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Seek RM480K for Cili Fertigasi farm in Kelantan

Project Cost: RM 480,000

Amount Invested : n/a

Amount Required : n/a

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time

Industry: agriculture

Project Stage:


Company History:

I am graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Actuary. Before this I worked at various company and I decided to start my business. I have established a company and firstly I manage to sell meat for 1 year and now I decided to make Chilly farm for about 7 Acre land through fertigasi method.

Product / Service Description:

My product is Chilly (CILI MERAH). I plan if I get capital for about RM 480,000, FIrstly I will buy a 7 Acre land for about RM14,000 each acre and its cost RM 98,000. Then, I will buy fertigasi tools for about RM 168,000 for 28,000 chilly tree. ANother is for (BAJA) and poison and employee salary. For BAJA and Racun It cost RM70,000 for 1 season (6 months) and employee salary for RM 142,800 for 1 season (6 month). All it cost RM 478,800. (Farm of chilly generate revenue RM 294,000 for 1 season (6months))

Business Opportunity:

The problem is how to make chilly farm. Firstly, I cultivate chilly back of my home for about 120 trees. Then I went to Jabatan Pertanian Kelantan and ask for opinion and favour. I got guideline for 120 chilly tree. After that, I have a plan to expand my chilly, but I need a capital to open chilly farm. But for 120 chilly trees, I successfully success.

Revenue Model:

FOr 1 tree of chilly, it can generate 3kg to 6kg per 6 months. FAMA take chilly for RM3.50 per kg. For 28,000 chilly tree can generate at least RM 294,000 (28,000 x 3 x RM3.50).

Management Team:

For organisation, I have 2 uncle ready to work for me. For another employee I decided to advertise to find 23 workers. It is 3 employee manage for 1 acre (4000 chilly tree). ANd at my office, It need 2 employee as take care for account and general matter.

Current Status:

Right now, I dont start any plantation as I have moved to new house and it dont have a land to do chilly farm. At my old home (I rental house), I got RM 1470 for 6 months for 120 chilly trees.

Funding Milestone:

For RM 480,000, for first month, I will buy 7 Acre land, fertigasi tools, pay employee salary and buy BAJA and poison. ANd another is for management for 1 season (6 months) included employee salary.

Business Valuation:

Right now I dont have any investor and my company is just Enterprise. My proposal is to get a loan (geran kerajaan RM 500,000)

Expected Return On Investment:

If I got a loan, I prefer to find approximately 8% – 15% per year who will charge me for their charge.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

The risk is the chilly tree maybe will be attack by virus but it can be poisened. Second risk is employee, employee who work for a while we will find another employee through advertisement or maybe we will take indonesian workers to for replacement.

Exit Strategies:

It take 2 year to settle all loan. I am very confident in 2 years, I will pay all my loan.


Nik nur asraf bin nik sulaiman (
Company Name: ASMULA NIAGA
Postal Address : Lot 1699-A Taman Uda Murni, Jalan Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu
State : Kelantan
Post Code : 15400
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : 0199170256
Mobile: 0199170256

Seeking RM120K for banana plantation project in Johor

Project Cost: RM 190,000.00

Amount Invested : RM 70,000.00

Amount Required : RM 120,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
other (Belief)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor

consumer goods
biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: seed


Company History:

Male. Malay. 30 years old. Single. 3rd from 5 siblings. Own an architecture degree. ABC-Adventurous-Brave-Creative. Have tried and failed in rearing red tilapia, have worked for 3 months in grape farms in Melbourne, Australia. Have read a lot, learn a lot from my past failures. Previously worked as translator in Singapore, laid off July 2013.

Product / Service Description:

The objective is to generate capital for my own investments. The method is by planting bananas. I have 30 acres of land in Mersing. A newly cleared forest, with wild boars and elephants roaming around. The main objective is to plant coconut or palm oil there. But in 3 first years, bananas will be planted there, fully. -To generate cash to recover my initial investment. With all the parameters/factors considered, I take this project has 90% success rate, with the right amount of funding.

