Development of a International School in Iskandar Malaysia, Johor

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM1,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description The purpose of this business plan is to raise capital for the development of an International School, a premium Singapore-Cambridge curriculum school in Johor
Bahru, Malaysia whilst showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next five years. The company has been providing preschool, primary & secondary level education programmes and also tuition services to customers in its targeted market using a holistic education system approach.
Business Opportunity – The Malaysian education industry is undergoing monumental shifts with the constant evolving landscape coupled with transformation and enhancements in government policies
– Increasing demand for quality education both locally and regionally
– Education landscape in the state of Johor is undergoing a major upgrading programme under the Sultan of Johor’s economic development project, namely Iskandar Malaysia
Revenue / Business Model – Planning & Development of the physical infrastructure of an International School to be completed within 6 months
– Through an extensive marketing campaign, we are targeting a student enrolment size of about 400 – 500 for the first year of operation and to achieve full capacity of 1,000 enrolments in the fifth year of operation.
– To ensure at all times, the quality of our education and to position our International school as one of the most prestigious schools in the country. This would be achieved through our persistent demand for excellence from our dedicated teachers, inspiring students and the professionalism of our management team.
Management Team Founded and run by husband and wife team. Currently, there are 4 directors and shareholders of the company.


Mr Muhammad Azhar Bin Abu
– Managing Director/Co-founder
As Co-founder and Managing Director of the company, Mr Muhammad Azhar manages and monitors the activities of the school in accordance with the Education Act 1996 and Companies Act. He is responsible in leading the company’s transformative change projects.

Ms Sharifah Noor Hidayati Binte Syed Muhammad
– Principal/Director/Co-founder
Ms Sharifah was formerly a Head of Department with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. She has served more than 15 years in various education roles. Also the Co-founder and Principal of the school, she ensures the quality of teaching and learning meets the expectations of the Mission and Purpose statement and to set and adopt a long term development plan for the school.

Mr Syed Yasir Arafat Bin Syed Muhammad
– Operations Manager/Director
Currently taking the role as the Operations Manager, Mr Syed Yasir is a shareholder and Director of Starclub Resources. Coming from police and uniformed background, he joined the company to apply his knowledge and experience in duty of care in the education industry.

Mr Shaik Faizul Bin Ameer Batcha
– Business Development Manager/Director
As Business Development Manager, Mr Shaik oversees the strategic planning of the long term directions of the school. Prior to joining the company, Mr Shaik was involved in the administration of Fairview International School, as the head of Admin & Marketing.

Company Background – Started operating tuition and home school at office building in JB – Jan 2014
– Permission to promote in public schools granted by Kementerian Pendidikan – Oct 2015
– Obtained license from Pejabat Pendidikan Islam Johor to operate as an Islamic School / Centre – Dec 2015
– Acquired occupancy of a 12,000sqft lot with a total of 8000sqft built up space (direct tenancy from Pejabat Daerah) – Aug 2016
– Participated in Private & International School Fair – Oct 2016
– Major renovation works – Dec 2016 to Mar 2017
– Applied International school license – Aug 2017
– Student enrolment reached 130 students – Jan 2018
Funding Milestone – The materialisation of these plans and the success of current and new business ventures will translate into increased student numbers and overall revenue for the company.
– We are seeking a funding of RM 20 – 25 million in order to propel it to a higher level in order to leverage the business to a higher standard
Company Name xxxx Sdn Bhd
Business Address Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Contact Person Muhammad

Quran Accelerated Learning Centre (QHAL)

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM2,000,000
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description We Khalifah Education Foundation & Positive Islamic Psychology Centre / Entrepreneurs Development Institute Sdn Bhd will be starting our Quran Accelerated Learning Project (Q-HAL) together with Khalifah Model Pre-School Franchise system throughout Malaysia.

Q-HAL method can revolutionize and transform the teaching and understanding of the Quran and the deen of Islam. Through Q-HAL method, we can train any normal child to reach Diploma Level in Quranic studies and Hafazan. This is on a part time study basis of 8 hours a week at our Q-HAL centres throughout Malaysia. Within the Q-HAL Centre, we also can operate our Khalifah Model Pre-School franchise centres throughout Malaysia.

Business Opportunity The current Sekolah Agama / Tahfiz systems either full time or part time is not effective. More than 100,000 Muslim children are studying in Tahfiz Schools. So far, the track record in terms of mastery of the Quran and Arabic language in Tahfiz Schools is not good.

More than 2 million Muslim children are studying part time at Sekolah Agama Rakyat. Even after 10 years of studies every day for 3 hours daily, they have very little knowledge of Arabic language of the Quran or the understanding of Islamic Fiqh, Tasawuf and Islamic ideology as a way of life. Insha’Allah if we can reach out through Q-HAL, we can transform the teaching and learning of the Quran in Malaysia and throughout the world.

We are proposing to create The Quran Institute of Malaysia (QIM) to revolutionize the learning, teaching and mastery of the Quran, Arabic language / English language and Malay language all in one Integrated Holistic Accelerated Learning Techniques.

Revenue / Business Model Example of income 1: Income of Q-HAL in Malaysia (1st year operation)

i. Small group of student max 15 pax per class x 12 class room x RM350 fee per pax = RM63, 000 per month.
ii. Will conduct 3 weekday session of morning / afternoon / night, 2 hours each for 4 days (Monday to Thursday). Income from the 3 session will be RM63,000 x 3 session = RM189,000 per month
iii. Income from weekend session 4 hours each on Saturday and Sunday (Morning and afternoon)
2 session x RM63, 000 = RM126, 000 per month

Total gross profit RM 189,000 + RM126, 000 = RM315, 000 per month

Less cost of operation at 50% = RM189, 000 (inclusive of depreciation, utilities, salaries, promotion, advertisement, etc.)

