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Halba & Co. Restaurant & Lounge

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 32,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description A fine dining restaurant with Seaview on the shore of Malacca Straits with the FIRST Lounge that celebrates the Cigar & Tobacco (Gentleman’s Lounge) located in The Jetty Bandar Hilir area. With Malaysia Innovative Cuisine (a newly structured of typical along with traditional Malaysian cuisine) as it’s core of the business, the restaurant will also become an exclusive place to consume high grade and luxury wine and champagnes which can be an attraction to the tourist which seek and exclusive place to leisure in Malacca. .
Business Opportunity There are plenty of fine dining restaurant focusing onwards international without effort to elevate our own local cuisine to a fine dining standards.The Lounge will also become the First & Only lounge in Malacca which celebrates the fans of Cigar and Tobacco product which have a suprisingly demand in the city as the lounges available there are focusing in attracting young crowds while our target for the company iare the well-established adults.

Located just 300 meter from the city centre and tourist attractions (A’Famosa & other cultural sites) and also in the exclusive area of Mahkota Resort and Holiday Inn. The location is also the spot for the passengers of luxury cruise (Royal Caribbean Cruise, Star Cruise etc.) which the port are located just 1 km from the building.

With current economic growth of Malacca supported mainly by the flow of Singaporeans who spend their time every weekend (estimated 15 millions visitors annum) and backed by a strong and active tourism activities.

Revenue / Business Model The revenue will be generated mainly from the foods and beverages where the cost of preparing a plate of dish is lower than the other cuisine but still can be sell at a high price as the way of serving, and construction of the dish will be in international standards. Cigar & Tobacco product will be the secondary income along with the venue are suitable for a medium capacity function. (3 shop lot combined).Targeting middle and high class local community as well.
Management Team The company will be divided into two management which the operation management and administration management. The restaurant will be lead by the Chef de Cuisine who will monitor all the operation section with the assistance of one Restaurant Manager to lead the service team. The administration management will consist of Administration Manager and an assistance to cover all the documentation, human resources affairs and all related matters. The staffing will consist of 4 kitchen crews, 5 server/waiter, and 2 stewards.
Company Background The company was founded by a young Chef who have been endorsed by well known Chef Zubir, Malaysian Culinary Team Chairman and award winning Malaysian Chef, Chef Federico Michieletto a world known Culinary judge, international Food Critics, Bocuse D’or award winning chef from Italy who based in Malaysia.

The company established in 23rd November 2016 by a partnership with a young businessman from Kuala Lumpur which have made a decision to screw everything up as the fund supposed to be his part which he never deliver due to his own personal problems. The restaurant is ready to operate just two weeks after the supposed fund to be received.

The total investment made to date was RM 32,493.00 which covers the rental deposit along with deposit of installment to the previous owner of the restaurant and topping up also service and kitchen basic equipments and utensils.

Funding Milestone The total fund required for me to start the operation of the restaurant is RM 250, 000.00 to be able to complete and run smoothly for the first year of business. The fund will also be used to upgrade the kitchen equipment, (adding another stove, oven working station etc.) along with some renovation for the Lounge Area (bar counter, interior, furniture and etc). A total RM 49, 000.00 and RM 3,500.00 will be allocated to pay the remaining balance from the deal with the previous restaurant owner and also the Holiday Inn The Jetty Management.
% Equity Allocation 55%
Expected ROI 200
Risks and Mitigation The risks of investing to the company are not so wide as the nature of business are totally different than what the current business that the City can offer but it still will consist of a few normal investment risks. With equipments and utensils valued nearly RM 200,000.00 along with renovation of the restaurant which easily evaluated at RM 100,000.00 in value will be the mitigating factors for the business investors.
Exit Strategies The opportunity for the investors to exit the investment will be available after 24 months of operation and the total investment will be returned safely without hesitation from the company.
Company Name Halba & Co. Restaurant and Lounge
Business Address Lot F105-F107 The Jetty Holiday Inn, Jeti Parameswara No 12A,Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz Bandar Hilir. 75000 Melaka Malaysia
Contact Person Dzul Fiqri Zunizam

You & I Empire Sdn. Bhd

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM500,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Our goal is to introduce ourselves as the only conceptual bar, restaurant and night club and to remain a step ahead of our competition through an exemplary service provision in TREC (Jalan Tun Razak Exchange). What differentiate us from other competitors is our expertise and experience in entertainment with more than 7 years and also potential of each individual partners in this field.

