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FANA Gelato – Brings Italy to Singapore One Scoop At A Timme

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM25,000
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Description FANA Gelato (FANA) is a gelato and sorbet manufacturing company that delivers a new Gelato experience to Singapore. FANA Gelato originated from the commitment of two partners, Farah and Nadia, to produce artisanal gelato in the Italian tradition and then expose the Singapore market place
to their Gelato creations. FANA Gelato replicates the Italian tradition of fresh, all-natural gelato made from the highest quality ingredients.

With multiple recipes created in the centuries-old tradition of making gelato, FANA delivers elaborate and modern flavors that allow our customers to take comfort in the traditional and find excitement in the unexpected. We will sell gelato in bulk, novelty flavors, gluten free gelato, low glycemic index gelato, and flavored sorbet. Our gelato and sorbet will be prepared in-house daily in small batches.

We will sell gelato in bulk, novelty flavors, gluten free gelato, low-fat and low glycemic index gelato, and flavored sorbet. Our gelato and sorbet will be prepared in-house daily.

By using the finest organic and innovative ingredients and offering innovative flavors, FANA is expected to become a revered product and one that will experience strong demand – both locally in Singapore, and regionally in other Southeast Asian markets.

Business Opportunity In both the U.S. and Europe, gelato manufacturing is an established mature business where it continues to expand.

In Asia, gelato it is in its nascent stage, with ample room to grow and evolve with new Asian-influenced flavors. In Singapore, approximately 50 percent of the gelato comes from global companies shipped from across the world, giving independent gelato makers like FANA the perfect opportunity to introduce freshly made high-quality gelato to consumers.

The gelato market penetration in Singapore is 5% of a billion dollar industry with an expected annual growth rate of 32.3%. FANA Gelato is poised to enter the Singapore Gelato market in the development & growth phase, giving us the opportunity to evolve into a top gelato brands.

We have an edge over our competitors because we will be market leaders in aggressively penetrating the wholesale markets in Singapore & Malaysia

Revenue / Business Model FANA Gelato will generate revenue from two primary sources:

 Wholesale Sales: This includes private clubs, country clubs, restaurants, and other entities where the founders have exclusive relationships. Over time, FANA will be distributed to convenience stores and other sales outlets throughout the region, including Malaysia.

 Retail Sales: This includes pop-up stores, carts, vending machines, and e-commerce via the FANA website. In year two, FANA will launch a retail store where gelato is sold directly to consumers. Over time, FANA will launch a network of FANA-branded stores as well as franchised stores.

Management Team Farah – Co-founder/CEO

Farah brings over 20 years of experience in research, sales, marketing, product development, insurance and psychology to her role as the CEO of FANA Gelato. Being both a foodie with a passion for flavors and creativity, and a business person with years of management experience, Farah has the right mix of insight and discipline to drive FANA Gelato to success.

Farah completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology and English from the respected Sophia College, Mumbai in English, and for the past 20 years has worked as an Insurance executive in the USA. She brings with her a business acumen which will help FANA Gelato be profitable and successful.

Farah also has extensive experience in marketing, the website (RKR), actor Ram Kapoor’s official website, is a testament to Farah’s innovation skills, relationship building, marketing and digital/social media marketing ability. Under the tutelage of Farah, RKR had become the fastest growing fan websites. The site has received mentions in multiple magazine and newspapers. These very marketing skills will help FANA Gelato excel.

Having worked besides her father who was a successful businessman, Farah learned the intricate skills of managing a successful business, hiring personnel, building long lasting relationships and satisfying the customer. Under the guidance of her father, she developed the confidence to own and run a business – it is these business management skills and integrity she brings to FANA Gelato, ensuring its success.

Nadia – Co-founder/COO

With experience in event management, sales, marketing, and operations, Nadia will ensure that the FANA Gelato brand is promoted and managed to ensure robust brand awareness. Nadia will manage the day to day operations of gelato manufacturing, sales, and marketing. Nadia will manage the roll-out of the pop-up shops, carts, and vending machines and ensure they are strategically positioned to maximize sales.

Born and bred in Singapore as well as being a foodie, Nadia has the advantage of knowing the likes and dislikes of the multi-racial locals and people in the region. Based on this, she will be able to develop creative and unusual flavors that will make FANA Gelato unique from the competition. Nadia will also work with Farah in developing new gelato flavors and testing such flavors with local consumers.

Nadia has a Diploma in Integrated Events Management from Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. Such skill sets in event planning, marketing, and sales will be critical in promoting the FANA Gelato brand, and creating innovative event-like ways to build brand awareness with the FANA brand.

Having worked as an Office Manager in a small firm for the past 4 years, Nadia has developed a wide range of experience regarding management and employee training. Nadia also brings to her role as COO, strong managerial experience which she learned from her father and uncles, who were successful businessmen. These attributes will assist Nadia in finding suitable employees to help build a strong business that will generate long-term loyalty from its customers.