Business Opportunity:

Bananas are in constant demands, especially from the variety of Berangan and Tanduk.

Revenue Model:

Sell bananas.
Sell banana leaves.
Utilise the logistics (mini excavator) to gain side income.
Utilise the manpower (foreign worker) to become farm contractors, taking on small farms tasks with other farm owners.

Management Team:

For now, just me handling all the important stuffs and 3 workers to carry out the hard/repetitive work.

Current Status:

Land preparation – dugging trenches, setting up electric fence for elephants. Acquiring machines.

Funding Milestone:

Stage 1 – 55k -Land prepping: Acquiring a mini excavator, and a farm tractor. Setting up electric fences. Setting up base.
Stage 2 – 65k -Planting to harvest.

Business Valuation:

I can offer no equity, only profit in cash, yet in a relatively short time period.

Expected Return On Investment:

3 (three) times the funding amount. If, RM 120,000.00, then the total amount returned in 5 years (maximum) is, RM 360,000.00.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

1- Failure of electric fence – Daily monitoring
2- Drought – Bore deep wells
3- Shortage of manpower – Contacts
4- Diseases – Advice and checks from Jabatan Pertanian
5- Death of entrepenuer – Life insurance, maximising on death benefit with the investors listed as heirs.

Exit Strategies:

Well, if everything failed, the land can be refinanced with banks, and any amount in arrear payable to the investor will be paid using that money.


Nazuan Iskandar (
Company Name: na
Postal Address : 558, Desa Sri Pontian, Jalan Alsagoff,
State : Johor
Post Code : 82000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +607 6871782
Website : na
Mobile: +60107666984

Neem Based Bio Pesticide

Project Cost: RM 500K

Amount Invested : RM 250K

Amount Required : RM 500K

Knowledge / Experience Required:
sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as consultant

biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage:


Company History:
I m a graduate n have 7 years in production knowledge of Neem Based BioPesticide.

Product / Service Description:
We have the Technology to produce Neem Based Bio Pesticide for the Agriculture sector, only of its kind in Msia. Non Toxic, Eco-friendly, Organic, most suited for organic plantations to control pest without the harmful effects of chemicals. We have the 80% of the machinery ready to be installed at the investors choice.

Business Opportunity:
After operating for the first 3 yrs, we ran short of working capital for operations and marketing. Couldnt sustain further, we shut the plant and removed all equipment and stored in a godown. It can be reinstalled to a new site with a investment RM250K.

Revenue Model:
Since the product is very effective, proper marketing has to be done into private & govt establishments.

Management Team:
Present I am the MD and the Chief Technology Officer.

Current Status:
We are in Melaka, we have approx RM 250K worth of equipments,
Initially we bought the know how tech from India for a RM 1mil

Funding Milestone:
Pay us RM 250K for the equipment , will shift all equipment to new factory lot, need additional aprox RM 250K to setup lot retal, electric, production, installation, commissioning, etc.

Business Valuation:
We would be 35% minor equity partner.Investor takes 65%, run joint admin , sales & marketing.
Our initial investment for the Technology & Equipment were RM 1.3mil. After depreciation its worth 500K after setup.

Expected Return On Investment:
ROI in 15 months if min sales is 1K litres per month. Very low overheads. Min sales of 1K lits per mth is an easy target and profits are 50-60% on the sales.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:
The demand for this safe bio pesticide are always high, for commercial & domestic & organic sectors. No alternative or similar product of its kind in the market under commercial production. Min risks. Low investment, very huge market, almost all agri sector.

Exit Strategies:
Exits when Profits shared according to equity for a period of 3 yrs or 200% of invested money which ever comes first. Or buys our shares after 3yrs at that period prevailing price plus pay a transfer of technology fees RM 1.3mil. Negotiable.


