International Pepper Trading

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM2,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Pepper has been known as black gold in Sarawak and it fetched high price from international market. However,there are handful of exporter currently trading pepper from Sarawak. This idea is to harness the current opening in international pepper trading. Most of the current exporter are traditional exporter which has not fully utilising technology in their marketing, this create opportunity for newcomer to obtain customer. Pepper that currently being traded are black pepper and white pepper and these pepper then processed to its classification in accordance to International standard. Those standards are FAQ and ASTA, FAQ is Fair Average Quality while ASTA is American Spice Trader Association quality specification. Pepper will usually be processed at Malaysia Pepper Board Processing Plant at Pending. Several areas in Sarawak has been identified as high pepper yield area and there are hundreds of small and large scale farmers that are willing to sell their pepper at fair prices.
Business Opportunity There are opportunity to compete with other well established pepper exporter in Sarawak. It is due to their method of trading which still very much traditional in marketing and customer preferences. While most of them are focussed at Far east importer, other region of this world are under traded due to trust issue and comfortability. This means, new exporter can develop and trade with new region and create a sound partnership with importer. Apart from that, with new method of marketing and better exposure, new exporter can attract wider range of importer worldwide. Therefore, it is important to balance between numbers of customer and pepper supply to cater to the demands. As farmer trade their pepper to make money, it is wise to preserve ties between exporter and farmer to secure supply and being fair to farmer. Farmer are happy to produce high quality of pepper if it can fetch high price but in current situation, pepper dealer and exporter are bias toward farmer and has led them to produce low quality pepper due to financial constraint.
Revenue / Business Model Exporter will earn a good percentage of profit if they can secure large amount of supply and steady flow of export contract. At average pepper exporter in Sarawak are making 25-30% profit margin. This is due to unfair buying price at farmer and dealer level. Most of Sarawak pepper importer now are food processor, re-exporter and pharmaceutical corporation. Efficiency in supply chain can contribute to higher profit margin because much of the expenditure is in supply chain such as transportation. A thorough and meticulous planning in transportation of pepper supply from farm to port can further propel company growth.
Management Team Management team should consist of general manager that will oversee the overall operation of the company. The general manager will be helped by logistic supervisor,purchasing supervisor and marketing/sale supervisor. The logistic supervisor will handle logistic matter such as transportation and warehousing. Purchasing supervisor will oversee buying of supply. He/she will have to work closely with logistic supervisor to coordinate the transportation between farm to warehouse. Purchasing supervisor are required to monitor its network of dealers to ensure smooth process of acquiring pepper supply. Good planning in supply chain is essential to secure steady pepper supply and create competition amongst exporter. Marketing/Sale supervisor will handle client and quality of pepper to be sold abroad. He/She also involve in extensive marketing and maintain relationship with existing customer. Quality of pepper include licensing and certification of pepper to be exported comply with international requirement.
Company Background D.M Partnership is a registered entity in Samarahan,Sarawak with registration number SAM 234/15. Our business was registered on June 2015 and has kick off since. We designed and launched our own website short after. We also coordinated our own marketing campaign and managed to attract many potential client around the world. We secured 6 export contract initially, however due to work demand we dropped 5 of them and focussed on single contract with high profitability. We have been visited by a multinational corporation spice division manager and keen to work closely with us. We done our research on pepper plantation area and export market as well as pepper quality. However, due to financial constraint, we turned down our business as we could not secure any financing and investor.
Funding Milestone We have been in contact with several bank managers across Kuching and investor from West Malaysia. However, bank is reluctant to provide us financing due to our young age and management incompetencies. Investors had show much interest in our business and willing to invest substantially. We refused their investment due to absurd demand and not able to co-manage the business.
Company Name D.M Partnership (SAM 234/15)
Business Address PIBU SEDC SAMARAHAN, 1st Floor Lot7993 E&F Block 9 Jalan Dato Muhd Musa MTLD 94300 Kota Samarahan
Contact Person Don Makanzie Ak Lock@Sulen

