Tropical Entertainment Enterprise

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM 1000
Funding RequiredRM 500000
DescriptionI already registered my business and i want to expand it further to penetrate the U.S Markets. My business is focus mainly on music and entertainment industry. I’m 20 years old and just graduated from college. The idea of my business it to produce a high quality music that are based on every marketing segmentation including geopolitical and demographic. A studio will be need to produce a high quality.
Business OpportunityI saw a big opportunity in the music industry. The data that i collected from digital music streaming service shows that the streamers are increasing every month. The entertainment market is big because the demand in the market are increasing every year. People need music in their life so i will produce a musics that suits them best. I will also produce
Revenue / Business ModelThe revenue that will be collected is through streaming royalties. Every songs that are plays by streamers, i will get a royalties. Second is through ‘ Multiple Rights Deal’ or 360 Deals’ which give the company 25% cut from the artist for every revenue that they made including digital sales, endorsement sales, tours,concerts and live performance revenue and appearance in movies or television shows. Everything will be cut 25% for the company. Major labels can make joint ventures with my company which million dollars could happened in short-term.
Management TeamMy planned management is the Chief Executive Officer position will be held by the founder which is me. Below the CEO there will be 2 more executive officers positions which is CFO and COO positions. CFO portfolio will be held by the founder to handle all the company financial. COO positions will be held by professional management where the COO will overlook all the management including marketing, Public Relations, and artists career. Under the executives positions, there will be 4 departments which is Financial Department, Human Resource Department, Entertainment Department and Marketing Department which will work for the company.
Company BackgroundThe date i founded my company is May 6th 2019. I planned the company back in 2017 where i took everything in detail including how the management will be, how we going to operate the company for long-term business. All sales and profit for the company will gain from artists 25% revenue cut by using the ‘360 deals’. Tropical Entertainment will make a merchandise for the artists fans.
Funding MilestoneThe amount of funding that i requires is RM 500,000.00. RM 150,000.00 will be used to purchase furnitures and equipmenst that will be use to produce music. RM 70,000.00 will be use for studio renovation and RM 80,000.00 will be use to purchase equipments and furnitures for the studio such as a high-end computers, Microphone, Studio Monitor, audio interface, furnitures and musical instruments. RM 200,000.00 will be use to purchase company vehicles to be declare under fixed assets including equipments. The balance of RM of 150,000.00 will be use for current assets and working capital. I will reduce every costs including variable costs and fixed costs and maximize profits.
% Equity Allocation10
Expected ROI15%
Risks and MitigationTropical Entertainment will use organizational flexibility where it will mitigate risks which defer some decisions until more data are obtained in order to make better decisions. I will restructure every projects that will impact early decisions. Staging the such that it is reviewed for go or no-go decisions at identifiable, discrete points. These decision points should be built into the front-end plan. Based on updated information available at these future times, the project may be modified, continued, or terminated.
Exit StrategiesThe best way for the investor to make and exit in the investment is by Strategic Acquisition and Management Buyouts(MBO).
Company NameTropical Entertainment Enterprise
Business AddressNo.24 Jalan Akuatik 13/67C D’Kayangan 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Contact PersonMuazzam Aqmal bin Yusopp

