Aura IoT Water Purifier

Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM800,000
Funding RequiredRM3,800,000
DescriptionWe are in the process of creating an IoT Water Filter called Aura that offers an all new subscription based payment system based on how much the user(s) drink, rather than a fixed monthly amount.

Being IoT & Internet ready also means we can offer a host of value added features for the end user, such as hydration tracking, a rewards system for drinking more water, and an automated and efficient post sales support based on the sensors available in our product.

We have a prototype ready. We have 2 shareholders / directors who are both Malaysian. Seed funding to the tune of RM800,000 has already been provided by the founder. We are looking for a further fund injection to go into full production and to pilot our project in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The water filtration market has been dominated by Korean companies such as Coway & Cuckoo for a number of years now, and we believe we can now offer a better alternative. 

* We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Business OpportunityThe current water purifier market in Malaysia suffers from the problems below:

1) OVER-EMPHASIS On Water Quality, Service Frequency – Competitors in the industry usually focus on the above for marketing which actually leads to more confusion on the consumer’s part on what is the best choice for them

2) ONE SIZE Fits All Problem – Whether it is just a household of 2 people or an office of 50, monthly rental and servicing schedule are often the same 

3) Mediocre Post Sales User EXPERIENCE – Someone knocks on your door once every 3 months to change your filters. This is the extent of the post sales experience that most people have with water purifier companies

4) Lack of ACTIONABLE Correlation Between Water & Wellness – We seem to have forgotten the original point of having a water purifier. It is more than having clean water available. It is part of encouraging a greater wellness lifestyle

We aim to solve this with the Aura, which focuses on creating good user experience that will lead to utilization based billing, incentivized usage to drive up utilization and low overheads since no showroom n dealer network. 

Malaysia water purifier market alone is worth 1.8B in 2019

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Revenue / Business ModelWe will offer a subscription based service for the Aura, where users will pay based on the volume they consume

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Management TeamConsists of Neal and Kevin. Combined 11 Years prior experience in the Malaysian water purifier industry. Neal previously bootstrapped another water purifier company, and subsequently sold the company for RM3.1M. Kevin was the head of sales in the same company, and hit record sales figures for the company.

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Company BackgroundSnap Technology & Solutions Sdn Bhd – Incorporated February 2019.
Seed Funding of RM800,000 provided by Neal (Founder)
Prototype is now ready. We require further funding to commercialize

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
Funding MilestoneWe require RM3.8M to properly bring this project to the Malaysian market.

*We have a pitch deck that will explain this in more detail
% Equity Allocation30%
Expected ROIWe expect to have a market share of at least RM50M in 6 years’ time
Company NameSnap Technology & Solutions Sdn Bhd
Business AddressKuala Lumpur
Contact PersonNeal Wong

The Biggest Night Market In Malaysia

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM10,000
Funding RequiredRM1million
DescriptionThank you for taking the time for this Pitch Deck.

We planned to create the biggest night market in Malaysia to have an opportunity for all the youngster entrepreneurs to startup their retail business and earning experience in the night market, our intention is to create a beautiful environment for youngster entrepreneurs to exert their creativity and keep their passion. 

In the night market we have to do our best to create a shopping experience full of surprises, freshness, curiosity and comfort for the people and tourists of whole Malaysia.
Business OpportunityShopping Mall Managements
– Hard to Manage Tenant Decoration, Renovation & Display
– Selling Price Control
– Services Control
– High Advertisement Cost
– Unable to Offer Affordable Rental Rate

Pasar Malam operators
– Unpleasant Environment 
– No Product Quality control
– No Parking 
– No Security
– Difficulty of Setup & Dismantle 
– No Utilities Supply 
– No Facilities
– Lack of Social Media Exposure

Young Entrepreneurs 
– Unaffordable rental (Shopping Mall / Shop Lot / Local Pasar Malam) 
– Unaffordable Renovation, Decoration & Display Cost
– Feeling Embarrassed Due Environment Considered as Low-class Shop / Products
– No Guarantee Foot Steps
– Unaffordable Manpower Cost

