New Sand Mining Business

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM2,000,000
Funding RequiredRM5,000,000 or more
DescriptionOur company has located few freehold hill and plantation land which are high in sand deposit which will be able to operate sand mining operation.
YYSEET SDN.BHD. has an existing customer base which payment are in Cash or Top Up system which guarantee no bad debt situation.
Projection for monthly production is 20,000 ton and monthly revenue of Rm500,000.
Projection for mining operation is 3 year.
Land purchased will be fill and reuse as fish farm or plantation.
Business OpportunityAccording to new Melaka state government planning , Melaka government has stopped renewing license to mining operation in Melaka since July 2018.
Melaka state government plan to get 80% of sand supply from other neighboring state while Melaka quarry produce remaining 20% sand supply.
Melaka sand demand is high as there are many development project , farm and factory located in Melaka.
Price per ton of sand has been steadily rising since end of 2015 from rm17/ton to current rm25/ton.
Due to distance from Melaka to neighboring state sand quarry transportation cost has risen which furthermore provide good market value for local Melaka sand quarry.
Our company has identify few freehold hill and plantation land which are high in sand deposit which we can run mining operation , after mining operation land are transform into fishing farm , vegetable farm and plantation.
Revenue / Business ModelYYSEET SDN.BHD. has obtained Mining Lisence from Jabatan Perhutanan Melaka since 2012 to carry out sand mining operation and able to achieve a total revenue of RM450,000 every month.
Management TeamMr.Frankie Seet – Company owner who involve in mining business for more than 8 year.
Mr.Khoo – Chief Operations Officer ( been in mining industries more than 30 year)
Mr.Sunny Kho – Field Operator (5 year experience)
Mr.Dylan Yoo – Field Operator (3 year experience)
Mr.Thomas khoo-Technical/Machinery Chief (15 year experience)
Company BackgroundYYSEET SDN.BHD. [1226247-W](Previously known as YYSEET TRADING) was founded in 2012 and been operating in Kompartmen 4B , Hutan Simpanan Bukit Senggeh , Daerah Jasin , Melaka. YYSEET SDN.BHD. has invested heavily in Mining Machine such as Excavator , Bulldozer , Lorry and Pump , moreover we have specialist who are involved in mining business for more than 30 year of experience. YYSEET SDN.BHD. has obtained Mining Lisence from Jabatan Perhutanan Melaka since 2012 to carry out sand mining operation and able to achieve a total revenue of RM450,000 every month.
Funding MilestoneRm6,500,000 needed for purchasing a 50 acre freehold land ( small hill ) which contain around 1 million ton of sand deposit .
% Equity Allocation30
Expected ROI11.28% -20.51% annually
Risks and MitigationEstimated Total Return Rm8,700,000 to Rm10,500,000 after 3 years.
Investor funds are protected as the value of land (50 acre) after mining operation will provide financial security ( Land purchased for mining will be transform into fishing farm , farm and plantation ). Minimum value of land after mining operation is valued at Rm6,000,000. Most investor funds are allocated to purchasing land while we share mining profit of Rm5/ton , estimated monthly sales of 20,000 ton.
Exit StrategiesEstimated mining period for 50 acre of land is 3 year , after 3 year Investor can either choose to cash out on initial investment or continue to profit from our next mining operation ( profit per ton will be renegotiate )
Contact PersonDYLAN YOO

Sabah sandstone mining and low cost house development.

