A US-Based Gym Fitness Franchise By Leading International Sports Entertainment

Current StatusConcept / Business Plan
Amount InvestedNone. Only time on Business Plan & communicating with the team from the US.
Funding RequiredRM2,223,202 (USD536,069)
DescriptionAn international franchise* opportunity to open a 8000sf Fitness outlet from the US. This is a brand that was formed through a strategic partnership between 2 powerhouse brands – a brand development, marketing and entertainment company & the preeminent provider of an international sports-based entertainment company. 

The concept of the Fitness Business is a fusion concept derived from different disciplines as well as from training programs of pro-athletes who belong to the sports-based international brand.

*complete information on the brands will be revealed to potential investors.
Business OpportunityThe opportunity lies in these differentiating factors compared to other Fitness Centres:

1. Strategic Partnership With Top Ranking International Sports Entertainment Provider – Prominent branding visibility.
2. Athletes Driven Martial Arts Infused Fitness Program – based on various martial arts & the training & expertise of international athletes. A program for everyone, at any level. Other places will offer equipment plus a myriad of classes. There are no clear program designed to help with a person’s fitness journey.
3. Equipment only membership option – All other fitness center sells high price membership packages as they include the classes. Not everyone wants to join classes. 
4. Martial Arts Belt Ranking Program – for both Adults & Kids.
5. International Pro-Athlete Ambassadors – no other Fitness Center has a strong stable of international Athlete Ambassadors.
6. Fitness-Brand Clothing & Accessories – again, no other Fitness Center can boast of having a performance brand for sports wear.

The target market :
– Age: 20s – 40s
– Area: KL, PJ District (PJ, Subang, Shah Alam)
– Size : 2 million (source: Department of Statistics Malaysia)
Revenue / Business ModelThe business model of the Fitness Business will be from :
1. 5 Membership Packages (Main source of income)
2. Fitness-Branded Clothing & Accessories
Management TeamBoth the founders are passionate fitness enthusiasts who are looking for better opportunities for people like themselves to be fit & healthy. 

Sanjeev Muniandy (Chief Executive Officer)
Sanjeev has more than 17 years working experience with specialisation in Product Development and Management. He also has experience in Customer Service, MVNO start-up, e-commerce, Peer-To-Peer Lending, Big Data Analytics and mobile app design. Sanjeev has worked for telecommunications providers and a public listed service enabler company.

Joshua Muniandy (Chief Operating Officer)
Joshua has more than 20 years working experience primarily in the IT sector as well as in Training & Development. He has been involved in Internet Commerce Consultancy, Project Management, Business Development and Project Consultancy. Joshua has worked for companies such as MIMOS, JARING, VADS, EDI Malaysia and E-Commerce Sdn Bhd
Company Backgroundna.
Funding MilestoneTotal Funding Required: RM 2,212,902

Milestones :
Month 1 – RM 1,011,428 
– Initial Setup Fee
– Initial Operating Payroll
– Construction & Design

Month 2 to 5 – RM 1,201,474
– Advertising & Promotion
– Fitness Equipment & Soft Goods
– Shipping & Installing 
– Presale Members acquisition
– Year 1 negative EBITDA
– Launch

Month 6 – Launch
% Equity AllocationUp to 49%.
Expected ROI17% in Year 5.
Risks and Mitigation1. Competition from 4 major Fitness Brands
Our value proposition is that the brand has 2 strategic Power brand partners as its pillars and caters to the impressionable target market of Millennials and Young Couples. We believe these two qualities will put us above the rest.

2. Saturated Marketplace
Other fitness centers offer a buffet of classes (too many choices) with no fitness program. The core focus of this Fitness Business is its uniquely designed fitness programs with proprietary equipment, to assist members to start from whichever level they are at.

3. Only 1 outlet in Malaysia
This will be advantage as being the first outlet in Malaysia that is attached to a powerhouse sports brand will generate a lot of attention & visibility to our marketing and advertising. 

4. Forecast Error- Difference between predicted revenue and actual revenue
This will be directly related to Low Membership take-up and included steps to be taken if the event of a Forecast Error.