– Less selection / too many repeat products
– No Parking 
– No Security
– Product Quality Worries 
– Unpleasant Environment 
– No Basic Facilities 
– Unpleasant Shopping experience
Revenue / Business ModelBusiness Model:

Retail Spaces (330 units)
– RM50.00 X 3days / week = RM150.00 X 4weeks / Month 
Total = RM600.00 per Retail Space
330 units X RM600.00 Grand Total = RM198,000.00 per Month

F&M Spaces (170 units)
– RM50.00 X 3days / week = RM150.00 X 4weeks / Month 
Total = RM600.00 per F&B Space
170 units X RM600.00 Grand Total = RM102,000.00 per Month

Café Bar (4 units)
4 units X RM5,000.00 Grand Total = RM20,000.00 per Month

Gross Income 
= RM320,000.00 / Month
Management TeamJason Tai (Founder – Overall Operations, Marketing and Developers)
Age – 30 year old (31 /08/1989)
Experience – Shopping Mall Management (6 years), Event Management & Developers (2 years) 

Darius Yap (Co-founder – Operations and Marketing & Developers)
Age – 25 year old (10 /01/1994)
Experience – Shopping Mall Management (3 years), Event Management & Developers (2 years) 

Zhen Hao (Co-founder – Technical Leader, Maintenance Supervisor)
Age – 25 year old (04 /07/1994)
Experience – Shopping Mall Maintenance (3 years), Event Management & Developers (2 years) 

Chester Chow (Co-founder – P.R. Manager)
Age – 32 year old (17 /07/1987)
Experience – Restaurant Operator (9 years), Event Management & Developers (2 years)
Company BackgroundJCHESTER RESOURCES, a global event marketing company who creates globally effective, socially responsible design solutions that are timeless, effective and unique, using a balance of strategy, aesthetic and heart. JCHESTER RESOURCES offer solutions including corporate event management, product launching, and branding. We turn concept into reality. With over a decade of experience our event knowledge and technical expertise are exceeded only by our passion for perfection. We bring unparalleled originality, ingenuity, talent and vision to each project, treating each as a pioneering enterprise.
Funding MilestoneMe and my team are looking for RM1 million for the whole project. 

For the first stage we will spend RM500,000.00 for application for the planned government land – develop – and launch.

We will allocate another RM300,000.00 for a top up for the first stage to in case any unsure cost and improvement of the facilities in the night market.

The last stage RM200,000.00 is the turn over money for the 6 months operation cost and cash flow.
% Equity Allocation25%
Expected ROI110% (RM2.1Mil) for 2 years investment
Risks and MitigationSlow approval from government land application & low occupation.
Exit StrategiesThe first exit opportunity on after first stage completion.
Company NameJchester Resources
Business AddressB-5-8, Megan Phoenix , Jalan 2/142A, Km 10 off Jalan cheras 56000 cheras KL
Contact PersonJason Tai

Japan Automotive Parts Import

Current StatusBreak-Even, Profitable
Amount InvestedRM86,700
Funding RequiredRM300,000 or less
DescriptionWe specialize in import and export of a product which is only available in Japan Domestic Market.(ie Engine Parts,Aftermarket Parts, Gadgets and anything that was requested)
While importing goods,we also learn about the technology can be brought here to Malaysia at the same time improvise that technology to suit local feasibility. (Ie. Camshaft,EEV Technology, Compact Paddy Mower)
And InsyaAllah, once we are stable enough,bringing in these product would not be a burden to support local automotive and agricultural business.
Business OpportunityFirstly,
Malaysia have a stigma of overseas product being far better than local products or product Made In China.
We took advantage of that stigma and the rise of Japanese Automotive Culture here in Malaysia.(Where people convert their car from a Myvi to their Japanese counterparts).
The market was huge,with Perodua Myvi being the highest volume in Malaysia.
This trend is set off to see another 20 years or so before Malaysian mindset would change to another path.
Revenue / Business ModelWe did a few test with:
Bringing RM20,000 to Japan,sourced from the owner himself and try to see how much money would be made.
The sales was RM46,000 with one of the transaction being a ridiculous purchase of RM80 and sold it off for RM2100 after negotiation. Due to the fact that it was a Japanese trash,but a treasure for Malaysians. (Myvi/Passo are not very popular in Japan).
However,the net profit was only a mere RM8,300 because the expenditure for transport,yard rental and more is so expensive.

