Real Estate Investment via STO in Singapore

Current StatusBusiness Plan Ready
Amount Invested0
Funding RequiredRM 500000
DescriptionTo start-up an ICO platform in Singapore to purchase real estate in US.
Business OpportunityCurrently i’m dealing with real estate company and developer in Florida, US. The real estate investment return is contracted for 3 years at 15% p.a. (total 45% margin). Each plot of 10,000 sqft land is priced at 30,000 USD. Freehold title issued by the US Official Land Records. Buy-back policy is stated in the contract (with return) if there’s no new buyer. I’m getting 15% upfront upon purchasing the land plus another 5% of commission.
Revenue / Business ModelThere’s more than 1500 plots of land/bungalow lot to be built into houses within 3 years. My planning is to develop an ICO platform in Singapore backed by real estate to acquire the lands. Cost for the platform setup is 700,000 USD by progession. I need a start-up fund of 200,000 USD. 

My margin is 45% for 3 years, 25% goes to token investors, 10% for platform developer and 10% for my side. 

Monthly targeted raised fund is 1mil USD. For the 15% upfront that i get upon purchase, 10% goes to platform developer and i have 5% on hand. 

Monthly margin = USD 1,000,000 x 5% = USD 50,000

Proposed return to angel investor/funder = 100% ROI in 3 years (Half-yearly or yearly payout)
Management TeamEngaged with Novum Capital in Singapore and in the process of getting license from MAS (Central Bank of Singapore).
Company BackgroundN/A
Funding MilestoneAmount of fund = 200,000 USD
% Equity Allocation5%
Expected ROI33.33% p.a.
Risks and MitigationThe risk is minimal. We have full control of the land as the land title will be under our company. We can trade the lands or build houses for more margin.
Exit StrategiesWe might go into US contruction or raise fund for contruction in 2-3 years time.
Company NameN/A
Business AddressN/A
Contact PersonJoe Yip

Data Intelligence Platform

Current StatusRevenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount InvestedUSD$100,000
Funding RequiredUSD$300,000
DescriptionWe are a data intelligence platform for crypto. We help crypto investors make better decisions with real-time actionable insights through AI, sentiment and prediction analytics. 

We use machine learning algorithms to analyze millions of data points daily on exchanges, trading data, blockchain, tech stack, social media, search and latest news to help investors gain an unfair advantage, today.
Business OpportunityCryptocurrency industry is an emerging technology globally. Yet it is inefficient and fragmented, full of frauds and tools are insufficient. From our customer interview, 75% of respondent are worried about “pump and dump” scheme. Feedback from an early adopter, Geoffrey, “I just wish that there‚Äôs more transparency in the market!”

We provide transparent, unbiased, real-time actionable insights for cryptocurrency investor with data-driven decision making. We help investors make better decision through real-time insights with sentiment and predictive analytics. 

We built own proprietary NLP crypto prediction analysis through machine learning model. Our current Bitcurate cryptocurrency NLP sentiment corpus is at 92% accuracy, which is higher than Microsoft Azure’s NLP at 73% accuracy.
Revenue / Business ModelWe have 2800 signed up users and 30 paying customers currently. Since we are SaaS business model, our profit margin is around 80%.

Our target market is B2B; financial analyst, venture capital firms, crypto funds and crypto traders. Our business model is a freemium and SaaS model. Our monthly fees ranges from free with limited features up to USD99/month for full features dashboard. We also selling data via API with the similiar pricing.

1. Selling API data with monthly payment. 
2. Selling monthly subscription SaaS through our website 
3. Customed enterprise development with white label. 
4. Targeted ads for free-tier customers.
Management TeamVictor Lee was a Standard Chartered Bank technology lead in China and also an Associate Director for Omnicom Group. He also founded another B2C mobile app startup in 2014. He leads a team of 15 developers, data scientist, product managers and marketers in his prior role.

Arseny and Denis are both tech co-founder / co-CTO with experience in full-stack software development and blockchain developer. The 3 of us met and worked together in tech project in Shanghai last year.
Company Background1. We started Bitcurate in 2018 and Victor invested personal savings of USD50,000. 
2. We launched our minimum viable product in Oct 2018 and subsequently received 5 angel investors funding of USD50,000 in total.
3. We have 2800 users who signed up and 30 paying subscribers on monthly basis so far in Dec 2018.
4. We have processed 500,000,000 datapoint so far and achieve prediction accuracy of 92% using LSTM machine learning model.
Funding MilestoneWe intend to raise USD300,000 for the next 12-15 months runway.
1. 40% for product, engineering and technology development.
2. 40% for customer acquisition, marketing, PR and event.
3. 20% for running cost: server, tools, offices, etc.
% Equity Allocation10% to 15% equity depending on investors background and value add.
Expected ROIBased on our 30% growth, we will breakeven in 12 months and start achieve profitability after.
Risks and Mitigation1. Data collected and machine learning models can be re-sell to crypto exchanges, financial institutions or stock trading agencies.
2. Angel investors are prominent professionals from Standard Chartered Bank, OCBC, Google, IPG Mediagroup etc. 
3. Secondary model of revenue stream; selling APIs to quant traders for other financial asset classes and/or leads generation to crypto-exchanges
Exit StrategiesWe are focused on Asia narrative for Crypto investors. 80% of crypto trading happens in Asia. USA and Europe love to expand to Asia but lack of domain access to Asia investments. We are focused on building the right advisors and connections in such network to make this happen in the next bull run.
Company NameBytecurate Pte Ltd
Contact PersonVictor Lee