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Footprint Tourism

Project Cost: 15,000,000 Amount Invested : 900,000 Amount Required : 200,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: finance; other (Link to 2nd round fund raising (PE, VC)) Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor Industry: real estate tourism / hospitality trade restaurants / f&b consumer goods financial services Project Stage: early expansion Information Memorandum: Background Footprint Tourism was form in 2011 in Penang, targeting to be the number 1 Boutique Tourism Attraction Developer in Malaysia. Footprint currently owns a F&B business on top of ...

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Galaticos Arena, Extreme Sports Center, Ipoh

Project Cost: RM150000 Amount Invested : RM400000 Amount Required : RM150000 Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy; sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: as consultant Industry: others (Sports) Project Stage: early expansion Information Memorandum: Galaticos Arena is the first Extreme Sports Center in Ipoh Perak that combines indoor Futsal and Radio Control Circuit in one venue. Visit for details. Futsal is the fastest growing indoor sport in the world including Malaysia due to it\’s similarities to football as the worlds ...

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AquaDolf Swimming & Watersport

Project Cost: RM100,000 Amount Invested : RM20,000 Amount Required : RM80,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy, sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor Industry: others (Watersports Industry) Project Stage: early expansion More Information: I’ve already registered an enterprise under ROB since 2009 under the name AquaDolf Swimming & Watersport. Primary business is providing swimming class. Our niche segment is private lessons and we specialized in teaching adult ladies. Currently AquaDolf have 4 female instructors to accommodate to the demands. ...

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Sentels Telecom, Business Virtual Assistance and Entertainment.

Project Cost: RM900,000 Amount Invested : RM700,000 Amount Required : RM200,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy; sale & marketing Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor Industry: trade Project Stage: second stage expansion EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: Sentels Sdn Bhd is designed to implement business activities in three Business areas such as Telecom, Business Virtual Assistance and Entertainment. In Telecom Industry: Sentels Telecom Solutions To Provide the following services: 1. Special Recource Provision 2. Project Management 3. Engineering Services a) Managed services ...

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Sambill Park (M) SB

“World of Fun with Upin & Ipin” What’s It All About “World of fun with Upin & Ipin” is a 12-month long carnival type of party brought to you by Sambill Park (M) Sdn. Bhd. The carnival consists of Live Performance, Amusement Rides, Inflatable Games, Games Zone, Upin and Ipin Exhibition Area, Merchandising Area and Food Section. This is the biggest Cartoon Character Theme Park with prospect of the Support and Jointly organized by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. We ...

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Film Production: The Movie Poster Ghost

Project Cost: RM300,000 Amount Invested: RM150,000 Amount Required: RM300,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: nil Proposed Investor’s Role: nil Industry: Movie Production Project Stage: start-up EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Company History: -date of Penang -berminat in productions -pengalaman handle productions a year -cita ideals like film Product / Service Description: -amat interested in film Ghost pole and received on youtube (episodic stories 1 to 6) I believe the film “Ghost Poster The Movie” -have team RND company -We also have the class ...

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Flying Inflatable Boat (FIB)

Amount Invested: Existing and Ongoing Amount Required: RM100,000 / FIB unit Knowledge / Experience Required: strategy production sale and marketing Internationalisation Proposed Investor’s Role: full-time part-time as a mentor as consultant Industry: tourism / hospitality others (flying adventure) Project Stage: others (Existing and Ongoing) Information Memorandum: Greeting 1 Malaysia, First time in Malaysia! FLYING INFLATABLE BOAT (FIB) or Flying Boat Float. Countries outside the FIB boat is very popular for the purpose of ‘adventure’, for flight sports, for fishing in ...

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BAM National Badminton League 2013

Introduction First ever National Badminton League Sanctioning bodies – Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) – Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) – Majlis Sukan Negara (MSN) – Ministry of Youth & Sports (MYS) – Sports Commissioner (SC) The key elements of what the event stands for includes the following: – The first BAM National Badminton League in Malaysia- – A full promotional programme leading up to the Event. – An “up close” Event where spectators feel very much of being part ...

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Computer generated animation film production

xxx Studios is a computer-generated (CG) animation film production house situated in the northern region of Malaysia. For the past few months, we have been working on a concept of developing a full flesh Stereoscopic 3D Animated feature film named “xxx”. Its a 93 Minutes full length Animated English movie. We expect a high degree of profitability based on our business plan, as we will be focusing on broad market segment worldwide in the field of entertainment and coupled with ...

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