V.R.Nathan (

Company Name: Hitech Progress Sdn. Bhd.
Postal Address : 144-O, Jln Laksamana-9, Tmn KotaLaksamana, 75200 Melaka
State : Melaka
Post Code : 75200
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : ++6016-2718458
Website : NA
Mobile: ++6016-2718458


Bird Nest Business


The business i am going to involve is building few bird’s houses depend on how much money i raised, to produce natural bird’s nest, and sell it to the middle men.

Overview of the market and opportunity;

The major consuming market is in China. With the rising income of households, the market is tremendous and beyond what we can imagined. so far, the major exporting country is Indonesia with the blessing of plenty of swiftlets. with the forest fire that happened yearly in indonesia, some of the swiftlets migrate to malaysia, and created plenty of opportunities to malaysian communities.

Why my business model can generate superior, sustainable returns;

his is the critical one how i can comply with the expected return. With the professionals i know, who have 20 years of experience, who help my mother and other relatives built successful bird’s house. with land that my father has and has been tested to have good amount of birds, this is the attributes for successful business. swiftlets count on insects as food to survive, with our land surrounded by rivers and palm estate, this will guarantee the natural source of food for swiftlets for the next few decades.

Background of key managers/founders and shareholding;

William Wong: Business owner cum Manager. Grew up in Jerantut, Pahang , went to Kuala Lumpur for high school education, a dropout of Help Institutes, has worked as a server, salesperson and bar tender.

Johnny Yap : Developer, business owner, over 20 years. recently has a shoplots development project in Jerantut, Pahang.

Current status

Business is in the seeding period, but our bird’s house has generated two KG of bird’s nest after 1st year of operation, which generate RM 9000.

Funding required, purpose and milestone/goals expected to achieve.

i am going to raise 2 millions Ringgit Malaysia, to acquire land, and buildings, as well building bird’s house and facilities, (water and electricity).
As labeled .

Milestone Start Date End Date Budget

Completion of land acquisition Oct 1 2011 Oct 31 2011 300,000
Apply for permits Nov 1 2011 Nov 31 2011 500
Build bird’s house Jan 2011 Jun 2011 1,600,000
Start Harvesting bird’s nest Jan 2013 –
Equity to allocate for that funding amount.

If investor fund me with that money, i am going to give 15 percent of the asset value of the business to the investor.

How did I arrive at that figure?

This is a asset based business, majority of the money will be spend on land and buildings, overtime, land and buildings will gain in value, especially in developing country , growth in property value is always faster than developed nations.

as well when the production comes into play ( second and third year), with proceeds of sales, it will strengthen the assets as well the market value.

Expected rate of return to the investor.

This is a long term business plan,and will go on for decades. as in my conservative estimation, it will take the sixth year to break even. And after break even, i am going to reward the investors 20% of their initial principal or money invested.

Investment Risk and mitigating factors

International investment involves plenty of different risks, ranging from foreign exchange risk, political risks, and failure of business.

As explained earlier, This is an asset based business, and require little payroll, ie labor. currently bird’s nest production has become one of the major income for malaysia, and the government is supporting it.

And bird’s nest export is expected to grow from 1.5 billion to 5 billion in 10 years. bird’s nest business has been prevailing in asian market for many decades,especially in China. it is going to prevail, as chinese has higher income these days.

Another concern is the failure to attract swiftlets. with the professionals as my friends and business consultants, the risk can be diminished to a very low level.

Exit opportunity

80 percent of the money i raised is to acquire properties, with the increased demand in land for lucrative return, it is very easy to liquidate the business, ie put the property for sales. i had seen the land in Jerantut went up like crazy in recent years, as there are plenty success stories for bird’s house investment.

Swiftlet Bird House

Total Funding Required: RM300,000

Investor’s Knowledge & Experience Required: other (None.)

Proposed Investor’s Involvement: others (Strategic Partner)

Business Development Stage: start-up

Industry: agriculture, biotechnology / healthcare



The objective of this paper is to seek funding from any interested party

1-To invest in the setting up of the first swiftlet bird house or ‘Rumah Burung Walit’ (“RBW”) on a designated 2-acre land of which the land owner has given his agreement in principal and of which the location has been sighted by SNC and the land owner.

