current Status ...

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Proposal for Orchid export to South Korea and other new markets

The purpose of this proposal is to establish our company that meets an infinite demand for quality Phalaenopsis orchids. Suitable local weather coupled with professional biotechnology expertise and support from the Malaysian Horticulture Department, the Malaysia’s agriculture universities namely Universiti Putra Malaysia [UPM] and Universiti Sains Malaysia [USM], ensures progressive cultivation of good quality orchids enabling us to meet the flow of foreign increasing demand. Our company is a cultivator of exotic orchids with the sole aim for the export ...

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Seeking RM100K to start export and supply of Sarawak pepper

Project Cost: RM 100,000 Amount Invested : RM 5,000 Amount Required : RM 100,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time Industry: trade Project Stage: seed EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Started early May by young entrepreneurs based in Sarawak. Aims to tapped least explored Sarawak pepper export market. Background as pepper farmer with ability to acquire local pepper supply for export. Sarawak pepper export projected to grow at robust rate in near future either merely less than 15 ...

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