5. Low membership take-up
We have included a Marketing budget to cater for forecasted membership take-up and a buffer in the event we do not hit our 1st Year target. We will deploy social media influencers to spread the word and leverage on our celebrity ambassadors to push take-up.
Exit Strategies1. Sell off the franchise after 5 years.
2. Investor take his profit ROI and walks away, while we maintain business.
3. We become majority shareholder while Investor takes a minimum.
4. Series A fundraising – enables for investors to cash out with high valuation & company to expand into another franchise.
Company NameXADACO PLT (a new company will be established for this franchise)
Business Address15, Jalan Camar 4/21, Villa Damansara, 47810 Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact PersonSanjeev Muniandy

Innovative Medical Device Distributor

Current StatusRevenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount InvestedRM10000
Funding RequiredRM3,000,001 to RM4,000,000
DescriptionOur aim is to be a leading distributor of innovative medical devices in Malaysia. We live in the disruptive age where many technological discoveries or merging of technologies in many fields are disrupting the current order of things. The healthcare field is also not spared. Many new medical devices are being invented bringing improved healthcare outcomes for the people. Our vision is to bring truly innovative medical device with significant benefits into the Malaysian healthcare market.
Business OpportunityCervical dilation is crucial first step in various intra-uterine surgeries performed daily by O&G doctors. An estimated 50,000 to 100,000 procedures requiring cervical dilation are done annually in Malaysia. For more than 100 years, the traditional method has been Hegar rods which requires general anesthesia. Aqueduct-100 is a next generation cervical dilator which does not require general anesthesia, able to dilate in a gentle & gradual manner, entire operation can be done in 1-2 hours and significantly reduced risk of cervical injury.
Revenue / Business ModelImport from manufacturer and become exclusive supplier to Government & Private Hospitals in Malaysia.
Management TeamOur company will function as if being the Malaysian branch of Aqueduct Medical Limited. Aqueduct Medical is led by leading inventor and entrepreneur, Dr. Amnon Weichselbaum who is also the Global CEO overseeing all aspects of the business. Dr. Amnon will be assisted by Mr. Yaron Samama, an MBA holder who is responsible for global sales & marketing. Mr. Eran Levit based in USA will be responsible for the manufacture of Aqueduct-100 according to ISO 13485 international quality standard. Mr. Augustine of Promed2u Sdn. Bhd. will be overseeing all aspects of the business in Malaysia.
Company BackgroundPromed2u Sdn Bhd. is the authorized distributor of Aqueduct-100 in Malaysia.
Funding MilestoneMr. Augustine started negotiations back in 2016 as soon as Aqueduct-100 obtained FDA approval. As negotiations were going on, Mr. Augustine started his research on the market size and product potential for Malaysian market. In 2017, Mr. Augustine became country representative of NESA. NESA’s world renowned O&G surgeons will be part the scientific advisory team. In 2018 Mr. Augustine was appointed authorised representative for Aqueduct-100 in Malaysia and will oversee all aspects of the business in Malaysia.
% Equity Allocation49 %
Expected ROI32.6 % to 52.6 %
Risks and MitigationO&G doctors do not adopt our products mitigated by :
– Our products have strong competitive advantages evidenced by growing amount of clinical trial reports & O&G doctors testimonials.
– Sales in Europe are increasing.
– Endorsements by world-renowned O&G doctors. 
– Our international Scientific Advisory Committee will liaise with leading local O&G doctors.

Market size is smaller than expected mitigated by :
– Our target is only 1% of the total market size in Malaysia.
– Our marketing strategy is based on a periodic marketing plan. 
– Our market size is adapted from on independent third party research report by Global Cervical Dilator Market research 2016 by QYR Pharma & Healthcare Research Center – www.qyresearch.com

Market penetration falls short of forecast mitigated by :
– We will introduce the product in association with leading O&G doctors in Malaysia.
– We hope to impress health authorities to adopt our products in public hospitals and become exclusive distributor to the Health Ministry of Malaysia.
– We will continue with our annual Marketing & Promotion Strategy plan which includes:
– Participation in trade exhibitions
– Publishing trial reports in journals
– Maintaining relations with O&G doctors
Exit StrategiesSeveral exit potential are available for potential investors including :
1) Share buyback by company or other shareholders within 2 to 3 years. 
2) Being acquired by other company or
3) Going public with Initial Public Offering (IPO) within 5 years
Company NamePromed2u Sdn. Bhd.
Business Address28, Lorong Sentosa 39B, Taman Bunga Melur, 41050 Klang, Selangor.
Contact PersonMr. Augustine