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM30,000,000
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description The Business
• This is a cooperation for sandstone mining and low cost house development.
• 1st phase will be mining sandstones from the site and 2nd phase will be having the land for low cost housing.
• Our aim is to provide affordable houses within the vicinity of Kota Kinabalu city centre in line with the government policy in providing first home for lower income group.
• With government support, potential first time home owners will be able to afford houses starting as low as RM230,000 (~56,000 usd).
Business Opportunity The Market
• Sandstone mined can be supplied to the state government for the on-going PAN-BORNEO highway construction.
• Housing development will be the following phase.
• PR1MA (1Malaysia People’s Housing Programme) is a housing development programme under the Malaysian Ministry of Housing and Local Government.
• PR1MA subsidises developers to develop affordable housing for Malaysians household income of between RM2,500 – RM15,000 (~3669usd).
• Currently the nearest PR1MA projects within Kota Kinabalu are sold out at RM243,600 (~59584usd) in a months time.
Revenue / Business Model Business revenue

1 Mining phase,

Market price for sandstone is around 15-30 ringgit per ton.
The mid is around
(15+30)/2= 45/2= RM 22.5 Per ton
Estimated 20,427,311 matic tonnes.

20,427,311 multiply by RM 22.5 = RM 459,614,497.5

That is if the project wants to sell all the material first.

2 housing development

This phase is still estimated as the market price by that time will surely increase.

At this stage we will use the middle of price for all 8 PR1MA current project. The mid price of all the prima low cost housing will be around 224,625.

224,625 multiply by 8,000 units = RM 1,797,000,000 (One billion seven hundred ninety-seven million Ringgit)

• Overrall profit

To maximize the profit for the whole project, will take about 10 to 12 years to complete.

Estimate total profit for this project will be:


RM 1,797,000,000 + RM 459,614,497.5= RM 2,256,614,497.5

(estimated whole construction cost)
RM 85,000,000 + RM 848,255,000 = RM 933,255,000

= 2,256,614,497.5 – 933,255,000 = RM 1,323,359,497.5

Management Team The Team
“All our team members possess experience in various aspects which are relavant and beneficial to the setting up and operation of the business.”

Ooi Chin U
Thank you for interested on our project.

A little inside about me.
Graduated from Bachelor of Property Valuation at Bond university, Gold Coast, Australia.
Work with few company before i decided I should work on my own. ( Sime Darby Property , Stockland Ltd, And Sabajuta Sdn Bhd)
handle more than 200 property cases in my 5 years working experiences.
willingness to push to success, and won’t give up until a project is done.

Albin Cha
Co Funder
“I hold a B.S degree in Civil Engineering from University of Glasgow and subsequently pursued my dream in Aircraft Maintenance. I am a registered aircraft maintenance engineer with EASA and CAAM with the skill in problem solving and a goal to strive for success in all my dream and ambition.”

Bernard Liew
Panel Lawyer
Graduated with a LLB (Hon) degree, an barrister-at-law and a member of Gray’s Inn, London and currently an advocate and solicitor of High Court of Malaya practising law in Malaysia with over 10 years of experience in general litigation, commercial contractual dispute resolution, corporate advisory, debt recovery, shareholder dispute, restructuring of company, company winding-up, bankruptcy etc.

Company Background This is a new company so we have nothing to go though here. but all of 3 of us have the experiences to deal with land matter or property in Malaysia, Specially Sabah.
Funding Milestone Business starting cost.
The Deal

Looking for 700,000US$ – Min per Investor 100,000US$

The Deal

Seeking for a total of RM 3,000,000 (~731,175 USD), to complete the full geotechnical report.

after the geotechnical report, then only can start first phase of the whole project. first phase will be 85 million and the second phase need to do more calculation as that won’t be the first prirority

• Quarry operation cost

To get to the point of getting ready to start mining will require at least 1 or 2 year in preparation for all the machine and lincese.

As mentioned, 85million is the estimated price to get 1.1 running

65 million for the property ownership, 122.35 acres.

The other 20 million is cost for setting up the company, acquirement of the mining licenses, equipment and machine to operate.

Note: operation cost is not included at this stage.

• New Township.

This part will slightly cost more than 800 million to 1 billion ringgit Malaysia to complete, however this is just a rough estimation, the real figure should be calculated by a Quantity surveyor and a project estimator.