A second trial was done in 2018 with RM40,000.
This time the results were better with RM23,400 as net profit.
Its about meeting the demands,go with the current trends in Malaysia ranging from beginners (who would want to convert their car), Intermediate (Who purchase everything in their car from Japan)
Hard Fans (Who would literally by a car from Japan, and yes we can make this happen).
From our papers and documentation, the minimum average margin was at a staggering 210%.
By the time you read this,we are actually picking up orders of what the market wants from Japan and if we could work this funding out from Capital, we could assemble another trip with a 40ft container.
Management TeamThis company is lead by Mohammad Afiq, a Management and Science University Alumni, obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree at 22 years old (2014) specializing in International Business.
Worked a year with Sime Darby Auto Bavaria, and another year with Berjaya Corporation before heading out to the business world and formed the company.

Joined by Banuri Jamian (44 years old)
A Diploma Holder from UITM in Accounting to manage day to day operation and financial portfolios.
Company BackgroundStarted with a small amount of RM20,000 ringgit in April 2016 with RM11,000 to pay the rental deposit for a shop in Glenmarie Shah Alam, while the balance of RM9000 was used as working capital and asset purchasing. To be honest we started with only RM2,300 in the bank and we start collecting the money for Japan Project with that amount at hand.
We did a lot of investment in learning because we believe that Malaysians (mostly) are still not used to purchasing international item.
We collected RM20,000 for a year just to go to Japan and the most valuable experience was able to have a network there.
With RM20,000 in 6 months we made it turn to RM40,000 despite monthly overheads, salary and rental paid with no delays.
We survive till this date by selling Japanese products that we brought in and a few autoworks once in a while.
For the past 2 years the company made an annual RM340,500 sales.
Funding MilestoneWe humbly request a sum of RM120,000 for the next project as we want to be independently well and we believe that with the mass quantities,we can actually take it further to the next level.
We want to use it 100% for working capital only.
From there we can utilize the full advantage of the transport expenses and also the economies of scale.
% Equity Allocation25%
Expected ROI2 years maximum
Risks and MitigationSo far we abandoned the Classic Car project due to the change in government policies where instead of 25 years for the car to be brought in to Malaysia via Classic AP,now its at 35 years. We are not fully leaving the project,but we are putting it in hibernation for the next 9 years to come.
There is an external risk that must be kept updated on a daily basis where government in the new Malaysia might change their policies,therefore, there is a need to always follow closely with our Ministry of International Trade network.
Lastly,it is important to know that we would not allow any margin for errors especially involving investors money where we could make losses.
That is why investors money would not be use to pay monthly operations but instead it would only be use as purchasing and transport costs to mitigate the risk where a loss would occur.
Exit StrategiesFor investors, the exit opportunity would always be available only after the first year of investing.
This is due to the fact that a year, we can only have a maximum of 5 purchasing from Japan due to we personally would go there for a period of 3 weeks each time and choose the products ourselves.
For the exit clause,it is best that we be honest of an investor would like to exit below a year time,the fund given might not be return at a 100%.
If after a year and below 2 years,the fund would be return accordingly and the profit would be on a project sales report basis. After deduct cost of the project to the total sales so far.
It is best to know we are Muslims where whatever that does not belong to us must be return accordingly.
Company NameArk Innovation Industry
Business AddressNo 66 Jalan Penyair U1/44 Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park,Seksyen u1 Shah Alam Selangor.
Contact PersonMohammad Afiq