Medical healthcare

Current StatusBreak-Even, Profitable
Amount InvestedRM200,000
Funding RequiredRM250,000
DescriptionThis is the medical distribution company. We are selling disposable products to clients. And wish to expand to become manufacturer
Business OpportunityWe have very good relationship with hospitals and all the products we provided to them is with MDA approved and MOF as well. The market is big due to a lot of medical healthcare they no apply GDPMD and MDA, they also sont have MOF. My company has these three . So no need setup from 0
Revenue / Business ModelI am authorized distributors from others brands. Now wish to convert to manufacturer and make the profit margin increase. The good relationship with hospitals make my company stable. Now need to expand to make it more better
Management TeamOur managment team we have QAQC, marketing, and transport. We all from medical logistic, warehouse and distribution background. We have proffesional HR, admin and marketing team as well.
Company BackgroundWe started from april 2018.
Funding MilestoneThe fund we request is from expand the business
% Equity Allocation35
Expected ROI5
Company NameIWS Healthcare Services
Business AddressUnit 11-19, Avenue Crest, No.2A, Jalan Jubli Perak 22/1, Seksyen 22
Contact PersonIvy Wee

Jimmy Gym Fitness

Project Title Jimmy Gym Fitness will be the McFit (Europe’s largest fitness chain) of Southeast Asia. The first true high quality low cost fitness chain in this region.
Current Status Concept / Business Plan
Amount Invested A lot of time
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description The Jimmy Gym’s concept is a clone of Germany’s McFit. Europe’s largest fitness chain with more than 1.7 Million members and a revenue of 450 Million USD. Jimmy Gym will be Malaysia’s first high-quality fitness studio chain that opens 24/7. Jimmy Gym Fitness will prove that an affordable Gym in Malaysia doesn’t have to look cheap with old equipment and an untidy atmosphere. The founder has a German work ethic and implements German quality standards into this concept. The main features of a typical Jimmy Gym studio will be new modern Equipment, round the clock opening hours, modern and stylish Gym atmosphere and a membership enables access to all Jimmy Gym Fitness studios. This all for an unbeatable monthly membership fee of only 50 RM. Everything is transparent and everyone will have the opportunity to get a free trial without any obligations. The quality will speak for itself. Jimmy Gym wants to give every Southeastasian the opportunity to workout and live a healthier and better-looking life.
Business Opportunity If you want to workout in a fitness studio in Malaysia and Southeast Asia you have the choice between an expensive fancy fitness studio with high-quality equipment and other amenities that are not necessary for workouts like a pool or a sauna or you can go to a cheap and small Gym where the equipment is often rundown in a smelly atmosphere. Fitness chains like McFit in Europe or Planet Fitness in the USA and many other chains in these parts of the world have shown that stylish and well maintained large fitness studios don’t have to be expensive. There is nothing like those chains in Malaysia. Jimmy Gym Fitness will change this. The Asian fitness market is very small in comparison to its western counterparts. But with rising development membership in sport and fitness clubs rise as well in direct correlation with the development status of a country. Therefore the Malaysian and ASEAN markets offer great potential for fitness chains, especially in the low-cost sector. Jimmy Gym Fitness will offer the best value for money ratio and will be a through and through a positive product.
Revenue / Business Model There are two main revenue streams. The first stream will be the memberships income. There will be a transparent membership model which consist of two pillars. A 12 Months membership will cost 50 RM/month and a 6 months membership will cost 65 RM/month. The second stream will come from the vending machines in the studios that sell refreshment drinks and workout supplements.
It is clear that the lower the membership fee the more members are needed to turn a profit. Experiences from the western chains have shown that many people are willing to pay for the opportunity to visit a fitness studio without actually going there. Because of the low membership fees and the fact that it is widely recognised that a membership in a fitness club is a positive thing people always want to have the chance to go to workout. On average McFit in Europe has more than 7000 members per studio with a membership fee of 20 €/month. Jimmy Gym calculates with around 1500-1700 members per studio to break-even.
Management Team One Man Show.
The founder (German/Malaysian) has a master’s degree in Asian studies, a German Fitness Trainer B-Licence and a German Project Manager certificate.
Company Background The founder (a long-term member of McFit) noticed on a family vacation in Johor Bahru a few years ago that there is no similar fitness chain like McFit in Malaysia he also noticed that many studios in Malaysia are managed poorly and that there is a lot of room for improvements. Since then the idea for Jimmy Gym Fitness was born to lift the Malaysian and Southeastasian fitness market to a new level. Unfortunately, a fitness studio of this scope is not funded with a few Dollars and the founder has no rich relatives who could fund this concept. All he has is his brain, German work ethic and knowledge about fitness to realise this project. With the right partner, this can grow to a billion Ringgit company.
Funding Milestone Seed Investment (500k -800k USD) is needed depending on the location and the equipment to build the first studio and to proof the concept.
Series A (500k-800k USD) will fund the second studio.
Series B (1 Million – 1.6 Million USD) will fund studio 3 and 4.
Further expansion will be financed with loans and cash flow.
Because it is impossible to patent a concept like this, fast expansion is needed to establish Jimmy Gym Fitness as the original and the gold standard of low-cost fitness studios in Southeast Asia. 200 to 300 Studios in the Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region in 20 years is the long-term goal for Jimmy Gym Fitness.
% Equity Allocation 15%
Risks and Mitigation The Key to success is to reach the magic membership number to break even. Because a single customer in a fitness studio produces very little costs every membership sold on top of the breakeven number is almost pure profit. A fitness studio is a product that the ordinary person knows and understands. Marketing is therefore the key to let the people know that an affordable Gym is finally available to everyone. To fight off competitors who will occur once Jimmy Gym proved that this concept is profitable Jimmy Gym Fitness will always maintain high German quality standards with its equipment, staff and service. Offering high quality at an affordable price will always be a good selling point and reduces therefore the risk of a business failing.
Exit Strategies The founder is open to all kinds of proposals from investors for their exit strategy. These have to be discussed further.
Company Name Jimmy Gym Fitness
Business Address No. 20, Jln. Padi Malinja 4, Bandar Baru Uda, 81200 Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Contact Person Sebastian Shamsudin Kirsch