% Equity Allocation depend on how much the investor willing to put in, but minimum funding amount will be at 3 million. which we will provide 5-7% equity of the company that holds the land.
Expected ROI if investing 3 million ringgit first year. expected to return at least 6-9 millions ringgit in 3-4 years time.
Risks and Mitigation there are no risk that involved if investor just looking for investing the 3 million for the report. we will allocate at least 5% of the company as security.

when we sell the land we will give back the investor 3 million plus 5% of the sale of the land to the investor.

Exit Strategies after the geotechicnal report is done, we will start planing our strategy as which is the best way to go.

Either we can sell the land , which we can pay investor and the interest straight away or we can continue work together with the investor to proceed with the first phase of the project.

if we decide to sell the land with the geotechnical report. we expected to sell the land within a year time.

Company Name ooi & cha property consultant SB
Business Address 487 Jalan sangkancil kota kinabalu
Contact Person lewis ooi

3p optimization systems dmcc

Amount Invested RM400,000
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description One of the key challenges in the industry is having real time visibility on the critical information on Toxic Gases and H2S . This are very hazardous elements that could cost lost of life and shut down of facilities , which can cost millions of dollars lost in revenue.
By implementing MOS (Metal Oxide System) Tracking System , we can manage the sensor details and provide valuable information to its clients also includes equipment calibration alerts . It has the ability to deliver MOS real time viewer with users can view information real time which will also provide equipment reliability , calibration alerts for preventative maintenance, and location changes from a single application . With our experience, expertise and commitment towards the industry we want to make the working environment more safe and efficient
Business Opportunity ADCO (Abu Dhabi Oil Company for Onshore ) has huge issue on the sensors for the toxic gases and H2S , as it has to be manually monitored and calibrated regular , as this is a very critical . If wrong reading it could cost human life and facilities shutdown . Which in turn could lead to Millions of revenue lost .
We were approached to make a study for the best solution . Based on the functional study by implementing real time monitoring and predictive analysis . We could reduce the cost by 70% and increase equipment utilization by 40%

Currently 80-90% H2S and Gas detection data are being collected manually . Proposed solution is to provided integrated and automated solution to have data access and calibration of equipment. The potential market for this is big and untapped .

This solution cuts across Upstream , Midstream and Downstream market as all the the process will have toxic gases and H2S sensors that requires constant monitoring .

Other Market
mining industry , Power Plants and Refineries which provides the same type of sensors which are manually monitored .

Revenue / Business Model Currently we are working on ADCO requirement which is 30,000 devices , there are only from 2 Fields . In Total ADCO has 8 fields .
We have funnel size of USD2Million for the first 6 months . This are only from Middle East , have not included SEA region .
Iran market we are looking at another USD1Million
We are working with TYCO with their device and packaging our software for ADCO project .
Locally we are in talks with Petronas and RAPID team , Also have been in discussion with partners in Indonesia and India on potential deployment on trial basis for the end users there.
Management Team CEO/BD – Worked with Top 10 , Fortune 500 companies . Experienced working across Middle East , Africa , Europe and Asia Pacific . Delivered Complex projects and solution – while in Shell and Halliburton . Increase solution sales for Roxar Middle East and Africa by 60% and Integrated Roxar into Emerson Flow group .
COO – Worked with SHELL on numerous senior management role across Africa , Middle East and Asia . Strong Procurement and Legal background .
Technologist – One of the few online intrusion and fraud security certified in the world .
Company Background 3P core business function is to enable oil and gas companies to optimize their production with proper set of tools, processes and experts in predictive technology . 3P, have also tied up with some of the leading production optimization companies in US and UK. As 3P being projected as one solutions company for production optimization, our core skill is in optimization , predictive analysis and IIOT implementation . As part of our production optimization offering , we have MOS core functions which could provide predictive analysis and calibration tracking, which can manage the calibration and sensor details and provide valuable information to its clients.
We started at Middle East and decided to relocate to Asia Pacific because we are group of Malaysian whom believe we can contribute to our local economy by leveraging our local talent and growing them globally
Funding Milestone Month 1 – Staffing and Development — RM450K – hiring core engineers and completing the development

Month 4 – Implementation and Deployment – RM350K – Getting the team to site to implement and deploy

Month 7 – Sales and Marketing – RM400K – increase funnel and growth from the existing funnel.