Nadia has completed a 4 week comprehensive course at Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, where she learned to make new recipes, more suited to Asian tastes by maestros

Company Background Final offer to invest in ‘Firenze Vienza’ as been received and all documents have been vetted

We have spoken to potential clients including restaurant owners, Food & Beverage managers of members only clubs & the owner of a hyper market.

We are in the midst of creating our website, designing & building a cart & developing our digital marketing plan.

We have completed a trial run using the machines we will buy & sold 30 kg of gelato. We used a focus group & received positive & constructive feedback. Appropriate adjustments to the recipes have been made, based on the suggestions received.

Nadia has completed a 4 week comprehensive course at Carpigiani Gelato University in Italy, where she learned to make new recipes, more suited to Asian tastes by maestros.

Funding Milestone Investments Made
25,000 SGD
Investment Opportunity
150,000 SGD

FANA plans to buy stakes in an existing set up ‘Firenze Venezia’ which is a 2.5years old company and after studying their current sales reports till date the company is expected to make 600K SGD as revenues in this financial year.

We plan to buy controlling stakes in this company:
Space and Set up
Full range of required machinery
Knowledgeable Staff including a strong Business Development Personnel

% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 15% – 25%
Risks and Mitigation Unknown brand because the current has not invested in brand building and marketing. We will mitigate this by rebranding the brand and having a strong marketing strategy in place.
No Online Presence- once we acquire the business we plan on hosting a complete e-commerce website where patrons can place orders and buy our products. The website is being designed by a well established company in the USA
Purchasing Cost Controls – FANA will seek the best pricing and quality for all containers ingredients. Market price fluctuations will guide purchasing to ensure the company meets and exceeds profit expectations. As ingredients will be sourced from around the world, we want to ensure the best possible price.
Equipment Costs – FANA requires comparatively fewer items of equipment to run an efficient operation, resulting in lower startup costs. This will in turn result in lower ongoing maintenance costs.
Staff Turnover / Training Costs – Lower than normal staff turnover due to sound management philosophy and a rewarding working environment will help FANA reduce training costs and enhance employee satisfaction. Reduced staff turnover should result in fewer errors and minimum product waste while improving patron satisfaction and repeat business.
Labor Costs – FANA will closely monitor labor costs to ensure that staff levels are matched with the busier and slower times of the year. As mentioned, holiday seasons will require greater staff levels regarding the carts and pop-up stores. The manufacturing facility may require additional staff when there are spikes in orders.
Exit Strategies We will pursue several possible exit strategies:

1. Franchising and IPO: Expand the model of our flagship store into a successful franchise with stores worldwide. Go public, starting an IPO and generating cash to grow the company worldwide.
2. Stay Private: FANA could continue to operate as a profitable private entity, distributing dividends to shareholders or buying them out until liquidity opportunities become available.
3. Be Acquired: The gelato and sorbet industry is highly-fragmented and could witness consolidation in several years. Larger food companies seeking a presence in Southeast Asia could acquire FANA to expand their brand.

Company Name FANA Gelato
Business Address 523B Tampines Central 7 #10-85 522523 Singapore
Contact Person Nadia Saeed

Picture perfect beverages that bring hype in social media

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM1,500,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Dream Color concept is to be the leader of social media beverages. It will heavy depend on social media posting and hype to generate traffic for the brand and its store. dream color will also be the pioneer drink services available for deliveries and online order placements.
Business Opportunity Dream Color concept in the beginning was just a simple fruit juice. The challenge for us is to make it social media worthy and delivery friendly. The bottling concept made delivery reasonable and more convenient. Drink delivery and online ordering system is a un tapped market and the opportunity to exploit is endless.
Revenue / Business Model Franchisee sales and in store product sales and product royalty
Management Team The existing management team is lead by a founder who has 7 years experience in entrepreneurship oweing 2 business entities. The operations team consist of 2 managers from top F&b players of the industry and a creative marketing strategist wo is expert is strategy execution.
Company Background Business officially operated on 3/7/2017 the brand has 5 outlets at the movement and ten thousand follower on Facebook with almost perfect reviews.
Funding Milestone RM800,000 will be heavily used to boost the brand’s social media presence and initiate the online ordering and delivery system
% Equity Allocation 20%
Expected ROI 2 years
Risks and Mitigation Not being a successful system as people might not want to place their online order
Exit Strategies Sell the master franchise rights to potential investor
Company Name Rainbowdream Retail
Business Address V2-08-07, lingkaran SV, sunway velocity, 58100 kuala lumpur
Contact Person Siti Aishah

Beatz Buffet Restaurant

Project Title Beatz Buffet (International Buffet Restaurant with Asian Touch of influence). Hotel Buffet Concept with Affordable Rate. Yes i would like to meet them anywhere.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan Ready
Amount Invested RM150K
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Beatz Buffet (“B”) will be a moderated priced with 100 fine-dining Seat restaurant
Offering food from International Menu with A touch of Asian Influence.

. The Restaurant will be in 2 Lot as 1 for Halal & another 1 will be Non Halal which comes
with Bar Setup.

. The Restaurant Main concept is Daily
Buffet Spread which follows exactly as 5 Star Hotel
Buffet Menu with a Lower & affordable selling rate range compare to Hotels Menu.