Lemon Myrtle plantation

Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Lemon myrtle is known for its highest citrus content. The leaves can be used in food and beverages industry. Whereas the essential oil extracted from the leaves can be used in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The plant can be harvested as early as 9 months after planting and matured at year 4 with an average of 4.5 kg of fresh leaves per tree per year. Lemon myrtle has a long life span which is 30 years. This crop is yet to be explored but the demand for its leaves and oil is worldwide. We are planning to venture into this new industrial crop which has a very wide potential in current and future market.
Business Opportunity Currently, there are only 1 company venturing into lemon myrtle in Malaysia with plantation area of 22 acres. It is a good opportunity to get involve in this new and growing industrial crop. Currently, the leaves and oil get high demand from the USA, Germany, Korea and Australia.
Revenue / Business Model We are planning to plant lemon myrtle on 4 acres land for starting. The planting material must be bought from Qzen company due to lemon myrtle is under Plant Variety Protection (PVP) acts. Maintaining the crop required less input material. No chemical fertilizer or herbicide will be used as it an organic product. Only mulching using palm empty fruit branch and sufficient water supply. Lemon myrtle is harvested by cutting the branch according to height specification. At first year the plant can produce an average 2.6 kg/tree/year. The yield will be increased to 4.5 kg/tree/year when matured at year 4. The leaves can be sold back to Qzen under “Buy-back Guarantee Agreement” with Qzen company. Price for fresh leaves is RM 4/kg. Dry leaves can be sold at much higher price, RM50/kg but required additional facilities to dry the leaves. The dry leaves weight is 40% of fresh leaves.
Management Team Founder – Mohamad Hanif Bin Mohd Marzuki (Mechanical Engineer)
– Iedil Bin Jalaluddin
Company Background The company name is iH IdealHarvest resource established on 31st March 2016 which is an enterprise company. The main purpose of our company is to venture in lemon myrtle plantation as it provide better opportunity compared to other industrial crop like rubber and palm oil. As for now our company is still looking for interested seed angel investors to help us start up the plantation.
Funding Milestone We are planning to set up a 4 acres lemon myrtle plantation as a start up. The capital cost for 1 acre lemon myrtle plantation (3000 trees) is about RM 160,000. The total cost for 4 acre will be around RM640,000 but we need about RM 700,000 to bear the operating cost for at least 2 years.

Seed stage (RM 700,000) – will be used to start 4 acres lemon myrtle plantation.
Venture Capital (RM 2,000,000) – This will be used to plant in another 10 acres and to build dryer facility (to produce dry leaves).

% Equity Allocation We will considered an equity share of 25% for RM 700,000
Expected ROI 3-4 years
Risks and Mitigation Lemon myrtle is very tolerant to extreme condition when fully grown. Currently there are no insurance coverage for this crop. The product has guaranteed buyer as there are a buy-back guarantee agreement with the supplier.
Exit Strategies The exit strategy for lemon myrtle plantation is by selling the plantation to a bigger company.
Company Name iH IdealHarvest Resource
Business Address A-09-01, Jalan Juara 1/5, Taman Juara Jaya,Apt Juara Suria,43300,Seri Kembangan,Selangor
Contact Person Hanif Marzuki

Golden Tree Plantation

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM2,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description For years,the world’s annual output of timber production significantly out performing for globally market demand. In order to meet the sustainable human need in the production of timber, therefore transform and develop in to the modern forestry plantation is a “good forestry practice”.
The Company’s implement the“12/5” Forestry Plantation Plan with a new development and innovation species planting technology from USA which accelerate the growth with amazing fast growing period, height and width growth diameter, high yield of timber volume, high density with a strong emphasis on the environmental of “Golden Tree”.
The company’s business model to provide seedlings, planting technology support, forestry self-development model support and provides technical and seedlings plantation guidance supporting: land preparation, planting and funds and personnel management. The company also provides seedlings and planting techniques which farmers responsible for the planting, management and protection whilst the company maintain the hedging price of recycled wood.
Business Opportunity Market Analysis

Golden Tree Market Positioning

The world native forest was distribute unevenly with the slow growth cycle therefore countries around the world create awareness of environmental protection and running anti harvesting. Hence, the under supply of timber create an impact to the forestry industry.

According to world timber statistic consumption report, the supply of timber is diminishing, whilst the demand is projected to increase and the prices continue to rise.

Market demand with the New Modern Plantation Development
To solve the above aspect, we need a type of species which performs the best on your property. Once it publicized, it would be potential remarkable market.

Technology Possibilities
Geography, Climate, Soil characteristics:
Optimum Subtropical site with sandy loam type soil, freed raining, temperature and altitude tolerance is suitable for develop forestry plantation.
Golden Tree Growth and Planting
The company’s work with UPM to provide and develop varieties of species which offer special characteristic of grow fast, low thermal conductivity, moisture resistant, high density and resistance to pollution compare with other tree.
Golden Tree roots may prevent soil erosion due to its fast growing stems which can improve the soil component and regenerate new roots as it is tolerant of pollution.