Australia Golf, Sports Technology

Current StatusRevenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested1.3 million USD
Funding Required1,000,000 usd
DescriptionEstablished 1982 (Greencare)
CoreMaster 12 released 1984 to many accolades
Several machines developed through to 1990
Sold into many famous sites including:
Pebble Beach Golf Club
The White House
St Andrews Golf Club
Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club
Royal Sydney Golf Club
Sydney Olympics
10,000 models sold from 1984 to 2011
Business OpportunityOf 32,000 golf courses globally;
Core target market
9,000 A & B (comp level) US Golf and country clubs
Compete for members on the basis of:
Facilities & especially golf turf quality
Turf solutions ubiquitous & undifferentiated – lack of innovation
CoremasterTM delivers Innovation
3 in one functionality = Avg: 38% lower capital cost, clear and roll (see App 2)
Acclaimed & proven superior turf surface (see App 1)
Solves the lack of competitive advantage on Turf
Sets a new standard in turf excellence and cost
$1.4 million dollars already invested by current management
Revenue / Business ModelLife Cycle = big & mature but growing
Golf globally is a $70Bil a year industry (Forbes)
Golf Equipment sales rise after GFC 2008 to 14 – 0.3%; 2014 +1.8% (Cision Research)
Capital intensity
Little innovation R&D; approx: 5% of rev; slow threat emergence if any
Coremaster applying some of capital raised to ‘new’ walk behind model = >5%
Advertising intensity
Very targeted advertising, low intensity; < 10% of sales rev
Coremaster budget Yr 1 -12.5% reducing to 3.4% in Yr 5
Industry concentration
Very high – 4 firms own 100% of the turf grooming industry
Patents and targeted marketing very important
Average firm size
Very large – Toro $2.6Bil total rev; Jacobson $2.8 Bil all turf care
Will compete on strong Brand, history and innovation
Management TeamKey personnel

Andrew Moss – CEO/COO
Andrew has been with the business in all of its various forms for over four years, he lead the establishing of the Thai plant and has been a driving force in the business establishing relationships with global trading partners.
Ake Sampong – Production Director ( Thailand )
Ake comes to CoreMaster Thailand with over thirty years engineering experience, he has been responsible for the development of the relationships with many of the part manufactures in Thailand and is in charge of the parts engineering team.
Steven Johnson – Manufacturing USA 
Steven has been involved with the golf industry for over twenty years and has worked for Smithco Humboldt industries for all of this time. Steven has worked in R&D, manufacturing, sales and management.

Paul Viviers –Accounting & Administration
Paul is an accountant with over thirty five years experience. He has run and managed several businesses and has a very practical and open work ethos. Paul comes to CoreMaster not only as an accountant but as a shareholder

Doug Haselwood –Technical Director (Australia) 
Doug is one of the few people that can make a CoreMaster by hand, having an intimate knowledge of all processes and procedures involved in the development of the Xtreme range and is excited to be involved with the walk behind model.
Company BackgroundCoreMaster Pty Ltd is the owner of the assets and intellectual property developed by Greencare Industries and CoreMaster International.

Greencare Industries was a global leader in turf aeration with over 10,000 units (CoreMaster 12) sold worldwide, 80% being into the US market.

CoreMaster Pty Ltd has invested in the development of the next generation of turf aeration machines which has resulted in quantum improvements in now market ready machines.Ownership & Corporate Structure
CoreMaster Pty Ltd
CoreMaster is an Australian registered company
Funding MilestoneSince acquisition of the intellectual property, significant steps have been taken in development of the product, manufacturing capability and distribution, including:
• 2013 established relationship with Positron Engineering, Thailand 
• 2013 sold machines to Ridgewood Golf Club in Texas and Broadmoor Golf Club in Seattle 
• 2014 production of the first CoreMaster Xtreme in Thailand
• 2014 CoreMaster starts internal manufacture of own parts 
• 2014 established CoreMaster Thailand LTD 
• 2014 sold five CoreMaster 12 models to Toyo green in Japan 
• 2014 sold first Thai manufactured CoreMaster Xtreme to Malaysia 
• 2014 moved into purpose built factory in Thailand 
• 2015 entered into a distribution agreement with Luber Brothers Texas Care to supply the CoreMaster Xtreme for 2016 
• 2016 entered into a manufacturing agreement with Smithco Humboldt industries to manufacture in the USA
% Equity Allocation40 %
Risks and MitigationJohn Deere

Are three of CoreMasters major competitors 

John Deere is a manufacturer based in the USA. They produce a range of globally recognised equipment for agriculture and turf grass industries. They also have a large marketing and R&D budget however John Deere turf aeration products have not changed in twenty years and don’t seem to be committed to turf aeration products as they focus more on the heavy agricultural machinery business.