Smart Doc Sdn Bhd

Project Title 24 hours – General Practice Clinic under Franchise Klinik Alam Medic
Current Status Growth
Amount Invested RM 500,000 /=
Funding Required RM2,000,001 to RM3,000,000
Description There are two potential location for 24 hours clinic where it combines Residential & Industrial area.
General Practice in a high demand esp with X ray , Ultrasound , Lab test and Emergency Care.
Klinik Alam Medic Franchise is already existing for nearly 20 years and i am currently having one clinic which is quite successful, with Annual turnover of RM 1.5 Million
Lots of panels are ready to be on-board for 24 hours clinic if compared with normal hour clinic.
Business Opportunity Most of the existing clinics are quite busy and packed, the patients have longer waiting time to get treatment , this shows there is a great demand
Currently the franchise is open for grab, at that particular locations.
Alam Medic Franchise should not exist below 7km radius to another clinic , to make sure profitability and reduce competition among same family members
Surrounded with lots of medium & large Industries with lots of job opportunities created and increasing population in this location
Lots of new development / housing & infrastructures
Revenue / Business Model Cash
Panel claims
Retails on Pharmacy
X ray for Medical check up
Fomema – Foreign workers
We can break even within 1 years and start to see profits thereafter
Management Team 1 Managing Director ( My self )
3 Medical Doctors
1 Clinic manager
1 Marketing manager
8 nurses
Company Background I have started my clinic in 2014
Rm 500k been Invested
Monthly sales of RM 130K on average
Still expanding – increasing sales from month-month
Funding Milestone RM 3 Million
Planned to open 2 clinics with 24 Hours
Complete with all facilities such as X ray / 4D scan / Mini Lab / Pharmacy
% Equity Allocation 34
Expected ROI 10%
Risks and Mitigation Risk is in form of delay in achieving the expected ROI and its the matter of time
We need at least 1-2 years to show our rapport to patients
We need more panels to be part of our clinic, enrolling them and getting payments from them will take some time
We need our Marketing team to play role as well
Mitigation plan;
1. Lease the clinic to others with better price
2. We can look for better location than this and shift our practice to a new and better area.
Exit Strategies If in case of compromised expected return/target… we can let go the clinic for sale.
There would be ready buyers for completed clinic with Panels / X ray / Ultra sound / Lab etc
Company Name Smart Doc Sdn Bhd
Business Address Klinik Alam Medic , No 33 Jalan 2/1 Taman Seri Jaromas, 42600 Jenjarom , Selangor
Contact Person Dr.Jaya Chandran