Economic Benefit
Golden Tree is a very fast growing and produces good quality timber in a very short period of time which helps stimulate the economic.
It has an extraordinary growth and produce an unbelievable wood values.
Golden Tree wood is strong and light in weight compares with poplar or birch wood. It does not warp, crack or deform easily. The wood is easy to work with and suitable for the manufacture of furniture, plywood, paper, decorative paneling and many other uses.
Varieties of business model to maximize output of timber economic.
Generate forestry chain for economic benefits.
Global warming problem has become a big issue in the world in recent years. New concept of forestry plantation will benefit return of investment.

Social Benefit
Golden Tree plantation is one of the business opportunities Forestry investment has many advantages with low investment value, which the forestry assets are tangible, low risk, consistently outperformed inflation, and historically has provided a perfect long-term stable investment alternatively. Forestry plantation can have many good impact on both environment and our country economic.

Management Team Kenji Phoon Chee Yong is the Founder and Chairman of the Company. He has had an outstanding career in domestic and international Sales & Marketing for over 20 years, during which he developed a firm understanding of complexities of Domestic and International markets. He is thoroughly familiar with the regulatory and business environment for industrial and health care products in China and South East Asia. In the past 20 years, he notices that many development projects have come under criticism for damaging the environment, even when they are presented as helping it. Concerns have increased in line with the rising investment in the developing world. In the late 2014, attention was drawn to Mr. Kenji Phoon to get partnership with his schoolmates and customers in development projects such as forestry and agricultures that supporting the environment, and being generally more responsible and accountable. He hopes that through collaboration with businesses and non-profit organizations which have grown by showcasing their environmental commitment through the company’s tree-planting program.

Kevin Chong Kok Hong has been the Director of Operation of the company since 2014. He has an extensive 20 years of experience in technical, sales and marketing in automotive industrial. He is also a director on the board of Sejati Motor Enterprise and Vivo United Automotive Sdn Bhd.

Ho Kok Weng has been the Director of Finance of the company since 2014. He is a graduate in Business Management and held a Bachelor (Hons) from University of Sunderland, UK. He has an extensive background and experience in store and warehouse management, inventory control management, supply chains and import & export operations.

Kong Tack Cheong is Business Development Director. He has had an outstanding career in manufacturing operation and maintenance activities of plant handling such as Plastics Extrusion and Injection Moulding. Currently, he is also involved in Eco save lighting products business. He was appointed as Independent Director in 2014

John Teoh Kim Chuan has been a Marketing Director of the company since 2014. He has an extensive 17 years of experience in sales and marketing. He is also a Director on the board of Hisatrade (M) Sdn Bhd and Hisametals (M) Sdn Bhd.

Company Background Ecogreen Agriculture Management doesn’t just plant trees for their ecological benefits, but to benefit people in need. Technically speaking, we are an agroforestry management company. Agroforestry intentionally combines agriculture and forestry to create integrated and sustainable land-use systems. Trees and shrubs are planted near crops and/or livestock, to the benefit of all.
By integrating both agriculture and forestry, we achieve improved soil quality, higher crop yields, and improved standards of living. We believe strongly that people must know the value of agroforestry and its benefit to them if they are to withstand pressure from developers or others who wish to strip trees from an area. Our role is to train communities in the latest agroforestry techniques, and to help spread and promote them.
Agroforestry is sometimes referred to as “trees on farms.” It’s actually much more than that. Agroforestry techniques are tailored to the needs of the community. In communal forests, tree-planting programs focus on large-scale reforestation and the development of non-timber forest products. In agricultural fields, fast-growing multipurpose tree species are integrated into the agricultural system to serve as windbreaks, firebreaks, woodlots, or living fences; as part of contour planting for erosion control; and as “alleys” that improve fertility in the adjacent soil. Similar techniques have been practiced around the world for thousands of years, and are especially effective in the developing world.
Funding Milestone Project target : RM 60,000,000.00 ( 马来西亚第一站)
管理费用的计算 :
1. RM 100.00 x 5 trees x 6 years = RM 3,000.00
2. RM 100.00 x 25 trees x 6 years = RM 15,000.00
3. RM 100.00 x 50 trees x 6 years = RM 30,000.00
4. RM 100.00 x 100 trees x 6 years = RM 60,000.00
5. RM 100.00 x 200 treesx 6 years = RM 120,000.00
资金需求和来源计算 :
a) RM 3,000.00 x 20,000 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
b) RM 15,000.00 x 4,000 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
c) RM 30,000.00 x 2,000 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
d) RM 60,000.00 x 1,000 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
e) RM 120,000.00 x 500 lots = RM 60,000,000.00
计划中的目标 :
Will plant 100,000 trees in Malaysia ….接下来发展的国家 :
After that we will develop
1. Indonesia ( 100,000 trees )
2. Thailand ( 100,000 trees )
3. China…..
Expected ROI 1 Lot: RM 3,000 (5 Trees) – 8% P.A. 5 Lots: RM 15,000 (25 Trees) – 12% P.A. 10 Lots: RM 30,000 (50 Tress) – 16% P.A. 20 Lots: RM 60,000 (100 Trees) – 20% P.A. 40 Lots:RM 120,000 (200 Trees) – 24% P.A.
Exit Strategies 6 Years
Company Name Ecogreen Agriculture Management Sdn Bhd
Business Address Suite 29-5, Level 5, Plaza Cheong Hin, Jalan S/P 2/1, Taman Serdang Perdana, Seksyen 2, Seri Kembangan, 43300, Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Person Ho Kok Weng