Toro are similar to John Deere but only specialise in the sports turf industry and do not manufacture large machinery as John Deere do. Their weaknesses can be seen as they do not innovate, and seemingly rest on their reputation as a market leader of their turf aeration products such as the Toro 648. Additionally, the cost of the spare parts for their products is uncharacteristically high potentially due to their dominance in the market.

Redexim have very strong brand recognition of Vertidrain, which is iconic in the industry. They too are based in the USA. The general market consensus is that their machines are heavy, unwealdy and more time consuming on maintenance which also cause damage to turf surfaces due to the old technology utilised in their aerators. 

CoreMaster believe that people will move from the above competitors to our machines because of the quality and depth of aeration that our machines produce which is the best in the market place. It is the quietest and most stable machine on the market as well as extremely user and mechanic friendly. Our maintence cycles are now, with the new CoreMaster Xtreme, spaced at six month intervals. 

Once the CoreMaster Xtreme enters full production and starts to be sold to golf courses, the company does not expect our competitors to react in a negative manner as the CoreMaster Xtreme is quite revolutionary. Our competitors will at first adapt the ‘wait and see’ approach to see how the industry reacts to this technology.
As the machine gathers momentum, people will start to take notice and will have an adverse effect on the current competitors. If competitors start to lose sales they will have to either compete on price i.e. lower their prices or try to develop a similar machine 

Our competitive advantages are:
• This is the first new aerator design in 30 years with new patented coring technology 
• Utilising aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fibre transmission systems to reduce flying mass and vibration resulting in a stable and quiet machine. 
• The CoreMaster Xtreme range cores twice as deep as any other coring machine on the market achieving a perfectly vertical hole up to 9” (210mm) deep.
• Our new design is 70% faster than the original CoreMaster 12 and a person can complete a tine changeover in 2 minutes.
Exit Strategieswe are looking at a five year time frame to excit
Company NameCoremaster pty ltd
Business Address6 Irrubelle rd Newport NSW Australia
Contact PersonAndrew Moss

Manzill Gaming Arena

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM10,000
Funding RequiredRM 300,000
Description-Manzill Gaming Arena (M.G.A), we are going to open a Gaming Arena in Taman Delima 2. We want to open a Gaming Arena with 30 units of gaming PCs and 10 units of PS4 consoles. 

-This business plan is prepared to obtain financing in the amount of RM300,000. The financing is required to begin work on site preparation and modifications, equipment purchases, and to cover expenses in the first year of operations. 

-The capital contributions from the Investor, will allow M.G.A to successfully open and maintain operations through year one. Successful operation in year one will provide M.G.A with a customer base that will allow it to be self sufficient in subsequent year.

View this business plan :
Business Opportunity-As the popularity of gaming and eSports continue to grow at an exponential rate, easy and affordable access is quickly becoming a necessity of life. M.G.A provides communities with the ability to play online games, affordable access to high-end games, enjoy a cup of coffee, and share gaming experiences in a comfortable environment. People of all ages and backgrounds will come to enjoy the unique, upscale, educational, and innovative environment that M.G.A provides.
-Currently, there are no Gaming Arena in the proposed local area (Taman Delima 2, Kluang). 
-Direct competitors in Kluang about 20 minutes to 30 minutes Driving Distance: a) Cyber Cafe1– in Town Area (Average Specification) – RM 2.70 per Hour b) Cyber Cafe2– in Town Area (Average Specification)
-The business will target individual clients such as Students, Office Staff, businesses, etc
-Our main focus is gaming, not many user have a good gaming computer which can play new games. This is the space we going to to crack on it. 
-The Ministry of Youth and Sports on principle, has no objection to the proposal to make Esports a syllabus or co-curriculum in schools (Quote from the Sun Daily, 04 April 2018), which will stimulate student customer and new market requirement. 