Our Services:
Conceptual Restaurant
Conceptual Bar
Conceptual Art Gallery
Live Bands
Fashion Show Events
Luxury Club

Business Opportunity Our location in TREC TREC is built on a 7-acre site located directly opposite Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) – the new financial heart of Kuala Lumpur on Jalan Tun Razak, with front row-views of spectacular greens of Royal Selangor Golf Course, and within the immediate vicinity of the upcoming IKEA/IKANGO Megamall development, TREC has an enviable location like no other.

Our target market includes various type of people as we have a three stories block with various events and happenings from Fashion show, Restaurant, Underground Music, Private Parties, Product Lunching, etc.

Entertainment and Art is a profitable business if you understand the core of industry and know exactly how to implement your potential and strategies through the growing market which is attracting more than 1.5 million visitors annually, you can create an sustainable business which can grow significantly in a shorter period of time compare to many other industries.

Financial Projection

Jan – August August – April 2018 April 2018 – Jan 2019
Revenue / Monthly RM 450,000 RM 550,000 RM 950,000

Costs / Monthly
Total Initial Cost RM 800,000 – –
Initial Backup Cost RM 500,000
Renovation Cost RM 700,000
Total Monthly Cost RM 115,000 RM 120,000 RM 125,000
Rental RM 37,000 RM 37,000 RM 37,000

Revenue / Business Model Entertainment and Art is a profitable business if you understand the core of industry and know exactly how to implement your potential and strategies through the growing market which is attracting more than 1.5 million visitors annually, you can create an sustainable business which can grow significantly in a shorter period of time compare to many other industries.

Financial Projection

Jan – August August – April 2018 April 2018 – Jan 2019
Revenue / Monthly RM 450,000 RM 550,000 RM 950,000

Costs / Monthly
Total Initial Cost RM 800,000 – –
Initial Backup Cost RM 500,000
Renovation Cost RM 700,000
Total Monthly Cost RM 115,000 RM 120,000 RM 125,000
Rental RM 37,000 RM 37,000 RM 37,000

Management Team Dewi Seriestha is a Malaysian singer, model and a former beauty pageant titleholder. In 2014, she became the first Malaysian to win the Miss World Talent title in Miss World 2014 competition.

Ali Sameni is one of top Asia’s sound engineer with experience more than 500 successful shows around the world. Mr.Ali is the only young member of Parnelli Sound Organization.

Shane Akef is business developer with more than 7 years experience including 2 years experience in event management. Shane is specialized in Marketing and management.

Company Background You & I Empire Sdn. Bhd will offer a full-service conceptual entertainment and art based events in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Our first phase is to introduce ourselves as the only conceptual bar, restaurant and night club in TREC. Success is based on an accurate understanding of the core customers.The mission of the You & I Empire is to create an environment that satisfies the changing tastes and expectations of our core customers.
The purpose of this proposal is to raise funds for our first phase so we can utilize our full potential in different sectors and expand our activities to generate more revenue.Once underway we will expand our scope and take advantage of high-margin new services and leverage our potentials. Within three years we intend to create the first Conceptual Art Centre in Malaysia to be the premier destination for enthusiastic artists and talent.
Funding Milestone Funding Required: 600K – 1M
Funds going to be used in initial cost, staff, renovation, equipment
Initial installation and renovation completed date: 1st February 2017
% Equity Allocation %5
Expected ROI Breakeven will be in 20 month Maximum
Company Name You & I Empire Sdn. Bhd
Business Address H-G-03, The Hive, TREC lot 436 & 438, 50400 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur
Contact Person Shane Akef