. This affordable rate will make a big impact & competitive on market & will pull the
Customers to our restaurant & will get a huge support too from Events & Gatherings

. The Buffet Menu’s which carries are from Local and International menus for Breakfast,
Lunch, & Dinner.
. We will be also having Set Meals & Ala Carte meals.

. The Buffet Menus will carry on 5 type of Appetizers, 1 type of Soups, 7 type of Mix Main
Course, 2 type Action Stall, and 5 type of Desserts.

. All the Menu’s will be done on based average 38% Food Cost & 62% profit range.

. We will be also doing for private family & corporate events based on 80 to 100 pax capacity
& also outside caterings

. The Restaurant Official Logo, Designs & Themes will be made by our Registered Vendor

. We will have our own Suppliers from Local Distributors & Wholesalers.

Business Opportunity This Restaurant will be main competitor To Fine Dinings Restaurants & Hotel Restaurants
Since The concept will be equal to Hotel Restaurants buffet with lowest rate compare to thier buffet in the same time
profitable income
Revenue / Business Model Since Im a Manager in 5 Star Hotel here in Penang Malaysia
I have a huge Contacts in Corporate & Tourism levels.
We will do a major marketing using all social pages, web pages & newspaper advertisement on weekly basis from our Pre opening.
Our main marketing will be direct reservations from whatsapps apps
Management Team Our Full Management & Operation team will be professional hotel F&B crews which ready to hire.
Admin Crew – Accounts/HR Clerk & Sales/Marketing Assistant
Main Kitchen Crew – Sous Chef / Chef De’partie / Commis /Steawards
Service Crew – Supervisor/ Captain / Waiter / Bartender
Company Background Nil
Funding Milestone We need some additional 380K to fund in to launch this operation
The restaurant plan to launch on January 2018
% Equity Allocation 50%
Expected ROI Minimum 25K Per month
Risks and Mitigation No Risk
Company Name Beatz Buffet Restaurant
Business Address Bayan Baru Penang
Contact Person MR.Bala

Noodle Manufacturing Business

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 800,000.00
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description – Manufacturing plant located in Northern Penang.
– conquer 90% of the market share for its product in Northern region. ( Penang, Kedah)
– 60 Years old business build up. since 1957, business on going still.
– Supply to existing hawker stall and wet market and some export to Singapore 5 star hotel.
– At the moment all Cash Term business
– The product was certified HALAL and it is the only one Certified halal in South east asia.
– machinery just recently upgraded to better capacity, total capacity 16 ton per day running at 24 hour 2 shift.
– Currently only ruling at 1 Ton per day. All machinery and equipment was under utilise.

Currently looking for business expansion oversea and other product line and enchanment for existing product.
– would like to vent into install cup noodle for its category only.
– this product do not exist in the market.
– this product can replace and obtain the same category product in the market easily.

Business Opportunity – the cup noodle able to replace few giant brand in the market, which we will OEM for those MNC noodle manufacturing for the particular flavour and category only.
– currently do not have any similar product or company or manufacturing able to do so.
– our company is the only one in south east asia and certified HALA for its category.
– this cup noodle can be distribute throughout the world.
– its not only in Malaysia but south east asia must eat food. rated number 7 must eat food by CNN and some other food evaluator throughout the world
– we just need the capital to transform and enhance current recipe and product to better category and supply to the market.
– Instant noodle market is huge and very big potential as the product is totally no one ever started before.
– this noodle our company already done simple research, testing as well as simple R & D for this development, it prove it work well.
– we need more capital to venture in this and start this in a proper way and expand in a proper way.
Revenue / Business Model the demand for this noodle is huge throughout the world.
with the CNN rated asia must eat food.
transform from a traditional type of cooking or method, transform to a more convenience type of preparation and commercialise the product in tis category.
it will be the only one in the market.
FMCG revenue unpredictable huge, because the market demand is huge.
imagine how a traditional type of the food and preparation method being transform to a much convenience way and commercialise and better quality control and total satisfaction guarantee for its category.
we will replace all the noodle in the market, even for MNC noodle like MAMEE and VITS or MAGGIE. for its category.
Management Team Owner and director of the team.
From Sales ( 5M-80M revenue sales), project management, Lean six sigma holder. FMCG industry
One person to handle most of the key operation.
will need to take in more dedicated professional for this expansion.
Etc, R&D engineer in house
Company Background business start at 1957.
total investment made RM 2M to date.
Monthly turn over 80k to 100K for the past 60 years, stagnant and still growing.
was certified by JAkim HALAL on 2016.
The only one and largest certified halal for its product category and manufacturing plant in South east Asia.
None of the MNC able to produce the same product, due to receipt and type of machine to be invest for the niche product.
Other noodle MNC manufacturing invest in General machine to compete in volume and using economic of scale to conquer the market.
however my company and its product category, we focus on niche market and demand, supply through northern region with its own customisation and also premium price to it.
Funding Milestone RM600,000.00
– fund use for R & D
– Machinery for production and enhancement
– Vechicle for own distribution and collection
– Packaging machine.
– Labor and professional worker.
– Operation team of Sales and Business development team.