A site has been chosen at Taman Delima 2. This site was chosen for various reasons, including:
a) Proximity to the Housing community. Parking availability. 
b) Low cost rent – RM 800/month for 1,540 square feet (22 x 70). 
c) The Gaming Arena will be in a very strategic location where it is surrounded by housing areas and schools nearby.
d) Areas directly connected to the Gaming Arena location : Taman Muhibbah, Taman Titiwangsa, Taman Intan, Taman Mengkibol, Taman Kluang Barat, Taman Desa,etc 
e) There is a road newly built near the Gaming Arena location which connects more housing areas. 
f) Nearby schools (That we can target) :SMK Jalan Mengkibol , SMK Seri Intan , Kolej Vokasional Kluang

View this business plan :
Revenue / Business Model-Hour Selling (We charge customer by hour)
-eSports tournaments 

View this business plan :
Management TeamMr. Mukesh Maran (Co-Founder & Technology Lead) 
-Live in Kluang, Johor. 
-21 years old, A young, ambitious and vibrant entrepreneur and achiever. 
– He is very hardworking, and dedicated person in his work and passion. He is no doubt an IT lover, and a tech savvy 
– He also a Business Student who started his first business named , SpyWood Technology in his early 18. He sold custom built PCs. Successfully supplied 76 units of gaming PCs, networking equipment , gaming furnitures , game servers , cyber cafes softwares and games. 
-He had accomplished 2 cyber cafes , Location in Kajang and Penang – turnkey solution Cyber Café including ID & IT Setting up over the past 2 years.
Mr. Ray Ooi (Co-Founder & Sales) 
-Live in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. 
– 36 years old, A committed and successful business magnate driven by his ultimate passion and innovation towards business. 
-Learning from his failures along the journey, he is now a very knowledgeable mentor and able to provide constructive advise, especially all commercial related matter, and direction toward the company growth. 
-He has many years oversea working experience in Middle east and Malaysia as well, involve in managerial role in corporate structure. 
– Specialized in analyzing, branding and strategizing an ongoing business to increase their sales and productivity. 
– His vision is to cultivate entrepreneurship towards the younger generations, and subsequently to help and guide them towards owning their own profitable business. 

View this business plan :
Company BackgroundZotta Labs (M) PLT is a company which provides IT related business services, such as: website development, mobile apps development, video games development, software development, fintech development, blockchain development , graphics designing works and digital marketing works.

View this business plan :
Funding MilestoneView this business plan :
% Equity Allocation80
Expected ROIRM10,000 to RM13,000 monthly Gross Revenue
Risks and MitigationView this business plan :
Exit StrategiesMerger and acquisition . As eSports is emerging in Malaysia , more bigger international esports companies will enter the Malaysian market. At that time , they will want to buy out existing gaming arenas to kickstart. We will exit by selling our business to them.
Company NameZotta Labs
Business AddressNo.2,Jalan Hang Tuah 6/2,Taman Muhibbah
Contact PersonMr.Mukesh

To develop a mini theme park(museum) in Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedRM5000
Funding RequiredRM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
DescriptionTo develop a mini theme park(museum) in Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan .Our concept is base on alien world.We will exhibit all of cute,fierce, naive,small and big alien in a place that is look like a cave. We also provide an alien stage show, 3D background for photo shoot( customer can rent special space suit here), mini concept cafe and a gift shop. We will create a costume of alien and hire the teenager to perform at alien stage show.We also write down a discription of name,favourite food, habit, height and weigh for every single alien.
Business OpportunityTeluk Cempedak is very popular destination for local and international’ tourist. Our good concept and best location is the key to success.Our concept is rare and very frest for this kind of business in Malaysia especially here.Every years, a lot of tourist visit Kuantan and Teluk Cempedak but there is limited choice of interesting place here to visit.
Revenue / Business ModelThe business will depend from entrance fees, rental of suit, sale of cafe and also from a gift shop
Management TeamMohamad Rosdi(43yrs)- founder and key person. Experience in producing and creating sculpture ,scale model, special costume, props and set for theme park,movie,event and advertising industy almost 20 years.
Mohd Shah(39yrs)-co founder.Experience in creating and designing character, props and scale model for theme park and event almost 15 years.
Ahmad Fauzi(39yrs)- sales and marketing. Experience in marketing for event almost 15 years.
Company BackgroundNil
Funding MilestoneProgress by progress until complete.
% Equity Allocation45%
Expected ROI4 to 5 years.
Risks and MitigationNeed a good plan and good marketing team to avoid and minimize the risk.
Exit StrategiesWill discuss later.
Company NameMirmish Sculptor Studio
Business AddressTaman Sri Gombak, Batu Caves, Selangor
Contact PersonMohamad Rosdi