Forecast Net profit per month = RM189, 000 per month

Forecast net profit per year = RM2.3 million per year

Example 2: Opening of 250 franchise centers of Q-HAL / Khalifah Model Pre-School throughout Malaysia (2nd year operation)

Net profit per month per center = RM1500 per month / RM18.0K per year for both Q-HAL Training and Khalifah Model School franchisee centers

Forecast net profit to 250 centers per year = RM1500 x 12 x 250 = RM4.5 million

Total possible profit Insha’Allah Example Project 1 & 2 (2nd year onwards)
= RM2.3 M + RM4.5M
= RM6.8 M in Malaysia alone.

Highly profitable! Insha’Allah we can develop more than 1000 Q-HAL / Khalifah Model Pre-School (KMPS) in Malaysia within the next 5 years. Insha’Allah potential profit can be more than RM10.0 Million per annum.

Example 3: Opening franchise centers internationally especially Indonesia, America, Europe & the Middle East.

Existing joint venture partner in Malaysia will be invited to invest in our overseas operations. We will appoint Master Franchisors in each country where will operate internationally.

Potential income stream RM30 million to RM50 million per year from our international operations

Management Team Develop by Dr. Abdul Aziz Azimullah an expert in Human Resource Development and Accelerated Learning Technique. He spends more than 25 years in training and consultancy. Holistic Accelerated Learning (HAL) techniques were developing to train unemployed graduate in English language on accelerated basis under SLG scheme (Skim Latihan Graduan menganggur). Q-HAL method has been proven in training hundreds of unemployed graduate in mastering English language within 3 months. After the 3 months HAL courses, they have Mastery of the English Language and received good jobs offers.
Company Background Organization Name : YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN KHALIFAH
Registration No. : 433502-X
Date of Establishment : 10 October 2012
Type of Organization : Company Limited by Guarantee
Registration Objective : Fund management for education and welfare purposes.
Tax Exemption Ref No. : LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.8000
Funding Milestone 1. Our scheme for joint venture is as follows:

We request each joint venture partner to inject RM100K to have the right to setup and run Quranic Institute of Malaysia / Q-Hal Training Centre and Khalifah Model Pre-School (KMPS). This group of 34 partners will raise RM3.4 Million for the project. (Each RM100K x 34 = RM3.4 M). This RM3.4 M from our JV partner is 49% share of Q-HAL Sdn Bhd. (Not including our Ujana Harmonis Training Centre asset)

2. They will be the partners in the Q-HAL center and Khalifah Model Pre School project in Malaysia i.e., they will be joint venture master franchisor in Malaysia.

3. They will also have the right to trade mark Q-HAL Training Centre and Khalifah Model Pre-School (KMPS) franchise centers in Malaysia though their shares in Q-HAL Sdn Bhd.

4. Insha’Allah, if all goes to plan, we can generate RM6.8 Million per annum in Malaysia within the next 3 to 5 years.

5. From this RM6.8 Million profits, RM3.4 Million will be paid back to the shareholder as profit who injected the capital (49% share of project). Insha’Allah, within 3 to 5 years, Insha’Allah the ROI is more than 100% of investment i.e. life time profit as long as the company is in operation.

6. Money back guarantee: The joint venture partner Insha’Allah will have a guarantee. If this project does not generate profit by December 2021, EDI will reimburse the full RM3.4 Million back to the joint venture partners, by taking over their shares. As guarantee:

a. We will develop our Ujana Harmonis Training Centre as condo / apartment. Potential profit RM15.0 Million in future if needed.
b. Or we will sell our prime land bank 6.5 acres at MRR2, Batu 6, Gombak. The land value is RM12.0 million. Lot No.: 4584 & Lot 3783, Mukim Setapak, Gombak.

7. Joint venture partners in Malaysia operation will also be invited to invest in our overseas operations. Potential for global expansion especially in Indonesia can generate RM30 Million to RM50 Million profits per year. Insha’Allah

Expected ROI ROI is more than 100% of investment i.e. life time profit as long as the company is in operation.
Exit Strategies Money back guarantee: The joint venture partner Insha’Allah will have a guarantee. If this project does not generate profit by December 2021, EDI will reimburse the full RM3.4 Million back to the joint venture partners, by taking over their shares. As guarantee:

a. We will develop our Ujana Harmonis Training Centre as condo / apartment. Potential profit RM15.0 Million in future if needed.
b. Or we will sell our prime land bank 6.5 acres at MRR2, Batu 6, Gombak. The land value is RM12.0 million. Lot No.: 4584 & Lot 3783, Mukim Setapak, Gombak.

Business Address Taman Ampang Utama, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
Contact Person Dr Abdul Aziz Azimullah


Project Title Australian sister college in malaysia
Current Status Beginning stage
Amount Invested 400k
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description We have a 10 years exclusive licensing from an australian institution for running a sister institition in Malaysia. The courses offered are business and hospitality. The HQ is going have in house Degree by this year. The price for the course is affordable. We provide a study pathway to australia for those third level country students.
Business Opportunity Study tour to Australia and China.

We can organise not only study tour to Australia but also to China. We can arrange study tour to visit China.