Encore Med Online Appointment and Smart Queue System in Healthcare

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM 450,000
Funding Required RM600,001 to RM1,000,000
Description We are specializing in online appointment booking and advanced queue solution in healthcare sector. We believe that the current pain point for healthcare is the long waiting hours and poor patient experience. Driven by passion to improve healthcare quality in this region, we wish to make our highly-scalable idea into reality and to expand our penetration not only to the whole Malaysia but also other countries in this region. We offers online booking apps sync with doctors’ roster, centralized appointment and walk-in dashboard for healthcare service provider, live queue checking, smart queue screen and self-check in kiosks for patients.
Business Opportunity We offer complete solution to reduce waiting time of patients. According to our past experience, we are able to reduce waiting time up to 50% in healthcare settings. Besides, in contrast to the conventional booking platform, our booking system is valid by a few clicks on the phone and promises real booking time slots to visit doctors. Patients able to queue from home and check live queue anywhere, instead of waiting in congested clinics. Healthcare efficiency is improved tremendously by dispersing the patients equally and automating appointment booking and self-check in system. With 350 hospitals and 11000 clinics in Malaysia and nearly 7000 hospitals in SEA, we estimate the market size to be 100 million USD per year.
Revenue / Business Model Our revenue is generated based on annual subscription fees from doctors, one-time project based software implementation fees for hospitals and advertising fees. We charge RM 1920 per year for a doctor or service. The fields we cover are vast, which include medical, dental, physiotherapy and aesthetic. For hospitals, depending on the level of system integration and customization, we charge the one-time fees accordingly. Another source of revenue is from the advertising fees from advertisements on our Apps, queue screen and kiosks. The advertising fees are ranging from RM 300 to RM 1000 / month depending on the advertising packages selected.
Management Team Our team is formed by a group of vibrant and passionate professionals. Our CEO/founder is graduated from Nanyang Technology University major in Software Engineering. He started his career in Singapore and accumulate vast experience as a Software Engineer in healthcare related software company. He founded an e-commerce company, Repotech in 2000. Our co-founder,Dr. Tai Tzyy Jiun is Director of Business Development. He graduated as Medical Doctor (M.D) from University Malaysia Sabah 2010. After completing compulsory service in government hospital and primary health clinic, he joined Qualitas Medical Group for 2 years. Nicholas Tai is the Marketing Director whograduated from Nanyang Technology University major in Petrochemical Engineering. He was recruited by Keppel Corporation and he was awarded with top 5% performers in his company. With experience of opening 2 boardgame cafes in Johor Bahru and participation of public speaking seminars, he joined us to deliver an integrated marketing strategy for our company. Dr. Sim Hui Xin is the Director of Business Operation. She graduated from Melaka Manipal Medical Colleage as doctor (M.D) with flying colours and after completed service in government healthcare settings, she worked as an Occupational Health Doctor in Johor Bahru.
Company Background We started our company in November 2015. Investment made to date were RM 450,000. Our clients include a few of the most prestigious medical groups in Malaysia, Sunway Medical Group and KPJ Group. We also serve renowned other hospitals like Oriental Melaka Straits Medical Centre and Mahkota Medical Centre and a number of centres such as Sunfert Fertility Centre, Tey Maternity Centre, Lee Eye Centre and Taipei TCM Centre. To date, we have 150 doctors subscribed to our software, 35385 active users and nearly 300,000 successful appointments made.
Funding Milestone We require RM 1,000,000 for this Round A investment. We target 10 hospitals and 10 clinics in 2018 and a RM1,000,000 of revenue by the end of this year. Our aim is to achieve 5% of total market shares in this region in 3 years.
% Equity Allocation 10
Expected ROI CAGR: 20-30%
Risks and Mitigation Relative performance
This risk pertains to the extent to which the management organisation fails to achieve the relevant benchmarking with the entities it manages, as a result of which our major hospitals and other clinics may decide to withdraw their assignments from EncoreMed. This risk is mitigated by monitoring our own performance via our relevant benchmarking on a monthy basis such as daily active user rate and customer satisfactory feedback by our maintenance team led by our doctors.

The competitive risk is the risk relating to the relative competitiveness of the management organisation in its industry, as a result of which the company can no longer has an edge over the competitors for their clients. This risk is mitigated by putting close emphasis on our development team by closely communicate with our clients to draw up and maintain a business continuity plan to ensure that our apps solution continues to be the number 1 solution in the healthcare industry.