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI Within 3 yrs 50-60% return
Risks and Mitigation Key Challenges
New brand in the market
Customer confidence
Customers/end users are ready to use latest technology with lot of precautions, references, proofs etc.
Educate customers
Geographical challenges ,as most of the organization works in a clustered method

Excellent Products, Excellent Technology
Focused on the applications and products
Ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and adaptability
Excellent trial at the largest oil producer in UAE on different applications , different fields
Technical Experiences
Big players are cutting down staff as their over head is big . We are Lean and Agile

Exit Strategies 3 Year , investor can cash in at the market rate to the company .
Company Name 3p optimization systems dmcc
Business Address 708 , 1 Lake plaza , Cluster T , JLT , Dubai

Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant

Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM500,000.00
Funding Required RM5,000,000 or more
Description Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd, also known as NMSB is the pioneer in the designing of unique small scale Hydroelectric power plant which runs using Kinetics Technologies. In the field of hydro-electrics designs, much will depend on the availability of sufficient water flow and on the height of falling water besides the requirement of a large impoundment of water. These limitations has affected the widespread construction of hydro-electric plants. In contrast, using Kinetics Technology, which is patent pending by Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., the construction of hydro-electric plant will rely on source of Ndb mechanism and water. Further more, Kinetic Technology does not depend on hydrology assessments to assess the potential power via the height and flow rate (Q m/sec) which is done on conventional hydro-electric power plant. In short, using Kinetic Technology opens the scope to wider use of hydro-electric plants.

Additionally, under the governance of Sustainable Energy Authority Malaysia (SEDA) Renewable Energy Act 2011, Hydro-electric business will benefit on 21 years of guarantee income by virtue of the fact that electricity can be sold to Public Utility Firms. Risk of marketability will taken away from the equation.

One of the virtue of using Kinetic Technology power is the elimination of penstock requirements. No huge space is required and environmental and territorial disputes are avoided. Further more, the power plant can be built closer to TNB sub-stations which will ultimately reduce transmission line cost.

Business Opportunity In supplying society with energy, a balance must be struck between competitiveness, security of supply, and the environment. No single energy source is optimal from all dimensions. But Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant is optimal from all dimension due to its design breakthrough and proudly to be declare a Malaysian Patent pending product. Its has a vast market opportunity in rural and estate areas especially existing big Power industries failing to fulfill due to its Initial investment and Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant is design to cater for such market. Easily success of initial prototype can be forecast minimum of 10 Kinetic Hydroelectric Power Plant demand in SABAH & SARAWAK will be needed.
Revenue / Business Model Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA Malaysia) is giving Feed-in Tariff (FiT) whereby 0.26 cent p/kwh which is govern by Renewable Energy Act 2011. So based on 2 Mw, prototype we are earning Ex. 2000Kwh x 24Hrs x 30 days x 0.26 cent = RM374,400.00 gross income on monthly basis.
Management Team Muhammad Nazri (CEO & Managing Director)….
2008: Graduated from AIMS in B.eng (Mechatronics).
2000: Graduated from TAFE in Adv Dip on Engineering (Electrical/Electronic).

2002 to Present :.
Dual responsibility taking care of my own business (NMSB) and employed as Sr. Product Engineer at (MOTOROLA / FREESCALE / NXP) reports into US business organization. Core responsibilities to enhance yield, CWATY, unit cost via engaging various engineering, design & marketing team across the world US, France, China & Malaysia to deliver great results via innovative solutions.

Eight Technical Excellence Award in various projects.
Prestigious Diamond Chip award on outstanding project (Low Cost Faraday Cage).
Four KAIZEN project on cost reduction & productivity improvement.