Bio Compressed Technology

Project Title Bio Compressed Technology the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested More than RM1 mil.
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description Bio Compressed Technology is believed to be the most practical & conducive planting and manuring method in the precision farming methodology especially in Oil Palm industry right now comparatively over the conventional method which is no longer relevant due to the up to 70% losses of nutrient without our realization during the natural environmental process takes place which gives a big losses to the country and does not give any benefit to the small holders and farmers in the rural areas.

With Bio Compressed Technology it will help the owner of the estates to save up to 50% of their production cost per annum, to increase miminum of 30% of yield after 6 months application, optimum up take of a complete nutrients (macro & micro) with zero losses over the natural environmental process (details explaination in due course).

Business Opportunity Very big business opportunity is widely open zero market has been tapped and would cater all the small holders via our National Subsidy Programme and Cooperatives market which are not known to this method yet.
Revenue / Business Model Based on my simple arithmetic calculation over the ready made market by the government and 1,320 cooperatives involved in the oil palm plantation in the country would easily gives a RM20 million revolving turn over per month.
(Details to be explained in due course)
Management Team Will be tabled out during the meeting or presentation talk.
Company Background Personally I am the founder for this method which has involved more than 10 years in the R&D and in the trade..To
Funding Milestone Long term basis as this is a never sunset business..
% Equity Allocation To be discussed during the meeting or presentation.
Expected ROI To be presented during the meeting..
Risks and Mitigation Minimum risk with high return.. Details to be explained in due course.
Exit Strategies To be discussed.

Imports, exports & trading of agriculture products

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested MYR 30,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description A trading business specialises in the importing and exporting of raw agriculture goods. Eg: Spices, Beans , Pulses, Nuts and others.
To be supplied to manufactures,wholesalers,air line catering companies and many others.
Also in to re-packing of raw materials to be supplied to smaller markets but with high volume, such as retail stores , convience outlets and others.
Business Opportunity With over 13 years of experience in the food industry, including of setting up a full running scale production line, i have tremendously gained full knowledge in this business.
Being aware of the large conpetitors who has been in the industry for generations, aware of their selling price,market penetration and customers but still being able to penetrate the market with a very healthy profit. This is able to be done so, as i am aware of where,when,how and who to purchase the raw materials from and also implementing cost cutting measures. Country of origins in purchasing the raw materials are India,Vietnam,Indonesia,Sri Lanka,China,Sarawak.

The markets to be supplied with the products are not limited to certain ages,group or culture, as all these raw materials are being used by everyone in the preprations of meals. Customers are Multi National companies, food manufactures, whole salers, Airline caterers , hotels, restaurants and many others.
I do have contact’s of customers in various countries who are in need of these products and we are able to compete in the market with a very competitive pricings.
Profit gains are around 10%-50% depends on products supplied.

I currently do have waiting customers that are ready to purchase all these products.
My difficulty is in the start up cost for purchasing of raw materials up-front before supplying them to the customers.