Revenue / Business Model My partner decided to quit. I can’t run by myself.
Management Team I have more than 10 years in business operation . I owned an aircond engineering company since year 2001.
Company Background Date start 01.07.16
Funding Milestone Funding require for operating. We also consider to sell off the business to those who capable to run it.
% Equity Allocation 80 to 100%
Business Address 6-G, Jalan TPP 1/1, Taman Perindustrian Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.
Contact Person Angelyn

Matrix Trinity Sdn Bhd

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM700000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description The trend in education today in Malaysia is changing its pattern as government is urging vocational education in both government and private institution. It is set to fill up 900,000 skills position in the workforce by year 2020. Student nowadays are seeking for education which leads to job placement, where vocational education can do it by collaboration with industrial partner for immediate placement after the study. Currently we are offering Malaysian Skills Certificate & Malaysia Skills Diploma and also IT-based short courses for working adults.
Business Opportunity To date, there’s no vocational college in Malaysia that offers a wide range of courses; where most of them only offers 1 or 2 specialisation of programme. We aim to expand to become the largest vocational college in Malaysia that offers at least 15 different skills programme that caters the job vacancy needs by the industry by year 2020; where the industry thinks of fresh workforce, they think of us. (Take for example, TAFE South Australia, one of our current collaboration partners).
Revenue / Business Model To the expansion of a variety of programme and the increase of facilities & space after funding, the college can accommodate 300-500 students. The turnover of students is 18 months (Malaysian Skills Certificate) with average annual tuition fees of RM14,400 per student. This will bring a gross revenue of between RM4.32 million to RM7.2 million. Students have option to pay the fees by self-funding, government study loan (PTPK), private cooperation loan (KOJADI) or EPF withdrawal. Extra revenue can be generated via hostel renting, in-house cafe and stationary supplies.
Management Team 1. MR CS WONG – The key person who set the company’s direction and recruit management team. He owned a graphic design & printing business formerly and he was appointed as Pegawai JASA (Information Officer) under the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia. His experience in both business and government sector has earned him credits to bring in to the current company for future development
2. MDM CHARLENNE ONG – The person who started the institute by offering the professional short course to the working adults. She then later found out that the industry needs for the highly-skilled workers are the high demands and therefore the expansion to offer vocational education is created. She started the vocational education wing in Architectural Drafting, where she was educated and graduated in Bachelor of Architectural Science, Curtin University.
3. MDM SITI ZUBAIDAH BT ZUKI – The head of creative marketing department, which is expertise in the social media marketing strategy from her previous experience working with MIHAS and FCC Malaysia.
Company Background Matrix Trinity Sdn Bhd (MTTC), started in year 2011 and based in Puchong, Selangor, offers training programs and workshop for the public and medium to large corporations. The programs offer in MTTC aims to provide delegates a platform to elevate their software performance skills in the exhilarating and rapidly expanding area of creative technology. MTTC are geared towards training professionals who are able to communicate in design-related businesses through visualization and gain a competitive edge for their organizations.
In 2012, MTTC has been granted as Autodesk Inc.’s (United States) Authorized Training Center (ATC) &Authorized Certification Center (ACC) in Malaysia. MTTC is also the sole V-Ray Training Center (VTC) in Malaysia. This allows MTTC to hold the legal licenses & official marketing materials that helps the company in the marketing scheme.
MTTC is also registered as the Approved Training Provider under the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) under HRDF SBL Claimable Scheme for company/corporates that are eligible to claim the fund of training.
MTTC collaborates with Institute of Professional Development, Open University Malaysia, IPD-OUM to offer Professional Certificate course & Executive Diploma course. This allows working adults to enhance their skill related to their working field. The course also allows the delegates to withdraw EPF for the course fees.
In year 2013, MTTC is appointed as the training partner of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) to provide Revit Architecture training & certification under government’s partial sponsorship to working adults. This has encouraged and boosted the participants’ registration to this programme due to very minimal training fees.
Moving further to another milestone, MTTC is now one of the accredited center under the Department of Skills Development of Malaysia whereby we are able to offer Foundation and Diploma studies under Malaysia Skill Certificate for school graduates.
MTTC is also one of the member in the Federation of JPK Accredited Centers, Malaysia or FeMAC from 2015 onwards whereby it is an association made up of members of accredited training provider in various industry.
In addition, MTTC is a well-organized with its organizational chart and fully supported by the experienced full time and part time, certified Instructors; a group of responsible and well trained Administration Executives and the Training/Education Consultation Executives. Each of the staff is playing an essential role in MTTC and is full of passion to bring MTTC to success.
Funding Milestone Funding target: RM840,000
Proposed use of fund:
Stage 1: RM440,000 – for facilities expansion & renovation, purchase equipments
Stage 2: RM100,000 – for additional programme application & hiring lecturer
Stage 3: RM300,000 – for exhibition, marketing & branding via different channels
% Equity Allocation 49
Expected ROI 50
Risks and Mitigation Risks:
– The limitation of government’s funding quota to students’ loan
– The lack of awareness about vocational education among the parents and students in Malaysia
– The high achievers students are mostly not interested in vocational education

– Have other funding option other than government’s fund such as EPF withdrawal & KOJADI loan.
– To create awareness using the raised fund to conduct marketing campaigns

Exit Strategies Investor can exit in 5 years time by IPO.
Company Name Matrix Trinity Sdn Bhd
Business Address 10-1, Jalan Suria Puchong 4, Pusat Perniagaan Suria Puchong
Contact Person Charlenne Ong

Aspirada Holdings Sdn Bhd

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM200 000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Aspirada Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is an education based company which focuses on academics excellence and quality trainings. We run Achievers Tuition Centre and Training Academy. Achievers offers a wide range of academic subjects. All subjects will be based on the current syllabus taught in schools to enable students to understand better. Achievers exists to help students. We take a unique and innovative approach to teaching that helps students connect with the subject matter they need to master. Through personalized and focused teaching processes, our students develop the tools they need for ongoing success in their fields of study. Our success depends on our attention to the needs of our students and truly helping them achieve – and leading them towards excellence.