Ir. T. Prabakaran Rajah (Project Manager)….
Nottingham Trent University (1988-1992)
Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering – BEng (Hons.)
Herriot Watts University (2007-2009)
Post Graduate Msc in Project Management (Construction Management).
Professional Bodies:
Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) since 1999.
Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) since 2000.
Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia (STM) since 2001. (up to 275kV Voltage system)
GBI (Green Building Index) Member (MGBC) No. GBIF/0321 since Sept 2010.
Certified Energy Manager (CEM) for Energy Efficiency (STM) since 2010
Registered Chartered Engineer with (IET), UK since 2011.

Past Experience:
Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad (1994–2003)
Manager – Transmission and Substation (2002– 2003)
Project Engineer – Transmission and Substation (2000- 2002)
Design Engineer – Substation (1994–2000)

Terry Yap (Marketing Manager)…
1972 – Graduated from Cranfield with a B.Eng in Aeronautics.
1973: Started a direct sales company by the name of Fortiss. He was Involved in planning and marketing of consumer use products throughout Malaysia.

Company Background 2013
Jan – Design Breakthrough.
April – None Disclosure agreement Prepared for Patent Filing.
May – Meet En Edisham [Deputy Director SEDA] to share our RE intention.
Sept – Official Patent Filing done in MYIPO.
Oct – Meet Dato’ Prof Dr Hj Abdul Rahman on forestry land matter in his Office.

Massive re-engineering work and factory assessment were explored during this period to significantly cut construction cost and design cost to cater for smaller prototype within Nazrie (M) Sdn. Bhd affordability!

Jan –
Meet Pn Norzila (PKNS) Sr. Buz Dev Head for funding opportunity. But She had refer us to Worldwide Holdings on our matter.
Meet En Azman (Worldwide Holdings) and doesn’t materialize since needed supporting letter from accredited body such as SRIM to certified.
Presented to SIRIM renewable energy research center technical team.
Received L.O.I from Public Listed company to venture in Kinetic Power plant. under condition sell the Patent Rights off record discussion! Ref Appendix
Received favorable respond from SIRIM.
April to Dec [On – Hold due to raising funding to kick start]

Funding Milestone Budget
Hydro Component:-
2 Mw Generator
In-house Transformer
Switch Gear
DC Supply
Transmission Cable –
Erection & Installation of equipment.
Shipping Ex-Site Ampang
Kaplan turbine
All the above as one lump sum RM5,495,400.00

Approval Cost
Power Systems Studies (PSS) 60,000
Connection Confirmation Check (CCC) 2,000
Grid Parity & Displaced Cost 2,000
State Government & SEDA Quota 100,000
Subtotal RM164,000

Building Construction
Consultant Civil 40,000
Consultant M&E 16,800
Civil Work 500,000
M&E Work 280,000
Road Work 35,000
Kinetic Mechanism 850,000
Subtotal RM1,721,800.00

Total EXPENSES RM7,381,200

% Equity Allocation 40% and negotiable we just need support of 1st running prototype funding.
Expected ROI Less than 5 years
Risks and Mitigation The key breakthrough here is the Kinetics mechanism and the Civil + M&E structure which is costing about 2.5 Million. Therefore, upon the Kinetics mechanism is been installed and tested than other expenses can be kick in. Which significantly making the investment risk lower by 66%.
Exit Strategies Anytime upon the Kinetics mechanism is been installed and tested.
Company Name Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd
Business Address A-5-9 Empire Tower,SS16/1, Subang Jaya,47500 Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Person Mr. Nazrie

Coal concession in Indonesia looking for Equity Investor / JV Partner

We are PT. Nurin Inti Global a new natural energy resources company registered in Indonesia has coal concession with deposit of about 50 million tonnes lignite coal in Kalimantan Indonesia. We have a plan to build Coal to Liquid Fuel with capacity of 5000 BPD.

We have done pre assesment and develop a business plan for this project. Based on our projection the project will required financing of about USD 740 Million and will generate revenue of about USD 260 Million per year with profit USD 178 Million per year and IRR 20.60% (for 20 years) (EBITDA).

