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Let Me Out: A Chrono Mission Game

Project Cost: RM 800k to 1 Million Amount Invested : RM 2000 Amount Required : do not foresee add. needs Knowledge / Experience Required: general management Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor Industry: tourism / hospitality Project Stage: concept, seed EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: The 3 of us are cousins and are experience in the lines of finance, accounts and human resource management with a combined experience of over 10 years working for large MNC/GLCs. We have been planning this idea ...

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New Youth Gym in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam Seeking RM100K

Project Cost: RM100,000 Amount Invested : RM100 Amount Required : RM99,900 Knowledge / Experience Required: finance Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant Industry: financial services Project Stage: start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Experience in health and fitness industry for 6 months. Believe to have a strategic place to open a gym and gain more income. Product / Service Description: Opening a gym in central of a small town which consist of two small colleges, housing areas and shop lots which believe ...

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Electronic Darts

Project Cost: RM200,000 – RM250,000 Amount Invested : 0 Amount Required : RM200K – RM250K Knowledge / Experience Required: general management Proposed Investor’s Role: part-time others (Sleeping partner) Industry: informatics / multimedia consumer goods Project Stage: concept Information Memorandum: 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1.1 The Opportunity Nowadays people find playing darts are more interesting than old days, It is all because in year 2009 Japan had successfully invented a brand new soft darts machine. In year 2011 Malaysia started to bring ...

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Flight Simulations Service

Project Cost: RM 1,000,000.00 Amount Invested : RM 0.00 Amount Required : RM 1,000,000.00 Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy finance sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: full time part-time as mentor as consultant Industry: tourism / hospitality trade industry products Project Stage: concept pre-IPO seed start-up Information Memorandum: SH Flight Simulations (SHFS) has interest to opened the flight simulator centre in Space U8 Shopping Centre in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam which would caters for enthusiasts, public and also professional users. ...

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Soft darts machine training & competition platform

Project Cost: 600,000.00 Amount Invested : 0 Amount Required : RM600K Knowledge / Experience Required: finance sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: full time part-time Industry: informatics / multimedia internet restaurants / f&b electronics consumer goods financial services Project Stage: concept start-up Information Memorandum: INTRODUCTION OF SOFT DARTS MACHINE Soft darts machine was invented in Japan since year 2000, introduced to Malaysia in 2011. Ever since this machine introduced in Malaysia, It eventually attracted many people to start playing, especially ...

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Mobile Games Company

Gamesbrewer is a mobile games company aspires to be the next Rovio, creator of the hit game Angry Bird. We several proof of concept games on both internet and mobile available on our website. Earlier in September, Gamesbrewer has released a mobile game on the Android platform called Guppy Labs. Gamesbrewer aims to provide high-quality, fun, diversified and impeccable users experience catering to gamers of Android market. Currently Gamesbrewer is trying to expand the list of released title and requires ...

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Channel K – Solution for Future Karaoke Media Consumption

Objective To provide karaoke entertainment to home users and karaoke operators at a lower maintenance cost and increases customer satisfaction. To support country’s anti-piracy measures and combat karaoke piracy market. To catapult Malaysian music industry into an advanced and safe technology era. To increase revenue collection for PPM (Public Performance Malaysia) and RECORD LABELS. The project is called Channel K. We are looking at RM5mil investment to cover the development, advances, operation, sales and marketing for 4 Years with an ...

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Malaysia Online Game Publishing Company

Investor’s Knowledge & Experience Required: finance Proposed Investor’s Involvement: non-executive director Business Development Stage: start-up Industry: informatics / multimedia Brief Description: This propose company is a new online game publisher and point card provider providing high-quality, fun, diversified and impeccable users experience to online gamers throughout the Malaysia market. Our business is serving as a domestic online game service and point card provider with game title licensed under our legal rights for domestic publishing. We monetize via virtual point card ...

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Jam Active – a state-of-the-art, compact, 24-hours, No-contract, limited service fitness centre

Jam Active is a state-of-the-art, compact, 24-hours, No-contract, limited service fitness centre. We provide an alternative to “Big-box” fitness centres such as Fitness First, Celebrity fitness or True fitness. By carefully reducing our overheads and other non-essential services, we are able to reduce the monthly membership fee by more than 50% compared to these “Big-box” chain. Our positioning will attract a bigger market due to our ‘Low-cost’ appeal (think AirAsia). Jam Active will be the only No-contract, 24-hours fitness centre ...

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