2-To create a one stop centre for ‘Walit’ Industry in the district of Tumpat by

(a)starting to venture into the upstream sector i.e. ranching sector of the Walit industry;
(b) by creating the bird house complex that will ensure the sustainability of the bird nest supply to SNC bird nest processing centre (downstream Walit industry)

Strategic Rationale

SN Canarium Sdn Bhd (“SNC”) has completed a 6 month research on the industry and it is proven from the import export data and the support from Government i.e. the setting up of Walit Unit in each state and Walit as part of Economic Transformation Programme, that this industry is never a ‘sunset’ industry.

SNC has indentified that the main reasons why many earliers venturers into this industry failed is due to one reason only that is they did not have the knowledge and they did not know how to get the access to the knowledge. As such they had to rely solely on CONsultant. With the knowledge that ranges from the requirement in the design of the bird house and up to the nature of the swiftlet, SNC can avoid the previous fail path that some venturers had gone to.

Strategic Partnership to be set up between

1) SNC as Mudharrib i.e Entrepreneurial Company that has the knowledge and access to strategic land and established a good rapport with the state’s Walit Unit and PBT; AND
2) Rabbul Maal as fund contributor.

Note: Other important parties are DSV, PBT, Designer & Contractor.

Payback period is between 3 to 5 years. ROI is 200% and above after bird house is full.

Black pepper plant in Johor seeking investors

Min Investment Amount : RM 150,000.00

Max Investment Amount : RM 350,000.00

Location : Kota Tinggi,Johor

Knowledge and Experience:
general management
sale & marketing
other (Human Resources)

Proposed Involvement: nil

Industry Preference:

Stage: Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit


I am a Retired Govt.Servant of 25 years.
Staying in Johor.
Having 8 acres of Agriculture land in Kota Tinggi.
Under the guide from Malaysia Pepper Board, willing to plant 2 hectares of Black Pepper Plant.
Very potential revenue income.
Importers from Japan,South Korea & Turkey had visit the Existing Pepper land(40 acres) in Pertanian
Moden Air Hitam,Johor.
2nd year onwards,the revenue is app.RM 250k.


The Plantation Project second stage expansion plan seeking RM1.7mil

Project Cost: RM3.5M

Amount Invested : RM1.8M

Amount Required : RM1.7M

Knowledge / Experience Required: finance

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: energy / natural resources
real estate
tourism / hospitality

Project Stage: second stage expansion


Company History:

We have more than 20 years experiences in providing personal development training solutions and eco-educational program for corporate, school and individuals. Please refer to

Product / Service Description:

A retreat resort fully operated by carbon free solar power system, educate visitor the sustainable livelihood. Accommodation, food, space and program available for international visitor and group visitor. Work with Malaysia’s Tourism and Culture Board to promote Eco tourism, Agro tourism and Edu tourism. Customised solar power solutions are provided, and this site served as the demo site.

Business Opportunity:

Problem solved: To install a customised solar system corresponding to the landscape and full accommodation with minimum exploitation of the nature.
Opportunity: To attach with eco tourism and edu tourism and sell the service package. Promote and sell the customised solar power solution.
Market: International and local market are the segment included. Traveller, school, organisation, corporate, family, individuals etc. for tourism, and market for solar power solutions.

Revenue Model:

Accommodation and facilities for rental
Service package of eco tourism and edu tourism
Training program for school, meditation center, corporate, church etc.
Customised solar power solutions
Export and manufacture durian food products

Management Team:

Management team comprised of wide range of professional to support the business comprehensively : training, education,project management, finance advisor, solar system engineer, IT professional.

Current Status:

1.8M being invested so far, 2 modules of accommodations and facilities completed, moving forward for the 3rd module of accommodation and swimming pool completion.
Income mainly sourced from the rental of accommodation to group activities at current stage. The site will be available for traveller’s rental after the 3rd module completed.