Presently we seek USD 25 Million capital from equity investor to join with us and we offer to investor 20% equity / profit share for 10 years (total ROI = 400%).

The fund we will be used to develop of full detail feasibility study (bankable), basic engineering &procurement, FEED, CED & DED, EPC selection for project ready for construction and bank loan. This development phase will take for about 10 to 12 Months.

Full project paper available

Pylon Tower for Telecommunication

Project Cost: MYR55,000.00 Per Lot

Amount Invested : MYR400,000.00

Amount Required : MYR2,700,000.00

Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time
as mentor
as consultant

Industry: telecommunications

Company Current Status: Concept / Business Plan


Company History:

We are looking for Capital Venture.

Product / Service Description:

Nazrie (M) Sdn Bhd, has been shortlisted for a direct negotiation tender to built ‘Pylon Tower’ for a reputable public listed Telco. In-order to secure the Award Nazrie (M) S/b, had to provide financial background which consist of >3 million dollar cash flow capacity to take up this project.

Business Opportunity:

We would be awarded 4000 “Pylon Tower” to be built and the total contract value is MYR65000 x 4000= 260,000,000.00 (40,000,000.00 Million profit) for investing in 3 million. Perhaps, the 3 Million can be break even in <6 months depending on number of Tower accomplished.

Revenue Model:

The investor and us would create a escrow account where the agreed profit would be split upfront prior get into our account.

Management Team:

(Bsc.Eng) Muhammad Nazrie – Managing Director
– 15 Years of MNC Sr Management Role.
– Obtain several Award for his outstanding contribution.
Ir. T.Prabakaran – Project Manager.
– 20 years of several Power Plant project management.

Current Status:

Located in Subang Malaysia.
250K invested in ‘Kinectic Hydro Power R&D’
>100K for year of 2015.

Funding Milestone:

Initial One Million for Performance Bond.
Additional Two Million used for Mobilization Cost and First Batch of 25 units.

Business Valuation:

We would be awarded 4000 “Pylon Tower” to be built and the total contract value is MYR65000 x 4000= 260,000,000.00 (40,000,000.00 Million profit) for investing in 3 million. Perhaps, the 3 Million can be break even in <6 months depending on number of Tower accomplished.

We are willing to allocate 3X (MYR9,000,000)

Expected Return On Investment: 167% Of ROI within <7 months

Investment Risk and Mitigation: Compliance issue which may get terminated. Impose Performance Bond on our supplier whom associate with us.

Exit Strategies: We would discuss in-person.


Muhammad Nazri

Company Name: Nazrie (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Postal Address : A-5-9 Empire Tower,
SS16/1, Subang Jaya
State : Selangor
Post Code : 47500
Country : MALAYSIA
Telephone : +60350219085
Website :
Mobile: +60122638744

An alternative electrohydraulic power plant

Project Cost: 300,000RM

Amount Invested : 25,000RM

Amount Required : 275,000RM

Knowledge / Experience Required: production

Proposed Investor’s Role: full time


Project Stage: concept


Company History:

Well, I work as a content manager in a digital marketing company ‘TwitterJaya’. My job comprises of sharing content, advertising, running campaigns as well as contests through social media platforms. Along with that, I’m looking forward to establish my technological invention in South East Asia and become a global entrepreneur. Thus, I’m searching for busy and driven investors as well as business owners who have passion and strong will to invest in innovative technology.

Product / Service Description:

I am specialized in alternatives for electric power plants and recently me and my dad have developed an innovative electro-hydraulic power plant which is more productive, efficient and profitable than the regular power plants that exist today. I’m in a unique position to propose this business idea because it is a complete new concept for power plants which is environmentally safe, multifunctional, simple, can be dislocated to other territory and at the same time it doesn’t require any valuable resources such as: petrol, coal and gas. I believe that this particular innovation will change the whole process of producing electricity and lead to the convergence into these useful and convenient electrohydraulic power plants.