Budget Hotel Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Current StatusBreak-Even, Profitable
Amount Invested300,000 rm
Funding RequiredRM300,000 or less
DescriptionAsna hotel in bukit bintang consist of 24 rooms 3 storey building
Business OpportunityRenovation is in going but needed some more budget for renovation
Revenue / Business ModelAsna hotel if completed consist of 24 rooms .. each rooms have income 100 to 150 rm daily
Management TeamOur hotel have a nice place for hotel bussines as its located at center of kuala lumpur
Company BackgroundAsna pak worldwide sdn bhd
Funding MilestoneAsna hotel just need atleast 100k rm to complete the renovation and willing to give 10 percent interest monthly
% Equity Allocation10
Company NameAsna pak worlwide sdn bhd
Business Address#29 jalan berangan bukit bintang 50200 kuala lumpur malaysia
Contact PersonMuhammad asif

Bukit Jelutong Flight Simulator Centre

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Flight Simulator Centre is a place for professional pilots to use the simulator for the training purpose prior to Simulator Check by airline. The plan is to setup a new Airbus A320 simulator centre in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. This simulator centre normally will operate from 8 am till 10 pm but can be extended overnight. Airbus A320 flight simulator training device will be sourced from Canada from a preferred supplier and takes 6 months – 9 months to manufacture and deliver.

In addition, this simulator centre can be used by general public to feel the flying experiences.

Business Opportunity Currently in Malaysia we do have only 1 simulator centre to fulfilled the demand. However, due to closure similar simulator centre in Singapore, this venture will be able to cater for both Malaysia and Singapore markets. Our aim is to provided simulator usage for the purpose of the simulator training / flight training / simulator check to professional pilots. The simulator can be dry leased or wet leased depending on the requirements by clients. AirAsia is the largest carriers having Airbus A320 in their fleet. Since A320 is the basic idea of the training it can be used by other airline operating Airbus A320 / A330 / A350 / A380 due to commonality on all Airbus fleets.
Revenue / Business Model The standard usage of our simulator will be on an hour basis subjected to off working hours surcharge. The provisional base rate is expected around MYR 350.00 per hour and surcharges of 50% will be applied for after 10 pm simulator usage. At projected 50% capacity for 28 days plus 10% capacity for 28 days during operational and off operational hours respectively the turnover is expected around MYR 83,300.00 per month before expenses projected costs at 50% from the turnover.
Management Team This simulator centre will be operated by a small team lead by Muhammad Shahir Sayyid as Company Director. In addition he will be doing his duty as Flight Simulator Instructor / Engineer. He has a knowledge and experiences on the simulator Software / IT infrastructures.
Company Background Bukit Jelutong Flight Simulator Centre is currently a key business project by SHAHIR SOLUTIONS. Therefore, a new venture will be formed as new entity private limited firm. This will ensure investors involved in this project gain special benefits. This project required financing amount MYR 2,000,000. It is projected to be operational within 6-9 months upon securing the relevant simulator equipment. Based on projected ROI 120%-150% will be achieved within 5 years period. Turnover will be projected around 2 1/2 years in operation.
Funding Milestone The proposed simulator centre is required around MYR 2,000,000 to be realised and mostly will be used for financing simulator equipment, rental, taxes and etc. It’s able fo financed for at least 12 months operations as contingencies plan. Company Director will be taking a basic pay of MYR 5,000.00 per month as a commitment to ensure the simulator centre operating without financial burden. Staffing expenses with at least 4-5 persons will be able to hire for daily operations. As Company Director will be involved as Flight Simulator Instructor / Engineer, staffing will be manageable. Monthly basic to the investors will be credited around MYR 5,000 – 10,000 as a part of our payments for the financing. By end of the financial period, profits will be credited based on the financial performances.
% Equity Allocation 50
Expected ROI 120%-140% base cost + profits 5 years period
Business Address Suite 8.01-8.02, Menara CIMB, Jalan Stesen Sentral 2, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Muhammad Shahir Sayyid