Revenue / Business Model A very straight forward busines process that does not require large machineries , complex manfacturing process or a large number of head-count. As all goods would be imported in and supplied to customers in Malaysia.
A simple packing machine would be required , to re-pack of products to be sold in consumer packings.
Management Team Currently i am the sole team for the business, but would need to employ sales personal, admin and accounts staff for the business.
Company Background Started in year 2015 . All extra informations would be shared personally with interested investor
Funding Milestone MYR 350,000.00
To purchase raw material goods, salaries , sales lorry.
Packaging Machine: To-repack products into smaller packaging for consumer size ( 150GM- 1KG )
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 1 Year
Risks and Mitigation Mild risk is from the products that are received are not of fresh stock, thus resulting in lower quality.
holding too much of stock up-front.

These are the usual risk, but with the knowledge and experience that i hold, risk factor would be reduced tremendously.

Exit Strategies To be personally discussed with Investor
Company Name Infinite Agro
Business Address No 17, Tingkat 1 Jalan Besar Taman Tangling Jaya 14100 Simpang Ampat Pulau Pinang
Contact Person Ramen Raj

Asia Plantation Capital (APC) – developing commercial plantations around the world.

Project Title Asia Plantation Capital (APC) is in the business of developing commercial plantations around the world. APC offers clients unparalleled opportunities to benefit from sustainable projects, through ownership of agro-forestry products while at the same time contributing to the well-being of the environment. APC won the “Best Forestry Asset Management Team’ global award for 2014 given by Capital Finance International, a leading journalist recognising global companies with solid credibility for all markets and investors to leverage from.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested nil
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Investment Opportunities on Plantation

With the global economy being in such a period of transition, Agarwood is one of the few stable and logical markets to invest in at the moment. Aside from the obvious excess demand and insufficient supply, forestry/plantation has become a popular focus of investment over a number of years due to the following factors:

* Offers ideal portfolio diversification
* An extremely good inflation hedge
* A tree’s marketable value grows irrespective of macro economic conditions
* Timber is a finite resource and global commodity
* Returns over the long-term are stable and secure

You may also check out the website for more information.
Below are some independent links on Agarwood and the potential value of it. These websites are all neutral and not affiliated with our company:

The following links also reiterate why investing in Agarwood is indeed profitable:

Business Opportunity WHAT IS IT?
-aromatic resin of the Aquilaria tree used as perfume
-used for incense, medicines & ornaments
-also known as Gaharu, Aloeswood, Eagleswood, Chen Xiang & Jinko
-when distilled, this produces an extremely valuable oil called OUD
-perfume industry globally generated USD$33 billion last year
-current global value of Agarwood trade is USD$6 billion to USD$12 billion.
-1 litre of oud oil worth USD$40k to USD$50k
Revenue / Business Model how does investment grow?
-purchase sapling trees from our nurseriesYEAR 5
-trees are drilled & inoculated. Infection takes 3-12 months

-harvest/distillation/sale of oil
-return of investment

Management Team nil
Company Background WHO WE ARE?

Established in 2002
Offices in:
-Dubai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, UK, USA, Vietnam
-Plantation in 11 countries
-Global plantation & business
-Advisors to private equity funds
-Plantation Assets worth US$400 million

Funding Milestone nil
Expected ROI 200% minimum return in 7 years
Risks and Mitigation LOW RISK
-your investment is protected Capital Assurance
-limited supply & increased demand drive oud oil prices up
-minimum price guarantee
-natural disaster, wild animal damage
-pests & deseases
-daily monitoring
Company Name Asia Plantation Capital Berhad
Business Address 25A Jalan Straits View 6, Johor Bahru 80200 Johore
Contact Number 019-7559553

Proposal for Orchid export to South Korea and other new markets

The purpose of this proposal is to establish our company that meets an infinite demand for quality Phalaenopsis orchids. Suitable local weather coupled with professional biotechnology expertise and support from the Malaysian Horticulture Department, the Malaysia’s agriculture universities namely Universiti Putra Malaysia [UPM] and Universiti Sains Malaysia [USM], ensures progressive cultivation of good quality orchids enabling us to meet the flow of foreign increasing demand.

Our company is a cultivator of exotic orchids with the sole aim for the export market. This company is potentially to be located within the locality of Sepang for the convenient on delivery to the airport. The company’s objective is to develop a specialize-orchid farm. Our aim is to exceed customer’s expectations with our quality flowers. We have intention to develop a sustainable floriculture business that will influence other agriculture sectors to emulate our practice on greenhouse technology.


Our company main objective is to cultivate and export various types of Phalaenopsis orchids. This orchid is a genus from the Orchidaceae family, which is also known as the “Moth orchid”. Due to changes on global trend and demand, Phalaenopsis orchids have replaced roses and chrysanthemum as the most preferred flower for display. It has become the hottest selling orchids in the world.


