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Fruit Flavor Soft Drink Production Line for Sale – Seremban

The company is poised to go to the next level but owner can not keep up with volume of business & needs an Investor with the ability to staff & organize. Owner would consider staying to market . InvestmentThe company is a manufacturer of fruit flavor soft drink products (in tube form), under the brand name of ‘Summer Pop’ and ‘Doli Pop’. The product is already available in the market for approximately 3 years, especially in Peninsular Malaysia, including Klang ...

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Premium Milk and Gelato, Mexico

Project Title : Industrial Plant Process Milk Detivatived & Fruits Vegetables Project Cost: $55,000,000 Amount Invested : $5,500,000 Amount Required : $48,000,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: general management strategy finance production sale & marketing internationalisation Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor as consultant Project Stage: start-up Executive Summary: Letter requesting funding for the implementation of our project, which are an industrial processing plant organic natural foods, fruits and vegetables for human consumption Applying our best research and development capabilities of the ...

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Coffee Business in China

Project Cost: 3 Million Amount Invested : 0.5 Million Amount Required : 2.5 Million Knowledge / Experience Required: finance sale & marketing internationalisation Proposed Investor’s Role: as mentor as consultant Industry: restaurants / f&b consumer goods Project Stage: second stage expansion start-up Information Memorandum: In brief, the company: xxxx Global Sdn Bhd, is a new company incorporated on 30 November 2011, to venture into franchise business in China, with the following products: Main Product: xxx Ipoh White Coffee – Instant ...

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Rice Bran Oil in Sri Lanka

Project Cost: 391,850.69 Amount Invested : No Amount Required : No Knowledge / Experience Required: finance Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Sielent) Industry: manufacturing Project Stage: start-up Information Memorandum: I selected Rice Bran Oil Plant because of the oil benefits, can be produce lower in price than other oils and very low competition for this industry and it don’t harm to environment. Rice Bran Oil Factory is new to Sri Lanka but the Oil is becoming very demand in the international ...

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Cambodia Rice Cultivation Investment

Project Title : Rice Cultivation Investment Project Cost: $5,000,000.00 Amount Invested : $337,500 Amount Required : $3,500,000 Knowledge / Experience Required: general management, finance, other (Open to partner interest) Proposed Investor’s Role: others (Open to partner interest) Industry: consumer goods, others (Agricultural Business) Project Stage: start-up, others (Diversify into agricultural Business) More Information: I am looking for joint venture partnership to invest in Rice Production Investment in Cambodia. The land available for this investment is 1,500 hectares (one thousand five ...

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Singapore’s First Japanese Styled Hotdog Joint

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Cafe is determined to stand apart from the local F & B competition with an innovative and creative concept. We are also proud to introduce ‘Singapore’s First Japanese Styled Hotdog Joint’. We aim to marry the café and fast-food concept into a unique niche offering quality gourmet coffee and tea, ice-cold blended smoothies and iced teas; mouth-watering freshly made Japanese styled Hotdogs and an excellent range of side dishes including all-time-favourites such as Japanese breaded Shrimp, Calamari ...

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Vietnam Joint-Venture Rice-mill Project

Exported Rice Processing Plant at north of Xang River Industrial Zone, Lap Vo district, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam. Revenue: 180 billions VND in 2007; 200 billions VND in 2008. Main activities: supply and authorized exporter: US$3million in 2007; US$3.2mil in 2008. Products including: Southern long rice and foreign matters with high quality for export to international markets: the Philippines, Cuba, Malaysia, Russia, Middle East etc. Project Advantage for Investment Located in Mekong Delta, Dong Thap province is the socio-economic and ...

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