To increase passive income for the poor, jobless, and etc by supplying poultries

Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested RM100,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Previously, I had managed a start up company with several of the mates, and we had turn around the company to RM2.5million per annum .
As of today, I plan to seek investment or smalll fundings to increase income of other jobless, uneducated people by a new concept of supplying poultries.
This concept, has almost zero cost marketing at start, as we will train new recruits on solutions and benefits to sell poultries to F&B, mini markets and etc. We have the solutions to control loss and good logistic distributions.
We will gain financial position from the strategy mention above and expanding by getting contracts from government agencies and corporations.
By this method, we will have our own market share by supplying cities to cities slowly .
Business Opportunity Living in todays uncertain economic condition, food is a necessity for the public and mostly any food product will have to trade in CASH.
The opportunity comes when the recruitments of our poultry agents have vast networks in F&B and mini market . The relationship between a poultry consultant makes our system easier, higher rate of closure and most importantly is most SME will have topay their suppliers in CASH.
Projected supplying of poultries to 50 companies per day will give our revenues of at least more than RM200,000 per month depending on the kilos and tonnes per day.

Cash will make our company gain financial strength to invest into a diversified portfolios which will be discussed by the board.

Revenue / Business Model The margins in the poultry business is relatively as low as 15%. However the solutions is to have a less administration cost, higher efficiency of distribution and a good system.

Based on our theoretical study, an excellent poultry consultant can earn at least 5 figures by the end of the year and the higher they earn, the higher the company will make revenues (assuming each kilos RM0.05-0.10) . When the company has earn a gross of RM1/kg , consultant will receive at least 5-10% of the gross margin of its own client every month. We have taken into account that the average of food & beverage will at least makes an order of 20kg per day which makes a total of 600kg per month. Therefore the consultant will receive a payment of RM60 per month consecutively for 5 years provided that the f&b has prompt their payment successfully. Assuming the consultant can acquire 10 shops per month, by the 11th month, the consultant can have an income at least RM6,000.00 . Hence this is only for 1 consultant which could make us good profits in a very short time which is RM45,000 in revenue and RM5400 gross profit for the company. Given that we have 10 poultry consultant achieving 3 different shops in a month, our revenues will reach the boards targeted income in such a short time.

Management Team Shariff Khairi Bin Munir

I had a Degree in Marketing and have an entrepreneurial spirit to success !
I have previously managed a start up and have reach a total revenues of RM2.5 million per year. As to date, I had resigned giving
the companies in good hands and would like to find a better team, and investors to make more profits and acquire some market share in the poultry industry.

Company Background NO. 2 USJ 21/4
Funding Milestone We proposed to use the fund for the company’s travelling expenses, training program, system , lorries , rentals , and etc.
% Equity Allocation 30
Expected ROI 8
Risks and Mitigation 1. F&B company could not pay our bills (bad debts that can control)
2. Rotten poultries which likely to happen as we only deal with stable and reliable suppliers
3. Paying high commissions to Consultants(controllable)
Exit Strategies There are many ideas and opportunities for the investors to exit this program as profits and revenues rises,
it is workable to sell their shares to the operations department , or even sell it to corporations or government bodies.
Government agencies are interested in a performing company which has a record of at least 3 years where it can benefit them.
Company Name Naura Consultant Services
Business Address No.2 Jalan SS15/2b
Contact Person Mr. Khairi

The Best Water You Can Drink – Structured Water!

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM20,000
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Our mission is to take water consumption to a new level with a Dynamic Vortexing Device called a Structured Water Unit. This unit allows water to flow through it in a repeated geometric form that revitalises water (from any source) into structured water ie. water in perfect balance. Structured water is water that is energetically neutralized of all toxin that is attached to water molecules. By this we do no mean physical toxin. That can be filtered using water filtration systems currently sold in the market. Structured water is also energitically enhanced with life giving properties (bio-photon energy), super hydration, increased oxygen, increased nutrient absorption and more.
This is a new technology for our Malaysian market and many part of the world.
Business Opportunity Our Problem:
Water (which has been taken for granted for far too long) is not good enough for our body.
Water has been scientifically proven to have memory. Therefore the water we consume today (even purified bottled water) is riddled with pharmaceutical energies, trauma, toxic energies, and even all the negative energy from where ever it came from and of those who it has passed through!