Requires more out of the student. Memorizing solutions has always been the way for Malaysian students to get a good grade in their examinations. This means that the students are only able to answer questions well if the structure of the problem is the same as the one that has been memorized.

HOTS/KBAT meanwhile is a more holistic approach where the emphasis is on understanding and being able to use the skills learnt to put together a solution for any kind of problem or even a more complex problem. That means should the structure of the questions change; students are still able to answer them well.

With HOTS/KBAT, students are expected to be able to do the following

 Solve problem sums by picking out information and putting together a solution
 Many ways to solve a problem, not just formula
 Peer learning and self-study
 Understand WHY rather than HOW
 Focus on process to find solution, not just calculation
 Bird’s eye view of the problem at hand



Revenue / Business Model Aspirada Holdings will be diluting its 30% shares to bring in shareholders to be a part of the company and brand.
Each share under Aspirada Holdings will be sold at RM3000 for 1% based on its paid up capital of Rm300, 000.00.
In total, Aspirada Holdings will acquire RM90, 000.00 to aid for its future projects.

Achievers Projects

• Dexter Program
To educate students in technology network, to build a vast community with the knowledge of information technology

• Mind Empowerment
To increase ability of thinking fast and appropriate

• Visual Learning
To educate students more in their studies by visualization method for better understanding.

• Character development
To enhance more positivity among the students and to ensure a goal is achieved

• Mental Mathematics
To educate kids from age 7-12 to calculate and solve mathematical problems in a short period of time.

• Team Building
To conduct talks and programs to ensure more bonding and enhancing activity among students.

Management Team Aspirada Holdings currently consists of 2 shareholders who are the managing director of the company.
We have established teams for marketing, designs and management.
Company Background The company was established on 1st December 2015. We have run the business for 1 year. The first year of the business was focused on establishing the brand and all round marketing. The amount invested up to date for renovation, rentals, furnitures, books and stationaries, electrical appliances (air conds etc) is RM200000. We are in the phase of breaking even with revenue and monthly exoenditure.
Funding Milestone Aspirada Holdings will be diluting its 30% shares to bring in shareholders to be a part of the company and brand.
Each share under Aspirada Holdings will be sold at RM3000 for 1% based on its paid up capital of Rm300, 000.00.
In total, Aspirada Holdings will acquire RM90, 000.00 to aid for its future projects.

Use of Funds
Future projects
I. Dexter Program
• January 2017
• Learn to use the internet to search for information needed school assignments and master the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher.
• To encourage and to educate the younger generation about the latest technology in computers
• To train school children on purpose of charts, diagrams and creative designs through computers.
• To enable a child to have sufficient information on computers.
• Courses on handling computers.

Estimated Budget:
1) Computers (10 units) RM3,450 x 10
= RM 34,500.00
2) Software, Microsoft offices, Antivirus RM7,500
3) Setting up of the computer lab
– Furniture (computer tables and chairs)
– Basic Renovation RM15,000.00

Total: RM57, 000.00

II. Installation of Projectors in all classrooms
• Implementing interactive learning in classrooms
• Subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Science will be well taught using diagrams and videos that increases student’s understanding.
• Introducing the benefits of visual learning that helps strengthen student’s memory by remembering topics better.
Estimated Budget:
1) LCD Projector ( 6 classrooms) RM1850.00 x 6
Total RM11, 100.00

III. Achievers Intellectual Property
• Achievers will be publishing their own copyrighted books written by the tutors of Achievers.
• Achievers’ tutors have their personal techniques and specializations in teaching the subjects they master. Hence, modules written by them will be different from schools and books in market where it will help students understand the subject better.

Estimated Budget:
1) Printing of modules Total: RM4000.00

I. Banners and Flyers
• Advertising in residential areas in Petaling Jaya
• Advertising in main roads for public attraction
• Flyers will be distributed in schools and residential areas
Estimated Budget:
1) Banners (10 units) RM 1500.00
2) Flyers Printing (5000 units) RM 600.00
3) Promoters pay RM 1500.00
4) MPPJ Licence for banners (3months) RM 6000.00 (RM2000 claimable after removal of banner)
Total: RM 9600.00
II. Merchandising
• Customized products such as files, t-shirts and stationaries is be given to students upon registration.
• This is help the brand to reach out more to the public
Estimated Budget:
1) Branding and Printing Total: RM2000.00

Safety & Security
I. CCTV and Alarm installation
• Protection of valuable items in the tuition centre such as the computers, projectors and furniture.
• Notify the police in case of a threat
• As a monitoring system for the company
Estimated Budget:
1) CCTV (6 units) RM5000.00
2) Installation of Alarm and Sensor RM2000.00
Total: RM7000.00

Return of Investment (ROI)
Will be paid annually with the amount of shares percentage from the annual profit of Aspirada Holdings.

30% from the annual profit will be taken to be used for the company’s future development. 70% of nett profit will be equally divided per share percentage.