Funding milestone will report at a pre-set expectation report of the total fund for each quarter.

% Equity Allocation 70-90%
Expected ROI 1-2 Year
Risks and Mitigation We will start the whole enhancement phase by phase.
Market will not reject the product. Definitely it will accept the product.
we need to spend an amount of budget for advertising to boom and push into the market.
else the awareness of the product is very minimum.
for FMCG product, spending on marketing and branding its very important.
Phase by phase will help us to hedge against the risk for the whole investment.
we will slow down the investment if anythings goes wrong.
this investment do not need to dump into a basket, but we slowly distribute accordingly to hedge and leverage against the whole project and expansion plan.
Exit Strategies once ROI
– whoever investor would like to hold the share or the equity , company is ok to allow to hold the equity.
– not necessary to sell back to company if the company is making money.
– owner will buyback all the equity if investor would like to sell back.
– IF everything goes smooth as expected with those minimal calculated risk, one year ROI can be easily achieve.
– IF market downturn, it may need 2 year max for the ROI.
Company Name xxx sdn bhd
Business Address Penang
Contact Person Lee

Drinco drive thru beverages store

Project Title A modern drive thru beverages store with the potential to expand into a full fledged convenience store in which consumers can use an app to order and pay online beforehand.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested 0
Funding Required RM1,000,001 to RM2,000,000
Description Drinco is a modern 24 hour drive thru convenience store that specializes in selling all kind of beverages to consumers. Our consumer’s ranges from road users stuck in traffic, late night travellers and people who prefer to get their drinks on the go without having the need to get down of their vehicle. Just think of us as a modern 7/11 concept convenience shop with an addition of drive thru services.
Drinco will adapt technology in its business model as it will allow consumers to order their drinks online before even reaching the store. With the existence of an online app, Drinco aims to cut down waiting time for consumers in drive thru lanes. This will allow Drinco to develop an edge in providing a quick and efficient service.
Our vision moving forward will be to introduce new products other than beverages and services such as mobile top-ups which are essential to consumer daily needs. In addition, Drinco aims to expand by establishing at least one store located strategically in every state in Malaysia and introducing delivery services. In 5 years, Drinco sustainability will be enhanced by moving into the global market.
The key to our success will be marketing strategy where we hope to develop Drinco as a cool brand among Malaysian consumers.
In conclusion, Drinco aims to be a disrupter in the convenience store industry by using technology in majority of its operations.
Business Opportunity Drinco solves the problem faced by modern convenience stores where it hopes to reach wider range of consumers by providing an online platform. This platform will allow consumers to order their beverages online before reaching the store thus making it an easier and quick shopping experience for consumers.
In addition, Drinco will also introduce drive thru services for consumers who look to buy their beverages on the go without the need to get down of their vehicles. Consumers which are targeted in this segment are road users, those who are stuck in heavy traffic, athletes who are on road after their training are in need of drinks to satisfy their thirst, and also for those who just want to get quick drinks for late night parties.
Drinco provides a simple idea to solve the issues faced by millions in the country and is line with the modern technological world. Its competitive edge lies on the fact that Drinco will be the first convenience shop to offer drive thru services to its consumers and Drinco aims to achieve market share by locating in busy roads with heavy traffic and in major highways in the country.
The number of convenience store in Malaysia is growing at a CAGR of 2.5% during 2014-2020.
The retail industry of Malaysia is expected to grow as the players are introducing the retail commerce service, which leads the modern grocery. Further, the share of convenience store sales in total retail sales has also been incorporated for the country.
The problem with these convenience stores is that they are not that convenient anymore in this modern society and tech driven world. Consumers would still need to get down of their vehicles and get into a brick and mortar store. This is where Drinco comes in and solve the problem by providing an online platform and drive thru services for consumers.
The targeted market for Drinco is as follow:
1) Workers stuck in traffic after work
2) Athletes who would want to buy some drinks after training or to training
3) Casual road users on normal roads and highways looking for quick fix to satisfy their thirst
4) Ala carte fast food buyers. Limited choices of beverages in fast food outlets
5) People who would want to buy some quick drinks and snacks late night for parties or outings
6) Coffee drinkers in the morning
As can be seen above, the targeted market consist of many potential consumers for Drinco. These consumers can be sustained as Drinco loyal customers with the introduction of point rewards system in the app or introduction of member cards which in return can be used as debit cards for many purposes.
The potential of the market is huge in this untapped industry and Drinco aims to be a disrupter in the convenience store section and have a first mover advantage in this industry.
Revenue / Business Model xxx
Management Team xxx
Company Background This is just a business idea/concept at the moment. I have approached an IT company to develop the web and app as well as the drive thru technology. But i can’t proceed with them as i do not have the required capital to start off the business. A suitable investment would be needed to kick start the business.
Funding Milestone xxx
% Equity Allocation 15%
Expected ROI With the 15% equity allocation, investors will earn back their initial investment by the end of year 3 and then gain profit for the following years.
Risks and Mitigation The convenience store industry is competitive in Malaysia. 7-11 leads the way in terms of market share and it’s followed by the likes of 99Mart and other small players in the industry. But Drinco is different in many reasons because it is a niche technology driven convenience store unlike many in the market. It will be a unique new in nature convenience store which will be face by many similar competitors in future following the same idea. Hence, Drinco is adamant to constantly develop its strategies and utmost importance will be given to business development to ensure it leads the industry.
In terms of competitive landscape, Kuala Lumpur is filled with convenience store but none of them are on the go. Drinco aims to establish a first drive thru beverage shop in Kuala Lumpur as the targeted market potential is huge in the area. In the end of year 2, Drinco will look to establish a store in Ipoh as the owner is from Ipoh and have knowledge of the local market potential. This will be followed by developments in other states in Malaysia.
Drinco aims to be a leading drive thru convenience store player in the industry in 5 year time and expand internationally. The potential is huge in this market and Drinco will be the first to tap into it.
Other risks may come in form of economic uncertainty.
Exit Strategies I believe in sharing economy as it is the way to move forward. Investors can exit the business after 5 years by the time in which they will already have made up a considerable amount of profit from their initial investment or they can continue to be partner with us as long as the relationship is profitable and good for the business.
But, if there is an unexpected situation in future in which the company decides to go fully private or public, investors will be given their fair share of equity amount they own in the company based on the company’s valuation upon their exit. Note that i expect the company’s valuation to be in the range of RM50-RM200 million by year 5 if growth strategy is followed thoroughly.
Company Name Drinco
Business Address 8 hala sepakat 10 taman pinggir rapat perdana ipoh,perak.
Contact Person Harjinder Singh (Harjin)


Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM150,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description SIP WINE AND BAR
Business Opportunity – wine buffet concept, paired with dishes
– also sells beer and bottles
– dj console available
Revenue / Business Model The commercial space is built between hotels ie, Qliq hotel and two residential codominiums
– current occupancy rate 75%
– can cater for at least sixty sitting people at one time
– competitive promotional prices
– only proper bar around
Management Team Manager / Bartender / Cashier / 2 floor staff / Dj ( including guest Dj )
Company Background Sip wine and bar has been running succesfully since July 2015. We have invested a total of RM 150,000.00 including renovations.
Gross sales is RM 60 – 70k per month, profit 20%
enlisted by citylist kuala lumpur, reviewed by the star newspaper
Funding Milestone Full sale of the bar for RM500,000.

20% allocation at RM300,000.

% Equity Allocation 20
Expected ROI 0.04
Risks and Mitigation Liscensing done
Exit Strategies Liquidating the shares at the market rate
Company Name Sip Wine and Bar
Business Address Lot G20, heritage lane, empire damansara
Contact Person Wishnu

Big Bowl Ramen Cafe

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM30,000.00
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Café business in Malaysia has been very dynamic, sprouting out fast and some disappearing just as fast, and is considered by financial institutions as high risk business. Thus, before deciding on proceeding with a café franchise, careful considerations has been made before selecting Big Bowl Ramen as it fulfills the following criteria,
1. Unique presentations of food that catches attention, Big Bowl Ramen and the low priced small bowls are more likely to attract high word-of-mouth marketing.
2. Merging Japanese Ramen with local street food taste gain high acceptance from Malaysians, increasing the likelihood of repeated visits.
3. Availability of several local favorite traditional food such as Laksa and Custard Egg, moving towards this direction in menu selection is a safer path.
4. Pricing is lower than average market rate but is still able to gain attractive returns, this help place Big Bowl Ramen in ‘Best Cost’ position.
5. Available of location with high student density from private college.
6. Constant support in terms of management, staff training, and marketing from the original branch. – New branch will be marketed in existing Facebook Page to help jump start the opening.
7. Last but not least, all ingredients are from halal suppliers, thus, able to cater to target market of different faiths.
Business Opportunity 1. Product
– Students like something new and affordable, able to fill their stomach with minimum spending. Big Bowl Ramen has small bowls costing RM1.90 but larger than the portions in boat noodle, giving students value for money. Big Bowl Ramen’s big bowl comes in 4 flavors, costing RM29.90 for two person portion, one of the lowest priced ramen in the market. (compared to RM 22-26 average price per bowl of Ramen)
– Working adults need something fast and convenient, but yet suitable for their taste especially after a long day of work. Big Bowl Ramen focus on comfortable environment with good service. The food focus on local flavors instead of mimicking Thai or Japanese flavor.
– Ingredients from halal source suitable for all races generally, hard to find halal ramen. – able to cater to muslims.
– Traditional Ipoh dessert such as egg custard to increase spending per customer and visits during tea time.
– Food presentation is simple and nice, avoiding unnecessary decorations to reduce cost.
– All supplies will be from halal suppliers.
– Product will take best cost positioning.