Our Opportunity:
Malaysian Statistics 2014 states that 45.4% of 7.4 million households in Malaysia owns some form of water filter. These are consumers that are concern about the quality of water that they consume. This statistics are equivalent to 3.36 million households.
Our market is everyone who consumes water, industries that uses water in production, agriculture and livestock industry.
We currently have NO COMPETITORS.
A healthy population contributes to a more productive & wealthier nation!

Revenue / Business Model We will adopt a Unilevel Profit Sharing Plan using distributors to help market our product.
We strongly know that this is the most efficient method for our product to reach as many Malaysian in as short a time as possible.

If we target only 1% of the 3.36 million households per annum ie.3,360 households, we are projecting a net revenue of RM27.5 million.

Management Team Our management team consist of individuals that have a combined business experience of 50 years in the water industry, floriculture, nutrition, networking and multilevel marketing.
We also have a consultant who has 20 years of experience and is still in the water industry.
Company Background We just started our business in early September 2016. Invested about Rm20,000. Distributing only to friends, family and referrals on a small scale.

We need the funding to execute our marketing plan.

Funding Milestone We are asking for a funding of RM500,000.
Purpose of funding for 1st year of operations.
1) Operational Expenditure
2) Promotional Eependiture to educate on the benefits of this new technology
3) Distribution Expenditure to reach as many consumers as possible
4) Initial Purchase Of Stock to support distribution
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI At least 10% per annum
Exit Strategies We plan to open new markets with partnerships in Indonesia, Phillipines and Thailand.
Company Name IFC Resources
Business Address Lake Edge, Bandar Metro Puchong,

Ampang Original Yong Tau Fu Sdn Bhd

Current Status Loss-making, Turnaround
Amount Invested 600k
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description Ampang original yong tau fu was first brought now to Johor Bahru in 1994 after 8 yrs we decided to sell back to Ampang . After a short lapsed we revive in 2014 Ampang original YonG tau fu the non- pork version and was acceptable by the market . Currently we have 2 outlets and a central kitchen which can produce for 5 outlets.
We are looking into another new segment of the market the halal and non- pork eater market. At the same time we believe franchising in this business is widely acceptable and encourage .
Business Opportunity Ampang original yong tau fu is an household brand for many of us and is easily recognized and acceptable to the market. Our vision is to franchise the business into every recognized shopping centers, food courts , food trucks and fastfood kiosk.
70 % of the un tap market if is halal certified .
Central kitchen can also produce for hotels, airlines and other wholesale supplies.
It is a very easy business to do , anyone can manage and be train with simple cooking. Peace of mind from having to solve workers problems, chef runaway, recipes stolen and duplicate .
Products are easily recognized and can be a breakfast item, lunch items and dinner items. Is light yet is healthy and filling.
Ingredients are only fish paste and vegetables and breancurd . Good and healthy for any category of people. Young or old.
Revenue / Business Model Untap 70% of the Malay and non-pork eater market.
Franchise holder can get goodwill and franchise fees
Products are versatile, it can turn into steamboat joint or tim sum restaurant or just stand on its own
Fast food kiosk at mall and shopping outlets
Online food delivery and food truck for young entrepreneurs who no experience in food business.
Wholesale market supplies are abundance – hotel, other restaurants and airlines
Management Team Existing we have 13 workers , 4 in production, 2 managers and the rest service staff.
Managers are well experienced in running the day to day business , while one of the managing director are focusing on production and formulation of other food line.
Company Background Started in 1993 in Johor Bahru after 8 years we sold back to kl reasons was to focus on the young children at home.
2014 we revived and Ampang Original YonG Tau fu was reborn and 2015 we opened our 2nd outlets.
We had put up an advert on business licensing wanted on and 4 Malay responded but they needed a halal cent to begin with.

Currently we have a central kitchen and 2 retail outlets .
Investment are all cash and we have invested 500k and needed a further push for a breakthrough.

