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Iron ore mine land JV opportunity

Approximately 62,000 acres of iron ore mine land. We are not expecting one investor to take up the entire land but at least a minimum of 1000 acres. We have 2 nearby ports for logistic purpose. Interested investors have to do their own exploration in the land that we will provide. SUMMARY 1. For 1000acres, estimated deposit is around 20million metric tonnes to 100million metric tonnes and its gona be surface mining. 2. Estimated grade is around 57 to 62. ...

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Generating Carbon Credits from Energy Efficient Buildings

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Why this Project? This paper explains the reasoning behind the Building Virtual Power Stations (BVPS) Project and how various stakeholders can gain from their involvement. The world is undergoing enormous changes in climate, with the primary reason considered to be due to the emission of Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere from our use of fossil fuels from industrial activities. Activities such as generating and using electricity, transportation of goods and people, and even from our commercial scale agricultural ...

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Filling LPG Plant (SPPBE), Indonesia

Seek investor’s to build a Filling LPG Plant (SPPBE) at South Kalimantan and Central Sulawesi, Indonesia Indonesian biggest Gas & Oil Company already convert the kerosene fuel to LPG, they need more 100 plants at East Indonesia. Each plants need US$ 2 million. The Indonesian Government was to convert from kerosene to LPG wich is more environmentally friendly and more efficient. Distribution of the conversion has been done in accordance with the map below. Use the number of LPG will ...

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PRE-IPO Australian Mining Resources Company

INTRODUCTION An Australian Mining Resources Company has the vision to become a profitable mining and exploration Company in Australia and overseas that will excavate and extract gold and other minerals from resource deposits. Achievement of this objective will create wealth for shareholders through capital growth and dividends. The Company aims to achieve this goal through a strategy to acquire undervalued and somewhat distressed small to medium scale mining projects and mineral assets that will provide profitable income streams to the ...

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Coal trading company in Indonesia is seeking financier

The coal is from west Kalimantan, the value between usd5m per shipment, have 1 year contract, the buyer from Korea will issue at sight LC with CIF term. More information: We have company at Indonesia (PT) and Labuan offshore Malaysia (Limited). Our main business activity is trading. For coal business, we have good end supplier at Kalimantan and Sumatra we also have a potential buyer from Hong Kong, India and Korea, most payment from buyer is irrevocable letter of credit ...

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Thailand Bio Oil & Renewable Energy Investment

Project Title Bio Crude Oil Refinery & Activated Carbon, LMB Finance Request USD$2,500M , Each BREIZ Basic Cost Is $115M, cover land 1,600ha + LOAN : Interest Rate 5.0-7.0% and Start Repay Term 2-10 years. Joint Venture : 20 years/average $125M , JV Get Profit Sharing 10% Collateral Deposit 3% [$75M] at K9GB’s Account for K9GB’s Business Partners/Land Lord Principles : Plantation Hybrid BAMBOO As The Bio Feedstock For Renewable Energy Plants Annual Income [Exclude Drinking Water, Bio Fertilizer, Carbon ...

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Brazil Gold Mine Project

We have a Gold Mine Project in Brazil that has 5 Billion Dollars of In Ground Assets ( Gold ) We are offering a JV with the BG provider : The provider issue the BG for 3years and as soon as we get the financing from the Bank using the BG we will pay for all the expenses and leasing fees At the end of 3years we will pay back the Bank and Release the BG The Provider will have ...

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Timor Leste Electricity Lining Project

INSTALLATION AND COMMISIONNING OF ELECTRICITY LINING FOR DILI, REPUBLIC OF TIMOR LESTE. (PROJECT SUM: $8,000,000.00) PROJECT FUNDING NEEDED : USD$ 1,000,000.00 (ONE MILLION DOLLARS ONLY) The project above is a GOVERNMENT DIRECT NEGOTIATION project awarded by the Prime Minister Department to provide financial assistance to war veterans. COMPANY NAME: xxxx LDA The company have signed agreement with war veterans promising to provide financial assistance. The government will direct award the contract to xxxx Lda ( a 100% owned Timorense Company) ...

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Colombia Gold Mining Project

xxx Limited (the Company) is the owner of three gold mining licenses in Colombia, South America covering 10,564 hectares and has completed its exploration program and now is embarking on the construction of a gold production facility at the mining site to produce in excess of 100,000 ounces of gold per year. An add-value by-product from this gold mining facility is the confirmed presence of platinum in the target area. Platinum production is forecast to be 12,000 ounces per year, ...

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