1. Investors with kids gets 20% discount on subjects/ packages

2. In the case of investors would like to use the premise/facilities, 20% discount will be given upon requested invoice.

3. All shares holders has the rights to request for an annual P&L report and voice to vote or share decisions/opinion.

4. In the case if investors would want to exit, Aspirada holdings would buy back the shares at the market price of the exit plan is after 3years only or investors can sell out to 3rd party with preferred amount with the knowledge of Aspirada.

4. Investors must give in an involvement in the business in any way to help it to grow.

5. In the case of entrepreneur/ founder would exit, only owns the percentage of shares, no assets, license, intellectual property (ip) is to be taken along. Aspirada still holds it.

6. AGM will be held once a year and a report or notice would be sent personally to all shareholders to ensure any decisions making or to notify a decision.

7. Investors of 12months duration, holding more than 4% of shares is allowed to franchise the outlet respectively with the SOP of Aspirada and an amount of royalty is to be paid to Aspirada.

% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI RM3000-RM5000 per year
Risks and Mitigation The education business has students coming and leaving. In Achievers, students have always stayed due to quality in education and highly qualified teachers. We provide education in a way the students find it interesting to study. We enrourage interactive learning for the better understanding of students.
Exit Strategies In the case if investors would want to exit, Aspirada holdings shall buy back the shares at the market price of the exit plan is after 3years only or investors can sell out to 3rd party with preferred amount with the knowledge of Aspirada.
Company Name Aspirada Holding Sdn Bhd
Business Address Dataran Pelangi Utama PJU 6A
Contact Person Darshini

Asia’s 1st E-Learning Marketplace

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM70k
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description The online learning business is like the classroom training in 1900. We’re on the cusp of a major transformation. If you believe online learning is going to have a significant share of the training business in 10 years, we are going to be on the right side of the fault zone. The heart of these courses will be an efficient hosting platform and an interactive environment. We’ve designed, built and installed them. Every online course will have to have a product like ours.

Our business focuses on integration of technology and education to make learning more interactive, accessible and affordable. We are filling the gaps of training for working professionals in the field of engineering, information technology, project management and other technology industries. In our current working industries, trainings are mostly inaccessible , expensive, and inapt. Depending on company policies, only a group of individuals are usually sent for trainings. Those wanting to improve their skills by their own will have to fork out a large sum of money for professional trainings.
Skill Bear was born to create a solution to all these. For professionals to upskill themselves in their areas of expertise without burning a hole in their wallet.

Business Opportunity The PROBLEM with pursuing education/learning skills :
Price is an important concern for those wanting to learn
Classroom training’s are not very convenient in terms of time and place
The internet does not always have niche courses
No easy way exist if you want to share your skills with others and earn a living out of it

Our SOLUTION is to have a marketplace where instructors can share their knowledge and skills for users at an affordable price.

There are 200M users in Asia using E-Learning. Approximately 60M of them are using Paid Services. Skill Bear is aiming at 15% of that market which is approx 9M users.
Our target customers to start with are those in need of soft skill courses. We will be looking specifically now at working professionals between the age of 25-44 in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Australia.
Industries we will be focusing on are Banking and Finance, IT and Technology, Human Resource, and Customer Service.

Our competitors are Udemy and Lynda, Our competitive advantage over them are :
We have the first mover advantage by targeting the Asian market. Our courses will have subtitles in languages of our targeted countries.

Revenue / Business Model Our business model is a 70%-30% revenue sharing with our instructors. We are currently the only marketplace in the world giving out 70% of the revenue. This is to attract more instructors and get a variety of courses.
Our target market will be specifically targeted by each course and not the platform.
As you will see in our pitch deck, we will be reaching a profit of 54M by 2019 using this technique.
In phase 2, we will be implementing the corporate section which will be used to reach out to corporates to use Skill Bear as their learning system.
Management Team Our management team consist of 2 people which is the founder and co-founder.
Suja Krishnan : Founder
Graduated in telecommunication engineering and worked with multinational companies such as Ericsson, NSN and Vodafone in Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia. Moved back to Malaysia in 2009 and joined a Swedish consultancy firm for engineering. Started as a consultant and trainer to big telco companies in Malaysia such as Digi, Maxis and Axiata. Moved on to become the global services director managing the operations and financials of the company. Owned and manage company’s PNL and Cashflow. Manage a staff of 25 people and had a company turnover of RM 5 Million a year.

PremKumar – Co-Founder
Graduated in mechanical engineering and moved into the food and beverage industry in Malaysia. Worked with big brands such as Chilli’s, Bubba Gump and Gyu-Kaku. Started with Naza Group after Chilli’s and became one of their rising stars and youngest outlet manager. Turn around Bubba Gump’s revenue from a mere RM100k a month to a RM400k turnover every month. Extensive experience in building brand awareness and driving top sales.

Company Background Skill Bear is wholly owned by Techrev which was registered on the 24th of January 2015 in Australia. Techrev Asia was registered in Malaysia in August 2015.
Up to date, we have had investments of RM70k from friends and family. Skill Bear was officially launched in March 2016. As of date, we have 500 subscribers and growing,300 courses from 12 different categories and 30 instructors. Our monthly average traffic is 1000 users per month.
Funding Milestone We are looking for funding of RM100,000. This will be used to move to a better hosting improving user experience, build an app to make it easier for users to use, start of phase 2 which is Skill Bear for business and for digital marketing purposes.