Management fee
This describes the risk that EncoreMed’s fee income is lower than its expenses. This risk is mitigated by identifying fee income developments in a timely fashion and if necessary responding to same with cost-control measures

Exit Strategies As this round of investment is mainly for the scaling up of our company solution, next round of investment will come in a year’s time to focus mainly on market expansion to our neighboring countries such as Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia, and this is also where the investors can choose to join or leave our company.
Company Name Encore Med Sdn Bhd
Website/Facebook https://www.encoremed.io
Business Address SOHO SUITES @ KLCC B1-08-01 NO. 20 JALAN PERAK, 50450 KUALA LUMPUR.
Contact Person Dr.Tai Tzyy Jiun

Contamination control products distributor seeking RM2mil growth fund

How much money are you looking to raise? RM2,000,001 – RM3,000,000
What type of funding are you seeking? Equity
Briefly describe your business: xxxx Technology specializes in contamination control products in controlled environments.

We help customers achieve cleanliness that is demanded of ultra-clean environments.At Siquest Technology, we strive to provide our customers with the best and cost effective solutions to their problems in the controlled environments. We serve customers from across the industries ranging from Semiconductor foundries to Pharmaceutical Aseptic environments, Hard Disk Drive operations to Medical Device manufacturers, from healthcare providers to F&B manufacturers,

What are your expected revenues for this year (2017), without funding? RM300,000 – RM1 million
What are your expected revenues for next year (2018), without funding? RM1 million – RM5 million
What are your expected revenues for next year (2018), WITH funding? RM5 million – RM10 million
When did your business formally launch/incorporate? 2016
Have you raised money for the business to date? No
What’s the status of your current capital raise? We are speaking to investors
Your Company Name xxxx
Website/URL xxxx
Contact Person xxxx
Phone xxxx
Email xxxx

Aesthetics and Regenerative Medical Clinic

Current Status Revenue Generating, Pre-Profit
Amount Invested RM400,000
Funding Required RM300,000 or less
Description Aesthetics and Regenerative Medical Clinic conveniently located in the hearth of Georgetown a short drive from Penang Island City Centre and Gurney Drive. Penang International Airport is a mere 35 minutes away. Easily accessible with private car park in front of clinic. Room for expansion with additional floor available immediately above clinic with option for additional Treatment / Consultation / Medical Spa. Clinic also operates its own exclusive brand of skin care products.
– Newly Renovated in 2016
– Fully Equipped
– Tastefully decorated interior
– Existing database of local and international patients for dermatology, aesthetics and medical.
– MOH registered and approved
Business Opportunity Medical Aesthetics Market is growing rapidly globally with estimated annual sales worldwide of 12Billion USD lead by United States. However growth in market is expected to be fastest in Asia Pacific region with rapidly growing middle class with disposable income. Penang as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Premier Tourism Destination with a large manufacturing industry and large expat community has particular growth opportunity.
Medical Tourism is a market with strong growth in Malaysia with Penang a particularly attractive destination. Dermatology and Aesthetic treatments are among the most sought after and popular treatments. Ministry of Health Malaysia has the ambition to make Malaysia the number one destination for health care services in Asia by 2020 and has established the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (www.MHTC.org.my) to facilitate the private sector growth.
Revenue / Business Model Operate medical clinic in the field of regenerative and functional medicine with view to establish company as center of excellence for medical aesthetics within 12 months.
Management Team Dr Melisa Sylvester
M.D. Kursk State Medical University
Physician with many years of experience from healthcare industry in both public and private setting. Specializing in Aesthetics, Regenerative and Anti-Aging she takes a particular interest in preventive healthcare as a way to improve the quality of life of her patients. Specialist in Healthcare Administration including regulation and licensing.
Mr Bjorn Nilsson
MSc in Engineering Physics
Professional in manufacturing management with extensive experience of supply chain, lean, finance and quality systems. Many years managing organizations in senior positions with financial and HR responsibility. Managing the business side of company.
Company Background Established and operational since 2016. Clinic is fully equipped and approved by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia. Total investment RM 400k+. The clinic is achieving sales with plan to aggressively expand by investing in additional equipment and marketing of services offered. The sales strategy focus on medical tourism and the local market through collaboration with selected vendor clinics.
Funding Milestone Minimum RM 100k in return for minority equity share (up to 40%, depending on investment made)
Funding to aggressively expand services offered by investing in additional equipment and facilities.
Expected ROI within 12 months.
% Equity Allocation 40
Expected ROI 12 months
Company Name LISA ANNE Clinic
Business Address 228 Jalan Burma, Georgetown Penang
Contact Person Bjorn