Funding Milestone We need another 500k to 1 mil for expansion depends on how ambition we want.
Mainly to look for a Malay partners and to get the halal certification , franchise certification in placed.
We highly believe there’s a untapped market and is a good opportunity for investor to come in at this time where everything is been properly laid and set up .
There’s also halal food grants and funding from SME loans which we can explore.
% Equity Allocation 50 to 100%
Expected ROI 60%
Risks and Mitigation Calculated risks … Depends on market economy .
Exit Strategies Any time
Company Name Ampang original yong tau fu Sdn bhd
Business Address 2, jalan kempas utama 3/1 Taman kempas utama 81200 Johor Bahru
Contact Person Fancy tan

High Growth Malay Authentic Food Restaurant at International Premium Outlet

Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM2.5 million
Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description HIDANG is a Malay traditional concept dining restaurant. Hidang is currently operating its full-fledged restaurant at Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA, Malaysia. The premium outlet mall is being the nearest premium outlet mall to Klang Valley and located at the prime location nearby Kuala Lumpur International Airports which is the main gateway to Malaysia.

The restaurant served an authentic Malay cuisine. The brand name been created for xxxx Sdn. Bhd. The dishes that we serve are inherited from our ancestors for generations and then been altered or translated by our experienced chef to suit current style. Most of our Signature Dishes are selected from the Malay favorite dishes from various states in Malaysia.

To further stimulate the appetite of HIDANG’s guests, we bring back the traditional heritage of Malay kampung (village) style – the ambiance and the feel that distinctly HIDANG. We adopted elements from Malay houses with wooden craft and traditional Malay windows adorning the walls. Complete with a set of “Tangga Melaka” (traditional staircase) and a deck for guest to experience eating while “bersila” – which means sitting cross-legged, Hidang truly captures and brought forward a true Malay experience to diners.

Having presence at international level shopping mall such as Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA, based on company F&B business master plan, we are planning to expend our brand to international destination such as London and Australia in near future.

Business Opportunity The traditional Malay concept dining in Malaysian market is yet to be exploiting aggressively. Although it is supposed to be the culture of Malaysia yet not many company able to deliver this authentic concept within the mall environment. In local Malaysian business environment, most of the authentic Malay restaurants are normally owned by well-known or celebrity chef in Malaysia. The demand is very high, yet the cooking method makes many entrepreneurs not be able to deliver the authentic Malay quality of food. At Hidang, our Executive Chef and other kitchen crew are well equipped with the skills. Looking at our current demand where, many local and international target market are hunger for Authentic Malay Cuisine. This is proven from our experience in our current operation, where most of our customers are from Local market and they are converted to become loyal customers to us. The beauty of the business, we are becoming the attraction for many travel agencies to bring their customers to dine at our restaurant. The main factor is because of the Hidang being a one stop center for dine and to show the element of Malay Culture. We are basically working hard in exposing Hidang to local and also international market at Malaysia. We had been featured in local newspapers and magazine.

At the same time we are also introducing the delivery concept where we have started to deliver our authentic Malay dishes in “Hidang Bento”style. Currently we are focusing on Airport Community which housing approximately 14,000 employees and shall expending to nearby township such as Nilai, Sepang, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. The market is extremely huge and highly potential.

Looking at our company business master plan, we are planning to expend Hidang at international destination such as London and Australia. We are choosing these two destinations due to super high demand on authentic Malay food. There are many initiatives had been done by the government to market and introduce Malay Food at international destination such as London. Malaysia Kitchen is one of the most successful programs organized by Malaysia Government in bringing Malaysian food to the world. We could also see a lot of Malaysian taste restaurant had been successful in Australia. These are simple business case study that we took when we develop our business masterplan. We would like to bring Malay food and showcase the culture to the world.

At the same time, this plan shall also linked with our another business related to the travel industry under “ xxxTravel”. This shall provide affordable and good deal price for travel needs such as accommodation, flight tickets, cruise fare, ground service and many more.