Our primary focus is to build on the available Korean market. South Korea has been experiencing shortage of supply especially during mid-Autumn till early spring season. Currently, Korean importers are importing from P.R.China but are experiencing inconsistent on quality control and inferior plants. Due to our superior quality, they are seeking to extend favorable contracts abroad. We aim to secure orders from importers from Seoul that covers not only the capital city but the northern region. For the middle and southern region we will work with importers from the southern port city of Busan.

The potential market demand for South Korea is approximately 100,000 pots monthly. We aim to secure at least 50,000 pots with a progressive demand growth of 15% within the initial 5 years and 5% increase on subsequent years.To promote our products we aim to provide the Korean market with an annual flower show for our clients, potential clients and also to the public. This activity will not only establish support to our clients but it is more consistent to create additional demand and expand popularity on our products.

Competitive Edge

Our company has several distinct advantages that will help us in new market progress. Firstly, our ability to supply quality flowers due to our country’s favorable climate conditions. Global climate change has cause disruption to northern countries especially those practicing traditional farming. Our competitors abroad are currently experiencing glitches on quality control and increase on cost of production. We target our products to meet high expectations without compromise on quality thru careful plant treatment couple with potential new hybrid creations. With our high-tech greenhouse automation system, we aim to reduce dependency on costly labors. On areas that require labor, we have local universities’ support that will provide skilled labors. We embrace solar power technology to enable further cost reduction.We aim to position ourselves with high quality orchids at sustainable and competitive prices. Lastly, we are able to communicate independently with our Korean clients.


Ken Lee
Kuala Lumpur

Seeking RM100K to start export and supply of Sarawak pepper

Project Cost: RM 100,000

Amount Invested : RM 5,000

Amount Required : RM 100,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:

Proposed Investor’s Role:

Industry: trade

Project Stage: seed


Company History:

Started early May by young entrepreneurs based in Sarawak. Aims to tapped least explored Sarawak pepper export market. Background as pepper farmer with ability to acquire local pepper supply for export. Sarawak pepper export projected to grow at robust rate in near future either merely less than 15 local exporter, ability to market Sarawak pepper will ultimately provide bigger market share in pepper export arena.

Product / Service Description:

Sarawak peppers (black/white)

Business Opportunity:

Pepper export market revenue is currently at RM600million annually. There are merely 15 local exporter will give huge market share for new entries. Ability to source pepper supply from local farmers will provide huge advantage. Our advantage as local entrepreneurs and farmer will give us opportunity to engage with farmer.

Revenue Model:

Our revenue will be based on export volume and pepper buying and selling with local farmer as well as local exporter.

Management Team:

Formed by three young partners which all are local. We manage to secure an incubator to kickstart our business. Our background as local ethnic group in Sarawak will position as better in engaging farmer.

Current Status:

We already secure an incubator to kickstart our business and manage to acquire few interested company abroad. Our financial constraints has hindered our ability to export pepper at competitive price.

Funding Milestone:

Buying of pepper from farmer

Business Valuation:

Equal share

Expected Return On Investment:

15% per export succeeded

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Maintain optimum buying of pepper from farmer equivalent with export performances.

Exit Strategies:

We propose funding in stage and demand based funding.



No223 lorong 1-7 Taman Suria 1
State : Sarawak
Post Code : 94300
Country : Malaysia


Seeking RM200K to replace current meat industry with insects meat

Project Cost: RM 300K

Amount Invested : RM100 K

Amount Required : RM200 K

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant

biotechnology / healthcare
industry products

Project Stage:


Company History:

Was inspired by my uncle and joined this field

Product / Service Description:

The Target is to replace current meat industry with insects meat

Business Opportunity:

The protein in insects is higher than regular meat and higher productivity

Revenue Model: 3 Stages

1) selling the living stock
2) selling the processes product such as tin
3) replace the meat industry

Management Team: n/a

Current Status: Startup

Funding Milestone:

Most of the hardware already possed
fund will be used in feeding material and human resource

Business Valuation:

16 to 20%
detail can be discuss upon meeting

Expected Return On Investment:

Price of Living stock can reach 10x of the modal
First batch of living stock can be done within 3 months

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Unstable price of feeding material
(Currently researching reaplcement material)


Lim Yan Thong (
Postal Address : No 29 ,Jalan 19 , Desa Jaya , Kepong , 52100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone : 03 – 62720141
Mobile: 016-6964463