2. Place
– PV128 at Setapak, 1700 Square Feet.
– Estimated 15 Tables, 9X4 person seater, 6X6 person seater.
– Operating hours estimated from 10am to 10pm to capture high density time of students.
– good location near student residential area.
– busy area with working adults during peak hours.
– Nearby high-end cafes with target crowds such as Korean and Japanese cafes.
– Students usually frequent cafes with nice atmosphere even after peak hours at night.
– High density student location to attract high initial visits and high subsequent Word-Of- Mouth marketing to ensure consistent customer flow.

3. Price
– RM 29.90 for 2 person portions for Big Bowl Ramen, compared to market average of RM 22-26 for one person portion for Ramen.
– One person portion available at RM 15.00, My Voice Café priced at RM 24.80.
– RM 1.90 small bowl noodles and porridge but significantly bigger portion compared to Boat Noodle.
– PV128 is filled with fancy Cafes with food and drinks priced at average of RM 10 above, Big Bowl Ramen is definitely very competitive in terms of food price.

4. Promotion
– Facebook marketing through announcement of new branch through existing Page.
– Flyers and brochures couples with targeted Facebook boost to target KL area.
– Positive comments from existing customers in Facebook.

Revenue / Business Model Monthly revenue to breakeven:
Monthly Fixed Cost: 3 Front, 2 Kitchen
Rental MYR 5,500.00
Insurance + License Renewal MYR 200.00
Utilities MYR 4,000.00
Maintenance MYR 300.00
Marketing MYR 1,000.00
Salary for 5 workers MYR 11,000.00
Total MYR 22,000.00

Monthly Variable Cost 35% of raw material
Minimum Sales to cover fixed cost MYR 33,846.15

Estimated profit per month
30 days operation MYR 60,000.00
35% cost of raw material MYR 21,000.00
Salary for 10 workers MYR 11,000.00
Electricity MYR 3,200.00
Water MYR 600.00
Rental/Insurance /License renewal/ maintenance MYR 6,000.00
Marketing (FB marketing, Flyers, Ads) MYR 1,000.00
Gross Profit MYR 17,200.00
14% Royalty MYR 2,408.00
21% for Investor MYR 3,612.00
Profit after minus of other stakeholder’s portion MYR 11,180.00
Own Salary (50% Remaining profit after investor) MYR 5,590.00
Net Carry Forward MYR 5,590.00

ROI for investor:
Invested Amount MYR 200,000.00
Investor Earnings per year MYR 43,344.00
ROI 21.67%

Management Team Main Support: Original Ipoh Branch
– Marketing
– Recipe
– Management
– Other related supports

KL Branch:
– Manager: Myself
– 3 front staffs & 2 Kitchen staffs per shift

Company Background Big Bowl Ramen was owned by Mr. Henry, serving food which focuses on local traditional tastes and flavors. One of the main attractions is the two person portion Big Bowl Ramen, which despite using Ramen, the taste has been adjusted to suit local taste. Located in Jalan Market (旧街场三奶巷), Big Bowl Ramen attracts visitors to Ipoh from all over Malaysia and also from Singapore. Since the food taste suits these visitors, this allows Big Bowl Ramen to develop a crowd of supporters.
Big Bowl Ramen was bought over by Mr. Henry during August 2014, in Ipoh Town. During then, the existing restaurant was not doing well and received unfavorable reviews. Seeing the opportunity to improve the existing business with the aid of strategic location, Mr. Henry took the challenge to transform the existing business, which includes change of menu, alteration of taste to suit the locals and ensuring only high quality ingredients to preserve texture, taste, and hygiene. Mr. Henry also changed the management style to build up a culture of excellent customer service, each staffs took pride in serving customers well.
From June 2015 onwards, Mr. Henry finally managed to revamp this restaurant, gaining consistent good reviews and attracting crowds of customers, several which frequented his restaurant several times. Mr. Henry managed to establish consistent positive profits started then until this day.
Big Bowl Ramen caught attention as one of the viable franchise since through meeting with the owner, he is a humble person with a strong passion in restaurant business. He shared his management concept which focuses on making things simple, encouraging each employee to take ownership of their responsibilities and being rewarded for positive comments. After testing food from the menu and going through customers’ reviews, it is clear that despite being very business-minded, Mr. Henry took pride in serving generous portions to customers for very competitive price, without compromising the quality, taste, and atmosphere.
Funding Milestone Cost:
Estimated Cost
Franchise fee MYR 40,000.00
1 month worker training
1 week training at KL
set up management
Transportation & Accomodation during training MYR 5,000.00
Vaccination for 6 workers MYR 1,200.00
5 Fridges MYR 2,000.00
Utensils MYR 9,000.00
2 Airconds (3 HP) MYR 8,000.00
Renovation MYR 35,000.00
Furniture MYR 30,000.00
Rental RM5500 (2+1+1/2) MYR 19,250.00
Insurance + licenses MYR 5,000.00
Initial Raw materials MYR 3,000.00
Petty cash MYR 42,800.00
Total MYR 200,250.00