Hosting for a year – RM 3600
App Building for Android and IOS – RM 30,000
Skill Bear for Business Section – RM 15,000
Digital Marketing – 50,000

% Equity Allocation 1% = USD 2040
Expected ROI Year 2 = 1000%
Risks and Mitigation Risk Strategy
1) No internet connectivity Marketing should be done to target more metro areas
2) Laws that do not permit certain type of contents in
certain areas All courses are strictly professional and will be quality assured before releasing to the public.
3) Competition Always staying on top and finding innovations to further improvise our platform
4) Funding Loans and grants and investment. Sell company equity to bring in funding
Exit Strategies Investor exit strategies involve payoff through one of the following approaches: (2-5 years)

– Buyout of investor shares by owners or key business principles

– Acquisition by or merger with another business

– Recapitalizing and paying off early-round investors with funds from venture capitalists or other later-round investors

Company Name Techrev Asia Solutions
Business Address 29 Jalan Melawis, 41000 Klang
Contact Person Suja Krishnan “The Future of Education”

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM30,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description is a cloud based School management system start-up looking to revolutionized the way Asian students, teacher and parents interact and study in schools by creating a user friendly, no technical knowledge required single learning platform. provides:

Student: Easy access to school textbook, homework and notes both offline and online. students can create notes which can be simple formatted text, pictures, voice memo or a hand written note. Notes can be shared, tagged annotated, edited, given comments, searched and exported by teacher, classmates and parents via wifi synchronization.

Teacher: Easy access to teaching schedule, textbook, teaching references, students homework and examination question bank. Teachers can created study notes and homework to be shared by students. Examination can be prepared and be taken via the platform with auto marking solution. Examination score will be stored in students profile and shared with parents.

Parents: Easy access to student homework, progress report and examination score. Parents can also interact with teacher via the platform chat system.

Business Opportunity The popularity of e-book led to the need to re-evaluate of education system that is traditionally based on the printed textbooks. While the use of printed books have a lot of constraints in terms of cost, many studies highlight the advantages of digital textbooks. As a learning medium of the 21st century, digital textbooks are said to be able to solve various problems of teaching and learning.

Malaysia launched its digital textbook program on February 1, 2014. Covering a total 10,094 primary and secondary school students and excess to over 300 digital versions of textbooks via the 1Bestari Net system. It can be accessed online by students, parents and teachers. 1Bestari Net project is implemented by the Ministry of Education through Malaysian Education Development Plan (MECC) to enhance teaching and learning process and to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban students.

The implementation of the system enables mobile learning or m-learning and learning in any place or u-learning are two trends to enhance e-learning initiatives. In the first wave (2013–2015) program, the ministry upload 313 titles accessed free of textbooks via the portal 1Bestari Net. For the second wave (2016–2020), the ministry plans to produce the interactive textbooks for the selected subjects, which contains elements of text, graphics, audio, video and animation to help students in teaching and learning.

The third wave (2021–2025) will see the publication of digital textbooks for all subjects including for students with special needs.

Revenue / Business Model competitive advantage will the the “Per User, Per Month” payment methods. This will not only allowed school to immediately use but its also provides opportunity for school to gradually increased the users. will only charge a flat rate of MYR 5.00 per user for every School month.
Management Team is founded by Mikhael RishiI, having work in the Aviation Industry as a Business Development Manager, Tourism Industry as a Chief Operations Officer and Education Industry as a program Director. I have a total of 12 years working experience in growing businesses and have interacted with various levels and functions of government and business.
Company Background plans to provide a digital learning cloud base solution to students, teacher and parents to meet the Malaysia Education 2013 – 2025 blueprint requirements. plans to provide its solution to over 400,000 students in both the primary and secondary schools in Malaysia over a period 8 years which is about 10% of the overall students population in Malaysia.
Funding Milestone The start-up costs of consists of office rental, purchasing of equipment, go-to- market expenses and hiring of key personnel. The founders are currently seeking for a USD 500,000 seed funding from potential investor which will be use for a the day to day operations needs for the next 2 years.
% Equity Allocation 25%
Company Name
Business Address Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Contact Person Mikhael Rishi

Reality Gamified Game Learning System

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested not yet
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description This innovation relates to blending in the real life cognitive engineering process into this game system where the players have to apply their higher order thinking skills, HOTS to solve the pre-customized questions based on the given content/syllabus.
Reality gamified game learning system is human-centered with unique design and development linked to human factors. This learning game system is blending with the cognitive engineering process. The application of this knowledge can bring human thinking skills to new milestones. This game system implements practices and principles to optimize how people perform to improve and match the standards of overall organizational performance by sharing knowledge among players, nurturing the filtered players’ knowledge, and encouraging innovative knowledge creation. In the process of playing this game system, problems in accumulating and maintaining knowledge during the learning process will be dealt with. The accumulated archived documents (stated in all for different card) can be standardized to be reused and referred to by others. Focusing on these is expected to motivate and to avoid overloading players’ cognitive capacity when assimilating information throughout their learning process.
Business Opportunity Starts from Malaysia (from one state to another), gradually aimed to spread internationally . Example , we have 8000 primary schools in Malaysia.
Next is the Secondary schools , follows by colleges and Universities.
We also targeting the private companies for their staff training and developments activities.Targeted markets :
1.Professional science and technical services (training and development)
2. Educational services ( primary, secondary, colleges, university , tuition centres, home schooling etc)
Revenue / Business Model 1.basic service is free
– basic product for trial2. yearly subscriptions- (premium plan)
– provide on-site trainings, data bank etc.
Management Team Dr.Sylvia Chin
Dr. Chin’s professional objectives are to build a lifelong teaching and learning methods and techniques that can allow different students with different avenues to learn effectively and to increase their Higher Order Thinking Skills.Mr. Ching Yik Fong
Mr.Ching is a professional with more than 10 years experience in the area of attention and service to the customer, sales, and marketing, working with the productivity objectives and targets aimed at the achievements of the company’s short and long-term.
Company Background This product is still at the very early stage.
Funding Milestone We need RM500,000 to kick start this project.
We need the fundings for products manufacturing and distributions plus hire trainers.
% Equity Allocation Malaysia
Expected ROI N/A
Risks and Mitigation 1. Type of risk:
Insufficient fundingRange: HighMitigation
Seeking investors to fill the funding gap.2.Type of risk:
To recruit and retain the right marketing staff and trainers.