Revenue Model:

I expect to generate revenue from the production of electricity which is much more efficient and cheaper to operate


Vladimir (
Company Name: na
Postal Address : Jalan 1/149e 57000, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
State : KL
Post Code : 57000
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +60123574183
Website : na
Mobile: +60123574183


Sand Mining/Trading opportunity by Banking professional

Project Cost: RM 3,000,000

Amount Invested : RM 15,000

Amount Required : RM 2,985,000

Knowledge / Experience Required:
general management
sale & marketing
other (Anything goes including sleeping partner)

Proposed Investor’s Role:
as mentor
as consultant
others (As preferred by Investor)

others (Constructon sand mining/trading)

Project Stage:


Company History:

Banking professional. Experienced in International Corporate Banking for 3 years. Knowledgeable in Business Credit. Exposed to Indochina markets and well known to niche markets. Managed accounts for International Corporates and also played role as business and strategic advisor.

Product / Service Description:

Having huge land plots in Malaysia, where the State Government has issued tender for sand mining. Planning to obtain the contract with RM2.5 million minimum deposits. Frequency of sand refilling is high, hence production rate wouldn’t be effected. Target is to obtain the land as soon as possible if can, or if it’s to late, will move to plan B where to buy sand from the contractors which is at very low price.

Business Opportunity:

As well known, demand for construction sand is always there. However, due to my experience in Indochina markets, I’m capable to establish dealings. Moreover, I’m being received demand from European markets for a huge quantity with good price. Problem in the industry is very mild, except for the large CAPEX for startup.

Revenue Model:

Plan A: If land is acquired from the government, construction can begun. Quarrying of sand will be with given to contractors of assets (excavators, etc…) with rental for a cheaper cost. Sand will be loaded into barge in nearby port and shipped to destination. Buyers are there ready to sign Purchase Order, but supplier need to be ready with enough resources to gain trust. As per my cash flow projection, breakeven is 6 months considering the business is well funded.

Management Team:

Me as the Partner (stakeholder) willing to take full responsibility as the Managing Director in order to provide commitment. But as a startup, I’ll need time to form an operational team first to run the business. Next stage of growth will be recruiting professionals to form teams such as business development, accounting & financing, etc to grow the business.

Current Status:

The request is for seed financing. Business plan and operation plan is ready but couldn’t be executed due to financial limits. Business is yet to be established.

Funding Milestone: nil

Business Valuation: Negotiable.

Expected Return On Investment:

Double in 12 months maximum (can be sooner if Plan A is success). Prift margin is more than 6 times the investment amount.

Investment Risk and Mitigation:

Investment amount 100% will be in custody or authority of the Investor only. Cash outflow will only occur if contract is established with buyers and obtained purchase order. L/C, TR or other banking facilities will be requested from banks to safeguard the transactions related to trade. Company will be fully transparent to Investor regarding cash flow, trades, and strategy.

Exit Strategies:

No withdrawal or dividend will be declared by the company within 12 months of operation. Investor however, can exit the business anytime because the money will still be in the business.


Narendra Nathan (
Company Name: Enterprise (Sole Proprietorship)
Postal Address : PE-02-09,Blok E,Jalan Wawasan 5/3,Pusat Bandar Puchong,Puchong
State : Selangor
Post Code : 47100
Country : Malaysia
Telephone : +60146354038
Website: N/A
Mobile: +60146354038


All Weather Solar Power System. Japan

Project Cost: £1,000.000

Amount Invested : 3,000,000 yen

Amount Required : £1,000.000

Knowledge / Experience Required: production

Proposed Investor’s Role: others ()

Industry: energy / natural resources

Project Stage: Startup


Company History:

Mr. Tagawa, who had lost many friends in the Kobe earthquake, wished to develop a lighting system that would illuminate essential resources, such as water mains for fire fighting. He set up a venture company to fund research and development.

