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Seeking RM200K to replace current meat industry with insects meat

Project Cost: RM 300K Amount Invested : RM100 K Amount Required : RM200 K Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time as mentor as consultant Industry: agriculture biotechnology / healthcare industry products Project Stage: start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Was inspired by my uncle and joined this field Product / Service Description: The Target is to replace current meat industry with insects meat Business Opportunity: The protein in insects is higher than regular meat and ...

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Seek RM480K for Cili Fertigasi farm in Kelantan

Project Cost: RM 480,000 Amount Invested : n/a Amount Required : n/a Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy production sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: full time Industry: agriculture Project Stage: start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: I am graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Actuary. Before this I worked at various company and I decided to start my business. I have established a company and firstly I manage to sell meat for 1 year and now I decided to make Chilly ...

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Seeking RM120K for banana plantation project in Johor

Project Cost: RM 190,000.00 Amount Invested : RM 70,000.00 Amount Required : RM 120,000.00 Knowledge / Experience Required: general management strategy finance other (Belief) Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time as mentor Industry: agriculture consumer goods biotechnology / healthcare Project Stage: seed EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Male. Malay. 30 years old. Single. 3rd from 5 siblings. Own an architecture degree. ABC-Adventurous-Brave-Creative. Have tried and failed in rearing red tilapia, have worked for 3 months in grape farms in Melbourne, Australia. Have read ...

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Neem Based Bio Pesticide

Project Cost: RM 500K Amount Invested : RM 250K Amount Required : RM 500K Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy finance sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: full time part-time as consultant Industry: agriculture biotechnology / healthcare Project Stage: start-up turnaround EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: I m a graduate n have 7 years in production knowledge of Neem Based BioPesticide. Product / Service Description: We have the Technology to produce Neem Based Bio Pesticide for the Agriculture sector, only of its ...

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Cloud Water Hydroponic

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Beyond simply returning enhanced value to shareholder, we have set a bigger objective to be a responsible corporate citizen by helping people to reduce their living cost and improve their health by offering quality vegetables at low prices. Thus, a Cloud Water Hydroponic that can feed the world is borned. Our team has improvised the existing hydroponic system; firstly we installed a humidifier that will prevent the roots of the plant contacting with the water. So the plant ...

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Bird Nest Business

Description The business i am going to involve is building few bird’s houses depend on how much money i raised, to produce natural bird’s nest, and sell it to the middle men. Overview of the market and opportunity; The major consuming market is in China. With the rising income of households, the market is tremendous and beyond what we can imagined. so far, the major exporting country is Indonesia with the blessing of plenty of swiftlets. with the forest fire ...

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Swiftlet Bird House

Total Funding Required: RM300,000 Investor’s Knowledge & Experience Required: other (None.) Proposed Investor’s Involvement: others (Strategic Partner) Business Development Stage: start-up Industry: agriculture, biotechnology / healthcare BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Objectives The objective of this paper is to seek funding from any interested party 1-To invest in the setting up of the first swiftlet bird house or ‘Rumah Burung Walit’ (“RBW”) on a designated 2-acre land of which the land owner has given his agreement in principal and of which the location ...

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Black pepper plant in Johor seeking investors

Min Investment Amount : RM 150,000.00 Max Investment Amount : RM 350,000.00 Location : Kota Tinggi,Johor Knowledge and Experience: general management sale & marketing internationalisation other (Human Resources) Proposed Involvement: nil Industry Preference: agriculture trade Stage: Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit Profile: I am a Retired Govt.Servant of 25 years. Staying in Johor. Having 8 acres of Agriculture land in Kota Tinggi. Under the guide from Malaysia Pepper Board, willing to plant 2 hectares of Black Pepper Plant. Very potential revenue income. ...

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The Plantation Project second stage expansion plan seeking RM1.7mil

Project Cost: RM3.5M Amount Invested : RM1.8M Amount Required : RM1.7M Knowledge / Experience Required: finance Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant Industry: energy / natural resources real estate agriculture tourism / hospitality Project Stage: second stage expansion EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: We have more than 20 years experiences in providing personal development training solutions and eco-educational program for corporate, school and individuals. Please refer to Product / Service Description: A retreat resort fully operated by carbon free solar power ...

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