COSANS coffee retail chain store

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested Rm4 millions
Funding Required RM4,000,001 to RM5,000,000
Description COSANS COFFEE is a coffee & sandwich bar with an urban twist. It started off at a humble corner in Subang Jaya, and now spreading out aggressively across Klang Valley. At COSANS, we aim to serve high quality coffee and mouth-watering sandwiches to our customers. We consistently innovate and create something fresh for each season. Our fresh sandwiches are especially prepared to compliment the drinks we serve in order to create an incomparable dining experience.

COSANS COFFEE strives to be a lifestyle, not just an ordinary product or brand. We want our patrons to immerse in the fine coffee culture, to indulge in our great ambience, and to be pampered by our excellent services.

Business Opportunity Future potential can be can International and local franchise expansion. And expanding to coffee truck, booth and outlets. To be one of the leading artisan coffee chain in Asia region.
Revenue / Business Model COSANS Coffee symbolizes Premium Artisan Coffee, the biggest competitor is commercial coffee brand Starbucks coffee as they are the biggest coffee chain store in Malaysia

wholly owned & established since 2013 in Malaysia. Currently we have 7 outlets. One New outlet will be opening soon on September.

– premium artisan coffee chain store
– brand positioning – artisan X commercial
– A space for great coffee, great food and artistic ambience

The forecast for 2016 – 2018 renevues is 16 millions. Revenue generation from COSANS coffee outlet, licensing, coffee academy and management

Management Team – operation & management team
– finance team ( includes admins, purchasing etc)
– HR team
– brand and marketing team
– coffee academy and R&D team
Company Background COSANS coffee incorporated in 2013. He business start operate by dec 2013. We have successfully built the full infrastructure for future franchise expansion from product, branding, warehouse, 7 outlets and we are now offering licensing for local business expansion.
Funding Milestone Expand more outlets in local markets and expansion to Middle East, Indonesia and China.
% Equity Allocation 30%
Expected ROI 3 years
Exit Strategies 5 years
Company Name COSANS worldwide sdn bhd
Business Address 30, jalan ss15/4, Subang Jaya 47500 Selangor
Contact Person Matthew chong