Professor Takeda developed a condenser (capacitor) that can store energy, even in dark areas, and on cloudy days. Solar power has relied on traditional batteries, but these cannot store unused electricity. (NB:if solar power were used in all 45 million houses in Japan there would be saving in total electricity use of 25%!

Mr. Tagawa patented the technology worldwide. There was a lot of interest from overseas, but not much in Japan although it is being used in flashing road markings throughout Japan. Japanese are traditionally slow gadopters h, although are excellent at enhancing things developed elsewhere.

Product / Service Description:

We have created a state of the art All Weather Solar Power System that enables you to generate your own solar electricity which you can make a difference to global warning by reducing carbon emissions, At the same time this energy-saving and renewable energy source will help to reduce your own electricity bills while you take care of the environment.This double layered electric condenser that doesn’t require batteries, the finished product is a flat, lightweight A5-sized package resembling a sleek foil packet of tuna. It contains two sheets of carbon fabric made from carbon powder. Each sheet can store 10 kWh ? enough to run a house for a day. The technology is being hailed as the “Energy Revolution” and “The Saviour Of Humanity

Business Opportunity:

Our mission is to enhance the use of cleaner, safer and sustainable solar energy to hand over a good environment to the next generation through developing devices with solar energy system we developed compact luminescent products for road safety with the patented Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) technology, which is expected to improve power generation efficiency as much as 10 times more than the lead batteries currently used.

Solar energy systems have been limited in their use due to some problems, some of which are its fluctuating energy productivity and the size and cost of lead batteries for storage. With EDLC technology, however, the system ensures a constant supply of energy. In addition, the size of systems can be much smaller than before because the energy is stored in capacitors instead of batteries.

Revenue Model:

We are seeking a £1,000.000 investment for Working Capital and Marketing. Based on our projections, Angel Investors will see a ROI in year 1 of 20%!We will enhance the application of EDLC technology to help develop the future of the planet. Solar Energy Businesses are worth Billions as it is the future of our planet, As an Investor you will see a return in the first year of 20% and a share within the business which we are more than happy to discuss with parties who are interested in investing with us we are not short of customers all over the world and being apart of this we will reduce energy bills all over the world

Management Team:

ECO CREATION LIMITED has been operating in New Zealand for approx 5 year. The company is managed by Akira Ochiai, who is also the major shareholder.

Current Status:

The product is finished but the investment is needed to bring the cost of the product down as the capacitior are very expensive and we need to mass produce the product to bring the cost down of the product, The Japanese Government has spent millions of dollars assisting, in the development of the technology, and it is already winning environmental awards.

Funding Milestone:

Funding will help in the production of this product and will be cost productive for everyone in the world so the power of the sun can help everyone everywhere even on cloady days there is nothing like this in the world and his hailed as saviour of humanity the energy created can be sold back to the grid and used again this will bring the cost of household bills all over the world if you are ready to make a change and help save our planet and make a difference to the ozone layer.

Business Valuation:

Sorry i have no equity to invest but this is the best and cleanest form of energy product on the market and will be worth billions in years to come

Expected Return On Investment:

we will return 20% investment in the first year and maybe more we are not short of customers as this out sell any solar power system in the world developed because of its size and cleanest form of energy.

Investment Risk and Mitigation: No risks but gains

Exit Strategies: they exit at anytime after the investment and stay a slient investor


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Central Air Con Energy Transformation by ipv6 technology sdn bhd

Project Cost: na

Amount Invested : na

Amount Required : U$ 1million

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Knowledge / Experience Required: general management

Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant

Industry: energy / natural resources

Project Stage: second stage expansion

Information Memorandum:

We have adopted a precision control system call ADRC(Active Disturbance Reject Control) in our control System to control and reduce wastage energy consumption in Central Aircon Chiller and condenser Pumps system by 50%. As a result the heat exchange mechanism becomes on demand basis and thus reduce unnecessary cooling when not needed. its a realtime precision control base on demand and therefore reduce wastage.

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