Millan Trading & Telecommunications Centre Business expansion

Current StatusPre-Revenue
Amount InvestedRM125,000
Funding RequiredRM300,001 to RM600,000
DescriptionIn need of funder to set up new electrical home appliances shop.Mostly provide services installing and maintenance of HVAC/airconditioner and wiring jobs.
Business OpportunityHome appliances market is booming in demand. Especially air conditioner,wiring works and surveillance cameras.Either selling,installation and maintenance.Thus it will generate sustainable income/revenue.
Revenue / Business ModelProfiting in selling of electrical goods and provided maintenance services(HVAC/airconditioner,refrigerator,wiring works and surveillance cameras). In the meantime bidding on GLC/Goverment to supplying electrical goods.
Management Team1.Managing director (myself) 
* 17 years experienced in HVAC/airconditioner,wiring works,surveillance cameras and contractions works.
2.Technician (2 person) 
* both well trained and experienced 
3.Clerk(1 person) 
*posses Diploma in Accounting 
* 10 years experienced 
4.Auditor (1 person)
Company BackgroundStarted in Jun 2015,with total of own capital RM5,000 and registered as company in Jan 2016.Get funded by MARA (RM10,000) on Aug 2016.Total revenue of year 2016 is RM97,000.Buying company vehicle (4×4 double cab) total of RM113,000 for entering rural area within Sarawak (installation,wiring and electrical works).In 2017,yearly total revenue is RM238,767.In 2018,half year total revenue (Jan-Jun) is RM78,558.
Funding Milestone1.RM250,000-RM300,000
*set up new shop,renovation,dealers and 
supplier,goods order.
2.RM 65,000
*buying 1.5tons lorry (used) 
*purposed for goods delivery
% Equity Allocation25%
Expected ROI30%
Risks and MitigationThere always a risks in any business.But in this kind of business we can expected sustainable profit because it’s widely in demand and competitive market.
Exit Strategies4-5 years
Company NameMillan Trading & Telecommunications Centre
Business Address1st Floor Parent Lot 105 L10630 Airport Commercial Centre 98000 Miri Sarawak
Contact PersonMuyan jamaris

Belletto (makeup artist and personal care marketplace)

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM 50,000
Funding RequiredRM600,001 to RM1,000,000
DescriptionThe idea of Belletto (make up marketplace) is allowing malaysia make up artist to get more exposure and job opportunity through this platform , make up artist will first be interviewed only allow to be listed into the platform. Make up artist required to submit their latest job to be uploaded in order for end user to view. End users then select make up artist that they wish to engage either for their wedding make up , dinner etc. All payments will have to go through payment gateway , and Belletto will take a certain percentage from the transaction. Other than that, Belletto also will have another session of make up courses where Belletto will engage with one of Malaysia popular make up artist. All courses will be conducted through live video and attendance will be rewarded a cert by end of the course. Nonetheless , this platform also will be selling various type of make up and personal care products.
Business OpportunityWe extract the statistic from, the personal care segment is expected to reach USD 351 M for 2019 and expected an annual growth of 12.9% and by 2023 will be USD 570M. Total consumers for 2019 will be 7.2M and by 2023 expected to reach up to 8.8M. All these user would be the potential users to subscribe all this make up service through Belletto and make their personal care products at the same time. Our indirect competitors in the market would be those martketplaces like lazada, 11street and shopee and also those makeup company that provides make up services but with limited artist and with high price.
Revenue / Business ModelBelletto business model would base on subscription fees on accessing to latest make up trends(both members and artist) , marketing , makeup courses , comm base for each makeup artist hired or products purchased etc.
Management Teamwe have a team of 5 programmers to kick start this marketplace, and we have a group of makeup artist that we have engage and last but not least a digital marketing agency to market our marketplace
Company Backgroundour company name is Bobbi Bobbi Resources , started business since December 2017. Core business is to sell app template and custom made mobile app. we have not raise any fund so far under Bobbi Bobbi Resources.
Funding MilestoneThe first phase of fund raising would mainly use for marketplace development and also for digital marketing. estimate cost of development of market place would be RM 350,000 in 6 months time. and balance RM 650,000 will be allocated for digital marketing before it’s launch. before it launch will raise another phase of funding for 2nd phase .
% Equity Allocation50% for total RM 1M funding .
Exit StrategiesOur future enhancement expected to fall on the 5th years where we will bring in AR and VR. once completed the AR and VR we will be selling off the marketplace in 10 years time.
Company NameBobbi Bobbi Resources
Business Address35A, Jalan Melati 18 . Taman Sri Melati , 68100 Batu Caves. Selangor
Contact Personpatrick liow