Aquanaust Dive Shop Sdn Bhd

Current Status Pre-Revenue
Amount Invested RM110k
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description I believe by having a good customer services to would always generate repeat orders. I am a PADI scuba instructor and of cause we conduct scuba courses and trips and at the same time we are a sole dealer for one of the dive equipment brand from Europe.
From time to time we do coral propagation program for divers to expand their knowledge of the importance of corals for our earth.
Business Opportunity the current issue im facing right now is that i have spend the initial money on rentals and renovation and products. I know that the market for divers is huge in Malaysia as we have some of the best place to dive and for leisure, so here i am writing to find investor who believes in tourism and the need of marketing funds to create more awareness of our dive gear and in future in resorts as well.
And we are planning to tap into the japanese and korean market which is currently staying or working in malaysia
Revenue / Business Model to generate income from courses , trips and equipment.
Management Team currently im working alone on this and i have another partner but he is basically a silent partner. A well planned management team would be another 2 assisttant.
1 instructor and another person who handles retail sales and bookings
Company Background we started the business in the year of mid 2015. we manage to make a deal by having xdeep as our main equipment and it has been very well known in other country. divers and instructors are asking about the product from indonesia and thailand as we are the current dealer for south east asia
Funding Milestone the fund we require is mainly for marketing purposed and to get in more equipment to display and hopefully have enough fund for some of the dive expo in malaysia
% Equity Allocation willing to let go 30%
Risks and Mitigation there is risk in due to the current situation of the whole economy that many mid – lower income are not spending that much but to target to higher income bracket
Exit Strategies i believe if the team is strong and by having a mentor will benefit us in progressing. this is a 3 yr plan. tourism and leisure is a long term investment.
Company Name aquanaust dive shop sdn bhd
Business Address no27-2, jalan pjs 8/17, dataran mentari, 46150 bandar sunway, selangor
Contact Person Ken

Sphere Golf and Recreation

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Description ‘Sphere Golf and Recreation’ is a recreation complex primarily focused on golf.
Malaysia’s first driving range with an automated electronic scoring system (GESS).
The electronic scoring system (similar to bowling/ electronic dartboards) is a proven concept to attract non-golfers (approx. >70% of customers) and also to cultivate an interest in golf.
The automated electronic scoring system is ready to be deployed and will operate including a website and app, with social media platforms integrated to suit the technologically savvy market.
Business Opportunity Be the first driving range in Asia which provides the GESS (Golf Electronic Scoring System) technology.
The sports complex will be the first sports and entertainment centre.
Our target audience is based on people from age 4 – 60 years old but primarily focus on young adults.
Connections with royal members and government of Malaysia.
Creating major events at the sports complex with our wide range of contacts from the sports and celebrity world globally.
We are initially focusing on establishing it in Asia first before we expand the brand globally.
Revenue / Business Model Financial planning indicates 5-year equity IRR of circa 25%.
We have simplified the cost by only focussing on providing the technology and services to fit in the technology at the driving range.
RoI timeframe is within 12 – 18 months (Our calculation for 120 bays)
Management Team xxxx
Company Background We are relatively new in the golfing world and we are seeking for investors globally.
Funding Milestone xxxx
% Equity Allocation xxxx
Expected ROI Using the Discount Cash Flow (DCF) method over a 5 year period, the Project is likely to deliver a pre-tax IRR more than 25% to equity holders
Risks and Mitigation xxxx
Exit Strategies xxxx
Company Name Sphere Golf and Recreation Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address 71, Jalan 5/4J, Lorong Tanjong, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Person YTM Dato’ Indera Tunku Harunnarasheed Putra