Range :Medium

Mitigation :
Extensive internal training will be provided them. This is to ensure they can meet the monthly /yearly targets.

3. Type of risk:

Range :Medium

Mitigation :
This game is one of its kinds which blended real world scenarios with their school syllabus or company training objectives. Suitable for everyone (from young children (age 5 and above))

Exit Strategies by second year.

Overseas Education Services Start-up investment with 355% returns on investment in 6 years

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM52,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Solutions Plus Malaysia LLP is a consultancy firm dealing with overseas education services. We aim to help and support our students achieve their goals and aspirations in life. We, Solutions Plus Malaysia believe in the power of education. It broadens the spectrum of knowledge which is vital to get hold of your own mind. It is the core ingredient in having dreams and turning it into reality. Having your own imagination and original ideas will make you, OWN SUCCESS. Success helps in the balance of life. To make everyone become self-dependent, a little bit of job security, no inferiority complex and a well-organized understanding of the world. Education might not be the key to happiness but it definitely is key to a lot of other things which come together to make us happy.

Our VISION and MISSION is to provide support to aspiring achievers. To motivate aspirants to excellence, to be independent and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in a global community.

We live by OUR VALUES, to COMMIT, to INSPIRE, to be CONSISTENT, and to be OPTIMISTIC at all times.

Quality counselling is the key to helping people. The knowledge, the experience and the expertise we have makes a lot of difference. The love and care for people who need support. The hand that’s always ready to hold for guidance. The commitment in our hearts to do the utmost service and to influence one another to look at the world through new eyes.

Solutions Plus Malaysia doesn’t promise work after graduation, we don’t promise wealth BUT success in your own field of interest. We commit to bring support to our future achievers. We inspire one to believe there is future. We, Solutions Plus Malaysia embraces everyone like family, supports everyone like a friend. Treats everyone like VIP.

We live in a fast paced world. Everyone is busy. Everybody’s time is precious. To achieve the mission and fulfil our vision in the most efficient way, we sought partnership with one of the top agency in India .We are currently connected with MEDWAY Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd. MEDWAY Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd. has been doing successful business for more than 10 years. They are the experts in the crucial part of recruitment and conversion that is Profile assessment and Visa process.

Our services
1) University placement assistance
2) Career Counselling
3) Programme Counselling
4) Job Placement Assistance
5) Travel and accommodation assistance
6) Immigration/ visa process assistance

Business Opportunity We assist candidates who are interested to study, work and live in New Zealand. We help with student’s enrolment, funding through scholarships, Job search, visa process and information on the pathways to permanent residency. Based on migration profile generated by UNICEF of Malaysia, a steady growth in migration to first world country is clearly shown. Since there are strict migration policies in the countries like Australia, USA, UK and Canada, students are looking at other option and that is New Zealand.

New Zealand education is equally good. It is also internationally recognized. Gaining professional qualification in New Zealand is logical, with 1NZD – 2.78RM currency exchange rate. New Zealand is the current preferred migration location.

Our target market:

1) Undergraduates
2) College graduates
3) Students with Postgraduate qualification
4) Students with Masters qualification
5) Working professionals
6) Non-working Professionals

Revenue / Business Model We earn income from every successful university placement. Commission received by Medway from University/College from the students referred or processed by SPI to be shared in the ration of 70:30 (70% SPI 30% Medway).

The commission from University/College is normally received 4-6 weeks after the student starts his course.

For the first 20 students, 20% on the net tuition fees. For 20 students up- commission of 25% and up of the net Tuition fees. Commission rate is negotiable depending on the number of students sent. Some private colleges offered a direct 40% agreement with Kharissa (SPI) alone. (No sharing with Medway)

10% of year 2 fee paid at the beginning of year 2. And 7% of year 3 fee paid at the beginning of year 3. From this income, Medway Education Consultant Pvt. Ltd absorbs 30% of our year 1 fee as they are assisting us on the administration work with universities and immigration.

Years of study varies depending on the student’s qualification.

Management Team KharissaUyBienes

– She is a registered agent and is currently Medway’s Director of marketing in the Southeast Asia Region. She has full knowledge about New Zealand Education, The programmes offered to international students, equipped with Immigration policy knowledge. With its crucial parts the assessment and visa application. She is the knowledge point of contact. She deals with counselling, training counsellors, attends education fairs along with New Zealand College and university representatives.

Shasikumar Ramalingam

– He works on business matters such as advertising and marketing, business development, HR and recruitment and direction of business. He also works on financial and growth through market research.

Company Background Solutions Plus Malaysia LLP (Malaysia) and Solutions Plus International (Philippine) was set up in September 2015. Both started operations in October 2015. A total of pre-set up investment made is around RM70,000. The breakdown is as below:

Office set up Philippines inclusive licencing and permit of operation: RM10,000
Lending with interest: RM55,000 (Fully utilised for marketing, set up of premise and travel for agreement and business set up in both countries)
Virtual office, training and recruiting in Malaysia: RM3,500

Full list or receipt and accounts will be presented during presentation.