Operation forecast:
Planned Business Hour 10am-11.30pm
Estimated Number of Tables 15
Estimated Spending per hr per Table MYR 50.00
Peak Hours
12pm-2pm (per table) MYR 100.00
6pm-8pm (per table) MYR 100.00

Tea Time low occupancy rate
2pm-6pm (25% Occupancy per hr)
Best MYR 800.00
Mid MYR 400.00
Low MYR 200.00

Breakfast (10am-12pm) 25% Occupancy
Best MYR 400.00
Mid MYR 300.00
Low MYR 200.00

Supper (8pm-11.30pm) 25% Occupancy
Best MYR 400.00
Mid MYR 300.00
Low MYR 200.00

Sales are estimated to be RM 50 per table per hour. 3 scenarios (low scenario, medium case scenario, and best case scenario) for the sales forecast are projected.
• Gross profit is at 65%.
Low scenario:
– 50% occupancy during peak hours (12pm – 2pm, 6pm – 8pm)
– 4 tables occupancy during tea time hours (2pm – 6pm)
– 4 tables occupancy during breakfast hours (10am – 12pm)
– 4 tables occupancy during supper hours (8pm – 11pm)
50% Occupancy
7 tables per hour for peak hours
12pm-2pm MYR 700.00
6pm-8pm MYR 700.00
low tea time MYR 200.00
Low breakfast MYR 200.00
Low Supper MYR 200.00
Total per day MYR 2,000.00

Estimated profit per month
30 days operation MYR 60,000.00
35% cost of raw material MYR 21,000.00
Salary for 10 workers MYR 11,000.00
Electricity MYR 3,200.00
Water MYR 600.00
Rental/Insurance /License renewal/ maintenance MYR 6,000.00
Marketing (FB marketing, Flyers, Ads) MYR 1,000.00
Gross Profit MYR 17,200.00
14% Royalty MYR 2,408.00
21% for Investor MYR 3,612.00
Profit after minus of other stakeholder’s portion MYR 11,180.00
Own Salary (50% Remaining profit after investor) MYR 5,590.00
Net Carry Forward MYR 5,590.00

ROI for investor:
Invested Amount MYR 200,000.00
Investor Earnings per year MYR 43,344.00
ROI 21.67%

Further scenarios are reflected in the business proposal.

% Equity Allocation 70%
Expected ROI 21-30%
Risks and Mitigation The Ramen business is indeed competitive, however, our unique selling point does not only depend on the Ramen, The big bowl Ramen is one of our attractions as it is priced lower than market average and the 4 types of flavors offered are based on local taste such as Laksa and other flavors, at the moment, this cannot be found in other Ramen restaurant. The new location is filled with Chinese students attending private college nearby, thus, I believe that based on the price positioning and target crowd, it is one of the best location for this type of food.

Apart from the big bowl Ramen, there is the RM1.90 dish, which took similar positioning as the boat noodle. I am attracted to it since the portion is bigger than the typical boat noodle, and since ‘boat noodle’ concept became famous in 2014, up til today, people still queue up for it, thus, this is another market segment that we can capture.

Regarding the sales performance of the current store, since 2015, the lowest sales per month is RM40,000 and the highest sales is RM80,000. I believe that it is repeatable since most of his crowds are local tourist from other states and also from Singapore. That current location in Ipoh is one of the tourist attraction and thus, is very seasonal, I have thus, tabulated the ROI based on the current worst case scenario to ensure chances of survival even if it only achieve that during certain months. However, I was estimating better sales from the new location InsyaAllah as based on my observation, apart from students, working adults did frequent the cafes there during peak hours.

Exit Strategies In the event should this business not work out despite our careful planning and after contingency plans have been put into action, the following exit plan will be put into action.
1. Either all tangible assets owned by the business will be sold or the business will be sold based on the estimated market value. – Will be decided base on which option would fetch higher amount.
2. All remaining cash from the business account will be withdrawn.
3. Proceeds from step 1& 2 will be used for the following purposes, according to the order of decreasing priority as such,
– Outstanding rental
– Outstanding salary to be paid
– Outstanding utility bills
– Distribution to investors based on the percentage of their investments
Company Name Big Bowl Ramen Cafe
Business Address Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Person Lim Shi Jun

Achik Eat Clean Healthy Food Delivery

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM10,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Achik Eat Clean provides healthy food delivery. We started our bussiness in August 2016. We are based in Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. Our products are healthy lunch box and we would love to cater for dinner and breakfast in near future. We also plan to open a restaurant and expanding our bussiness to the whole state in Malaysia. Our customer segments are 25-40 years old working professionals, people searching for healthy food and health concious personnel.
Business Opportunity We cater to people who has no time to cook and wanted to have a better meal choice. Malaysian has the higest obesity figure in South East Asia. We wanted to help Malaysian by educating eating right lifestyle and healthy.
Revenue / Business Model Partners: Advertising agencies, food suppliers
Key activities: Deliveries, call center operations, marketing, administration operations, business development, social media, food storage
Key resources: Chefs, delivery men, management employees, capitals, motorcycles
Value proposition: We aim to offer Healthy, Delicious and Affordable healthy meal box. Those values are hard to be combined together, but our job is to achieve it. This will be achive through high quality service and delivery.
Customer relationship: Offers, social media, feedback form, call center
Channels: facebook ads, social media and online ads
Management Team Business development: Faeznur Farok (Benny)
Operation Manager: Ahmad Abdul Salam
Head Chef: Zaqwan
Company Background Date start business: August 2016
Investment made to date: RM10,000
Sales: RM 30,000 per month
Expenses: RM12,650.00
Net profit: RM4,927.00
Funding Milestone Marketing: RM860.00 / month (fb ads)
Rental: RM1,250.00
Bills: RM 600.00
Delivery: RM8,000.00 / month
Company Name Achik Eat Clean
Business Address Jalan Tasik Utama 6, Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, Jalan Tasik Utama 6, Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumput
Contact Person Benny