Custom Made/ Ready Made Shirts, Uniform | Clothing & Apparel | Souvenirs | T-Shirt Printing

Current StatusRevenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount InvestedRM50000
Funding RequiredRM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
DescriptionGiven the experience of serving several major PETRONAS contractor companies as well as the results of previous business experience, this business has been established. However, we need an estimated cost of RM780,000 to expand our business premises.

The cost includes the purchase of premises equipment, stock purchases, operating expenses and turnaround capital. From that amount, I intend to seek financial assistance of RM1,000,000.

Our business premise is located in one of the strategic locations for a sales-oriented business and a supply of special ordering apparel, printouts and so on as it is easily viewed and accessible from the main road. The environment is also very suitable as it is located at the premises of Dungun Town business center surrounded by a residential park and there are several educational institutes such as Dungun Polytechnic and UiTM Dungun branch, Paka and Dungun industrial estate as well as government offices.

With the modest competition level of the three existing Clothing Printing Stores, I am confident of being able to compete with them by controlling about 20% of the market size with the strength of service quality and reasonable prices.
Business OpportunityFor a business like this it will sure bloom because of the location is at the heart of the city for every entertainment business.
Revenue / Business ModelThe entity’s main focus is to supply and distribute various items to such as Flame Retardant Coverall, Industrial Jacket, T-Shirts,
Corporate Uniform, Computer Embroidery, and T-Shirt Printing Services. 

Besides, we also provide corporate souvenirs, gifts and become one stop center for any event or celebration. 

To realize our vision and objectives, we will continue to develop and provide the best services and maintain the quality of goods to customers. We will ensure that all orders can be completed within the promised period.
Management Team1. Azlinawati Binti M Alwi:
Responsible for administrative, purchasing, costing and liaising with suppliers.

2. Saiful Anuar Bin Saipu Rahman:
Responsible sales and marketing of the product, as well as liaising with the customers.

3. Account & Administrative Staff

4. Printing & Production Team

5. Tailor Team
Description of exiting / planned management team competency
Company BackgroundWe started business since 2013 by engaging a small operation at home.
Funding MilestoneThe ideal funding required RM1,000,000
Usage of the fund:
10% to replenish existing products for bigger capacity
10% to bring in new products
5% setup e-commerce portal
10% setup licensing pop up kiosk
10% marketing, participate exhibition, roadshow and etc
Company NameShahnana Unggul Resources
Business AddressLot 12783 Tingkat Bawah, Batu 6 Jalan Paka, 23000 Dungun, Terengganu.
Contact PersonAzlinawati Binti M Alwi

Baby Products industry, supplying child safety seats, strollers & other baby gears