Lim Shu Yuen (
Company Name: e Major Creativity
Postal Address : Level 35 Unit 1, Menara Standard Chartered, 30 Jln Sultan Ismail
State : Kuala Lumpur
Post Code : 50250
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +60321101718
Website :
Mobile: +60196006689

Palm Kernel Shell Trading

Project Cost: RM1,000,000

Amount Invested : RM20,000

Amount Required : RM1,000,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: internationalisation

Proposed Investor’s Role:
full time
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: energy / natural resources

Project Stage:


Company History:

We are a trading company dealing mainly with bio fuel, we act mainly as an agent and is currently looking for capital and mentor to help us be a full fledged trading company and not merely an agent

Product / Service Description:

We have found 15,000 tons of palm kernel shell per month in Indonesia. And we have 2 buyers on hand for 10,000ton per month in Taiwan. The buyers are willing to pay 86USD per ton for the pks and our CIF cost is only 65USD. There will be a Net profit of 21 usd per ton x 12000 ton. The only problem is we do not have such a huge capital to absorb these two deals.As Indonesia factory side requires cash payment but the Taiwan buyers are offering payment in LC. And we need someone with international trade experience in Exporting to guide us along the way.

Business Opportunity: There is currently alot of demand for bio-fuel such as palm kernel shell

Revenue Model: contract with both the buyers and the supplier side to ensure the payments and the quality of our products

Management Team: n/a

Current Status: around 20,000 RM , for sourcing the goods and logistic cost

Funding Milestone: capital to buy and export the goods .

Business Valuation: 50% of profit

Expected Return On Investment: The expected rate of investment is 2 months max

Investment Risk and Mitigation: n/a

Exit Strategies: there will be a contract for 18 months with all the buyers, and we are looking to clear 15,000 tons of pks per month for 18months


Chern Yong Xun (
Company Name: n/a
Postal Address : Lot 3799 jalan kampar
State : perak
Post Code : 36700
Country : malaysia
Telephone : 0193147365
Mobile: 0193147365


Tanitek Biofertilizer, Selangor

Project Cost: n/a

Amount Invested : ~ 200k

Amount Required : 2 to 3 million

Knowledge / Experience Required: n/a

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: agriculture; manufacturing; biotechnology / healthcare

Project Stage: early expansion; seed

Information Memorandum:

Tanitek is the producer of Grow Bio, a one of its kind bio organic fertilizer that can significantly increase yield, improve crops health and repair soil conditions. It is a top class bio organic fertilizer that is unrivaled in terms of price and performance. Our objective at Tanitek is to bring a green and cheaper alternative to the industry, vastly improve productivity of growers, help reduce the dependencies on chemical fertilizers and keep the environment green. We believe this is the future of agriculture and this is the direction that the market is moving.

We believe the timing is right to venture into the business as prices of minerals and chemicals have skyrocketed in the past few years. The effect of the usage of chemicals have also caused huge environmental and health issues that directly or indirectly costing everyone from growers to the consuming public. Fertilizer is a 9.17 billion Ringgit industry in Malaysia in 2010. Given that our product addresses all the problems mentioned, we are very positive that there is a massive opportunity to enter the market locally, regionally and globally.

Tanitek is founded by two entrepreneurs: Mukhlis Baharuddin and Azzuwan Aziz who have been involved in the biotech and fertilizer industry for a few years prior to setting up the company. They found their gems, Grow Bio as a result of their adventure into the industry having gone through a trail of researching and experimentation.

What We Sell.

We produce Grow Bio, a perfectly balanced bio organic fertilizer with special blend of species of microbes and fungi. It is a premium bio organic fertilizer product which can produce dramatic increase in crops yield, improve crops health and improve the conditions the soil. Grow Bio is applicable to all types of crops. Organic and bio organic product in the market suffered from inconsistencies in nutrients output compositions or nutrients release capability that makes them unsuitable for mainstream usage. Grow Bio is the first bio organic fertilizer product in Malaysia that has the capability of stable release of micro nutrients that results in ensure consistent effect on crops yield. It\’s nutrients output consistency and it\’s multiplying effect on productivity, coupled with its relatively competitive price makes Grow Bio a viable alternative to chemical fertilizer in many commercial crops.