The milestone we have reached to date is stated below

Total students under counselling: 15
Total students application under process (awaiting offer letter and visa approval): 9
Total student visa approved to date: 1
Total student visa declined: 0
Total students for July intake to date: 25
Total pending income: RM184,870
Pending commission pay out date: August 2016
Total operating period: 4 months

Funding Milestone We are looking for investors that could fund us for partial start-up. This funding will be directed to marketing mainly in education fairs throughout Malaysia and Philippine. The funding requested and usage allocations are as below:-

Total start-up investment proposed RM120,000.00
Marketing from March 2016 to August 2016 47.5% / RM57,000
Operations from March 2016 to August 2016 52.5% / RM63,000

Projected sign up expected in this period: 40 Students
Projected income with this estimation: RM295,792

% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI 355%
Risks and Mitigation Risk
Education is recession proof hence the only risk involving this business is stated below.
– Only 2 major intakes a year with 2 commission pay out months (March and August)

Mitigation Plan
– If operating cost could not be covered while waiting for commission to be paid out, a security deposit of RM1,000 to be charged to all applicants who are qualified. This security deposit will be refunded to applicant or their family once they start their course in New Zealand

Exit Strategies The exit option that has been planned upfront is for a shareholder buy back. We have strategic plan to buy over from the investors with profit sharing after.

We are proposing a full buy back in 1 year with 12% interest.
And we are also proposing a 10% return of company profit for the next 4 years

And as closing and appreciation, we would like to add another year profit sharing of 10%.

Based on the understated income and realistic cost, the total profit projected for the first 6 years are as below:

1 RM247,584.00 RM134,400.00
2 RM407,894.40 RM40,789.44
3 RM521,702.24 RM52,170.22
4 RM587,732.46 RM58,773.25
5 RM660,365.71 RM66,036.57
6 RM740,262.28 RM74,026.23


Company Name Solutions Plus Malaysia LLP
Business Address Level 28, The Gardens South Tower, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
Contact Person Shasikumar

Provider of Cruise Course in Penang

Amount Required : RM300,000

Knowledge / Experience Required: sale & marketing

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: tourism / hospitality, others (Education)

Company Current Status: Growth


Company History:

VS EDU ENTERPRISE is a service centre that serves services to multiple level customers on Education and Job Placement. Education that been provided as a
Northern Branch of Edufly Academy aka Edufly Academy Penang. Edufly Academy has been established since 2012 with a specific purpose to meet the increasing
demand for trained professionals for a career in their chosen industry. The increasing trend in travel worldwide the demand for trained Cruise & Airline Crew and for other allied industry related personnel is on the increase. VS EDU ENTERPRISE will quickly become the premier service centre servings for the benefit of citizens around northern region for education services. VS EDU ENTERPRISE is also being as a Job Placement company to the students which fulfilling the course to be in Hotels or Cruises. VS Edu Enterprise is now opening an investment plan to be a partner in Edufly Academy Penang.

Product / Service Description:

As how as stated above the main goals of VS Edu Enterprise is to bring in few more courses which can be given 100% job security and marketing the course whole wide northern region to make sure all the people are aware of the courses being provided by Edufly Academy. Only by the course of Cruise Operation Management the required personnel to work is 15,000 peoples. VS Edu Enterprise is looking forward to bring this course to everybody who willing to travel and earn high. Finally, to bring some benefit and generate income to VS Edu Enterprise and the investor which could bring benefits to all people.

Business Opportunity:

Our main strengths are our syllabus which could make our students to be specialised in hospitality field, the course structure is the students will be having 1st semester of academic lesson and 2nd semester of internship where they will be working with 4 star and 5 star hotels. For those which are 18-20 will have to continue 3rd semester and 4th semester as an intern. This is because, the candidate will be having higher experience and cruise requirement is 21 and above so the candidate will be in internship till reaching 21 years old.

Revenue Model:

Making loans for the parents using their payslip,in case having problem in that we can still make loan on the particular student name when they are in the internship because the salary amount is from 1400 to 1800

Management Team: n/a

Current Status: n/a

Funding Milestone: n/a

Business Valuation:

Course fee
o RM 13,000/student
o Out of 13,000, 35% belong to VS Edu Enterprise where 65% belong to Edufly Academy.

Investment Percentage
o Maximum Percentage of 30% out of profit of VS Edu Enterprise is belong to Investor, where 35% out of RM13,000 is RM4,550 is the share of VS Edu Enterprise from Edufly Academy. 30% of RM4,550 is belong to Investor which is RM1,365.
o Maximum Investment needed is RM300,000 which equals to 30%.
o The calculation of percentage is as below: Rm 300,000 is = 30%

Expected Return On Investment:

o ROI is within one year because of the unique course and job field
o Per student the profit to the Investor is RM1,365 where a month a number of 30 students can be taken which is RM40,950/ month income. The maximum of students can be taken for each month is 60 students. So the maximum profit can be obtained is RM81,900/month.
o The investment amount is returnable to the Investor- so the amount of investment plus profit is taken able. When the Investment is paid back to the Investor the Investor will remain as low percentage holder of 5% of VS Edu Enterprise share for 2 years or above as agreed by both parties.


From: Varat
Company Name: vs edu enterprise
Postal Address : 1-2-47,Elite Avenue,
11950, Bayan Baru,
Telephone : 011-11305830