Taiwan Fried Chicken Master Franchise seeking RM1mil expansion fund

Business overview

We are the master franchisor of xxx Fried Chicken in Malaysia.  Currently we are have 5 outlets which is located at Sunway Putra, DAMEN USJ, Sunway Pyramid, Midvalley , Sunway Velocity Mall. Upcoming outlet we will have Genting Sky Avenue (tentatively open on March 2017).

And we operate our own central kitchen to do marinate process and supply to each outlet.

xxx was set up on year 2014, November. then we send 2 key person to Taiwan for training (3 months). After back from Taiwan, we set up our own central kitchen and start looking for lot to operate our 1st store.  Our 1st store (Sunway Putra) open on November 2015.

Currently Mr xxx holding 50% share and Mr xxx holding 50% share.

I personally know this brand since year 2007 when I first visit to Taiwan. I personally love their fried chicken very much . on year 2013, I start contacting Taiwan HQ to inquiry about the possibility of bringing this brand to Malaysia. after having a almost 1 year discussion and market survey and study (Taiwan boss visit Malaysia several times), then we successfully gain the franchise rights from Taiwan principal.

Key Team member

Mr xxx – act as General manager. Overlooking operation, production (central kitchen), marketing

*** assist by personal assistant Ms xxx

Mr xxx – act as finance & account director. Overlooking account, finance.

*** assist by personal assistant Ms xxx

Mr xxx – act as area manager. Handling outlet operation.

Market overview

We are confident that our 44 years secret recipe fried chicken are well accept by majority of the population, no matter which age group, sex, races.  Our selling price (RM9 per pack) are slightly higher compare with our competitor (SHILIN, Pasar malam brand), but it is still affordable by all income group .

Based on estimation, we are looking at the potential of having 50 – 100 outlets nationwide. FYI, SHIHLIN are operating around 70 outlets now in Malaysia.

Our central kitchen will have 10% Gross profit by supplying to each outlet.

Our outlet will have 60% Gross profit – 3% loyalty to Taiwan.  Currently our outlet revenue are averagely RM40,000 per month.

Funding request

We are looking forward to open another 4 outlets in Year 2017 (to make it in total 10 outlet by end of year 2017). Each outlet will cost us around RM140,000 (renovation), RM50,000 (equipment), RM30,000 (rental deposit and etc), RM20,000 (cash for rolling) and 6000 USD franchise fee per outlet (based on the total amount / 20 stores).

So we are looking at around RM270,000 per outlet. X 4 outlets, approx RM 1 million.

Investment risk and mitigating measures.

When we first introduce our brand in Malaysia, we find it difficult to look for nice location in shopping malls due to our brand are still new and shopping mall leasing department are mostly skeptical on our brand. After having a few outlets , people start knowing our brand and Major shopping malls (example Midvalley) even welcome & invite  us to have outlets in their shopping mall. By having 5 outlets now, we learn some experience and now we got the bargain power to negotiate with shopping mall/landlord to get a better location / rental rate.

Equity allocation.

We would like to value our company worth RM5 million. 2.5 X of our current up to date investment in term of $. We would like to  liquidate our share in return to get fund.


If based on our best performance outlet (Midvalley and Velocity).  Investment RM247k (franchise fee , renovation (can consider as asset), equipment (can consider as asset), renovation deposit( asset).  Based on RM60,000 sales. Profit before tax will be around RM10k per month X 12 months = RM120,000 per annum . ROI are 48% per annum.

Exit potential.

We assume that once we grow up to certain size (example 10-20 outlets), there might be potential F&B group would like to acquire us.

Current retail market are suffering due to Malaysia economic . Although xxx Fried Chicken are new in Malaysia market but we still manage to sustain and gain profit in such tough situation. Our profit are low at this moment due to weak ringgit currency, but still manage to have 60% GP (if Ringgit are RM3.8 to 1 USD, our GP will increase another 2-3%).  So we think now is the best timing for investor to come in, with a lower entry cost.

And we do also believe our fried chicken business can sustain for long term (Taiwan got 44 years history), due to we are not a “hit & run / trend “business. Nowadays there is  a lot of F&B new concept in Malaysia which doesn’t sustain in long term, such as the bubble tea trend, cheese tart/cake, yogurt ice cream and etc.

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