Who We Sell To.

Grow Bio is applicable to all types of crops. Therefore, we sell to anyone that grows anything! Our product appeals to all types of growers and planters for example:
• Large and Medium size plantations
• Small holders
• Individual growers
• State parks & gardens
• Orchards
• Home gardeners
• Hobbyists
• Nurseries

There are 6.89 million hectares of cultivated land in Malaysia according to the statistics from the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and every single acre can be fertilized with Grow Bio. It\’s that simple!

Financial Summary.

Tanitek is planning to setup a new production plant, establish distribution channels and embark on a full scale marketing campaign nationwide. Implementation of the plans will entail the following major items:
• RM 80,000 to set up a new factory with 600 metric tonnes holding areas and a small microbiology lab for soil and bio input analysis.
• RM 150,000 to acquire machinery that will be used for mixing and packaging.
• RM 50,000 to setup 2 warehouses in Kedah and Pahang.
• RM 80,000 will be needed to purchase bio inputs (bacteria, fungi) and composts
• RM 800,000 will be spent on salaries of 25 people for 12 months in the first year of operation.
• RM 400,000 will be allocated for marketing purposes that will involved television, radio and newspaper advertisements. This will includes appearance in live segments of popular television stations and also participation in expositions and exhibitions around the country.

Based on our analysis, we need around 2.1 million Ringgit to maintain a good working capital and cash flow. We are going to achieve this by seeking funds from any of these sources:
• Private investors
• Institutional investors
• Government grant

We are expecting sales for the first year to reach 6,000 Metric Tonnes which translates to 18 million ringgit in revenues. This number is based on the targeted market penetration of about 0.6% or equivalent to about 3000 hectares of oil palm plantation. This is roughly the size of a combination of to 3 or 4 small and medium sized private plantations. Just for comparison, the total size of oil palm land in 2010 is around 4.5 million hectares. Majority of the sales will be driven by direct sales which will amount to 60% of total sales. The remaining 40% will come from large private and quasi government plantations. We expect sales to increase by twofold in the fourth quarter of second year operation.

Contact Information

Mukhlis Baharuddin (

Postal Address : Damansara Damai
State : Selangor
Post Code : 48730
Country : Malaysia
Mobile: 0122113642


Tekno Integrated Cattle Farming

Project Cost: 12.5 mil

Amount Invested : 1 mil

Amount Required : 10 mil

Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy

Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor

Industry: agriculture

Project Stage: second stage expansion

Information Memorandum:

I am pleased to introduce my company Tekno Integrated Farm Sdn Bhd that was set up by a group of young men who have great interest, enthusiasm and passion for the cattle business. The business has been established for quite some years now albeit in a smaller scale in Benut, Pontian.

Recently we have been appointed to operate Ladang Satelit Jelebu by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Veterinar. The Jelebu farm began operations in September 2011. This farm has a land area of 120 acres with the capacity for 2,000 cattles at any one time. We are currently operating this farm at about 10% capacity, handling about 200 odd cattles at a time. We want to fully utilize the farm\’s capacity and potential and thus require financial assistance. In order to realise this venture we need a total amount of roughly RM10 million, mainly to purchase cattles, machinery and to cater for an upgraded daily operation of the farm.

Based from our experienced, we are confidence that The Farm has the right ingredients to make your venture a success. We are serious and are fully committed towards the business. Nevertheless, it will be up to you to do the necessary evaluation. Should you need further clarification or require presentation, we are ready for it.

Contact Information

Mohd Saiful Redzuan (

Postal Address : B-14-06, Block B, Jalan Pandan Ria 1, Taman Pandan Ria, Ampang
State : Selangor
Post Code : 68000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +60197554534
Fax : +60342700130
Mobile: +60197554534

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