Current StatusBreak-Even, Profitable
Amount InvestedRM500,000
Funding RequiredRM300,000 or less
DescriptionOur main brand that we import & distribute has been in Malaysia market for about 5 years now, it is the only brand that provides baby gears which are colourful (stimulates babies senses), different from the rest of the monotonous brands in the market & also functional which helps make parenting easier along the way. Among the skus that we have, our baby/child safety seat has always been a bestseller followed by the stroller and furniture. At this moment we are only carrying selected car seats from the brand.
Business OpportunityWith the implementation of the compulsory use of baby/child seat in 2020, we plan to increase the awareness on the importanceof the car seat usage & also ultimately increase the models of car seat to be brought in the market and also increase the volume of car seat to be stocked in. Statistic shows that the annual birth rate in Malaysia per year is about 500,000.
Revenue / Business ModelAt this current moment we have 30 active retailers with the biggest account consist of chain premium baby stores Mothercare, Happi Kiddo, Robinsons Malaysia and also Lazada. We make an average of 35% from the wholesale price given to the retailers and about 60% for end users that purchase directly from us.
Management TeamWe currently consist of 2 sales & marketing team, accountant, 2 warehousing & delivery team.
Company BackgroundWe incorporated this company in 2016, but previously imported our main brand with another sole prop(which was owned by Nurture Distribution(M) Sdn Bhd’s Director) and have estimated invested in about RM500k. 2017 was a slow year for us due to heavy competition of new products but in 2018 our principal decided to jump into the bandwagon of compact strollers & convertible car seats and thus has had a steady increase of sale. Q2 & Q3 has seen a sell out for every container that came into stock.
Funding MilestoneWe are looking at acquiring funds of RM200k to settled current credit term provided by brand principal(RM80k) and the balance to bring in new 300 pcs of car seats of the current brand (which will sell out within the month itself), which will fuel for more cash to increase order on the next month and also acquire new child safety seat brand that promotes extended rear facing installation-the safest way to transport babies & children.
Company Namexxxx (M) Sdn Bhd
Business Addressxxxx Shah Alam, Selangor.
Contact PersonAmelina Izreen

Manufacturing Toothpaste without fluoride

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM 100,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Toothpaste as we know is an agent for mouth cleansing. but do we know the exact materials added/used in toothpaste companies. Mostly are harmful for humankind. Not immediate effect but in a small range. Medical business people are gaining a lot by toothpaste form diseases. Diseases not in a conscious point but it works subconsciously. So i came with a different type of inventing toothpaste.
Business Opportunity As we know, today’s generation is not a generation of believing everything in raw. They tend to Investigate and health conscious. So our business opportunity is to target that health conscious into business. Advertising and Make people believe that Ingredient in Toothpaste is not so good for health. Automatically their eyes would search for the replacement and at the moment our Product will Get in MArket. Once they try i bet no Going back for them. Our toothpaste is 100% winning product in coming years & can give various work opportunities for Malaysians. I also have spoken to exporters from overseas. It is also doing good. Bear In Mind, toothpaste is a billion dollar market as everyone in this world using as to start their day. Even You. So opportunity is as big as The world.
Revenue / Business Model Money is no big deal. As our product brand speaks Then it will turn into a big treasure. Branding is the most Important thing for the fortune of money. Such as “Colgate”. Whatever brand we use to brush our Teeth but we tend to Use the word “Colgate” instead of toothpaste. That’s the power of Branding. Simple as below :
Capital – production – survey people’s need – marketing for Brand – keep advertising – come out with product in market – sell through distributor.
Management Team We can negotiate on Our Meeting if you don’t mind
Company Background Started on April 2017. Lack of capital for mass production.
Funding Milestone RM 300,000
% Equity Allocation 35%
Expected ROI 1- 2 Years
Risks and Mitigation Its my Dream. Anyhow can Make it.
Company Name Coalgae
Business Address 658, Jalan 24, Tmn perindustrian Ehsan Jaya, Kepong, 52100, K.L
Contact Person Jasinderraj Selvaraj