Vampire-themed bar and grill restaurant

Funding Required RM300,001 to RM600,000
Description Open a Gothic-themed bar and grill in a strategic area in KL/PJ which serves lunch and dinner and it’s basically Western cuisine with a slight diner concept where it functions as a diner from lunch till the evening with high seats on the bar area and then it becomes a bar at night.
The place will be named “Fangren Bar & Grill” to be catchy and the interior design will look like a western cowboy like diner/bar with mostly wooden tables and appliances. The food menu will be prepared by my and will be extremely unique and have great American cuisines such as ‘spicy buffalo wings’ and special deluxe burgers. The drinks will be extremely unique some of it are created to look like the patrons are drinking blood.
We will hire only waitresses to take the orders and deliver the food and these girls would wear a tight white t-shirt with black shorts and and fish net stockings to give a Gothic vampiric look which is classy and sexy.
The atmosphere will be dark and gloomy with halogen lights around the bar to make it look creepy and uniquely romantic at the same time. We will have rock and hip hop music and there will be a small stage at the most strategic part of the bar where patrons can dance when the bar starts to become crowded at night.
There will also be a pool table a corner of the bar for patrons who like that and it encourages participation by the customers.
Business Opportunity The market for this concept is very big and it is like killing two birds with one stone. First, you can exploit the popularity of vampire media in the world today to lure people to come into this establishment. Many young people in Malaysia, especially in the city have seen vampire-themed movies and series in the past few years – to name a few we had True Blood in 2008-2014 and now we have The Vampire Diaries and The Originals which are really huge vampire TV series, not to mention the wide variety of vampire movies (Underworld series, Dracula..) and novels that are out to the public. Hence, marketing-wise the message is already out there, this is just filling up the gap in a market that does no exist in Malaysia yet because no one dared explore this. If Hello Kitty cafes can be so successful and people are willing to spend so much eating overpriced cakes in colorful, bright cutesy looking places, why wouldn’t they spend more to explore their darker side?
Second, our opportunity comes from the Western concept we can provide to patrons. In Malaysia, to eat the best and most authentic Western food, most people flock to TGI Fridays, Chillis or Morganfields. We can provide the same experience in an even more unique way. Imagine having a burger called “Trumburger” or a red-colored vodka strawberry drink called “Human Blood”, we are able to give patrons the same Western products with an even more creative presentation.
Plus, buffalo wings with ranch is not huge in Malaysia yet, we can offer wings night here and start to expand this segment into Malaysian city folks.
Revenue / Business Model Fixed costs would be a primary concern here as we are going to incur costs for rent, salaries, overhead expenses and variable costs are the products and materials used to make our food/drinks, renovations and the furniture, appliances and decorations around the establishment. Large initial investment needed for the cookware to make our products.
Say we spend RM200k initially to set it up and then every month capital expenses (F+V costs) come to about RM230k, we have RM230k expenditure in the first month already . The first target is to breakeven the RM30k we spend every month to maintain the place – only after breaking even can we recoup the initial RM200k spent and the target I give is within 6 months. So some bleeding is expected initially but if we are able to keep initial customers and further grow our customer base – the target is attainable.
For a general market size target we first assume we have 12 tables in this establishment, which is corner shoplot and it can seat about 60 customers, then we can also seat about 20-30 customers in our bar area. At full capacity we can seat close to 100 people at any time. Assume at peak days (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays – we get 400 customers for the entire day and average spend is RM150- that is RM6,000 a day. For non-peak days assume it is 1/3 of that – RM2,000. One month projection comes to about 20 non peak days = RM40,000, 10 Peak days – RM60,000 – This is assuming maximum capacity at most times which is not viable but there you can see the potential to make money. Give it a 50% discount we break even already.
To minimize cost, management (me) would also be hosts at peak hours and double roles as bartender and entertainer so we don’t have to hire too many staffs. And for our female staffs, we hire local college girls so that we don’t have to pay too much wages (same strategy as BurgerLab), for some of the staffs we can hire English-speaking freelance Viet/Thai girls who in my experience, can be easily procured.
Management Team Operational and Financial Manager – Nicholas Jack
-Graduated with first class honors from Pennsylvania State University, USA with one year experience in corporate finance and two years experience in investor relations. Creative, energetic and keen to be a business owner and very fond of the American culture.
-Would be responsible for the entire menu creation, design of the bar and concept, hiring of staffs, promotion/marketing (some marketing ideas include collaboration with Dan Khoo, popular social media YouTuber – mutual friend of mine to promote it on social media, liase with Hitz FM and the media such as The Star – contacts which I have from my Investor Relations job to help promote it, also have a FB page and Youtube account to showcase our restaurant and get friends who are able to make professional web pages to create our web page with the lowest cost under my supervision and finally hold promotional events around malls to handout flyers to viralize our restaurant)-Would hire another manager in F&B to help out with the operations to leverage on his/her experience for the first 6 months and then fire the person when I already obtained the experience to run the place myself fully.
Company Background -If funding allocated, I project that we only need 2-3 months to get the place running. Market and location area have already been studied and I have identified which area is feasible to target our customers (primarily we are going for patrons between 18-40)

-Profit target : Achieve break even within 6 months. 10% EBIT margin after one year at least.

Funding Milestone RM600k funding required roughly from a basic financial model.

RM250k – to set up the business

RM300k- To sustain the business for first 6 months until profits start surpassing the target required

RM50k – Keep as cash for emergency uses

% Equity Allocation 90
Expected ROI 25% from year 2 onwards
Risks and Mitigation Some risks are younger Malaysian consumers do not buy into the Western vampire themed concept and do not become loyal customers to the place.
Another risk would be another competitor trying to open a similar type of establishment to copy our idea.
Not enough female patrons visit the place, rendering it to be boring as if we get too many male patrons as the ratio would be unbalanced.
Exit Strategies After close to 5 years once you have gotten back all your initial investment you can choose to sell the organization to another investor, potentially a Western investor who would be very keen to own such sort of establishments.
Company Name N/A
Business Address N/A
Contact Person Nicholas Jack

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