Wedabo marketplace and eCommerce platform for young creativity

Project Title Not many young generation in SEA especially Malaysia, have an opportunities to be like Jimmy Choo and introduce their creative around the globe. WEDABO want to be a pioneer, trade the lifestyle and culture among youth population in SEA.
Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Current situation in Malaysian young entrepreneurs in fashion, product, arts, music, toys, streetwear, sportswear, sports equipment and anything that related with lifestyle and culture, having difficulty to be in exist in nowadays market due to lack of support, exposure, experience, financial and platform to introduce their creativity globally. The existence like Alibaba, and other retailing platforms are growing in international markets, potentially expanding into Malaysia and diluting local brands’marketability internationally, and even worse, in Malaysia itself.
Business Opportunity WEDABO aspires to be a structured organization or ‘cartel’ to step-up in taking the responsibilities of handling, marketing and selling of both international (imported) and local brands in Malaysia, South East Asia region and eventually global.
WEDABO is targeting culture-rich and lifestyle-sensitive markets such in SEA countries, focused on every generation starting from infants to adults.We will bring culture and lifestyle products to the target market, at a more convenient way
Revenue / Business Model We provide marketplace and eCommerce platform to trade their creativity.
Management Team Co-Founder – 4
Staff – 9 inclusive of merchandiser,marketing, operation, creative, accoutant and web development
Company Background Start go live on 30/4/2018, investment from 4 co-founder around RM500,000.00, Subscriber under development, milestone we have 70 vendor on board with us.
Funding Milestone We currently required funding for marketing and procurement plus technical interrogation.
% Equity Allocation open to negotiation
Expected ROI we have pitching pack to refer
Risks and Mitigation we have pitching pack to refer
Company Name Wedabo Retail Sdn Bhd
Business Address Utropolis Suites, Glenmarie Shah Alam, Malaysia
Contact Person Amirul Ismail

Maayaa Gallery – Carnival Concept Fashion Business

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM50,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description We basically retail n wholesale on indian and general fashion/imitation Jewelry. Our business model operates on carnivals that is held in malls, convention centre and open space by organisers. Its becoming a trend for consumer to wait and shop during this time. There are approximately 10 to 12 carnivals in a year all over malaysia. The crowd is huge.
Business Opportunity We provide affordable & unnique range of jewelries which are traditional yet stylish. The usage of gold have created a huge social problem in terms of theft and many women are opting for fashion jewelry has finishing equilvalent to a gold jewelry and cost lesser. Thus the growing demand of such jewelry have created a huge market and demand for it. In regards to these type of carnivals, the market is estimated to value at 1 to 5 mil in revenue per event.
Revenue / Business Model My objective is to leverage on the crowd that shop in such carnival. I intend to introduce other product line like saree, tops, bags, shoes, bedsheet n etc apart from my jewelry. Also to add exclusive range of jewelry. So by having few booths with different product range within the carnival im able to make more profit from all these booths. Being in this environment for almost 10 years i can safely assure you and confident of the items that customer buys.
Management Team My management team consist of Me , Mrs Kaythri and part timers. Mrs Kaythri is very well verse in product & supplier selection as well as sales . Her designs selection has gain popularity among consumers as most of them come and look for us in every carnival and most of our stock finishes very fast. I am more involve in operations, logisics of goods, setup of booths and promotion strategy. I give more emphasis on the interior setup and outlook of the booth to give a good first impression to consumers and it works. Our partimers usually accesorize themselves with the jewelry as this actually showcase how each piece would look on consumers if they had purchase it and that has given us a competitive advantage.
Company Background We started our journey in beginning of 2014 and have more downs initiallly but gradually have overcome those obstacles.
Funding Milestone Amount required rm200,000. To secure 3/4 booths and extend product line and stock and a setup of a wholesale shop.
% Equity Allocation 18% pa
Expected ROI 2years
Company Name Maayaa Gallery
Business Address 38 Jalan SM11 Taman Sunway Batu Caves
Contact Person Adrian